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New Home Sales Mystery Shop | 4:2 Formula

in this video I’m gonna share with you a
video mystery shop that was performed on me by a third-party company wearing a
secret microphone and a video camera that could show you a little bit about
kind of what I do every day at my day job and maybe you can answer some
questions that you might have if you’ve ever wondered what exactly does a new
home sales person does and yeah just give you some insight to like I said
what I do every day during my nine-to-five stay tuned what’s up guys
welcome back to The Jeremy Kersten Show where every episode we talk about
business entrepreneurship investing and personal growth today I want to share
something special with you it is a video mystery shop that was performed on me by
a third-party and if this was at my day job and kind of give you a little bit of
background these companies are hired by my employer
to come and Shop me if you will right that’s what we call the industry getting
shopped and kind of see how I deal with customers if I’m checking all the points
that they want me to now there is a particular script essentially right that
they want me to follow it you know asks about current dissatisfactions or future
promises of you know their their current home now and all that kind of stuff it’s
based off the Jeff Shore for to formula if you don’t know who Jeff Shore is he’s
in new home sales coach he makes his living with you know him and his team go
around the country and they train new home sales professionals like myself and
other you know groups home builders and stuff and they teach them sales
strategies tactics closing techniques all sorts of you know that kind of stuff
and and so when you when as a new home builder like pace for that type of
coaching for their sales people they send a video mystery shop person to go
out to their model homes and make sure that they’re checking all those points
it’s a pretty long list of stuff too long for me to even really go through
it’s like three pages of stuff so as you watch this video
you’re gonna notice that a the gal who shopping me is kind of like I don’t know
just being really vague and some of the stuff he says it doesn’t sound extremely
truthful and then me if whenever you’re watching me you’re gonna notice me
saying some quirky things me saying in asking unusual questions and things like
that that seemed a little unnatural and it’s because it is
I honestly knew you know that this that I was gonna be shocked very shortly my
management did give me a heads up on this they said Jeremy you know you’re
getting shopped and we go through training all the time and they kind of
hit hey you’re getting shot this weekend so when the guy came out and he got out
of his car like I knew right away it was a shopper so you know I just turned it
on you know it’s like went into like alright let’s go let’s do it and so I’ve
basically did did the whole thing from meet degree to closing right and so in
this video you’re gonna see all of that it’s kind of a lengthy video hopefully
you got some patience take a seat chill whatever if you’re not already and you
know hopefully you can learn something from this this is not a perfect you know
presentation by all means but it’s pretty close cuz I mean I think I did
pretty good I don’t know let me know what you think down in the comments
below if you think the sales presentation was terrible if you were to
said something different if you would have maybe asked a different question a
different way I want to know down in the comments below if you’re a new home
sales professional let me know if you ever been shop tour you got a shop
coming up let me know if you got any questions about anything but yeah this
is kind of in a nutshell sort of what I do on a day-to-day basis and how I make
my living so again you know if you haven’t already subscribed to the
channel share with a friend comment all that kind of stuff and enjoy the video yeah done good welcome to maker hey dead
I’m Jeremy hey I don’t you know what brings you in today I just wanted to
come check out what you guys had available okay okay hello are you
enjoying the weather today yes it’s a pleasant change so have you
been by here before no no okay first time yes sir
great how you doing good Kathy’s getting you the quinoa quick wonderful so this
is late now says it’s all when you came in it’s a gated community with two gated
entrances here full amenities center with the fitness center the pool splash
pad in the park kayak lodge and playground very nice so yeah and we have the community
divided up into four different sections a 50 foot 60 foot 70 and the 94
homesites mm-hmm now tell me a little bit about kind of
why everything about moving today I just had some life changes
I’ve been looking to move for a little while okay got distracted and I’ve been
looking again and I ran across you guys didn’t know you guys were out here
mm-hmm found you online and actually had some
time today I wanted to actually come see what you have because everything looks
great online yeah yes so you said that you were looking before
yes and what was gonna prompting that change some changes that I’ve had in my
life to pass here with my family and that facilitated looking I got
distracted with life a few months ago and started looking again about a month
ago and ran across you guys okay yeah could you tell me a little bit more
about that how you were look you know what the change is initially from the
beginning well my wife and I we got a divorce so it’s just me and my daughter
we’ve been in the same place for a few years now and I’m just looking for a
