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61 thoughts on “Lycopene Supplements vs. Prostate Cancer

  1. As a side note, this is a brilliant resource against supplementation abuse Dr. Greger. Thanks as always!. It doesn't matter that you don't bother to read this comments. Which is rather wise!

  2. is listening to nutrition facts liking to hear good news about our habits? I mean, most of us just listen and believe it and don't read ,examine the topic of food science to understand it totally on a molecular level what's going on

  3. A woman is what straight men find attractive. Under scientific observation we analyze that it is the vagina that is the main counterpart. By extracting just this part and discarding all the rest we can give 100% satisfaction for just 0.3% of the cost.

    throws vagina organ to test subjects

    They seem to be in horror and panicking. Apparently they still prefer an intact woman. We will need to fund new research to understand this behavior.

  4. Really? The supplements with the recommended daily allowances RDA generally used in each scientific study ….I wonder were they the common cheap synthetic vitamins and minerals -or the nutrient dense ones from highly reputable , sources (with excellent quality control labs )ensuring the live ingredients are intact ?

  5. Fruits and veggies are much healthier than isolated supplements made in a lab ! Those suppl cause such an imbalance in the body system. I never felt better from them long term. This study further shows that and why. High doses of one amino acid or vitamin or mineral causes disequalibrium. No need for that if eating whole food plant based 🙂 I feel much better without those synthetic extracted supps. Now just eating fruits, veggies and herbs. Love it. The Earth knows how to make food with the perfect mix of nutrients. Don't rely on profit driven corporations selling pills for your answers, plants have the answers to healing and wellness

  6. It seems natural for Prostate cancer patients to gravitate towards the nearest bar. If only they knew the bar has the best cure in a Bloody Mary.

  7. Putting beneficial plant compunds in carcinogens? Absurd. Whoever nwrote that statment needs to rethink their career.

  8. There's something about industries discussing how to inject more plant based foods and nutrient into animal products that just crack me up. "Taste of meat, tho". Soon meats are going to consist of about 90% plants just so the companies don't get sued when people catch on that they're being fed (officially declared) carcinogenic foods.

  9. I eat like a pound of cherry tomatoes every day and I have no prostate…. I think I am save for sure….      lol

  10. Interesting video. Is there any similar information regarding other items in supplement form being not as good for us. For example tumeric in tablet form as opposed to taken in it's root form. keep up the great work Dr Greger!!

  11. You need to make a series of videos on the "benefits" of supplements, sometimes you make it sounds as though there can't be any, aside from B12 & D3. Glucoraphanin + Myrosinase (Sulforaphane), compared to broccoli/spouts-seeds, for example.

  12. This video shows you why you should think twice before just blindly following some doctors advice https://youtu.be/MgMmWJ5V490

  13. If there are any med students watching Dr Greger's videos interested in plant-based nutrition(and I'm sure there are), please look up Vegan Medical Students group on Facebook and join our small, but growing, community! Cheers

  14. 4:45 Putting phytochemicals in ice cream, alcohol and other bad foods to “make them healthy” is the same logic of putting broccoli sprouts on a turd sandwich to "make it healthy."

  15. I wonder how the supplement companies are allowed to sell lethal stuff if they are already proven to cause damage?? What's wrong with people willing to spend lot more on supplements but not enough of real foods?

  16. Mmmm me think this IS why the GMO was pushed in regardless of people's natural concern under the banner of "for better crops" … The largest organised financial business this planet has ever seen (the meat industry) won't stop their madness but dogmatically, arrogantly and pychopathically​ carry on regardless ! Next move splice animal genes with plant genes !! Their madness knows no end …. These old outdated flesh eating, All consuming paradigm of society is over ripe and now just rotting !!

