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– [Adam] Why are you
trying to induce yourself when the doctor said
don’t induce yourself? (upbeat music) Good morning, aunties and uncles. – Good morning. – How’s everyone doing today? Again, it’s a lovely day here in Atlanta. So we’re taking the kids to their school. We’re a little bummed out because Samia’s birthday is October 12. – [Girl] My birthday’s coming soon. – Your birthday is on March 30th. So Samia’s birthday is October
12 and because she’s born October 12 and she’s not five yet, she was not able to
start school officially. In Georgia here, if you
are not five years old on day one of school then you literally don’t get
to go to pre-k I believe. So. Or kindergarten. So yeah. Samia has to wait an entire year until she can start school officially. But yeah, she still goes to daycare. There’s an academic component to it. She’s progressing well. I might as well do a kids update. Yeah, Samia’s progressing well. Zayn is progressing well too. He started using the word
“actually” a lot I noticed and I find that very interesting
for a three year old. And he uses it in like
in the perfect sentence. What else is an update? Samia loves to fix things
so if things break, she’s really focused on
trying piece it back together. So that’s really dope. Zayn is a lot more verbal. Just talkative. Samia has a lot more independency. She now takes her own baths. Yeah. That’s a little quick update
for you guys on the kiddies. I know we used to do that more often. I try to squeeze it in more often. So what’s going on today? In a bit, we got a prenatal appointment. LaToya’s 37th week prenatal checkup. So we’ll see how the baby’s growing. I think we’ll be doing an ultrasound. So that should be exciting. Catch you guys at our appointment. What up y’all? As you probably can recognize we havin’ a prenatal checkup. (laughing) Like, oh shoot bruh. Damn, I didn’t even notice that. Sorry y’all.
– That’s so funny. – [Adam] How you feelin’ today? – I’m feelin’ good today. – [Adam] Good. – So good that I did my makeup. I didn’t put lashes on yet but I did my makeup today. – [Adam] Mhmm.
– Feelin’ nice. – [Adam] That’s what’s up. – Why aren’t we in the ultrasound room? I thought they were gonna do an ultrasound to see where the baby’s head is at. – [Adam] Well we’ll find out. I’m not too sure. – The nurse asked me if I was
having pressure down there. I’m like, “yeah I’m having pressure can we “you know, put some pressure
on this labor and delivery “and take the baby out today?” – Mhmm. So yeah, that’s what’s going on so far. Hope you’re having a blessed day. Shout-out to the silent viewers. Thank you all for commenting
in the previous video. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh. – Y’all really showed up
so shout-out to you guys. – [LaToya] We have so many silent viewers. You know thank you for
showing love you know, and coming out of the silence. (laughs) – [Adam] Mhmm. – You know because it
just feels good to know that people out there,
whether they comment or not they out there! – [Adam] Yup.
– Yeah. (machine whirring) – [Doctor] So the heartbeat’s in the 130’s which is a normal heartbeat. Okay? – [LaToya] Okay. – [Doctor] Perfect. – [LaToya] Okay. – [Adam] Did you say that
the head was down already? – [LaToya] Yeah. – [Doctor] Looks like it’s down, yeah. – [LaToya] And two
centimeters dilated and, – [Doctor] Uh huh. – [LaToya] I could still
go still go full-term. Well I am full term already. – [Doctor] You’re full-term already, yes. – [LaToya] Okay. – [Doctor] So every week
right now is a bonus. The brain develops about 10%
every week at this point. So we want the brain definitely to mature before the baby comes out. That way the baby will do as good as possible at delivery. – ‘Bout to do an ultrasound. Would you be able to confirm
that it’s a girl too? – [Technician] Yeah. – [Adam] Okay. – Confirm. (laughs) – [Technician] But what
if it changes? (laughs) – Oh my god. – [Adam] Is that possible? – [Technician] No. – [Adam] Oh okay. – [Technician] It means
you just have a really bad ultrasound person. – Right? We only had you once
and you didn’t confirm. – [Technician] You were
early, you were early right? – Yeah. – [Adam] It wasn’t you that
told me the information, it was another lady. – [Technician] Yeah, she’s good. – [Adam] She’s good? Okay. – [Technician] The baby has hair. – [LaToya] A lot of hair? – [Technician] Right here. Not too long.
