Mamma Mia | 맘마미아 – Episode 44 (2014.03.25)
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Mamma Mia | 맘마미아 – Episode 44 (2014.03.25)

How would you like to spend time with your mom on Mamma Mia? This is a really good opportunity for me. My mom is pretty old now. She’s 74. She collapsed once from high blood pressure. I don’t know how long she has. I want her to experience things she has never experienced before while she’s still alive. I’d like to do that for my mom. – I see. / – Yes.   I’m so thankful. – Mom. / – What?   I’m going to take you somewhere nice. Where? Somewhere nice.   Where do you think is a nice place? – I like Seoul. / – Seoul? – That’s all I need. / – Really? Yeah, this is fine. Being in Seoul… What’s the point of going out? There’s nothing to see. You said you like Seoul. – Sure, I do. / – Huh? – Of course. / – But this is Seoul. I’m at her house in Seoul so that’s good enough. I don’t want to go out and move around.   – Mom. / – Yeah? Ever been to a movie theater?   That sounds lame. No thanks. Have you ever been to one?   No.   Not even when you weren’t married?   Have you been to one or not, mom? I don’t even remember. You’ve been to a movie theater once, right? Do you remember seeing any movies? I don’t remember. Not a single one?   I don’t remember anything like that.   I don’t know.   She never had time. Because she had to work to provide for the family. Well… I’ll talk about my father in detail in time… But he didn’t fulfill all of his responsibilities and duties as a father. My mom had to do everything. She fed us and she worked. My mom had to play the role of a father too. She barely had time to sleep. So your mom never got to do things for her own enjoyment… Almost never. She got married at 18 and she never got to do anything like that. Almost never.   I have to go to the theater today. I have a friend… Uhm Junghwa. You know her, right? Yeah. I got invited to the premier of her movie and it’s today. – Okay. / – Yeah. I’ll get photographed there and I can watch the movie. Mom, want to go to the movie theater together?   I don’t want to. I don’t want to.   Just being in Seoul is good.   A theater is no place for an old fogey like me. – Today… / – No need to go anywhere. – Don’t you want to go, mom? / – Not really. – You want to stay home? / – I like staying home. – Okay, stay home then. / – I just like being home. Okay. Stay home, mom. – That’s right. / – Okay. I just like being at your house. – I said… / – Didn’t you say you won’t go? I don’t want to. I like staying at home. Just being here makes me happy.   Mom, I want you to experience new things. A lot of other people take their moms to the movie theater. I don’t like stuff like that. I don’t like sitting still. I like to move around. Wouldn’t it be a nice memory to go out and do this with your daughter? I don’t really care about making good memories. But I want you to go.   I don’t want to go to the movie theater.   I bet it felt like a sticky situation. It sure did. I wanted to take my mom out on a date. She’s never been to movie theater so I wanted to take her and introduce her to my friends. But when my mom said she didn’t want to go… I was about to give up.   Seriously. Just stay at home. My mom didn’t want to go. I want her to be happy about going. Think about it. She didn’t want to go and it wouldn’t hurt if I just went by myself.   – Jaeik… / – Yeah?   Goodness. You’re a proud descendant…   My baby… His hands are cracked. You use lotion, right?   The thing that Jaeik wants the most… It’s a cell phone. He wants a new one. It costs a lot. – Right. / – Yeah. It’s pretty expensive. Mom, if you go out with me and do the things I want to do… I’ll buy Jaeik that expensive cell phone. Want to go to the theater with me? No thanks. That sounds lame. Why go to the movie theater? Forget about a date. Nobody did that back in the day. Geez…   I’ll buy Jaeik that expensive cell phone. Then I’ll go! Then I’ll go! You’ll go to the movie theater for Jaeik?   – Sure. / – Okay. I’ll definitely go. You said before that you didn’t want to go. I don’t want to but for Jaeik… For Jaeik… – Of course. / – You’re going for Jaeik’s cell phone? That’s right. Okay. What a hassle.   I don’t really want to go out and meet people. I’m not that lonely yet.   Then why did you agree to go to the movie theater? She said she’d buy Jaeik a cell phone. – That’s why. / – I see. – Is that why? / – Yes. Youngja said she’d buy the latest one. – As his aunt. / – She’ll buy it for him. She buys things that she says she will. For Jaeik… I have a good grandson. My Jaeik. My grandson. So are you going to do the things I want? The things I ask you to do… You’ll do them all? – That’s right. / – If you do all that… – Every single thing… / – Right. But if you don’t… I won’t be able to buy Jaeik a new cell phone. Okay. – So you’ll go? / – Yes. Wow. Okay. What a lucky grandkid. I’ll definitely go. Why don’t you use the money you have saved up?   I gave Jaeik $100. – You gave him $100? / – Sure. Didn’t you recently get a lot of pocket money?   It’s not that much. How much did you get?  Going to the movie theater with my mom!  – Plenty of sesame oil. / – Just add a little. Try some.   – Yummy, right? / – That’s the smell. Sure.   Our family’s secret recipe. Pollack fritters. The pride of our family. That’s enough. I’ll eat them. I’m hungry.   Making bibimbap with the leftovers is great. I’m having a feast thanks to you.   – That’s a lot of food. / – Of course.   It starts at 8 so we have to be there by 7:30. – And be photographed. / – Okay.   I can definitely do that.   Just you going there won’t necessarily get Jaeik his new phone. There’s something you must do there. You have to do the things… – I ask you to do today… / – Of course! First, when we get to the movie theater…   You have to watch to the end and not fall asleep. So I won’t sleep and sit up straight. I got plenty of sleep at home. I won’t fall asleep. – Really? / – Sure. If you have something to ask during the movie, should you ask in a loud voice or not ask at all? I shouldn’t ask at all. – That wouldn’t be right. / – Good.   Oh, right. There’s something else. Make sure you use the bathroom before the movie. – Make sure you use the bathroom. / – Okay. You can hold it in 1.5 to 2 hours, right? Of course. I won’t do that. Sure thing. – Got it? / – Got it. Go to the bathroom beforehand. – I don’t need to practice. / – Okay. It’ll work out when the time comes.   Shouldn’t you be above your daughter? I know what to do to make my daughter happy. She’s happy when I’m happy. It’s no problem at all.   – Mom. / – Yeah?   You’ve never seen me in a movie, right? I was in a movie too. I was in a movie.   You didn’t know? – You’ve never seen me, right? / – Nope.   Let me show you this movie.   – “Youngja’s Heydays.” / – Right. – When I debuted… / – Yeah.   – Goodness. / – What was that? You jerk! How dare you? What do you think you’re doing?   What’s happening?   Youngja is here!   You still like it even though I came out ugly? You look pretty to me. – My first movie. / – Yeah.   – What do you think? / – Huh? We’ll be watching something like this today. She was really good. She’s good at acting. So… People say she’s ugly but I’m so thankful. She’s great. So your mom never saw your movie even though you were the lead? It was a straight-to-video movie. There wasn’t a premier. It wasn’t shown in a theater. I was the lead in “Youngja, Don’t Cry” and “Youngja’s Heydays.” I did a few movies like that. But I got $5,000 for shooting three movies. Since they weren’t released in theaters my mom couldn’t go see them. Mom, today… This is who Uhm Junghwa is. – I’ll show you. / – Okay.   – Her. / – Right. Who is this? – Yeom Junghwa. / – Uhm Junghwa. Uhm. – Uhm Junghwa. / – Right. Take a good look. Uhm Junghwa. – Right, Uhm Junghwa. / – Yeah. Goodness. Actresses always show their cleavage. The movie is a bit… It’s…   It’s a sexy movie? It’s a sexy movie? Sexy? She seems to be in those movies. She’s sexy. Look at how she’s dressed. – What do you think? / – She’s sexy in that. Her breasts are just out there for everyone to see. Isn’t this a bit too much? Exposing this much… They do that to look sexy. Back in my day it would’ve been too much. But now… What do you think of Uhm Junghwa wearing such sexy clothes? She’s pretty. Who’s prettier? Uhm Junghwa or me? Be honest. Huh?   You’re prettier. – Really? / – This is just between you and me. She’s no way as pretty as you. Right?   Of course my daughter is prettier? Right? Do you think guys would like Uhm Junghwa more or me?   Can’t you just compliment me? – Even if it isn’t true… / – Okay. Do you think guys would like Uhm Junghwa more or me?   I think they’d like Uhm Junghwa. It’s not because I think she’s pretty… Guys would be less scared of her. You’d scare them!   I’m not saying that Junghwa is prettier than you. Then… Guys would be scared. They would be. If she bossed them around they’d be scared. She still seems pretty upset over that. No. She’s over it. – She is? / – Yes. She gets over it in time.   – She gets over it quick? / – Yeah, right away. I didn’t do anything wrong.   What will you say to Choi Hwajeong when you see her? She’s in a KBS weekend drama now. She’s shooting one right now. – Hwajeong is? / – Yes. – A weekend drama. / – A weekend drama? What role does she play? Yun Yeojeong is also in the drama and Hwajeong is the second wife.   – Okay. / – She plays the second wife. You know what that is, right? – I know. / – What’s a second wife? Another wife. Yes, she plays the other wife. That’s good, mom. Mom, you tend to ramble on so just say this to her.   “Do a good job playing the other wife.” Say that to her mom. Go ahead. Do a good job playing the other wife.   What will you say to Junghwa? Who is Junghwa again? Uhm Junghwa. This girl right here.   After the movie you have to say to her what you felt about her acting for the deal we agreed upon to be completed. – Okay. / – It ends there. Then I’ll buy a new cell phone for Jaeik.   Will you remember everything you have to do? I’ll remember when I see their faces. It’s no problem at all. Uhm Junghwa or whoever… I just have to say, “You were great. You’re so pretty. I see you on TV these days.” Stuff like that. Just compliment them. I can do this! Okay!   I can do a good job.   You have to do this. We should hurry, mom. Look, mom.   Let’s say…   This is where they take the photos. We’ll stand here. You and me together.   Mom…   – Let me have some coffee. / – Go ahead.   You have to do well.   You have to do a good job, okay?   Action!   They’re taking photos. Click, click, click, click. Click, click, click, click. – Step on that. / – I don’t want to fall. You won’t… You won’t fall, mom. Stand on there. Take a look this way. Look to the center. Look all the way to the left. Do it while waving. Wave. Go ahead. You’ve walked in. Look this way. – This way. / – Yeah. – Say hello. / – Hello. – Center. / – Hello. Good. Over here. – Hello. / – Good. That’s what you do. – Okay. / – Let’s do it together this time. Let’s walk in together. You’re good at this, mom. Hold on. I’m about to pass out.   