‘My Mom Calls Me A Bitch,’ Says Teen
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‘My Mom Calls Me A Bitch,’ Says Teen

(dramatic music) My mom calls me a bitch, a piece of (bleep). She’s told me she’s hated my guts, she’s called me a hoe. She’s called me every word you can think of. (loud bang) One time my mom blamed me for the breakup with her boyfriend. My mom told me that she wish she had an abortion. On top of all that, she has told me that I won’t amount to anything in life, that was more painful than the other words. (camera flicks) Ever since I was little, my mom has gotten very physical with me. Savannah likes to make me look like I’m the abuser. She’s kicked me, she’s punched me, she slaps me everywhere on my body, arms, chest, my back. My mom has definitely left me with bruises. My mom, even punched me in the face while we were in the car, and her ring actually chipped my front tooth. One time my mom and I were in an argument. I walked by the bathroom and I could smell pot. I confronted her about it, she was so upset that I would accuse her that she came rushing at me Like a bull. She just kept yelling at me. When I was crying and screaming at her to leave me alone. She came at me, punching me in my arms and in my chest. I tried to shut the door, and she slammed it back open, screaming at me more, so I pushed her. I went to shove her back, and she tripped over some clothes on the floor. I fell and hit my head in the back on the soap holder. It left a huge bruise on my back. CPS ended up coming to the house for a wellness check. My mom put on a very good act for CPS, didn’t own up to anything that she did. I haven’t heard from CPS since because I don’t abuse my child. (dramatic music) Okay, she just made some statements here that you’ve called her several names, disparaged her, blamed her for different things, true or false? False, I would never– Have you told her you hated her? No, I said I don’t like what she does. I’m gonna get off this chair. I said I hate what she does by not listening to me, disobeying, smoking pot, running with the wrong crowd, sneaking out of the house, all of that. Have called her a hoe? No, I have not called her a hoe. Never called you a hoe. Okay, she’s called me a hoe when I told her my body count of how many people I’ve been with. And multiple times has called me a hoe, she’s called me a piece of (bleep), she’s called me a bitch, she’s called me almost every– I have never done any of those things, I never called her a bitch, I never called, I said she’s acting like a bitch. Stop acting like a bitch. I never said you are a bitch, no. First of all, I would never make this up because this is my mom. I’m not gonna tell somebody– No, she just explained it pretty well. She’s playing semantics. This is your friend Valarie, she’s here as well. You’ve been watching the show so far, right? You’ve been watching everything we’re talking about? Mm-hmm. And you You know the situation well, and you’re looking at it from the outside in, what do you have to add to the situation? I think right now everybody’s trying to be cute here, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of this whole situation. We have a problem here, we wouldn’t be here Dr. Phil. We wouldn’t be here, Tami is fed up, and your video, what you just said, you’ve wowed me because you just said, “Oh, I hang with this person, “I hang with that person.” But last night you said you wanted to change, so what’s today, is the today Tuesday? That was Friday! So how are you changing from Friday to Tuesday, saying that, “Oh, I want to be different now.” You’re locked up Savannah, because of your track record. So how did she get the bruises on her back? I’ve never seen any bruises on Savannah. Huh? So the bruises on the back, I don’t, maybe because she fell backwards in the bathtub after I pushed her off of me. How about the chipped tooth? I don’t know what she’s talking about with the chipped tooth, I never chipped her tooth. She thinks I chipped her tooth. I smacked her on the face, but I didn’t chip her tooth. (sighs) You’re trying to nail jello to the wall. You have hit her in the face, you did have an altercation in the bathroom.
Yes, I slapped her, yes. Yes, true. You didn’t call her a bitch, you said quit being a bitch. Right, that’s true.
So you play word games, but then in the final analysis, she’s giving a pretty accurate account of your interaction.

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100 thoughts on “‘My Mom Calls Me A Bitch,’ Says Teen

  1. This woman is arguing semantics and word games. She has ruined that child. We need to start making people apply for licenses to have a kid.

