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Laura Hernandez of GE Healthcare Takes the World to Work

Oh, hello! I’m Laura Hernandez. I’m the Women’s Health and X-ray GM. Welcome to day 4. Where we’re going to take a closer look at patient experience with our mammography device. We want to provide comfort in every step of the process. And patient experience begins here in the waiting area. It looks a little bit sterile, right? So let’s go and give it a change. There, that’s just better. Welcome to the experience room. We create this design really to make and improve the patient experience overall. You can adjust everything. From the images on the screen, to the lighting of the room, to the music you hear, even the scent in the room can be changed to your liking. We wanted this to feel less medical and more like a spa like experience. Not your normal visit to your doctor’s office, isn’t it? There are other tools that we are actually put in place really to give the control to the patient and to increase the screening and compliance. Let me introduce you to my colleague, Camille, that will talk you about a little bit more. We have introduced a patient-assisted compression device. It’s a new device that allows the patient, under the guidance of a technologist, to set the compression that feels right to her during the mammogram. Increasing patient comfort during the exam and giving the patient the option to work with the technologist to set their own compression will increase compliance, enable early breast cancer detection, and improve outcomes. Our hope is that by putting more empathy in overall breast screening pathway, women they will actually get one. Because it’s not just about an exam, it’ more than that. Early detection can save lives. Let me introduce you to my colleague, Colin, that he actually will be talking to you about our commitment in breast cancer. Commitment doesn’t stop out of the office. Many of the employees and the company is participating to this charity run to raise funds for researching breast cancer. It has been really fun really to show you how actually we design, we assemble, and we manufacture our mammography device. Au revoir, goodbye!

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