You can do this, right?   It isn’t about saying something. – It’s more about… / – Greeting. Right. – Make it pretty. / – Yeah. With a smile. – How do I make it pretty? / – Action!   Look this way.   Hello.   – Center. / – Hello. Now this way. – Hello. / – Hello. That’s good. Good job, mom. When we do that… They’ll be taking photos. So you need to lower your chin.   Then you’ll look good in the photos. One more time. Lower your chin. Hello. Mom, like this.   You get to play celebrity. Let’s have fun with it. – Okay. / – Mom. When else will we do something like this? Action.   People will be taking photos here. Click, click, click, click, click… Mom, lower your chin. Click, click, click, click, click… Lower your chin. Like this.   Like this. You wave when you get there like this. – Just have to do as she says. / – Right. This is easy.   Everyone else there will have nice bags. So we should take something too. We can’t just go empty-handed. We’re going to carry bags. Just pretend this is a bag.   Just pretend this is a bag. This. Pretend it’s a bag. Okay. Mom… Action. From there…   That’s a bag, mom.   You’re carrying your bag. Ready…   Action!   Don’t laugh. Lower your chin. Lower your chin.   Again. This side. Lower your chin. Okay…   Okay. That’s perfect, mom. I feel really uneasy. My mom isn’t so good at doing what she’s told and behaving the way she should. She tends to break from that kind of mold. She does what she wants. I don’t think she’ll be able to do this.   – I can do it. / – They’ll be many actors there. I don’t know exactly who will be there but there will be many actors. “You look great.” “You’re so handsome.” “You’re so petty.” – Compliment them like that. / – Okay. You might think actors here that all the time but… – I know. / – Right. – That gives them strength. / – When you say that… – When you compliment them… / – Right. – You know that, right? / – Sure. Compliments can make a what dance? Yes, right. What? Compliments can make… Compliments can make a what dance? There’s that saying. What’s the point of saying it? You just… So what is it? Listen. 1. Baby octopus. 2. Whale.   Whale… Baby octopus.   Compliments can make a baby octopus dance? With compliments… They make a whale dance. I can say all that. Don’t you worry. – You got it, right? / – Of course. Let’s get dressed. – What do I wear? / – Mom, let’s do this. Okay!   I need to pee. Huh? – Pee. / – Okay, mom. Are you nervous?   Mom. I must get my talent from you. You can do this.   Hello.   Goodness…   Today is…   February 16.   It’s my birthday. It’s the most important day. A lot of celebrities have their birthday today. You’ll be surprised. There’s actress Rhee Minjung. And actor Kim Soohyun. Among singers, there’s Jang Yoonjeong. And among comedians, there’s me. We all have the same birthday. That’s quite a line up, isn’t it? I think it’s pretty amazing. I was happy when I found out. I’m thankful to my parents for giving birth to me on this day.   Thanks to the grace of my parents and their matrimony…   I’ll be making seaweed soup and a tasty meal for my parents. For the first time in my life.   Goodness…   What do I buy? I should buy seaweed first.   Ma’am, where’s the seaweed?   Over there? – There? / – Yes, that way. I see.   Here we go.   Here it is.   Right here.   Korean beef brisket for soups.   This right here.   So much to do. I don’t know what’s going on.   So busy…   Since it’s my birthday, I’ll be making seaweed soup. Stir-fried glass noodles that are lots of work. And Vietnamese summer rolls… That’s a big challenge for me.   Beef… 6 big spoonfuls of soy sauce. 4 big spoonfuls of sugar. Onions, carrots, spinach, shitake mushrooms…   Onions…   Onions and carrots…   I have beef. Shitake mushrooms…   Spinach.   Is this spinach?   It looks like spinach.   Aren’t these shitake mushrooms?   Aren’t these shitake mushrooms?   Here we go.   Which ingredients do you need? This. I need this.   I think I need radish sprouts.   This… Do you have sauce for Vietnamese summer rolls?   This is peanut sauce.   For summer rolls… You can just wash them and use them for the summer rolls. Okay.   Gyeonghwan.   – Hello? / – Yeah. Hi.   I called you but you answered like you called me.   – What are you doing? / – What did I say? I have night duty at 11:30. Night duty? Yeah. – This is bad. / – Yeah. What is it? My parents are here. Yes? I was going to cook for them for once. Okay.   I don’t have much experience cooking. You know I’m old-fashioned. You know I’m old-fashioned. So you’re asking me to cook? Come on, help me out.   – This is driving me nuts. / – Okay then… – Later… / – I’ve never done this before. – Yeah. / – I’ll give you a call later. Get back to me soon. – Okay. / – Bye.   This is bad.   First… I’d better buy everything I need.   I bought a lot of stuff.   I got everything I need but will I be able to cook?   Let’s look up how to make tasty seaweed soup.   First… Soak the dry seaweed in water.  Level 2 alkaline water.  My mom never really called me into the kitchen. I didn’t know anything. She sometimes asked for help but she never asked me to cook anything. So…   I’ve never cooked.   They’re already bloated. Wow…   That’s pretty cool.   