Kristen’s Story: Applying a Biology Degree to Nursing School
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Kristen’s Story: Applying a Biology Degree to Nursing School

Before nursing school I got my first degree in human biology with a minor in psychology. Coming from the working world for five years or so I wanted to be in and out and then back in, making some money again. But also having the skills and knowledge base to do my work effectively. I think I filled out the little informational survey online and I received an email to get a phone call the next day. The admissions advisors are incredibly helpful. She would check in probably once a week and leave a voicemail if I wasn’t able to answer and to see if I had any questions anything she could help me with to help facilitate that process. It was helpful to have that one singular person to be in contact with to feel like you could ask questions to and gain information from. But I’m incredibly happy that I decided to go back to school and I couldn’t imagine not being a nurse at this point. Take that first little step. It’ll be good. My name is Kristen and I’m going to be a nurse.

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