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(Kikuyu) Mental Health~ Life Skills 3a [HD]

Hello…. How are you doing? I am good –
thank you. Welcome to my channel this is Hurt Heart Clinic my name is Rachel Mbugwa thank you for subscribing if you haven’t kindly click the red button on your
screen. Today we are looking at Mental health, Mental Illness and causes of
mental illness if you need counselor’s help, then you can reach out to my email that is on your screen [email protected] Mental health, Mental health is a person’s ability to enjoy and attain balance of life activities emotions and even behavior. It is all
about: how we think? positive thinking. How we feel? These are my emotions you have
high esteem about yourself. How we act? our behaviors. How do you behave. Mental
health help us determine how we handle stress, how we relate with people,
and even how we make decisions. Then what is mental illness? It is a disease that
calls either mild or severe disturbances in our thoughts our behavior that may
research to inability to cope with life ordinary demands and routes. Mental illness can affect daily lives, relationship and physical health. Then what causes mental illness? It’s likely that for many people they have
encountered different factors that may result to mental illness. Let’s look at
maybe such factors. When a person experienced childhood abuse, trauma or
neglect this may result to mental illness worse of,
if this person experiences abuse is an adult it could be either in workplace or even in marriage this person may have severe impact of mental illness. Social
isolation, loneliness. This is inability to fit in social class, loss of friends
when one does not want to associate with people. This may result to mental illness. Experiencing stigma or discrimination for people that have terminal illness they may encounter kind of a stigma which me
results to mental illness. Social disadvantages Poverty or even falling in
debts when one loses item to auctioneers and feels they are burden to
people that they are associated with they feel like they want to isolate
himself and this may result to mental illness. Bereavement loss of a loved one especially if this person was a breadwinner there is a lot of grief that
they may go through the results to mental illness. Severe or long-term
stress this could be in a workplace where you’ve worked for many years under
stressful environment this may result mental illness or even parents that have
children they’re either in addictions or they are jailed for a long period of
time the stress level may cause them to go through a mental illness.
unemployment or losing job company downsizing or even discrimination at
work and then staying for a long period of time without getting any employment
or any source of income this may result mental illness. Drug and
alcohol misuse, one was taking one value in they progressively add the
quantity of their intake. this may result to mental illness.
Experiencing or witnessing traumatic experiences what do I mean terrorist
Attack, accident that left one person paralyzed or losing part of
their body this is traumatic. This may result of mental illness also domestic
violence it’s very traumatizing for both the victim or even the children that are
witnessing this may lead to mental illness. Bullying in school or even at
work this also may be a result of mental illness talk of abuse, could be
emotional or even physical, sexual that is rape also sodomy physical for both adult or even children this may result of mental
illness other courses are physical for example in one encounter a head injury
or they have a nerve condition this may result to mental illness. Some is
lifestyle factors which includes the stress work environment, poor dieting,
sleeping problem, this may result to mental illness let’s look at one type of
mental illness we call it DEPRESSION. it’s an emotional disorder that affect
how you feel how you think and even handle daily activities you may not be
able even to sleep on your eating too much or too little they may not be able
to attend to their work to be diagnosed with the depression these symptoms have
to be lasting for at least two weeks. How do you know you have depression? the condition involves change of mood, sleep, energy, appetite, concentration and even
motivation. Then what happens when a person is depressed? this is a mental
illness that interfere with person’s life it can cause long lasting and very
severe feelings of sadness, hopelessness and loss of interest even inactivity
those are causes physical symptoms make you be feeling pain some you lose
appetite or gain a lot of appetite sleeping problem you may experience this
then you’re wondering Rechael, How long does depression last? This depends on how fast this issues is diagnosed and also how fast you start treatment because you
can be diagnosed that you have depression today but you do not seek for
help then that will prolong how long their depression period will stay so it all
depends it when you get discovered or diagnosed and also when you start
treatment then what happen if depression is not treated? The untreated depression
increases the chances of risky behaviors drug and alcohol addictions what do I
mean by risky behaviors those behavior where one is either angry where else
they ought not to be angry one is behaving that way they are not supposed
to be behaving if this is a calm person all over sudden they become violent they
do not want to live with people they are biting their children their wives they
become very violent in that area those are and sides effect of
untreated depression. it can also ruin relationship causing problem at work and
make it difficult to even overcome other serious illness. Can a person die from
depression? YES many people that are undergoing depression they encounter
thoughts of suicide or some have even attempted to Suicide and Suicide is a tenth leading cause of death did you know that you need to check out so that you don’t
go through depression.How do you check? These are the early signs of mental
illness you encounter very no energy or you do not feel like you have any energy
