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Ma’am, why did you doll up this shop
with new medicines like it were some bride? Which season is this?
– I’m sure it isn’t the season of dengue, malaria or swine flu. Which season is this?
– This is the winter season, a weak season for health. This is the season
when cold, fever and cough thrive. So? How does that matter?
– Where would people go to buy medicines for it? They’ll go to medical halls like ours.
So, in this season, we can literally steal their cash. Cash who?
– Aya Cash. – My bad. ‘Why is he blushing?’
– ‘How do I ask?’ Why is he blushing, looking at me?
– He is blushing to say what he wants to buy. Why? Isn’t that now normal?
– Maybe it is his first time. He looks like a kid. Maybe you’re wrong about him.
– How may I help you? I was told what I want
can be found only in medical halls. Now see what he’ll ask for.
– Shut up! Tell us what you want. Don’t waste our time. I want that candy.
– You’re blushing to say you wanted that candy? Yes, mom, I’ve reached the medical hall.
One tablet for cough, two for fever and three for cold. A few for motions too.
– To cause motions or to stop motions? – To cause motions. Or if you have a one pill solution for all, I’d take it.
– Do you have doctor’s prescription? Well, doctors will anyway prescribe the same pills.
So, I was like, ‘Why to pay a doctor consultation fee’. To save money, you didn’t visit a doctor.
To make money if we give you pills, we’ll be in trouble. Why so?
– You are educated. Didn’t you follow the news? The SC said no medicines can be sold without prescription.
– What would a doctor do? He checks the pulse, heart beat and then prescribe
the same tablets. Why waste money on consultation fee? We’ll give you medicines only if you have prescriptions.
– Like I care. There are tonnes of medical halls around. He just wanted a few pills. You should’ve given it to him.
– I’ll paddle you if you tell me what to do. Go and put up a notice saying
a prescription is a must to buy medicines. Thank you, brother!
– Brother? Who cares about that fair skinned girl?
This tall girl will make me hold my head high. What do I get you? These ones?
I’ll get them right away. The total is Rs. 465.
– Rs. 465! Won’t I get any discount? I’ll give you a discount of 5%.
– Only 5%? Can’t I get a better discount? A better discount?
Does 10% sound better. Granted! Thank you. Visit again, ma’am.
– Thanks, brother! Brother! She availed all the discount
and now she calls me brother, just like that girl? You gave her discount? You think you own
this shop, you idiot! Don’t you ever pay heed! If you ever again..
Get out of here.. How may I help you? – I’ve that personal problem.
– Personal or whatever, tell me. One shouldn’t hide anything from doctors and lawyers.
– And you are neither. I’m like the poor man’s doctor.
Doctors study for 7 years and learn medicine and we study B.Pharmacy for 4 years
and learn about medicines. So, tell me. I’ve got the ladies’ problem.
– I get it. Why are you butchering that?
Men ask and purchase condoms like bosses. This here is every girl’s necessity
but still it is wrapped and concealed? I don’t get this hypocrisy. Few unnecessary items
are sold at dirt cheap prices and stuff that is important is sold at premium rates.
Give it to her. Please, make the payment there. Staying cool! Ma’am, you’re becoming hot headed by the day.
– People around me are making me hot headed by the day. Do you got tablets?
– Can’t you see, these are tables. – Cut it. What for, sir? Head ache!
Get him a tablet for head ache. I’m sorry.
– Don’t apologize to that idiot. Because of him, I ended up shutting down
all my previous businesses. Hurry up. Also, I need tablets for.. Idiot!
Tablets for cold? Also, I need tablets for.. Regaining energy.
– ‘He is just one sneeze away from dying.’ I’m sorry, we’re out of stock. How unhygienic.
– He must’ve slimmed down by coughing so much. If he stops sneezing,
I’m sure he’ll gain weight. Hey, people! Winter is here and many people asked us
to make a video on problems faced during winter. So, we thought we’d make a video on the fact
that people often fall sick during the winters. I hope you liked this video.
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    mee amma nanna vaallu nerpe untaruga madem.
    don't spoil ur character,
    with respect,
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