(chuckling) – [LaToya] There’s an ear. – [Technician] Mhmm. – [Adam] It looks like a good ear. – [LaToya] Now can you
tell if the baby is cute? No. (laughing) – [Technician] I cannot. (chuckles) I’m sure it is. There’s the heart. – [LaToya] Do you
consider this a big baby? – [Technician] No. – [LaToya] ‘Cause everyone’s like, “your baby’s gonna be huge.” – [Technician] It measured good. (heartbeat sound) It is a girl. – [Both] Okay. – [Technician] That is her girl part. – I was actually kinda
freaked out that maybe what if it was wrong? (laughing) And then this whole baby
gender reveal is wrong? – [Technician] Right? That would be terrible. – That would have been a mess. – [LaToya] Ooh. So cute. – [Technician] She’s cute. – [LaToya] So the baby’s cute? – [Technician] Mhmm. – [LaToya] Oh my gosh the baby’s cute. So cute! Okay it’s very chubby. – [Technician] Got a cute little nose. – [LaToya] Oh my god her nose! It looks like her dad’s. – [LaToya] Oh my god look at her! (slow tempo music) Does every mom say that? “Oh so cute.” – [Technician] No. (laughing) – [LaToya] Not every mom
says that? (laughing) (slow tempo music) – [Adam] (mumbles) Just dabbin’. “No photos.” (upbeat hip hop music) – Hey what’s up everyone? We’re back at the crib. More gifts. This time this one’s from my cousin. He actually just left. I didn’t show him on the vlog
because just before we moved he told me, “listen, when
y’all move to Atlanta “I do not want to appear on your vlogs. “I appeared one time and
everyone in my hospital “knew about it and
everyone’s bothering me for “signatures for like two months straight.” He’s like, “I can’t do that.” I said, “aight cool. I
won’t be putting you on the vlogs anymore.” – [LaToya] Zayn can you be careful? – But. Samia? Let’s get these gifts. Let’s bring it to mommy. All right. These are baby Ayah gifts. Let’s open it. (paper ripping) Aye! – [LaToya] Yay! – [Adam] Nice. – [LaToya] A glider. A baby glider. Hold on what does this, oh yes! This is what I wanted. – [Adam] Is that what you wanted? – I needed that. – [Adam] Okay and then what’s in this one? – [LaToya] I’m so happy! This is the last thing
that we needed Adam. – [Adam] Are you serious? – Yeah, the glider. We have everything.
– [Adam] So we complete. – We’re complete. – [Adam] Yay.
– Look! – [LaToya] Yay! Let me see. – [Adam] More clothes. – Clothes are my favorite though. Let me see. Oh god thank you so much. – [Adam] Awesome. We got Spiderman in the house. What’s up baby spider? Ooh. – [LaToya] And he’s asking
for Batman socks now. Just Batman everything. – I did pop by the P.O box today. I picked up some more
items from the registry. So thank you guys for sending all of the, baby Ayah’s you know, items. Thank you so much. – Yes so thank you so much for sending baby Ayah some gifts, some clothes. – [Adam] Mhmm. – It means the world to us. – [Adam] Right. And on that note I’ve got
a bone to pick with you. – Right now? At this moment? – [Adam] Yes. Why are you tryin’ to induce yourself when the doctor said,
“don’t induce yourself.” I found out, I found out. I found out about these pineapples you was
eatin’ up on last night. Isn’t that right Victoria? She was eating on pineapples last night? – Yeah. – [LaToya] Whose side are you on? – Huh? – [LaToya] Give me my pineapple. – [Adam] The doctor specifically said, “Don’t induce ya self.” Aye! You tryin’ to go.
– [LaToya] Into La– – Listen, correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not a medical person,
I’m just quoting what the doctor told me. That you really want to
keep the baby in the oven and fully baked because by the 36th week, every week moving forward
their brain develops by 10% which helps when
it’s time to push the baby. – [LaToya] Their brain is developing even outside of the womb.
– Obviously. But if their brain is more developed by the time it’s time to
push, it’ll probably know how to maneuver outta that coochie. Ya dig? So. Yeah, go ahead pregnant ones
and don’t induce ya self. Go through to the 40 weeks
or as far as possible ’till your body allows. Now here LaToya. – You can get induced you know. If the baby’s been there
too long then the baby’s not growing, not developing. Then the doctors have to induce you. Anyway, what’s some
inducing natural remedies? Comment below. (laughing) – LaToya I saw on our Amazon cart, she was tryin’ to buy
some raspberry leaf tea. – [LaToya] Why did you cancel it? – I canceled it and
threw it out of the cart. Just let that baby marinate. Let that baby, you know, cook up. Let it bake. – Oh god. – [Adam] what’s this hole here? You’re bustin’ through the dress. – I’m busting through. I’m having contractions a lot. – [Adam] You don’t stop it. Bye.
– I love pineapple. – [Adam] Stop eating the pineapple! I just wanted to take a minute or two to send our love and support to our people in the Bahamas. If you’ve been following
what’s been going on, they’ve unfortunately
been hit with a hurricane and that’s very unfortunate. Our prayers and thoughts are
going to the entire country. Bahamas has been really great to us. The tourism board actually
once brought us down to the Bahamas to meet up with our fans. (screaming)
– [LaToya] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, hi everyone! This is so crazy. Oh my god this is so much. Hey! Hey! (screaming) (upbeat mid-tempo music) – [LaToya] Oh my gosh. Thank you for coming. Oh my gosh. (upbeat mid-tempo music) – I’ll never forget that
we had an amazing time. They were so lovely and great. So I really want to send our
prayers and best thoughts to the entire country. We’ve pledged some funds to the relief of the hurricane to the Bahama people. You guys can check out the
links to some very credible and awesome initiatives happening for Bahamas hurricane relief. So check out the links that I’ve put in the description box below. And yeah, you guys, if you have the means by all means
go ahead and support our fellow brothers and
sisters in the Bahamas. All right y’all we ’bout
to wrap up today’s vlog. Thanks so much for tuning in. Be sure to comment, like and subscribe. And check out our “bye
bye, bum, bump” T-shirts that we have underneath the video. Y’all can grab one. All right Zayn say bye-bye to everyone. – Bye, bye, bum, bump. – We out y’all. – Peace out. (upbeat music)

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