I don’t have soy sauce for soups.   I don’t have soy sauce for soups.   Is boiled soy sauce the same thing?   I’m in trouble.   Eunyeong.   – Gyeonghwan. / – Hey. Are you there? Hey… I’m going nuts. How is the seaweed soup going? I’m making it now. Okay.   The seaweed gets bloated fast.   Keep soaking them. You just need a little. – Gyeonghwan. / – Yeah? I sent one of my juniors there instead of me. Your junior? Your junior? Your junior?   Not a comedian, right? No, no. An announcer. She lives alone… So she’s probably good at cooking. Really? Okay then, Eunyeong… – Yeah? / – Do well on the news. – Don’t make a mistake. / – I did good, right? I really owe you one. – Good luck! / – Bye.   I’m so thankful.   An announcer junior? Who could it be?   Who is it?   Wow… Hello.   Oh, dear.   I don’t have soy sauce for soups.   Gosh… Can’t I just use regular soy sauce?   I’ll make the seasoning here. I’ll make the seasoning here.   I don’t think these are fully bloated yet.   Why didn’t I know about the soy sauce?   It’s bland.   This is bland.   It’s so dark now! This is bad!   Geez…   Glass noodles… Glass noodles! Glass noodles! If I get married I’ll never ask my wife to cook for a big party. That would be so tactless.   First… – Your ideal type… / – Yes? It’s a girl that brings you breakfast in bed, right? That’s right. You saw that cooking was hard. Are you still going to ask your wife to cook you three meals a day? Biweekly… Or every other day. And we’ll earn money together.   8 minutes.   Onions.   Next…   This is nuts.   You didn’t wash the vegetables.   You’re supposed to wash the onion after you peel it. The carrots too. You wash the onion after peeling it?   Do you have to wash a banana too?   You’re not supposed to wash after peeling. Why didn’t you wash the paprika? By mistake. – I forgot. / – And the carrots? Well… I shouldn’t say this but… I think their immune system is strong enough.   Chefs wipe their hands while cooking like this.   It’s not quite there yet. I don’t know what’s missing.   Who’s this?   Who is it?   Who is it?   Who is it?   – It’s me, announcer… / – Oh!   Oh! Hey.   Please open the front door.   It’s her?   Goodness…   Come on in.   Hello. This is “My Hometown at 6 O’clock.” They said it will be the brightest at around 12:25 tonight. How did you get here? Well… Why are you trying to cook? Well… I’m trying to cook… Come in first. Actually… I was on my way to church. Eunyeong said she was sending her junior. – You’re her junior? / – Yes. I’m one class below her. – Oh, really? / – I’m a mess. How did you end up coming? I know… – You had to listen to her? / – Yeah.   Eunyeong told me to come here. Eunyeong did? We know each other too. – Yeah. I’m glad you came. / – Yes. I wouldn’t have came if it was someone else.   That was nice of you to say.   Is that how it’s done?   Now I’m out of bullets.   1, 2, 3. Sit. Just sit down. What are you doing?   – I made the seaweed soup. / – You did? – Want to try? / – Let me see if it’s seasoned. This is actually pretty hard to make. Not just pretty hard. I think I ruined it. Did you add perilla oil?   What is it? I opened it and the smell… What did you put in here? I didn’t have the soy sauce for soups. You just need to add a little bit of soy sauce and some salt then. I added a lot of salt and soy sauce. I added a lot of salt and soy sauce. It isn’t bad.   Is it weird? It’s good but it’s salty. It’s salty, right? It’s good but it’s salty. It’s salty, right? Tell your parents that it’s seaweed stew. – Huh? / – Tell them it’s a stew. – Stews are saltier… / – My mom’s not a great cook. I never knew that seaweed soup could taste so strange.   I’ve never had such bitter seaweed soup. I think his mom will be really shocked when she tastes it.   And…   Don’t you even have an apron? It makes you get in the mood for cooking.   This is my mom’s apron. You wear it. Okay.   I’ll put it on myself. That’s okay. I’ll put it on myself. That’s okay.   I can do this.   It’s the least I can do for making you cook.   I think we have to make this now. The glass noodles? Yeah. Drain the water from the noodles and add sesame oil and soy sauce. – Is that sesame oil in the bottle? / – Yeah. Looks like your mom made it in Tongyeong. She did.   It’s thick. You’ll see. Is this too much?   Is that right?   – How much? / – Is your mom at home? – Probably. / – Since it’s Sunday… – Probably at church. / – Isn’t that too much? Since it’s not yours!   You shouldn’t skimp on ingredients. – You have to be generous. / – Okay.   The stir-fried noodles look pretty good. It should be okay once it’s all mixed up.   It’ll work out.   Hey… – What are you doing? / – Keep stir-frying that. My back is killing me. Eunyeong said I’d only have to help out for about an hour and the ingredients would be… You’ve only been here for 10 minutes! I’m going to call Eunyeong right now and tell her how you’re acting!   I thought all the ingredients were prepared. Must I call her?   Before you put this on the fire… It’s more convenient to wear gloves and mix this up before you stir-fry it. – Before it gets hot. / – You’re right.   I think she’s amazing.   She didn’t even search for the recipes.   She just did everything off the top of her head.   Thanks to that guardian angel… That expert… She was like, “Step aside. I’ll take care of this.” And she whipped everything up.   – And so… / – Yeah? Taste this.   – Okay. / – Everyone has different tastes. – It’s ready? / – Sure is.   Is it good?   Yeah.   Good!   Do your parents even like summer rolls?   They probably haven’t had it that often. – And… / – Yeah?   I’m going to use smoked duck meat. For the summer rolls? They sell it pre-cooked.   I’m getting nervous. I like cooking to eat for myself.   This is how you get married.   It’s not like I can get married by doing this. What if I can’t because I’m so bad at this? You naturally meet my parents like this… I have to go to church soon.   You’ve changed since you became the main MC of “My Hometown at 6 O’clock.”   You’ve changed after becoming the main MC.   I’d better put this here.   You unfold them and slice them.   This is no good. I can’t peel this. I’m not strong enough.   An unfamiliar woman cooked in your kitchen. – Yes. / – How did that feel?   It felt like she was cooking for me. That’s what it looked like. That she was cooking for me. Because I don’t really do anything at home. Watching her from behind it felt like she was cooking for me. I got confused and sat on the sofa. Then she yelled at me. I thought about that. It would be like this if I got married.   – Huh? / – Are they here?   – Huh? / – Are they here? They’re here. My mom is here. Oh, no!   – I should be gone already. / – Just keep cooking.   Hi. – Heo Gyeonghwan. / – Goodness. – Goodness. / – Oh, dear… – Goodness… / – What’s with your face? I’ve been making something since the morning. Goodness. I smell something good.   Mom, it’s your daughter-in-law.   Mom, it’s your daughter-in-law. – Daughter-in-law? / – Daughter-in-law.   – Daughter-in-law? / – Daughter-in-law. Hello, ma’am. – Long time no see. / – Goodness! – It’s Aeran. / – Goodness! – What brings you here? / – Hi, doggy! She’s my cooking wife.   What would you say about your mom? My mom…   She’s like my hideout, I guess… When times are tough or I’m happy… Whatever happens to me I call my mom first to tell her. I call her so that she can compliment me or yell at me. Yeah… I want to lean on her and hide from everything. That’s what she’s like.   Yohan.   Yohan. Yohan!   Yohan, your aunt is here. Give auntie a hug.   Give auntie a hug…   Give auntie a kiss.   Kiss.   Hello. I’m Jimin’s mom. Where is this place? – My oldest daughter’s house. / – Okay. I have three daughters and a son. My oldest daughter has two sons and she just had a daughter. So I’m here to help her out. What are we doing today?   Mom’s going to a wedding. I can’t go with her. I have a wedding to go to. 11 o’clock…   Yohan and Yubin, look at Chaea.   What time is the wedding? – Get in your seats and eat. / – It’s at 1. – The wedding is at 1? / – Yeah. Since it’s at 1… You should leave at 11. – To have plenty of time. / – We should leave at 11.   You have to be with your mom for 24 hours today. What are your plans? As I spend 24 hours with her… I’m going to be living with my mom for over a year… Not a year… We’ll be living together. It’ll be like a rehearsal. I’ll learn more about my mom. I should find out what she’s like. So I want to get to know my mom better. We’ll be moving in a few days so we’ll check out the new house. We have a lot to do today. But… My mom and I are so different.   – You have a small face. / – Yeah.   – Jimin’s… / – You take after me. Welcome to Jimin’s beauty shop.   – Close your eyes. / – Okay.   This looks… Is there a particular style you want? I don’t want to stand out too much. Just make it simple. – You have a lot of wrinkles. / – Yeah.   I am pretty old now.   Why isn’t the makeup working for you? You’re not that good at this.   You’re not trying hard enough. Geez… Don’t worry. I’ll make you look pretty. Will you? You know I have a license as a makeup artist? If I invested in you just because you’re a pro I’d be ruined. What? What are you talking about? Just because you have a license doesn’t mean that you’re good.   You’re going to really appreciate this when I’m done.   Geez… She complains even when I’m good to her. My mom does her makeup weird when she does it. You saw how she had her makeup done this morning. She looked all pale…   Why do you have so many wrinkles around your mouth? I don’t know.   Why do you have so many wrinkles around your mouth? I don’t know.   Okay, I won’t say anything.   They’re so clearly visible. Take better care of yourself, mom!   Come on…   That’s why dad doesn’t like you. That’s why dad doesn’t like you.   Look at me.   This is the first time I’ve seen you so close up.   When else would you take a close look? You’re right.   I never knew she had so many wrinkles. My mom is on the blunt side and she doesn’t act cute. I’m like that too. When we talk we don’t look each other in the eyes. Our eyes dart around while talking. I never had a chance to take a good look at her.   The room got a lot of sunlight so I saw all of her.   Where did it go? What? I had eyelash glue. Here it is!   I don’t want fake eyelashes! – Why not? / – I don’t want them. Just put them on. I don’t want to. – Just mascara is fine. / – Look up. I cut them all up just for you. I don’t like wearing those. Just wear them.   Just leave it to me. I’ll make them look real and natural. But they always look obvious.   They won’t look fake at all.   Yohan.   Auntie needs to focus on makeup.   Look down.   Aren’t I such a great daughter? I’m even doing your makeup. Time for your lips. This is the first time I’m getting this done.   Hey, look at mom. What? Look at mom.   