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KIKO MILANO 10 LIP FORMULA’S Review | Joygeeks |

This is an exciting video… Because, even though
it doesn’t talk about ten different shades, what it talks about is
ten different formula from the same brand. and the brand isKiko MilanoKeep watching! Hi! I, Aparna Ganesh welcome you toJoygeeks.I make videos on beauty and wellness. Many of us are lipstick junkies here, We may do without any other makeup,
but lipstick is a must wear. And no amount of lipstick seems to be enough. I’m sure you agree.Kiko milanoas a brand I discovered recently or
explored you can say. When I found the packaging so beautiful, I ordered a few pieces and found it wonderful… I found the quality very good and
packaging was superb. It’s also considered a drug store in Italy,
it’s an Italy brand. I realized for drugstore, the quality, the packaging
everything is mind blowing. It is something that I must bring it out. And…y’know, share with you guys as well. I’m excited to take you through
ten different lipstick formula
from the same brand,Kiko Milano. Of the ten formulas let me start with what I think is one of my most favorites in these ten. This isKiko Milano Water Flower Magic Vinyle Lip lacquer.That is what I have on my lips. I have to tall you that the packaging is so cute, it is so small, It is less than the size of my palm. It is very pretty because you can see the color well. When you open this, it has a very good wand. It has a little angle that really helps you. To the leaf shaped wand. And it really hugs your lip contours, and gives you a very good finish. I don’t need a lip pencil when I use this. I don’t think that quantity is mentioned on
any of the lipsticks inNykaa. I thought this shade was very unique. This isSweet Paprika, it is very orangish brown. I really like this as I feel it suits
Indian skin tone very well. Normally I don’t use glossy lipsticks but
this one is an exception… I really like this. It’s non sticky, it’s comfortable. It moisturizes my lips and
I think it looks really glamorous. It has a very strong pigmentation,
I was very impressed with that. For a glossy lipstick, it stays also pretty long. I’m very happy as this is good to
throw in in your bag and go out and you can easily touch up as well.Kiko Milanois an Italian brand. But their products are largely
manufactured in USA and Europe. And it’s cruelty free and its made with a thought that… luxury products should be available at reasonable price. Of course, by the time it reaches India
it gets a little expensive. But I still think its worth it. And especially when you have it on discount. Of curse I bought it at 30% off, so I think It must be the same cost
that you get in Itally. Next I want to talk about
the colorLip Balmthat they have. I love the way they emboss
their logo in the packaging. It’s a very sweet, smart bullet
which I would love to carry in my purse. This is super super sleek to hold on to. As far as the balm goes… I would say it has a decent hydration… It is not very hydrating… but I will not call it intensely hydrating. They’ve called itBlackberry, it looks pink. Maybe because my lips are very pigmented, maybe for a younger person with lesser pigmentation,
some color might show. On me, it doesn’t show any color. But I like the feel of it on my lip. Packaging is ten on ten, I think
that is going to be a common comment
across all the lipsticks that I have today So overall I’ll say that it is nothing great, but nothing bad at all. You can buy one in any color that you feel… I chose this as this was the darkest. But still there was no pigmentation. What I have next isGossamer Emotion Creamy LipstickGossamer Emotion, very unique packaging, all you’ve got to do is just press on top
and this will come down. Although I really like this,
you should see the shape of this,
again they have… their brand embossed here. Very pretty, very lovely to hold on to. I love the logo embossed here, its gun metal, with a little, y’know, goldenish copper on top. They’ve shown the shade also very well. You can get a reference of the shade
with the sticker down which I really appreciate. I really appreciate when brands do something like this. They come in twelve different shades
and it has a creamy finish. I wouldn’t call it very opaque. It has a decent pigmentation, is what I would say. It would glide over your lips like butter. But of course, it is not transfer proof.Gossamer Emotionis a
very beautiful brownish nude pink. This is in 105… Y’know this has a very convenient packaging, You’ve got to just push this down
and this comes out. But then…I wonder, if this gonna get spoilt…soon. humm… Okay… It’s fine… You will find the details of all these lipsticks
in the description box in order of appearance. I will try to give as much information
