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Keith Norris | Health vs Performance + Auto-Regulation

welcome back to the time you want to
mention does our next speaker has been involved in the air pharmaceutical
industry for many years uh… he’s attempted to better the
nation’s health uh… through the use of pharmaceuticals however are when he
began to improves own life to ob gyn exercise he began to see an in
congruence between were used in the pharmaceutical industry and away using
his own life so when he saw an opportunity to partner with the fish in
exercise in austin texas seize that opportunity and now he’s been very
successful ineffective ever since please open the stage keepers but so does this let’s say and ladies acted this one to say that uh… how excited i
am to be here speaking with you guys and uh… just when i think anthony and uh… ernment for put this on good stuff here go into a little bit uh… deluded
deeper of why i can stand here in front of you and speakers said is an expert on
physical culture it’s been a long long learning
experience just it quickly died in two to my youth
about uh… twelve years old i’m really going to
dictate myself here but at about twelve years old i had a number of things
happen in close proximity to one another one of
those words meeting arnold schwarzenegger and uh…
yet edit opening at sporting goods store this was in nineteen seventy five uh… right about the time of the
seventy-five olympia also at that time pumping iron affinity
any of you have ever seen that documentary that was just about to roll
out also if you can remember at that time
also um… seventy six olympics are gearing up in
as a young kid i was really following uh… bruce jenner at that time in the first rocky movie came out so all these things kinda came together
to a kid who is just getting into uh… uh… playing football in central texas
which is huge it’s it’s a religion in central texas i was also involved in martial arts and a track and field and i was lucky enough to be surrounded
by coaches who were forward-thinking enough to show me to teach me that one i could
better myself through physical training through
training for these different events and not just rely on any kind of any kind of uh… inherited talent that i might have had which was also a ltd because that continued on in the physical cauldron in the pursuit
of working out to better myself so i could compete on a higher level knowing
all the time that my that uh… the talents i came into this
world rather limited so i trained myself to be better but anyway there’s three things done
meeting arnold face-to-face and i can save it at that time he was indeed enormous human being enormous and
as a twelve-year-old kid i was just star-struck but also at the same time i remember
following bruce jenner and thinking act as a phenomenal athlete of his did
does not look anything like arnold so what what’s going on here obviously obviously we train for two different
things we train for aesthetic purposes hypertrophy we also train to better ourselves in in an athletic
environment and australia pieces together as a
twelve-year-old kid and that’s what started my my path the physical culture i knew there had to
be there had to be something there on top
of genetics obviously certain people are adhered
genetically towards hypertrophy in in towards aesthetic there are also people who argue
genetically towards an expression of this in a more athletic ralph and there’s a whole lot of people probably everyone in this room including
myself is somewhere in the middle what gets neglected normally when we
talk about physical court culture of these people in the middle most everything you read is geared
towards a high-end athletes so then it’s up to you to try to figure
out if the high-end athlete is doing this
what do i do i don’t have that time i don’t have time
to spin four five six hours a day on the track
in the gym i just don’t have time to do that so what it what am i to do and what
generally happens is what i see happening is people try is best they can number one e-ticket emulate at its best they can
while they’re working while they’re going to school it will happen if he can’t be sustained
for a while you can do that so what generally happens is after that
people just drop off the face of it if that’s what
it takes for me to be athletic that’s what it takes for me to be healthy and i can’t do it i don’t need it might
have find some of the pursuit of this let it go but i’m here to tell you that that’s not
true you can you can’t do quite quite a bit even
though you’re not a professional athlete even though you cannot put that time rededicate that time into that person went to drop you are just a second is
kind of the thirty thousand foot view of what i turn
physical culture everybody needs a roadmap in everybody’s
roadmap is going to be a little bit different that everybody’s roadmap the template is
gonna look the same the trick is finding your place on that map to find your place or where you are now it where you want to be and then plan a route that had to get for me to
be and that’s what we’re gonna talk a
little bit today how to do that denied they had a right but that the other hand
or you can start we start with a road map this is what that road map looks like real quick first thing we want to look at his
health as opposed to performance and all split performance up into aesthetics and sporting performance because there’s
a few totally different two totally different directions whenever we start whatever we start our
training program health and i’ll get into one-eyed one-eyed term health because that’s why