Be objective.   Why’d you give her fake eyelashes? Yeah! Geez, I went to all this trouble! – Well… / – You asked for her opinion. Aren’t they for younger girls? Geez… I doubt they look good. Look at the mirror.   – Yubin, come here. / – You like them, right?   – What is this? / – Yubin, go to Yohan. Goodness… You look pretty to me. I’d look just fine without these eyelashes. I’ll take them out! Keep them on, mom. It’ll look worse. Now I’m stuck with these. – I’ll take them out. / – There’s no time… Just hurry and finish this. You like it, don’t you? It’s okay. After the wedding I’m yanking these out. Geez…   – Take them out now! / – Hurry up and finish. Am I done? Let’s just take them out now.   – If you hate them so much. / – Do my hair now. Take them out? – Guess I’m stuck with them. / – I can take them out.   You must’ve not liked your makeup. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes for people my age to do their makeup. But it took so long. She tried her best since it was for a wedding.   I am thankful. She’s just saying that. I’ve never seen my mom be happy with anything. She can’t express herself. Maybe she’s from Gyeongsang-do.   Do a good job on the front. The back doesn’t matter that much. – Right. / – Nobody will see it.   Want to look at the mirror?   You like it? Shouldn’t this part be a little more bouncy?   I need a hair dryer for that. Finished.   Make the back very bouncy. Hey… Ouch… Hey!   Sorry. – I won’t charge you. / – What are you doing? Sorry. I should charge you!   Make it bouncier?   Right there. Use the dryer for that part. Just do it.   – Brush it back. / – Okay, I will.   Do it like this…   If you put it behind your ear like this… It’ll stand up like this.   It looks pretty.   It’ll have to do.   It’ll have to do.   What was that? Do it again then.   Stop. I’ll do it.   She did all this to my hair and used the hair dryer which was so hot… My skin will probably be swollen tomorrow. Then she curled it with a brush but didn’t realize and pulled real hard. What kind of hair dresser does that?   Yohan, auntie will make you something yummy.   Yohan… He doesn’t like spinach.   Yohan, auntie will make you something yummy. You have to eat lunch after that. I’m going to use only your favorite ingredients.   Spinach.   Cut it up and put it on his rice. Oh, really? Put it in the rice?   Yohan, where’s the frying pan? – Frying pan? / – Yeah.   Here?   How did you know?   Hey… Rubbish bin. You know where everything is. Yohan, where are the paper towels? Paper towels.   Where? Not this. Oh, here it is. Good boy.   Does mommy make you do chores at home?   I’ll do this with chopsticks.   Yohan, you like beef, right?   Hey, where’s the cutting board? – Cutting board? / – Yeah.   It’s over there.   You really know your stuff.   The knife is there. Over there?   You’re the best, Yohan.   Hot!   Hot!   Auntie will make you yummy rice balls.   Okay? Excited? Yohan. Go sit over there.   Yohan, your tasty meal is almost done. Filled with stuff you love.   Hope he can’t tell there’s spinach.   Should I grill this?   Like this…   Hot!   Hot!   Hot!   Good!   Very good. This will be a new experience for you. Come here.   How good do you think these will be?   – Really good. / – Really good.   Don’t be surprised. Open up. Is it hot? It’s okay.   It’s good. It’s good? It’s good? Really? Want some more?   – Yes. / – You’re the best, Yohan.   Open up.   You’re really enjoying them. Are they good?   Are they good? High-five.   Yummy!   You don’t even know what’s in it.   Success!   Yohan, you’re really enjoying them.   You’re the best, Yohan.   You’re the best.   You’re the best.   Yohan. What food does Yubin dislike? Spinach and anchovies. He doesn’t like any of that stuff. – Yubin doesn’t eat spinach? / – No. – Really? / – Yes. He’s just like you.   But I ate the spinach in here. But I ate the spinach in here.   You knew there was spinach in there?   I saw it in here. How did you know there was spinach in there?   The heat is too high.   Yohan, what did you eat?   What did you just eat? – Spinach. / – What else?   Beans? You ate beans too, right? Good job, Yohan. Was it good, Yohan? Was it good? 1, 2, 3. The best.   The best.   Hey… You’re not about to throw up, right?   It’s too late for that now. You liked it.   – Mom. / – Yeah? Do you know where we’re going? I’m getting treatment? – Your health check. / – Yeah.   – It’ll be fine. / – What if they say… You’re morbidly obese or something?   What is this? Did you put something around your stomach? No.   She said she started gaining weight in her 40s after having her third kid. She gained a lot of weight in her late 40s. But she wasn’t that big.   In her 60s and 70s… She gained even more weight. I think my mom was going through a tough time from being lonely then.   After getting diabetes all of her functions started to slowly deteriorate. She has trouble walking now.   Let’s see. Where do we go first?   This way? You can hear the water. How nice.   – Right? / – Yeah. These are real trees, mom.   – Really? / – Yeah.   They’re real.   Who goes first? – Me? / – Yes. Mom, come here.   – You can go in. / – Okay.   Oh, no… This gown weighs too much. That thing?   This doesn’t even weigh 1kg. It weighs more than that. It’s really heavy.   I’m going to take this off first.   The mic too… Mom, you keep them on. I’ll subtract 1kg from your weight. You have to subtract more than that. Come on… Go weigh yourself.   