Melaleuca | Melaleuca Clear Power Glass Cleaner
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Melaleuca | Melaleuca Clear Power Glass Cleaner

Hey Honey! You have to see this. This is great this Clear Power is amazing! (walks into the sliding window) Get the performance you’ve always wanted in a formula that’s safer for
your home Get clear power! supercharged with distilled white
vinegar and natural solvents it removes fingerprints dirt and grime in a flash without the risks and dangers of ammonia In a blind, in-home user test,
participants were asked to use Clear Power and Windex on windows and mirrors for a week Remember: this was a blind test, where
participants didn’t know which cleaner they were using we’re proud to announce that Clear Power
beat out Windex as the preferred cleaner Clear Power’s light scent leaves the room
smelling as fresh as it looks and it’s 16 ounce size makes four ready
to use spray bottles giving you improved performance for about half the price of
Windex You missed a spot … (giggles) Clear Power. Your best choice for glass cleaner has never been more clear

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10 thoughts on “Melaleuca | Melaleuca Clear Power Glass Cleaner

  1. Fabulous product! Great company that makes the products. Does a great job and safe for kids around the house. All natural products. Buy it !!!

  2. Excellent, just got underway with Melaleuca. Looking forward to helping a lot of people
    Best wishes, G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)

  3. reminds me of when one of my childhood friends was being chased through the house by his brother and he thought the patio door was open because the glass was so clean.  He went through the glass and ended up with 54 stitches in his face.

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