left you have an increased use of drugs if you’re used to taking one’s cigarette
you’ve bring a packet an increase use of drugs you also display characters that are unlike you, used to be very calm and objective all over sudden you very
emotional and you cannot understand anything. Feeling of confusion,you forget things very easily you’re easily angered you
get upset you want to have scared of everything you’re not even able to
complete daily task like going to school going to school, work, cooking a meal, or even take care of children. You even have persistence thoughts and
memories that you cannot get out of your head for example if you lost a loved one
every time that picture keeps coming into your mind and if you lost a job you
keep thinking how did they discriminate you and they do not love you some
even have thought harming self other signs could be could
include like delusions you hear voices and they keep telling have you heard it
they have come you’re looking at our door those are delusions some eat,
sleep too much or they don’t give them they don’t even gets sleep some become
very numb you tell them you’ve lost your loved one a baby has been born.. okay they are
very num they have no expression they have experienced pain, headache pain in their shoulders and when they are taken to the hospital they
are not able to quantify where what is the cost of pain
some may feel helpless, hopeless feeling that they do not matter and no one cares
about their lives in these this earth. Some may start yelling shouting even fighting with
their families and friend experiencing severe mood swings this because problem
email many relationship inability to perform daily tasks. How is
depression treated? and can it be treated? YES depression can be treated and I’m
going to take you through three ways but also note one way that may work with one
person cannot necessarily work with the other person
what do you mean one person may have been treated
depression because they either have lost a loved one and you cannot use the same
way to treat someone who’s lost a job or lost a pregnancy so what what works for one may not necessarily work for another there are three ways is i so said.
1.visiting a counselor in this approach the treatment is done by a
allowing the patient to talk to a counselor through a therapy where they unwind &
express themself what is this that is stressing them what are the issues that
they are going through I am a counselor you can reach on the contacts of your
screen. the second method is 2. Medication the patient visits clinic and
through a testing medication is given although it may not cure mental disorder
but medication improve the symptoms 3. Self Help this include lifestyle changes such as
reducing the intake of alcohol if you never sleepy you start sleeping adequate
hours involvement on physical exercises like you’ve never done for Marathon you
never do any activity look at our lifestyle in Nairobi you get from work to
your car to your house from to the office that is a routine meaning you only get so much fatigue you need to
exercise physical exercise help reduce chances of depression, eating well, what
do you mean eating well yes ensure you eat well because of the busy schedule some of
you have experienced the inability to be able to sit down and have a proper meal
so ensure you eat well this will reduce your chances of encountering a mental
disorder of depression are their ways you can maintain healthy mental health?
Yes one is getting a counselor visit regularly, but you’re wondering I am not sick why should I go see a counselor let me ask you a question do you go for medical
check-up annually even if you are not sick you will tell me yes I know yes and
what do they do they just ensure that you all organ are working well that is
the same thing you should be doing go see a counselor just to ensure that Oh
mental health is working well and there are issues that have been identified
incidences situations that you have gone through either you’ve lost someone
you’ve lost a job or even business is not doing well you’ll be able to get a
help or even ability to make decisions you’ll be able to get help ensure you
get your mental health check annually another nothing connecting with people some of you only connect with people on social media hi
I like your photo mmm you only connected via social media but you hardly get to
meet them and have a connection. some of them is just a sharing how’s your life being how
is everything things are not doing well encourage them
so that’s even you, when you need encouragement you will get a place to connect with and as its said today you need a boys club for ladies ladies
club connect with other people stay positive
do not entertain negative thoughts who they do not care about me who are they
thinking of firing me do not entertain negative thoughts stay positive
workout what you can improve and what you cannot leave it aside
do not allow it to and get into your mind getting physical active is
as we so said. nowadays they are stanchart marathon, beyond zero get involved in physical activity can I go to accounting the kind of activity you can continue with. go to Gym even run around your area. Help others reach out each and every person has an opportunity to reach out to another person do not
say I do not have yes those things that your not using, help others. Get enough
sleep with Nairobi schedule you wake up at 5:00 and you’re getting to the house at 10pm ensure you get enough sleep work out you schedule in a way that you will
be able to balance your Mental health your physical health and even be very
productive in your work area. Develop coping Skills
what do I mean? in life there are many hard times that we go through and you
cannot avoid it they will surely come there’s a lot a coping mechanism and
some of them wondering how we even get that. i will link up a video here
about intelligence check through how are you able to develop adversity
intelligence that is all for today this is hurt Heart Clinic with Rechael Mbugwa
thank you

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