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15 thoughts on “Let’s Check This Beehive Together

  1. Comments made out of ignorance. They just don't understand bees or farming or anything other than their little city worlds. Thanks for educating all of us. I love my bees.

  2. Ppl don't know the importance of using local honey? Wow! Local, as un-pasteurized as possible is the only kind that works for allergy relief. I sure hope doubters ask their doctors why to buy it local.

  3. Good lord…..karma is boomerang……….love it.
    I would love to have, or care for some hives. I need to do the research on it.
    Nice video!

  4. Karma is a boomerang. Although I like your bee keeping vids and the knowledge they impart, that lesson at the end is what hit home today. Good reminder! 👍🏻👍🏻

  5. I just installed two nucs on my roof in East New York I really admire how easily move through the frame! I am still very new and learning as I go! Hope your hives have an awesome and healthy season!

  6. I have yet to receive my NUC from the supplier here in Michigan. I'm getting a little worried. He keeps saying the pick-up date will be soon. ERIC: it's a good idea for you not to turn your back to the edge of the roof. Especially, while filming. Not a good practice!

  7. Fantastic looking colony of bees Eric! Those were some beautiful frames of brood!! That one frame which had multiple queen cups towards the bottom was a little concerning; but hopefully they wont feel the need to participate in swarming. I like your judgment about giving them another box so the queen has plenty of room to lay. I'll be praying this colony will have the strength and genetic potential to survive a winter season, 'cause you have been a huge inspiration & deserve every bit of reward you gain from keeping bees in your area. Thank you very much for sharing your progress. Looking forward to the next update 🐝🐝🐝☮️

  8. Thats a good looking hive Eric, perhaps you could make a small split (nuc)
    with any of those swarm cells that will no doubt be completed.

  9. Anyone visiting NY….take a stroll down those incredibly busy sidewalks and through Central Park. City dwellers are industrious when it comes to regaining the land. There are beautiful, quaint, tiny strip gardens, balconies and rooftops teaming with abundant plants and gardens at every turn. Lush, inviting and so perfect for bees, birds, LIFE. Keep doing exactly what you're doing, Eric. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Good looking colony. One of our colonies was packed with bees and had several queen cells ready for swarming. I did splits to try and prevent that from happening and ended up with three more hives for a total of eight. I also added empty supers to all hives to help stop the swarm mentality. Eight hives are as many as I want to have. Nice instructional video with lots of helpful information.

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