Lynn and Nick’s John Moore Services Customer Review On AC Check Up
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Lynn and Nick’s John Moore Services Customer Review On AC Check Up

We had an old air conditioner and it had been
in for 12 years, which is about the life of them down here. So we checked around and we
figured John Moore, we had some work done by John Moore previously, not anything substantial,
but some small work done so we decided to give them a shot on the air conditioner. The estimate was really fair; we had a couple
people come in. We thought that was a positive thing and we liked their work. They seemed
to, in our previous experience with them, to do a good job. They do such a good job
that when they came back last year to do a check up, the installation was a year old,
they actually did some work that they felt would improve it. They looked at it and said
we will do this, this, and this. And we�re like, yay, perfect! So we don�t have any
reason not to use them again, again, and again. This past time we called them for our regular
spring check up. They sent a tech whose name was Nick Rodriguez. He was fabulous. He was
professional. He was on time. He had lots of information available to us. So when we
talked about how we could improve our system through maybe the addition of a duct cleaning
or some other, the UV light thing, that was cool. He was very professional. He was on
time. He called to say he was on the way. He had shoe covers on the whole time he was
in the house. When he left the house he took them off and put them back on again, big plus
because he�s out there in the dirt on the side. Everything he did was professional.
He was a very skilled technician we thought. He took his time, our attic is hot, sweaty,
and awful like everyone else�s and he didn�t try to hurry. So we felt that it was a good
experience for us. He told us every step of the way what he was
going to do and why he was doing it. And he was just a general conversation type of thing.
Letting us know when he went back outside that he was going out to check the outside
unit and that sort of thing. He was just very efficient and competent. I would recommend John Moore to friend. I
guess that�s the bottom line. Would you say to somebody yeah call those guys because
they do a good job, yeah we would do that.

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  1. Lynn and Nick purchased a brand new AC unit a few years ago and have it inspected by our expert technicians every year. Thanks for the great review, Lynn and Nick! 

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