Nature’s Plus | Small Roots to Industry Leader
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Nature’s Plus | Small Roots to Industry Leader

Hey everybody, Derek here and we’re going
to talk about another great brand of LuckyVitamin’s, Nature’s Plus. When we talk about Nature’s Plus, we have
to talk about Gerald Kessler, who founded the company in 1972. Gerald was actually a pharmaceutical sales
rep in the 60’s, but he became disinfrancised by the idea that these pharmaceuticals were
only treating peoples symptoms and not the causes of their health ailments. He actually started making homemade vitamins
at night and selling them to health food stores during the day between his pharmaceutical
sales appointments with his new company, Nature’s Plus. Nature’s Plus was a pioneering company and
lead the way by being the first company to have a mega potency whole food based vitamin,
which is Nature’s Plus Source of Life. A great tasting protein shake, Spiru-tein,
a complete children’s whole food supplement line, Nature’s Plus Animal Parade and the
first anti-aging supplement line, Nature’s Plus AgeLoss. Thanks to his determination and resourcefulness,
Gerald was actually able to rally a than young, natural products industry to petition Congress
to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. This act, which we call DSHE, was huge for
the industry because it prevented the FDA from over scrutinizing dietary supplements. Now you know how Nature’s Plus and Gerald
Kessler helped the industry and LuckyVitamin spread the wellness, so check out Nature’s
Plus products, I’m sure you’ll love them. Tell your family, tell your friends and then
you can spread the wellness to.

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