nice fresh start basically absolutely yeah so where are you located
right now right now I’m down in Aomori West chase okay that’s good so you’re
still in the west part of the city exactly okay exactly are you familiar
with Katie and kind of what it offers and the shopping and everything yes
somewhat I mean you know I’ve been coming out here since I was a kid but I
know it’s changed I mean I was just looking at this yeah amazing matches
so it’s it’s really nice well we’re just far enough away from all the hustle and
buffs it’s kind of like some people would even
say it’s like you know country like yes now here but you know the population is
moving this way I just happened to be early this and some of the benefit I
think that to the virus is on this side up its rivers where we kind of enter
into Waller County so you get to take advantage of the tax rate 2.37
significantly lower than the surrounding communities Wow
yes and you still get the benefit of Katie ISD schools for your daughter
Wow okay that’s great 2.37 Wow very nice very nice so it’s only a little bit
about kind of your home now my home now is an older home one of the things I’m
looking for is better efficiency in the home okay
I’ve come to realize that with the older home it’s not very efficient I’m just
looking for a little bit more space as well it’d be great if I had a home
office – okay home office do you do you work out of the home I do okay I do and
what kind of work do you do import/export okay now was just expound
of stuff yes yes great so you know if I don’t have to go into the office I won’t
I will do what I can for a moment ah you know every so often yes I do have to go
into the office okay so you need something a little newer efficiency
office for yourself mm-hmm okay what do you you know not like about the current
home other than a being older little older the size it’s a
little I think with my daughter now getting a little bigger we can outgrown
the home and the location I mean I like living I’ve been there for a long time
but as you said it’s a quite congested sure it’s a little overwhelming this is
I mean just driving out here I was like wow this is great trees and greenery and
yeah I’m kind of looking for a change like that
I kind of slowed down a little bit yeah anything specific in your home kind of
must-haves that you were hoping to have the office you said already yeah yeah
the offices definitely must have it’s really the energy efficiency and the
newness of the home that I’m looking for yeah many years ago 1012 years ago my
dad and I tore his house down to the studs and replaced everything and redid
the floors in the kitchen and redid all the windows and stuff oh well yeah I
learned a lot I was through that process I realized oh wait a second all this
stuff actually makes a difference because after the energy efficiency
bills were a lot lower so yeah that’s one thing that definitely interested me
absolutely well we’re definitely an energy-efficient builder and I will show
that to you here a little bit more as we get into looking at some homes together
cool anything specific in size that you were looking for sighs I don’t think I
need the biggest home it’s just me and her okay I was thinking about a
one-story most likely okay at least three or four bedrooms as I said if it
has an office great or the fourth bedroom can be made into an office okay I I think it’s 2,000 square or 2,200 I’m
thinking okay I think that was a number I have in my brain I’ve been looking at
a lot of stuff online so I’m a little confused
yeah a 3/4 bedroom I think about 22 2,300 square feet I think it is okay
sounds good I think I’ve got a pretty good plan for you in mind okay wonderful
work you guys wonderful hmm all right well with that being said I’ll go get
the golf cart key so we can head over to the model I mean to the three inventory
I’ll sue them but okay and in the meantime can I have your
register yes this is a interesting home home
welcoming center you got going on here this is cool yeah this is this is very
nice all right cool there is a first finish here as this
email then it will prompt you to enter your name okay thank you authorization others diction required
hmm that’s interesting
you see here okay trust right again okay I submit there and then we also have an ABA disclosure
and that is just to let you know that we’re affiliated with a lender company
they’re if I could have you just sign that quick okay sure oh nice happy with the floor plans for the
section that we’re gonna go me oh we’re doing so it’s got the price is the
structural options and everything in there
wonderful included features as well thank you on board thank you such a nice break from all the heat how
it is Peter areas cuz no I want to say day before yesterday we hit 90 again
yeah before this front came through well
what’s the one backed up a little bit yes yeah actually some friends in the town
right now and they were like why we weren’t expecting this
this is weirdo this is typical Houston or it’ll be 90 degrees before you know
it yeah another Christmas you know the shorts
exactly yeah and I told him about that one year it snowed and then the
following year is eighty degrees on Christmas nice if you look kind of just right down this
hall there in that building you’ll see the mills and everything fit over there
very nice all right nice then you’ve got the pool
right there beautiful they actually just closed it the other day so it stayed
open rather late oh wow water slide there for the kiddos
beautiful picnic area part splash pad oh you’re beautiful yes perfect now
oh I don’t know she is what she’s almost 6 she will be 6 next month before season
kindergarten you guys the only bigger okay because I’m looking though houses
