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Mission ÜTRITION for You!

The big question is what your nutritional product made before or after your DNA test results? Üforia Science is the cellphone to the landline. It’s Netflix to Blockbuster Üforia is really is an extreme human experience in an extreme scientific environment a one-of-a-kind custom-designed nutritional formula based on each person’s unique DNA That’s really the groundbreaking technology behind Üforia Everyone wants into DNA right now. Of course, they do. It’s projected to be a six hundred billion dollar marketplace So the problem is they’ll do your DNA test, which is great. But then we’ve got your DNA here Try all these prefab supplements one size fits all we just keep taking everything hoping we get some results up until now we were buying a bottle of this and a box of that’s the same stuff that everyone else is taking and if We had cupboards filled with every supplement in that your DNA is different from my DNA and my DNA is different from everyone else’s So we shouldn’t be taking everyone else’s nutritional supplements. We should be taking those that are uniquely made for us We all have genetic variants that affect our DNA. That’s why my eyes are brown and your eyes are blue but We also have genetic variants that can affect our overall health and wellness These genetic variances are called snips single nucleotide polymorphisms single nuclear nuke nucleotide Polyform units poly this snips at Üforia test for what I like to call the heavy hitters These are the ones that could be compensated for with proper nutrition and can make the biggest difference in your overall health and wellness I guess when I think about DNA in my body I just I always think about things that are obvious like physical features or things that you can always See, you know there for me, but there’s all you little hidden areas in your health that You don’t really think about and they’re affected by your DNA basically You take a simple non-invasive DNA test you stick it in a prepaid envelope where it goes off to our medical grade labs highest quality highest standards of price All right time for mission nutrition. Let’s go on this journey Your DNA is processed in a cap accredited CLIA certified and HIPAA compliant facility Your data is secured protected and most importantly accurate Your DNA results are going to reveal what snips you have that are affecting your overall health and nutrition Within a short matter of time you get a secure link with your DNA test results 35-pages talking about your genetic snips The Üforia wellness DNA report is easy to read especially because it has all of your scientific DNA information just right in front of you Green means you didn’t inherit from either parent yellow means you got it from one parent and then red Means you got it from both parents understanding your DNA helps anchor that conversation about your wellness and removes a lot of the guesswork about your health and it confirms a lot of suspicions like things that were Going on with our bodies that actually make sense now, it’s not just enough to understand your DNA There are things you should do about it. And that’s where you Üforia takes things to the next level The technology behind Üforia Science the software was over 24 years in development its proprietary Nobody else has it and it facilitates what we call the algorithm of you. So here’s the real issue suppose We didn’t know who you were taking enough of a particular nutritional supplement in fact, we may be taking less than what we really require because we weren’t Overcoming our genetic weaknesses or we think I could take more particular vitamin or supplement when I should be okay But we could literally take too much and be dealing with toxicity for years We understood what nutrition and nutritional requirements were needed for humans But it wasn’t until recently with the advent of genomic testing that we could pinpoint and in a precise way Determine genetic weaknesses and then supplement with their proper nutrition and now not only do we know what we need or don’t need Yuphoria science translates that unique information into everyone’s own unique nutritional formula It’ll drop based on DNA results nearly 100 plant-based Peer reviewed studied ingredients into one formula that we call you trician We are very careful in choosing the ingredients for you trician. They’re all based on multiple peer-reviewed published studies There’s no two test results alike. No two formulas alike. It’s made specifically for you dictated by your DNA This is the only software of its kind on the planet 24 years in development and the only machine of its kind to prepare your unique nutrition Nutrition is a straight line of nutrition for you because it’s made for you It has your name on it before you create your own Personalized nutritional formula to the microgram a clinical dosage of exactly what you need Currently based on the snips we test for and you for your phase one we can create nearly 400 million unique formulas and you don’t have to wait for your nutrition to arrive to begin to experience some of these nutritional benefits while your DNA is pairing to your very own nutrition People engage in the product pre trician designed to prepare your body for your very own designer you Tricia Every you start kit comes with a 30-day supply of what we call the free attrition formula Pre trician is a very powerful combination of ingredients including astaxanthin and AC 11 for DNA repair Pre trician is actually the foundational formula for everyone’s finalized nutrition I’ve been involved with companies where they’ll make a product and they’ll find a headline ingredient They’ll just sprinkle a tiny bit in there and make it the headline for the marketing Here’s so much time and money Millions and millions of dollars have been put into this technology So there’s no cutting corners when your product is made your actives are clinical doses based on those peer-reviewed studies They’re not just sprinklings of powder to take your DNA Process it through software to determine what you need then input that into a machine that creates your formula is revolutionary so we have the one and only Ütritionator prints your label, makes your product ships, it to your doorstep your name on The science of nutritional medicine which is what we call nutrigenomics has finally entered the 21st century No other company has this technology and no other company can do what you for you can do for your health and nutrition. I Think our children are going to make fun of us some day and say wait a minute You guys all used to take the same supplements for everybody Peace is priceless on today’s planet and knowing your DNA dictated your very own formula It allows us to sleep at night. Literally Unlike what we’ve seen in the blind nutritional space where it ends up in hype and desperation and over-promising Trying their hardest to distinguish themselves from their market twins DNA is everywhere now. It’s not just about family history, but it’s about my personal health today So there you have it Üforia Science arguably the most significant wellness come in history So welcome to Üforia or being you never felt better

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