as I can on the screen also. Okay… moving on to something that I would say is my star product… in the launch,Ocean Feel LipstickActually i think, these were few of the first few products. I just love this packaging. It is so luxurious. The golden cheek packaging… very steady, very sturdy… and I’m so happy that these guys
show the color at the bottom. This is very important and
I hope all brands follow this. No matter how sleek your brand is,
you must have color reference for easy usability. When you open it also,
it has a very unique pattern on it. It’s very special… againKikois written on it here. Very interesting product. Plus, I really liked this formula because, it’s creamy on the lips, it’s thick and opaque. Umm…you will feel it on your lips a bit
it’s not very light weight. But…it’s so opaque and it stays for so long… it stays for a very long time. And I was so happy; talking about creamy,
it generally doesn’t have that kind of opacity. It is very moisturizing and stays for very long,
of course it is not transfer proof. But it really stays a long time. I was so happy with it that
I bought four lipsticks at one go,
for that I’ll make a different video… and I’ll share the link above. This side, sorry. I’ll share the link above and
you can see the four shades. This color that I’m showing you is a Coral color, its 03. It pops so beautifully I just love this. I think for a very dark skin
it will probably look very bright, but light to medium skin tone will really rock this. I think the darker skin tone should also try it and see. But as this has a little florescent, it may jarr a bit. But I really love this color. I bought three more colors
just because of this color,
they have a total of eight shades. Let me know if you want the swatch
for all the eight shades. I hope you enjoy this lipstick ride, Please press a Like right now and then let’s continue. The next formula isVelvet Passion Matte Lipstick. Again…the formula is beautiful… It’s copper and dark gray combination. This lipstick is available in twelve shades. They call it matte but I think it has a blotted look to it. And I think… it does not completely go opaque. Your lip is visible unless you really rub it hard. It’s okay if you really rub it otherwise it is blotted. Umm…lip… You will not…um…it looks… It doesn’t translate, on the lips,
as dark as it looks. So keep that in mind. This shade is very pretty though… One rosie,brownish, pinkish,
I don’t know something really nice. I really liked the shade. You can use it on days
when you want soft lips and not when you want heavy pigmented lips. Otherwise I love the way they’ve
designed this lipstick on the top. I liked it very much. Packaging is ten on ten in
every lipstick in this range. It is not transfer proof. I can’t say it stays long
as I don’t feel it’s applied well
just after I’ve applied it as well. So…but ya, if you want a blotted lip
this would do good. I’ll give you mini review of different formulas,
one by one, in this video. Then you can let me know which formula would you like all shades swatched of,
in the comment section. And then I can probably work that out. In some way. The next one is…Unlimited Stylo RougeVery beautiful packaging, there’s a small window here
where you can see the shade through. Which is lovely because I guess they couldn’t
put a sticker on the bottom. Very beautiful, dark gun metal packaging it has. All these lipsticks have a magnetic closure. So you’ll never have to worry about it
opening and spoiling the bag or
ruining the lipstick. There is no such worry… as every lipstick has the magnetic closure. This is a mauve shade. It has a very good pigmentation. I would say it is a soft matte. Not completely matte. It is not transfer proof. But it does glide onto your lips very well. You do feel nourished. It’s not going to dry your lips out. But it is slightly sticky on the lips. Some how it is… what you call…sticky. The next formula is also
one of my favorites in this brand.Instant color matte liquid lip color. This is shade06 Brick Red. And I think this is a true brick red. This is a very pretty shade. This is one lipstick that is true to what it means, it’s matte on your lips, it is very light weight. If your lips are very dry then
you’ll definitely have to use lip balm. I was okay with it, as I’m use to liquid lipsticks… and even though my lips are dry I think if I just apply lip balm much before, it does pretty well. What I liked about it is that this is transfer proof. This lasts a long time. This is available in fourteen shades. I’m very excited to try the other shades as well. Because when the formula is hit then
you definitely want to try the other shades as well. Do let me know if you want this. Pay attention to its packaging. This is a beautiful, oval flat kind of a packaging. How unique isKiko Milanowith its packaging. I just love it. Silver and plastic, of course
