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81 thoughts on “Lead Contamination in Fish and Game

  1. Thanks for this! Bioaccumulation is obvious. But I never thought about the bullets!!! 0_0

  2. I feel kinda sad for people who are still forced to rely on fishing and hunting to get enough food to survive in this polluted world when we could theoretically feed every single person on this planet with just the amount of grains we produce.

  3. The hunters not wanting to give up hunting because of lead just proves that they decreased in intelligence. lol

  4. HAHAHAHAHA the last response from the physician was awesome! Thanks for another video Doctor. By the way, thanks to you I am vegan. I have been vegan for one year and 5 months now. It was June 25th 2016 I ate my last piece of meat. I am never going to look back ever again to that life style of eating and using animal products.

  5. "I've been hunting for years" is the first thing you said that convinced me that you're not very smart at all. And lead is making the condition worse

  6. My understanding, due to work related mandatory testing is that we all generally show very low levels. Every time I have been tested it has been considered to be lower than the permissive levels. I have eaten wild game all off my life and have worked in demolition of lead paint wood, plaster, and repairs and demolition at glass plants. So are you saying testing results are not accurate, falsified or that being below the accepted levels was based on incorrect understanding of permissive lead levels.also could it merely be poor handling and care if the meat. I heard mention only of ground meat. This sounds like more of a poor processing problem than anything else. There are obvious parts you don't use. Sounds like a study that had a direction it wanted to go or testing that was done without the field knowledge needed. If you want to tell me there is lead in wounded area of meat and that can't be used….. Yes, common sense when field dressing and processing. Do you want to say you are better off processing your own meat as apposed to taking it to someone else. Yes of course. Wad cutter, hollow point, full jacket, does this change things ? Testing done on families that have been life long consumers. Long lives in my family and above average jobs. I just feel this is missing this kind of data.

  7. Even shark stop to eat fish "I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food."

  8. I'm not arguing for the other side because I myself am vegan, but I know that in California hunters have to use steel shotgun pellet on fish and game.

  9. ok, now do a video on how much wild game the typical american eats during their lifetime. not from years past but now.

  10. losing IQ points, fuck no /I have to get rid of all the lead etc there is///and that sentence with the losing IQ points=losing earnings-that was so robot minded,materialistic as if it's the only thing that matters and that will change because of that and perception doesn't matter/ and one more thing: how would this system of "just imagine how smart you could have been " work ? how would he get more smarter?

  11. Yes, lead bullets are in harvested wild game. I remember being the most famous of the family in finding the lost bullet in the animal steaks, … and yet I have (said) 194 IQ – and the brain and nerves still function quite excellenty – thank you very much (and all those lead-paint yellow school pencils as well). And all these years of hunting from the time of flintlocks and ballistas, humanity and wildlife have continued to grow and expand their population.

    It is one thing to mention the topic, but not go into all the rest of the topic … that the majority of all lead (and mercury) pollution is now coming from Asian factories, swept across to the Americas on the jet stream, and dropped all the way from the West Coast inward as far as the Midwest states for fish eating regulations published in each State Fish and Game booklets. Lead in car gas of the previous 1900s-1970s had nothing to do with such vast increase of aerial pollution – as now. We have been lead free since then, and there is no reason for castigating the American public about lead and lead pollution – Paris Accords, Kyoto Accords, and not hold the truly lead-producers under constraints – and instead flog American-clean Heaven-land and its angelic population with even strictrer and insane pollution controls (that receive all this foreign pollution).

    If you want to safeguard against heavy metals, then selenium is a known anti-heavy metal neutralizer and purger of such toxics in the body. Selenium yeast, selenium in chinese parsley/mexican parsley/cilantro sauce/coriander (all the plant and species) has some of the highest selenium for such processes. Hasn't killed off the entire Latin America population with their diet in higher pollution areas.

  12. My friend lets her son's use her garden as a backstop for their shooting range. They laughed when I mentioned led contamination. Ignorance can be bliss; Intentional ignorance slowly deadly.

  13. Dr. Greger, how about making a video showing the studies suggesting that fish oil and fish consumption have benefits, or maybe it doesn't fit with your vegan propaganda bullshit, cmon bro

  14. The public learned about lead poisoning many years ago, but it referred to lead in paint. I did a Google search of the FDA and United States Food and Drug administration, on lead poisoning and did not find any information on bullets and game hunting. Probably because they don't care and didn't think anyone would catch this. Thanks Doc.

  15. Funny you show bullets ,,,,,,, there are likely much more lead fishing weights in the water . Better to clean your own deer than let the local ya hoo put lead frags in your meat . I have cleaned many critters , it's not hard to see where the lead is .

  16. A Norwegian study shows people who live in the countryside and eat game often have less lead in them than people who live in cities

  17. Sounds a lot like liberal animal rights groups propaganda to me!!! No matter what it is there is someone that will say that is good and one to say that is bad for you!!!!

  18. The basis of this video is biased. Why make a video about lead in food caused by shooting wild game when it's PLANT sources that most lead in our diets is derived from? Very few people eat wild game shot with guns.