out loud – all these are beautiful I wonder if you if there was anyone else
in Wow this is the Starling boy pant plant I
love the stone stone looks great in all honesty I don’t care for the brown
garage door but you know with the stone and the brick it all ties together
pretty well yeah well the good thing about the pain is you can always you
know repaint it right that’s true that’s true but I do like this fun area how
it’s kind of different yeah that’s one of the three different
elevation choices for this home it actually kind of adds that side window
over there uh-huh windows in that corner it kind of brings in a whole bunch of
natural light out of that corner yeah because I would just I would was
expecting this corner to be brick really and to have this wood here is kind of
interesting looking at Julie gives it a different look nice that’s a cool door
mm-hmm a modern look yes all right so I’m going to want you to
step in take a few steps and then just give me your first impression all right well I can tell you right off the bat I
do love the color palette mm-hmm and this is pretty awesome absolutely is the
Sun what is this this is engineered hardwood okay yeah hmm Wow yep all of
our inventory homes we do you know fair amount of upgrades not not too much to
push it down everyone’s price range but just enough to make it look like a and
yeah it looks great oh wow hmm interesting
yeah a lot of Windows that’s great this this looks like a pretty decent
size actually now the day’s work maybe for your office
yes actually mm-hmm I think my desk and everything would fit just fine in here
yeah mm-hmm I thought about this house particularly because you know I so you
know yes we’re this room this home doesn’t have its own office yes it is
four bedroom four bedroom and you know well if three was all you needed maybe
that fourth to be used as an office and absolutely a great little view to it now
it does it does you’re right this right here this one seems pretty good too it
seems to be a a little bit smaller on that one maybe it’s the window who’s but
I think this one would work just fine as well closet walk-in closet mm-hmm okay
wonderful yeah I think she would I think she would
like that oh yeah nice utility there that works absolutely I guess while
we’re here we’ll take a quick look at her garage Oh business huh okay wonderful
yeah that’ll be won’t have to you know in the time on the summer setting up
yeah ours and everything you guys have that fun but yes sir okay beautiful
beautiful water here’s no downstairs very nice yes done that before that’s
very nice I like them the ceilings again let the wood I like the windows mm-hmm
you’re right though I mean you’ve been even you could close this off really hmm
okay wonderful I like it I like come again
I like the palette of the grays and the silvers and the whites absolutely yeah on a lot of cupboard
space a lot of counter space yes gasps yes okay microwave ah yes beautiful and then you
were talking yes so you’ll notice all the LED bulbs they’re low efficient if
we were to go into the I can see the radiant barrier you see the blown in
fiberglass insulation there and then of course we use you know all the smart do
peer systems this is a drinking water cannon and then as you saw we’ve got
these green water here in the garage and then they used a 16 seer a minimum
system from Linux is the AC from 1x up cutter that sounds oh that sounds pretty
good of course yes so even though this was gonna allow a lot of natural light
in still gonna keep all the heat out mm-hmm that’s great we think that
backyard it’s kind of big I did not expect it to be that big we
have very very you know one of the many selling points and reasons why people
are buying here yeah my goodness I definitely did not expect the back to be
this big oh we got some lighting is blocked for the ceiling fan oh yes
little plug there for you know bring the radio or something out mm-hmm and a
whole bunch of room for a pool if you wish to do so the ass s oh yeah that’s a
great size all right I like it it’s a good sign I
love the openness you know with the kitchen and the living room together
obviously because the kitchen usually is the heart of the home but this is a
great size to actually yeah yeah I think I saw work just fine you think about this room very good size
I don’t think I have any problem with my California king bed so like the windows
ray ceiling nice well I know works alright pretty unique genre yeah yeah I
like it like you know what I don’t know you don’t fit in tubs so I really like
showers yeah what uh what is this this is a solid stone it’s actually a
combination of what kind of both granite and other composite stone materials yes
it’s really nice and the benefit that if you were to spill something on it that
typically could stay in the granite material that’s usually not the case
just something like this it’s not as porous and allowing those darker colors
to see dance all right all right interesting nice oh thank you yes oh good sighs huh
all right good size absolutely you know absolutely and of course access
mm-hmm great well it seems like this plan overall based on what we’ve
discussed yeah I think so what was the square footage of this one what you anticipated that I think that
would be plenty of room for you to kind of grow into as you and your daughter
you know absolutely and more Barbie stuff and houses yes do you not feel too
tight when you come back see I yes I agree with that yeah it feels very
spacious actual that’s why I was curious to what the expert would it was about
this particular house does this work for you particularly how you like it well it’s
