My Sister Is More Concerned with Money Than My Welfare!
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My Sister Is More Concerned with Money Than My Welfare!

– Keshawn says her sister needs
to take the responsibility for wrecking her car and pay up. But Jamiesha says Keshawn is all about money, money, money, money. Jamiesha you say that
your sister charges you for random things? Like what? – Like my two year olds hair. She braided it for me
and she charged me $40. – Whoo. – And, not to top it
off, she only braided it, it took her less than
five minutes to do it, and she didn’t put the beads on there. I had to finish the job. – Keshawn, why the $40
for your nieces hair? – To get the money to pay for the car. – First off, she’s got two kids and I braided both of their
hair and I charged her $20. – A head?
– For both heads, okay. – Which I don’t see a problem with. – I asked her to watch my son for a week, I was going back and forth to work, and I was like, “hey,
before we get them into daycare I need you to keep
them for me for a week.” She tried to charge me $100. – That’s cheap. – That’s because she charged me $150. – I gotta weigh in here y’know, sibling relationships,
they’re complicated, and your birth order does
have some determination on how you behave. And so, it sounds like you’re just sick of having to be the older sister, always taking care of you, Jamiesha. Maybe you always act
like the younger sister, can you recognize that maybe sometimes you just expect stuff
from your older sister, because she’s your older sister. – I mean sometimes, but
at the end of the day, I take care of my responsibilities too. – No, she came to my house
she took my flat irons, and she took my dryer, right. I’m looking for it for three full days. I’m looking for it, I’m going crazy, I’m like I know I put it here, I’m just tearing up everything. I wanna say the fourth day,
it pops back up in the house. She then says you got it,
you got it, it’s okay. Why didn’t you just tell
me that you took it? – Jamiesha, why are you taking things without even telling Keshawn? – No, it’s not even like that. – Jamiesha let me ask you this, what do you do for Keshawn? – That you haven’t charged her for. (both girls laugh) – We know you charge her for babysitting, so what have you done for her. – That’s ’cause she charged me. I only charged, because she charged, so maybe we’re giving
two different stories. ‘Cause I do what I do
because she charges also. – Yeah but you still did
not answer my question, I said what things do you
do for your big sister? – I help her out when she
needs help with the kids, also, I do that all the time. – You ever take your sister to lunch? – [Keshawn] No. – [Woman In Red] You ever
take your sister to dinner? – No. Does she ever take me? No! – You driving the car and
getting the Gucci belt, and the Gucci thing and taking the flat
iron, and the blow dryer. – This only just happened a month ago! – The car just got wrecked two weeks ago. – I didn’t have the car for that long. – But you wrecked it. – Okay, but it was an accident. I didn’t say I wasn’t gonna pay for it, I didn’t like how she came at me. – Jamiesha have you told her you’re going to pay for the damage? – No, ’cause she came at me. (both women laugh)

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