  19. Ich bin Fan von Dr. Greger. Dennoch hier ein Veto: Eiine Mikrowelle verändert die energetische Qualität von Stoffen. Egal was man reinstellt, es ist immer zum Schaden des Lebensmittels und damit desMenschen. Ich kann nicht verstehen, dass das bei ihm noch nicht angekommen ist 🙁

  20. At the end of his administration Obama had banned lead (http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/obamas-final-shot-ban-on-traditional-ammo/article/2612647) and Trump overturned it almost as soon as taking office. The ammo manufacturers went apoplectic and Trump couldn't wait to overturn anything that Obama had done. (the apparent theme of his assault on our government.) Regardless this is America and well…you know…freedom. It's kinda like CO2…lets keep altering our climate well because…freedom. Never mind that it will lead to another mass extinction that will feature humans and include most complex life forms.

    People don't seem to care (they choose ignorance) so hoping that people will get concerned about whether their buckshot is lead based is being a bit too hopeful.

  21. Listening to vegans lecture about hunting, is like a priest lecturing people on how to contain themselves around little boys.

  22. Well that's no good.
    Any alternative for a more healthy ammunition? I suppose arrows, stones, handgranades, spears and boomerangs

  23. The company I work for makes bullets for the US Army.
    We make a Sn/Bi (tin/bismuth) bullet head.
    They are cleaning up all their ranges on bases in the states.

  24. Over 30 years ago my husband was an avid duck hunter as we were stationed in Missouri. Back then lead ammo was banned for fowl hunting because it affected the hatch rate of the water fowl making their eggs to thin (it was the marsh, their nesting grounds, where they hunted leaving all the missed shots. They didnt even care about the environment contamination, or human health, only that there were more ducks to shoot. SMH

  25. What a dumb video. Deer season starts tomorrow. You can compare my food intake with the rest of America that survives by eating drive thru meat. Dr. Greger states in his own video that Garlic EASILY removes lead from the body. So keep eating your wild game and add in some garlic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyqftDk-TlE

  26. Great video as always! My mom started eating venison hunted by her boyfriend and was saying it was healthier. I'm sending her this video. I hope she listens and stops eating it.

  27. I had a question about the topic of the existence of non-prescription based alternatives to thyroid hormone as in are there any?

  28. Hunters do not eat the meat damaged by the bullet (the meat surrounding the wound channel) primarly because it does not tast good. Surprised to see you just accept this blanket statement about lead in animals shot with lead bullets. What about lead from pesticides and herbicides sprayed on crops. Game animals are unaware of the FDA time requirement between spraying and harvest. Please keep politics out of Health science.

  29. Closer to home… lead is frequently added to the plastic coating of wires, extension cords, cell battery charger cables, etc to keep them flexible.

  30. Thank you for all the valuable rational information! A little off topic from this video but I'm wondering about oils/fatty acids and health: Having watched your videos about the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, I wonder if I'm better off, as I am now, eating a very low oil diet, getting most additional oils inadvertently and hence probably mostly "bad" oils but in very low total amounts, OR would I be better off if I added some "good" (high in omega-3) oils to change the ratio? In other words, is the ratio more important or avoidance of oils? Thanks again for all the great work!!

  31. I went today with my ND and we discussed many issues about health. I am not against vegans or vegetarians, but I have always been not convinced that we humans are not supposed to eat meat. Ok, so the important thing here is that my doctor told me something quite interesting for me, she told me that the sickest people she sees in her office are actually vegans. I was really impressed. She told me that she sees a lot of vegans that have serious depresion, and that she personaly has seen vegans that fixed themselves when they started consuming meat products. DONT trash my comment, this is not me talking, this is my doctor experience of over 25 years.

  32. I can just hear my meat-eating and bow-hunting friend now… What about from Arrows used in Bow-and-Arrow hunting setups instead of the bullets?

  33. Microwaves, I performed the tomato plant growth test and determined microwaves are NOT safe.  I took 12 mint cuttings and 12 samples of water (tap water, tap water boiled on stove and microwave, aquaponic water boiled on stove and microwave).  Mint will grow in a just about any type of water or soil.  All water samples were cooled to room temperature and then one mint plant cutting was put into each water sample.  Over several weeks, the best growth was the boiled on stove aquaponic water, then unboiled aquaponic water.  All water samples that were boiled in the microwave yielded either no growth or dead plants.  Boiled in the microwave tap water killed the plant. That's all I needed to see. We got rid of out microwave 3 years ago and we don't miss it at all.  Microwaves do something to the water which kills life.  I don't know how, but it was conclusive to me.

  34. Señor greger me preocupa los estrógenos que hay en la semilla de Lino y usted lo promueve mucho por favor me dé una respuesta yo soy su seguidor

  35. Please consider doing a follow-up video on lead from aviation gasoline (avgas) near general aviation airports and under small aircraft flight paths!

  36. I am shooting critters with brass bullets. I live in CA. I followed this vegan diet cult for 3 years. I ended up skinny fat with a distal colon full of gas.

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