Navy Medical Deep Sea Diving Technician – DMT
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Navy Medical Deep Sea Diving Technician – DMT

We’re specialized in working in a very unpredictable environment. We deploy all over the world with a med bag. A diving medical technician is a corpsman
who goes through some advanced training. They get fully qualified as a Navy diver. And then they also do a diving medical portion. We can support the Marines, the Seals, EOD,
other branches of service, and other countries. I’m the only DMT with a bunch of divers. Knowing you are who these special
operators and divers are counting on is one of the things that makes DMTs such an asset to the special
operations community. Right now in the Navy there’s about 200
DMTs. It puts you into a very exclusive club. Some people have never dipped a toe in salt
water before. They come here and their world is opened up
to so much more than what they knew and they thrive in it. I just like being in the water and diving. Pay attention when you’re down on the bottom. Make sure you’re not going to go into something
you shouldn’t. You’ve got to try to hear what the scenario is. Try to overhear what the communications guy
is getting from the divers so I can start to draw a mental picture of what’s happening. We were swimming along and stuff happens that
you don’t plan for. A decompression sickness type two and AGE are the two main illness we’re concerned with. You’ll come out of the water and lose strength
in an arm or leg or you’ll have some other neurological deficit. You put them in the chamber and then you simulate pressing them back down. There’s a long history of guys that have
done amazing things with this title of corpsman. The vast majority of the Medal of Honor winners
are corpsman. I can’t sit behind my whole medical background and say, “Oh, no, I’m just worried about my med bag.” I am part of the team. I am part of the dive team.

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11 thoughts on “Navy Medical Deep Sea Diving Technician – DMT

  1. That’s my old job before I became a Nurse. Gave up the best job in the Navy for more pay and job security post retirement, but my best times in the Navy were doing this! Hooyah!

  2. The navy has been killing it with these ads. I’ve been deadset on becoming a soldier and eventually an 18b but all of these specialized medical technician jobs that they’ve been making videos about have piqued my interest

  3. How do I become a DMT? Do I need to go Diver School first or Hospital Corpsman? I'm about to take the Asvab and I want to become a DMT

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