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LD Healthchecks south east Essex

the importance to have an annual health
check is that if any time that you feel better but then something can occur that
you don’t know that’s there then they can find it before it’s too late It’s known that people with learning disabilities have poorer health than other people in
in England a lot of that is due to their learning disability, their communication
problems not accessing services and annual health checks are invaluable for
improving health for people with learning disabilities Every year I can go see my GP and he knows that I will be there and I will be able to tell him
what their problems are if there is anything then he can help me and he can
help mum. The first one when I went with a community nurse they did my blood
pressure they did my blood tests, checked my ears my eyes They weigh me and they blow those things up [take blood pressure] and make sure if my ears are all right and my eyes He asked me how I’m getting on, what
could he do if there’s any paperwork he needed to sign. The last one I went to he signed about me getting a personal trainer
which I’m going to start on Thursday I recently supported a lady and for her
annual health check cause she wanted me to go with her. Some people will go on
their own, some people will go with carers, some people go with paid carers, some people go with parents. Some people, like this lady, particularly wanted me to go with her. I didn’t say a lot but during the annual health check it come
about that well the nurse first said, “I haven’t seen you in a long time”, and she said, “no” she didn’t really want to go to doctors. After that annual health check, the outcome was she was prescribed two topical creams for different skin
conditions, she had antibiotics and steroids because she had a chest
infection, and a referral to neurology. This wouldn’t have ever happened if
she hadn’t had her annual health check. She would have just carried on the way she was
going, so it is invaluable I get panicky because of my autism, so it
would help for GPs to understand some patients might want to know when their
time is ready, because I know the GPs are running late – even though in the
morning whether it’s the first appointment they’re always running late! It’s not only your health and well-being it’s your family’s health and well-being. So if you’re not well, your family can’t look after you

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