you can see the shade through. And they’ve also written the shade number in bold. I wish they had mentioned their names as well. Because it’s there online. What I’m saying and
what you can see on the screen is
not mentioned on the lipstick itself. But anyway I like it very much. Again, it’s cruelty free. Pigmentation is very good, it’s not patchy. You can truly appreciate a liquid lipstick
only in a dark shade. This is the reason I picked it. But I’m quite tempted to pick more colors. So let’s see how that goes. C’mon tell me in your comment which one you want. The next one is
3D Hydra lip Gloss
this is in the shade 19. Again a very beautiful packaging
similar to the liquid lipstick. Exactly the same actually. It has a lot of shades. I picked up this really light shade. Because I didn’t want any color. I preferred a transparent one so I picked this. But I think, this is available in twenty nine shades. Folks, that’s crazy… It’ll be fun to explore them, I’m sure. It is not very light weight, Mix glosses are really light weight,
this is not as light weight. Lip gloss is a wee bit sticky but it doesn’t bother me. I still really like this formula. It gives a beautiful shine. I will use it as a lip topper. Which is why I got a almost transparent shade. And… yeah…I like it. Many people just forgot to subscribe. Please do subscribe as it really matters to me. For you it’s just a click, it doesn’t cost you anything… If you like content like this… Please… please subscribe. The next formula just
blew my mind away because, the packaging again is so beautiful. This is theKiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch. This is in the shade 108. Satin Current Red Very unique formula,
they have twenty four shades in this. Such a cute packaging it has. On one side you have a color lipstick and on the other side, I thought it to be a gloss
but it is a top cote. If you see the packaging inside, it has a brush… Y’know like a nail paint brush. But when I tried it out actually the first time I just bought this because
I wanted to check this out separately. On application… It’s a beautiful shade with a little sheen. Very light, which is actually a welcome change. And when you apply only this… you will find it little sticky. Alright, this is a peach tone pink. After I applied the top cote, I am most amazed that it became
transfer proof after I used the lip gloss. Y’know when I’d kissed the back of my hand, the gloss would slightly come off. But the color didn’t come. It was as if the top cote kind of locked the color in there. So it’s very unique formula and
I would love to explore more colors. I think you should definitely try this out, and let me know other shades that are good. I liked this, it is wearable… The entire packaging is really cool… It makes your lip look very luscious… very fresh, very juicy, very sexy y’know all sorts of things… You must try this. The next one isSmart Fusion Lipstick. This, I think, is the cheapest lipstick from the brand. I think this packaging is also very cute. It’s a small black rectangular bullet. Which is matte black on the top and below is glossy black. This is in the shade434 Chestnut. This is darkish brown. This has total of twenty four shades. If you are one of those who don’t like
matte lipstick or heavy pigmentation then you will really love this lipstick. As this is lovely on the lips. In the sense that you feel very good wearing this. It glides like butter and when you put enough… It’s not that you can see your lips through this
but these are like gloss i would say. I loved this shade,
I’m happy I got this shade because… I like natural browns on me if it is glossy. There are lot of bright shades in this, if you like this finish then you will like this lipstick. It won’t stay long and it is definitely
not transfer proof as well. But I would still say that… at such a low cost, it’s 380/- or something It costs just 390/- and I got it for 273/- I think for the price this is very good lipstick. Especially for college girls who like a little gloss. You don’t need to have two products y’know, it also has a decent pigmentation… so you can quickly apply it and go. It will look lovely. I hope you’re following me on Instagram. Because I’d posted a lot ofKiko Milanopictures and you all said you want swatch videos. It’s a great way to communicate with me. Many people DM me for their queries. A lot interaction happens
through stories with polls and all that. You must follow me on Instagram. And I have a lot of fun. I suddenly come live on Instagram so… follow me on Instagram, let’s have fun. I believe these lipsticks are very special in a lot of ways. And I’m very happy that Nykaa’s brought it to India. You can see more videos on your screen. Do click on that , enjoy more videos onJoy geeks. And let me know if you liked them. Subtitled by Fresh Subtitles.

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