New kidney biopsy technique changes cancer diagnosis
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New kidney biopsy technique changes cancer diagnosis

-We were 8 and 9 years old when we first fell in love. -We became engaged when we were 18 and 19 -At which point, I got shipped overseas -He didn’t write so I didn’t think he loved me and then I broke off the engagement then we didn’t see each other. -Both of us had families, and are marriages did not continue and I had thought about her all through the years so I found her 34 years later -We were married about two years later -Finally -When we were married about 17 years David was told he had a cancerous growth on his kidney and they wanted to do surgery immediately and possibly his whole kidney would have to be removed. We asked didn’t he want to do a biopsy and he said no that a biopsy was not done on the kidney. -There was a danger of both bleeding and seeding, that is the spreading of malignant cells throughout the body. -I asked him if there was anyone else he could refer us to. -He said I heard there’s some doctor at UC Irvine Health. -When I researched Dr. Landman I found he had many less invasive techniques that he used. -Mr. and Mrs. Pearl came essentially just to have the surgery performed and I think they were very surprised that we suggested renal biopsy. -To our shock he said the problem of seeding was almost non-existent. -You also have a new technique for biopsy that was even safer. -Here UC Irvine Health we helped create a revolutionary biopsy technique by collaborating with industry and helping them perfect the technology. -The magic of this technology is that it facilitates difficult task. Historically a traditional biopsy has a probe and a separate needle and it’s of extraordinary difficulty to take that needle and strike the target. In contrast using the new technology there’s a dotted line that’s virtually projected on a screen and by putting the needle through the probe you can very precisely target both the kidney and the tumor. -That gave us full confidence to go on with the biopsy. -The patients lie on their belly and their backs already numbed up and the needle follows exactly along that virtual dotted line. As soon as it’s outside the tumor we deploy the needle and now we’ve taken a biopsy. -There was virtually no pain. The first thing I knew Dr. Landman was saying we’re done. -You did just great -He put his hand on me and he said I’m fairly confident that this is benign he said but even if it’s not I want you to know that everything will be alright. -I knew we were in the hands of a person who had the expertise and the caring to make whatever journey it was we were going to be making. -When I got the final results, I was so excited to call Mr. Pearl and tell him that he did not have cancer, that he would not need surgery, and he would likely never need surgery. -I was just filled with excitement, gratitude. -Suddenly we’re treating kidney cancer in a much more precise way. 20% percent of patients didn’t need surgery. It’s actually shocking that this isn’t being done all over the world. It has such great value for improving the standard of care. -We lost each other once and we don’t ever want to have to do that again and hopefully we never will.

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