definitely a contender look absolutely you know I probably say the only thing
maybe is the fact that it just doesn’t have a designated study and it’s not a
big deal but you know if I if I had the Silestone here instead of this granite
but then again I’ll have a degree in interior design so I really don’t know
I’m talking about but then they’re just probably those couple of things cuz then
I got toys soon as you walked in the door I love the palette yes one I love
the floors this is a pleasant surprise so now absolutely a contender okay well
it all depends on the price point it’s beautiful okay okay it’s pretty good
yeah is that comfit with him what you were looking spent totally okay does
like so she could go back to the office and kind of talk numbers
yeah yeah I would like to see some numbers on this okay do you have
anything else that’s kind of similar to this I do I have one more it’s called
Harrier it’s a little bit smaller kind of it’s different concept and the reason
why I didn’t particularly show you that one is because it’s only a three and
doesn’t have a space for you where you can maybe use the fourth bedroom okay
well then yes okay then okay I just wanted to let see just to compare
contrast but no great point yeah I know this one actually kind of hits on all
the things I was looking for so you know yeah I’d definitely be interested in
some numbers okay wonderful thank you oh yeah because that other bedroom over
there has its own bathroom right okay yes yes okay so I could take this one
and make that secondary we might go to the guest room and I can give her that
room yeah yeah let’s set them off the corner inside few let me walk there that’s
that’s pretty good I mean I guess in a perfect world be nice it goes down a
hole decide but Noah that’s that worked tax rate it is it is
yeah man no as you said people moving out this way and up to this quadrant
because you go south of right and it’s a matter that’s what I’m trying to get
away through oh yes yeah very long time
in here since I was a kid yeah came here I would say what year is that you Dave
myself yeah been here for quite a while me too and left and came back and I
lived in Europe for a while really yeah I lived in the South of France first
pole BAU on the base of the Pyrenees from there I went to Scotland Aberdeen
which was freezing cold all the time Oh pleasure and then it turned into work I
went over to visit my parents actually spent some time over there
and I ended up staying and basketball yeah and just got lucky and met some
people and started playing with them and they asked me to play and so I just
ended up staying there for about five years but it’s a long time ago this is
20 years ago and back then you know America was still ahead and the rest of
the world in basketball so even me at my young age they’re like
wow you’re pretty good and now they’ve caught up to us and oh yeah after that
came back came back to Texas I was missing the heat
are your big rockets man yeah like rockets yeah me too me too
my nephew calls me like every other day to talk tell me something about
something like yeah you like the Rockets done no I’m okay actually thank you oh
cool thank you yes sir I’m a brother man no problem okay so I got was saying that particular
home that we were looking at today all right that one is the starlet and right
yes yes I’m not sure why it’s not on the latest price sheets let me see here
ah here it is okay so that one it says right at 3:22 okay and based on our
discussion it seemed to have checked all the boxes for you is that correct yeah
okay so based on on that and price and everything are you ready to take that
home off the market well I’m I’ll be totally honest with you
I’m not as a young and impulsive as I used to be okay um I absolutely like the
home yeah there’s only there’s only two of them left after that one and then
there’s one down the street that’s not complete yet yes price a little higher
won’t be ready for a little bit no I if that plan is the one that you like I
would definitely encourage you to move sooner rather than later
oh I definitely I mean as I said usually I walk in at home and it’s the palette
that you know I’m like like I said the brown but once I walked mido installed
at home I was like okay this is great um I definitely like what I see I will not
take it off the market today only because as I said I’m not as young and
impulsive as I used to be I’ll definitely go home and think about it a
little bit okay just for just for my OCD basically sure I mean is there any
particular thing that you need to think about is the price is the product mm-hmm I mean the the price is okay the
product is obviously fine um it’s just me cuz you know it’s a big
decision so it’s really just me that I want to
think about it um what is the what if I go home and think about it and decide
sleep I call you Sunday or Monday and I realize no you know what I do want that
I do like what uh what is it process so the process with us is going to be 1% of
the price that we have agreed upon mm-hmm so I just need to check in you
know 1% of that snow at 3:20 to just you know 32 on your check right at home off
the market and then you know we have a couple meetings between now and the time
that you close and so with that particular home for example you would
walk that home with the Builder to look for any type of you know modest cosmetic
defects all right and so on and so forth yes also allows an opportunity for the
Builder to kind of show you how to live in the home if that makes sense kind of
show you where the utilities shutoff valves are and all right kind of where
you know Plumbing’s being run and that the drains in the backyard irrigation