  17. None of those studies were Lycopene alone so it doesn't say anything. It could've been the other supplement the participants took and not lycopene

  18. Very interesting, my father who has prostate cancer is on a whole food plant based nutrition now but is also taking other supplements like barley grass, turmeric and a certain prostate support supplement that contains lycopene, saw palmetto stinging nettle pumpkin seeds and phytosterols, im getting worried now, i hope this supplement wont make him worse, he does say he feels some improvement

  19. We at Fa Keet corp, have strived to bring to the consumers the ultimate supplements. Indeed, our latest development will offer a lycopene replacement that people will find familiar and easy to take. It was designed to address the very concerns that supplements in the pill form we're not truly effective.
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  20. Dear dr Greger, the part you are showing from min 0:30 is very misleading, and in fact really wrong. You are showing data in Table 1, which is just reporting the molar extinction coefficients of the chemicals investigated in that study. Molar extinction coefficients are used here just to determine the concentrations of those chemical in solution, they have nothing to do with their antioxidant properties (which are shown instead in Table 2, not shown here).

  21. The U-shaped mortality curve on many things have been known by science for a long ass time. Just because something is good for you in one dose, doesnt make it better to take a higher dose. In fact, many types of radiation have been shown in studies to actually improve our health and immune system in small dosages, but ramp up the dosage and you get higher mortality and rates of cancer. This phenomenen is called hormesis.

    I still think taking a high quality food based organic multi-vitamin (with normal or half the RDA dosages) are good for you, especially when your diet isnt up to match. I would also take vitamind D, vitamin B12, tocotrienols and DHA/EPA omega 3 based algae supplement. Just dont overdo the dosage. "More" does not always equals better, but too little can also be bad. Just having a small defiecency of folate can actually be as detrimental as high dosage radiation to your telemores/ DNA. Listen to Bruce Ames about this stuff.

  22. They can also add these 'HEALTHY' addictive's to foods and cause disease.  What IF everyone suddenly discovered health by eating whole food diets and the Big's lost their cash cows?  Not likely to happen because of the push to bio-engineer all whole food crops.  What once was a beneficial whole food could in the future cause designer disease!  Stop of forms of GMO before it is too late.  When is too late?  Extinction!

  23. I wonder, the problem with supplements could be that the concentration increases too fast in the blood which may cause problems. I take my GTE pill in 6 times, I hope it helps – it guess it helps the liver too.

    Some studies show that high doses of GTE might be beneficial for individuals who already have cancer:

    "For 34 days researchers at Louisiana State University gave daily doses of 3200 mg. of green tea extract to 26 men, aged 41 to 72 years, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and who were scheduled for radical prostate surgery.
    This study found a significant reduction in levels of HGF (hepatocyte growth factor, associated with tumor growth), VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) and PSA (prostate specific antigen) in men with prostate cancer, with some patients demonstrating reductions of more than 30%.2"

    "Twelve patients had swollen lymph nodes when they were enrolled in the study, and 11 of them had a reduction of at least 50% in the swelling after taking EGCg.
    The highest dose seemed to be most effective, with 16 (76 %) of the 21 patients taking 1200 to 2000 mg. of green tea extract showing a response, compared to two (17%) of 12 patients taking 400 to 1000 mg.
    The findings suggest that giving green tea extract to early-stage CLL patients could help stabilize the disease"

  24. Is consuming canned Tomato Paste OK?  Of course in a new, Non BPA can lining some tomato paste company's are decent enough to provide for caring consumers. But, does Dr. G ever talk about too much Citric Acid in the delicious cans of Tomato Paste?   Luckily, I love Tomato Paste, (In Cans) and for different health reasons, eat and really enjoy it.  But is too much Citric Acid in anyway unhealthy? I can't find Dr. G commenting on it……Thanks friends!

  25. research is for sale, always follow the money, specially the paid studies that show natural products don't work (paid by big pharma to promote their expensive chemical shit full of side effects & high costs)

  26. here a brain twister : you need to eat a pound of broccoli, or a concentrate pill or daily… which one you think people will prefer ?

  27. Dr. Greger, @ 2:08 It seems it would have been very significant to point out that saw palmetto was also taken in this patients regimen.

  28. Is it possible that the phytochemicals in the supplements were just oxidized or otherwise damaged/modified by the extraction process? Or is it just an example the importance of our bodies self regulatory mechanisms?

  29. The solution is not taking only pills for supplements alone. For instance I know some one who have had signs of Prostate Enlargement (BPH) and started eating a lot of vegetables in his diet – basically eating salads everyday for lunch ,then combine that with lycopene supplements and it has worked because his symptoms have disappeared . So basically combine a vegetable rich diet with supplements and it will work and not create imbalance in your body .

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