How much do you weigh? We’ll start now. Please face forward. Straighten your back.   Look at this body fat. Goodness! What about me?   My count will be so high. I’m going over the average.   – What do you see? / – Goodness!   Oh, no! Oh, no! Goodness! What do I do, mom? I’m average.   I have a lot of visceral fat. This is bad. Mom, I have a lot of fat in my abdomen.   I have abdominal obesity. Mom, go on up there. Me?   – Goodness. / – Without taking my mic off? You want to take this off? No. It’s okay. I’ll subtract 1kg.   Your heels should go there. Good.   You’re good.   And… Please stand still in that position. – Like this? / – Yes. What is this?   Back up a bit. There.   Let me get in here. Spread your arms. Stay still.   Overweight.   – What’s that? / – Skeletal muscles are average. You’re overweight. You weigh too much. Your body fat… The fat in your body… Look at this. See? See?   See? That’s a lot. You bet it is. This is bad, mom.   Look, mom. It keeps going up.   Stop, stop. Stop?   Goodness… It keeps going up.   I don’t think it can go up any more.   What’s wrong with this? Everything is over.   You need to lose 26kg.   You need to lose 26kg.   I didn’t think it was that bad. The healthy weight for my mom’s height is 48kg. She has to lose the weight of one elementary school kid.   Fat…   This is bad. I have to lose weight. But I just can’t lose weight.   Doesn’t that hurt?   Just like that…   Inhale.   Good job. Let’s go.   – Where? / – To check for dementia. – What? / – Dementia.   – Hello. / – Hello.   This test will test your memory… And not only that, it will test for dementia. The questions aren’t that hard, ma’am. – Okay. / – Don’t be so worried. We’ll start with a really easy one, ma’am. What’s today’s date? Tell me the year, month and date.   – January, 2014. / – Right.   It’s January…   No, wait… January… – It’s… / – Do you remember? No… – 2014. / – Yes. – 2014. / – Right. – February. / – February. – Yes. 6th. / – 6th. What day is it, ma’am? – It’s Thursday. / – Right. I’ll say some numbers. Repeat the numbers after I say them. – The numbers will increase by one. 5, 8, 2. – 5, 8, 2. / – Yes, good job. Next. 7, 2, 8, 6. That’s right. Listen carefully now, ma’am. They’re getting longer. 7, 5, 8, 3, 6.   7, 3…   8, 2. Good job. She’s not going to tell you the answer. Of course I won’t. – I don’t even know the answer. / – You can’t. Good job. It’s going to get a bit harder now. Recite the numbers I say backwards after you hear them. – That’s too hard. / – It’s a bit difficult. – Even I… / – This is hard for young people too. – I couldn’t do this. / – Okay. 7, 3, 9.   – I take 7, 3, 9… / – Yes. – 9, 3, 7. / – That’s good. Here’s another. 4, 1, 5.   4, 1, 5.   5, 1, 4. – That’s good. Be confident. / – Be confident. – Be confident. / – You’re getting them right. Be confident, ma’am. We’ll try one more, ma’am. 4, 9, 6, 8. 8, 9, 4… No… 3. That’s good. Good job. You’re doing well. She keeps laughing. I’m going to give your daughter one to see how good she is. You can see that and get a laugh out of it too.   9, 4, 3, 7, 6, 2, 5, 8.   8, 5, 2, 6, 7, 3, 4, 9. That’s right. You got it. – I still got it. / – Yeah. You’re still very healthy. My brain’s still fine. – I’m okay. / – It’s too long. That was a bit long, wasn’t it? You wouldn’t be able to do that one, ma’am. It was confusing. So confusing. The numbers were confusing. Want to try reciting the number backwards again?   Repeat the numbers? – Say them backwards? / – Backwards. 3, 4, 2, 9. 2… 2, 9, 3, 4.   Lastly, you’ll list words of the same subject. You’ll each list one at a time. – You say one and I say one. / – Right. Types of fruit. Start. Go ahead, ma’am. You first. Apple. Pear.   Wait…   Persimmon. Watermelon.   Pear. I said that. – No… / – I did. – You did? / – Yes.   Well…   Plum. – Good. / – Oriental melon.   Tomato. – Good. / – Kiwi.   You do all the easy ones. It’s not like I made you do them. I’m not doing easy ones. – You’re doing it on your own. / – You are. Go ahead. I can’t think of anymore. Just go. What is there?   – What? / – That… There are so many kinds of fruit. Ma’am, you don’t really like fruit? – She likes peaches. / – Peach. – That was said. / – I said that. – I like peaches but… / – You said them all. She said all the easy ones. Foods sold in restaurants. Okay. Korean meal.   She’s in a rush! You want to win, right? You have to win. Stone pot bibimbap. Stone pot rice. – What was that? / – That was different. You said stone pot bibimbap. – I said stone pot rice. / – You’re right, ma’am. Soft tofu stew.   Kimchi stew. Bean paste stew. Fast fermented bean paste stew. Rice roll.   Sushi.   Instant noodles. – Instant noodles? / – Yeah. Rice cake soup. Pork cutlet. Fish cutlet. – Very clever, ma’am. / – Fish cutlet? So clever.   Spaghetti.   – Then… Spaghetti? / – Yeah.   Pizza.   Black bean noodles.   Stir-fried black bean noodles.   Nice one.   You’re good at listing foods. She’s not losing. Let’s stop. – The cameraman is tired. / – Okay. Remember what we did today when I called out the numbers and you memorized them? Practicing things like that is really good for you. It’ll help you keep your wits… Practice listing things like we just did. More than anything, I really wish that she won’t get dementia. I hope that she can recognize her kids and look us in the eyes until the day she passes away. I wish she could remain mentally stable until the day she passes away.  

