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100 thoughts on “Live PD: Best of Slidell, Louisiana Police Department | A&E

  1. At 2:00min in the video : In about 5minutes they gone take these Handcuffs off. An ima huge em and ima bless em🤣😂🤣😂 😭

  2. 8:15 this guy is stumbling towards his car, also mentions he was playin beer pong all night. at a bar.
    didnt they question him if he was drinking.
    also the guy could have easily had a second gun on him. or in the car..

  3. 11:21 –
    In his vehicle looking at the suspect's car
    I smell weed coming from him.
    At this point, he must've used Ultra Instincts on that guy,

  4. I appreciate the officers attitude and respectfulness but an arrest for a single joint?? Really? Come on… even with a prior cannabis conviction it was back in 05 which was 14 years ago… there’s bigger issues to deal with and a ton of more criminals out there doing way worse. It’s just that my tax dollars should not be going to a man getting arrested for a single joint. Just my opinion.

  5. So they let an obviously impaired driver who was claiming to be Jesus Christ go because a "shots fired" call cant be one officer short?

    That seems like a good policy. I wish that driver had hit me later than evening, that would have been like getting a winning lottery ticket, man. "You had him and let him go and then he almost killed me? Yeah, I'ma need about twenty million or so, city of Slidell!"

  6. That guy is a legend next time I get stopped all I need is a monster a sigar and some shades at and tell them in about 5 min you're letting me go 😂

  7. Smith and Wesson 40 cal. Nice pistola amigo. They let him drive away drunk…he staggered getting into his vehicle. Wow…bigger fish to fry, I don’t know, but he even admitted to driving drunk! Oh! He wasn’t black Jesus. My bad…

  8. How you gonna spend 3 HOURS in a store slowly stealing stuff? That guy played himself. I guess he was trying to psych himself up to do it.

  9. Mr Police, Christ told you in the beginning…You denied knowing him, he told you' you gonna take off the cuffs and yes you did ! That's sounds right…

  10. So.. that nervous kid gets sent to jail for a joint and past charge. Yet the guy who has two of the same caliber (.40 S&W) pistols, shot one of them and hit someone, then hid that pistol under his seat and left the cold pistol, that hadn’t been shot, in his door. Gets to walk (stumble) free and DRIVE DRUNK away without any charges??

  11. 'Everyone there can cover for me, I was there playing beer pong all night'… Stumbles into his vehicle… 'Goodnight sir'.

  12. go watch security cam to see if it got locked by outside………….or spend a 1000 to get a new door replaced……..DUH……….

  13. Notice the NO PD are so well built? Must have had a steroid bust and they used it for themselves. Typical police and that is one reason they end up abusing people cuz of roid rage!! God Bless

  14. I was at the tavern ½ hour ago playing beer pong.
    OK, you're free to go.
    Stumbles back to vehicle
    Don't see any problems with this traffic stop.

  15. Stupidity is rampant with black people I am not racist but every show is the same just answer the officers questions

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