Lowering Your Cholesterol
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Lowering Your Cholesterol

OK friends, it’s
time to talk about a really important health topic. Cholesterol. If yours isn’t in
check, it can lead to some serious
problems, so today we wanna share some
advice from an expert, on what you can do to keep
your cholesterol under control. First, make sure you
know your numbers, and whether you’re
in a healthy range. – Know what the bad
cholesterol number is, what your blood pressure number
is, and also your weight. I think knowing your
numbers is important because you can be aware and take
actions if there’s a problem. – [Jane] Regular exercise
is also a great way to keep your
cholesterol in check. – I think if you stay
active, you’re exercising, that helps you lose
weight, and helps control the blood pressure, and
helps the body metabolize the cholesterol a lot
faster than if you were to have a sedentary lifestyle. – [Jane] And finally, when
it comes to diet, fruits, veggies, and whole grains
should be your first choices. – I would recommend
people to cut down on refined sugars
and carbohydrates. So things like cakes, white
bread, pasta, those can lead to obesity, diabetes,
and elevated cholesterol.

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