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  1. i really dislike their new format. who cares about them.. seems like youngja forced everything to be looked fancy.. and it's not 24 hours. it has been literally a month.. to get them finished this 24 hours thingy.. i'm looking forward to see the guests.. their quarrels with their mom.. how they treat their mom.. everything else but this.

  2. 24 hours with mom! Lee Youngja plans on going to a movie premier. She teaches her mom the things she has to do there. Heo Gyeonghwan cooks up a birthday feast for his mom with the help of announcer Ga Aeran. Kim Jimin does her mom's makeup and they'll be checking out the house they'll move in to. And Park Misun takes her mom for a health check!

    Mamma Mia | 맘마미아 – Episode 44 (2014.03.25)

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  3. You can tell why Yeongja is such an awesome gal.  Her mom is wonderful.  She must have worked very hard to bring her children to school and raise her kids properly. 

  4. Lee Youngja's mom is sooo cute trying to please her daughter, saying the assignments she gave her is all a piece of cake hihi ^^"
    I like this change to reality of Mamma Mia!

  5. I love this new format much more, its a great opportunity for the MCs to grow closer to their moms. But I would like it if they have guests on as well, like Jimin, interacting with their mom 😀

  6. the episodes are all confusing…… didnt the 24 hours end alr? and then 24 hours again? or they are related?

  7. i cracked up when youngja's mother say that guys will choose uhm junghwa not because she was prettier than yeongja,, but less scared..  she's the best!!!!!

  8. ~kim jimin~ she will be a good mother in future 😀 ..when I watched jimin cooking and suddenly I said loudly why not she cook for gyeonghwan..haha

  9. in a way i think ilike this reality mama mia model better but i do miss all the other girls funny stories. hopefully the show will flipflop back and forth.

  10. I'm getting confused with the episodes. Am I watching it correctly? I followed the date they published but the episode numbers are different.

  11. Yongja ist so eine tolle und liebe Tochter!! Misun ist so fürsorglich und ich hoffe ihre Mama bleibt lange gesund 🙂 Jimin war so süß zu ihrer Mutter und ihrem Neffen, ihre Mutter sah super aus ! ^^

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    And I was like screaming "Andweeee!!!" when the background music mostly for Ji Min and Gyeong Hwan was played but for another girl. du du ru du dudurudu. (whatever the lyrics is xD)

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