  2. She is a beautiful young girl, her mom is probably just a sad jealous individual. Poor baby you deserve a loving mother who is there for you 😓

  3. This poor girl. Imagine how heartless or crazy you must be to be a mother, who's abusive to your own child-physically AND emotionally. Also, I think the mother's jealous because the daughter's more beautiful. It happens sometimes and it's really sad.

  4. This reminds me so much of my mom😒. “You’re just trying to make me look like a bad parent” 🙄like why you even have kids??

  5. Ok, but if the mother is claiming that her kids hitting her and everything like that, then why does she have no proof of bruises like her daughter, the mom's a liar

  6. Btw CPS is incredibly incompetent. Unless your child lives in squalor and is visibly being beaten damn well right in front of the case workers eyes, they won't do anything. So her saying that she "hasn't heard from CPS since" doesn't mean anything at all honestly.

  7. Moms friend needs to stay out of it!!! It’s not her business! And she’s going to bias in the situation regardless. I’ve experienced this same thing with my mom and her friends

  8. I love how Dr. Phil defended the daughter and wasn’t oblivious to what she described. That mother doesn’t deserve that child.

  9. I feel for the girl. My parents have done very similar things and would always twist it into me being the bad guy. The verbal abuse was way worse than the physical for sure, you can see this girl feels that way too. I thought their abuse was normal until I went away from college. I learned it was abuse as well as my parents are hella good actors, hiding it from the public. This girl will never look back like I did, and all I can hope is she does something good with her life.

  10. before you go judging these kids on this show look back and think that this is the kinds of stuff that goes on behind closed doors and often times the kids are just to afraid to speak out

  11. It’s a jealous mother of a GORGEOUS daughter that looks NOTHING like her. PERIOD. The daughter will leave and never come back.

  12. If I was there, I get kicked out so fast for throwing hands at everybody on the mom's side. Her friend too, tf she acting cute for?

  13. Glad Dr. Phil called out this mom trying to pretend she's innocent and the daughter is to blame for everything😤

  14. Oh, and yes, my mom has also said that she wished that she never had a child (I'm her only child). And that I'm not going to really amount to anything even though I'm 26 years old, I have a full-time job, I live on my own with my boyfriend of eight years, I drive, I don't do drugs or drink or anything crazy…. 😢

  15. How about bringing one of Savannah's friends on the show as well? Having only Tami's friend on there doesn't seem fair to me

  16. That mother is just happy her parents are taking care of her daughter. She's taking a break and setting her daughter up so that her daughter canKt live with her.

  17. i just feel this girl’s pain she’s trying so hard to be better and keep her calm. which is much better than a lot of “problem” teens on this show. they’ll interrupt their parents and then phil will roast them (classic). the mothers logic of bringing her friend to back up her claims are absolutely absurd and this comment section is absolutely right, that some people are just not meant to be parents.

  18. I’m not gonna lie this is kind of what my mom used to do to me and my brother saying I’m not calling u a b*tch I said ur acting like a b*tch lol

  19. That girl is drowning in stress. The pot smoking is an escape. Be careful Mother because you labelling your child will actually create the behaviour

  20. I believe the daughter is telling more truth than that so called mom. She is telling several different stories about one thing. The mother is the problem

  21. It doesn’t matter if the kid smokes pot or hangs out with the wrong people, if you smack your child in the face and leave bruises on your child, you are the abuser. Kids learn their behavior from somewhere you know, and it’s often their parent’s. So even if the kid is bad it’s never their fault.

  22. GOD this reminds me of how my mom & my oldest daughter talk to each other from time to time but my mom has bi-polar disorder not that it's any excuse by my mom will deny it all.

  23. That blonde mom looks like my ignorant LOUD MOUTH NEIGHBOR & I know she is lying!!! I believe the daughter which BTW is beautiful!

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