system yeah system shows you how to kind of really you know live like I said in
that home yes how to use all the functions in and out you would explain
the water heater and things like that to you so when you get in there you’re not
full of surprises and wondering what to do in case of any type of situation
arises absolutely that sounds great yes and then we have a pre closed meeting
here where we just go over a lot of the warranty information so here so on and
so forth and just kind of get you prepared now we do have an in-house
lender as well so I can connect and a couple of benefits of going with them
the one always like till everybody just makes the process much simpler
when it’s a company that is you know under our same roof they know how he is
a builder working we know how they work as well all right and so things are much
more fluid it you know really mitigates a kind of a problem where sometimes
people miss their closings using outside lenders yes that’s kind of something
that’s common so yes very unlikely to happen with you guys yes that makes us
yes absolutely and then of course the financial better right
I’ll show you guys are competitive yes sir yeah so typically our closing cost
is going to be a contribution of up to $6,000 I’ll balance the closing cost
sometimes because this is a move-in-ready home when we can close by
the year’s end we’re actually doing a special promotion where we can provide
up to $10,000 towards a closing cost hmm so that make it that much more
beneficial for you save a little money out of pocket and use that towards some
furniture or something like that or moving expenses to you know just half
the guys can move all the stuff for you into the home that’s a very good point
yes sir okay so just the earnest check and then we would go from there
yes sir and you’ve got my card there it’s got my is contact information both
my email and my cell phone number there for you mmm-hmm is now is there a
particular time that maybe I can have you come back into the office if not
today maybe tomorrow what’s your schedule like tomorrow is Sunday I think
I have a injera birthday party well not me I know
um and Monday she doesn’t have school you know I’ll definitely say you know
please touch base with me yes I do have a party tomorrow please touch base with
me yeah I do party please touch base with me and then yes I could possibly
come back in maybe maybe later next week or next weekend
or maybe I might sleep on it and I might end up calling you before that okay we’re here from 10:00 to 6:00
Emma sex I don’t think I have any they particularly lined up at that moment but
how was how was it like I don’t know maybe 2 o’clock on Monday well Monday I
cannot because my daughter does not have school hmm so so you read at home I’ll
be at home that way she’ll be the deal she’ll be the deal sealer if she comes
along that’s why I said Monday wouldn’t work but I’ve possibly learn a weaker on
the weekend okay I’m sorry which sum which section yeah we were just back
here in this section right here and it was that particularly this one right
here okay and there’ll be future development here yeah that little Street
I saw went through there okay locations good too
okay yeah it’s really just for me to think about it okay well then I’ll tell
you what I’ll give you a call tomorrow just kind of see what guys you know
across the line pass you know 24 hours sure and
and then we try to set up the meeting for next week that sounds good um
actually I think I might have given you can I give you another phone number sure
because I think I gave you the one that I don’t use as often okay it’s a three
four six two zero one mmm five seven nine – no I appreciate it as
I said I’ve been on the computer for a while and everything and everyone looks
great so I was like you know what let me
actually go out and actually see what it looks like touch the product so I I know
I love it that you guys are not on the south side of i-10 I love that you guys
are up here and it’s quiet yeah great location thank you yeah thank you
I’ll definitely go and um do some homework do some thinking and hopefully
come to a decision sooner rather than later I definitely definitely thought up
the the power that one looked anything else I can help you with today
um well sir I don’t think so I don’t think so I appreciate your time
I appreciate the information this is a greater actual starting point because as
I said sitting on the computer gets a little monotonous you know how it runs
together yeah I mean the you know just like everything in life right you got to
go and experience it see it for yourself exactly exactly
me too me too looks like you guys have a great neighborhood starting here Thank
You sexes wonderful thank you all right thank you go we’ll talk all right thanks thank you wow you’re still here that’s
awesome thank you guys so much for watching the entire length of that video
I know it was a little lengthy like I said but hey thank you so much for
watching the whole thing if you made it to the end leave down in the comments
you know say I made it to the end and that just let me know is that you
watched it all the way through and I greatly appreciate that again if you
like content like this be sure to subscribe hit that like button that’s
huge you know for the YouTube algorithm to help share this video to other people
let’s see what else am I forgetting hit the notification bell so you can be
notified each time we upload a new episode and yeah I mean if you like
videos like this you can click on some of these right here and right here and
that’ll show you some other videos we’ve got on the channel and until next time
guys take care

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