drinking health winds up looking like this once
we start training obviously our health care was up then we get a gray area right around in here that gray area continues on over to another area here and i’ll
explain these points in just a bit manicurist thing happens as we go along as we continue to train
as we continue to increase intensity as we continue to increase the time they were doing this as we start ramping up wrapping up
ramping up a curious thing happens to wear eventually health takes a big time plunge first just uh… but on top of that well i’ll call performance it’s going to be up to you to determine
what performances whether we’re looking for aesthetics or where they were looking for
supporting performance and like i say that you aren’t
necessarily the same as we begin the training our performance obviously if we do it right it’s gonna follow it through directory
that looks like that yes my health is increased my performances
also increased i’m putting on more muscle mass in a case of uh… a nine e three o client that i had that means she can get out of in and out
of her car without hell nothing she can even driver freaking car
to the club that means you can follow ended up in
operated hit so all of this this whole chart here is going to be
determined upon you it’s gonna be in equals one all of this year for born into this world with certain
genetic gifts and limitations as well the key is to take those gifts in limitations and do the best you can with them so that you can been project the
phenotype onto the environment that is the best they can be so i don’t necessary compare myself to
you or a few thirteen to you i compare myself to me the best if i can
be i can look to other people that have the
same general genetic predispositions as i do is it that you could give me an idea of
where i can go but i can’t compete against them in that way so that’s the first mindset thing that you have to get in
here this is an internal in internal challenge it’s also what
makes it a lifelong pursuit that’s why i couldn’t have done this for or god now thirty-five something years and still everytime i go into the gym
everytime i try to wait i can be jacked about it okay because i’m looking at it from a
different point of view the workout itself is not an and instrument means to an end really i’m pretty much tapped out as far
as what i might be physically in fact right now i’m probably doing
what i can to hang on but that doesn’t matter ideas a lot more
out of the workout mentally spiritually then just chasing numbers will get into that little bit so performance as i go along here my health and now the find that here in a minute is gonna cut into extended in a gray
area here an unknown area we know we can maximize health
performance pretty quick without a whole lot of time spent in the
gym on the track but i can continue this performance
curve in this performance for a chronic creek reprieve i’m getting better and
getting more muscular better performance better athletic performance an inner
comes a point out here i’ll call c with the competitive athletes lives the competitive athletes lives in this area out here ald cartography rhys the old world whenever they mapped the end of the known world if that heads at the border that matt
they put there be dragons because they didn’t know what was out
there you know what life what way out there right here guys rb dragons we don’t know i know i continue up like a ferrari you can be a high n well oiled machine come competition time but noticed at that point when someone is competing their health is down here in this day
trader crumble you can stay in this town for a long no matter what kind of competitive
athlete you are even bodybuilders out here you can’t state competition level for
long something’s gonna crack something’s gonna fly part some peace park is gonna is gonna come apart i can tell you from
personal experience having been a competitive athletes my weekly wasn’t a studio an n_c_o_ that’s what put me back over here did it happen is gonna happen if your
competitive athletes so training like a competitive athletes is not where we need to go to performance would come out over here for the competitive athletes as long as he wants to compete let’s
hope it stays right here but eventually sums gonna fly apartments
a sin a si elearning ceo and then that was down as well this to find a couple terms here real
quick health with itself and what his health as it relates to performance which is even more interesting question
’cause he’s things are inner ladies like this when we talk about health when i’m talking about health we have
internally external indicators of health an internal indicator would be things
like uh… inflammatory markers triglycerides blood pressure things of this nature we know is retrain readers might he’s
entrainment start training them all these indicators for leveling out internally there much healthier much healthier organs sites organ function even become much better all of these indicators go right along
with ur performance in again think at this chart is an astrological chart of sorts astra
lodge astrological charts and only if you were here but here we go the template for an astrological chart
is the same across the board what’s different about it is when you
were born where you were born and all these things that so they could still be
in this is going to get filled in in the
same way when you come in with you genetic profile so this isn’t an equal sworn chart indeed different for everybody the same template will work for
everybody so as we go along this performance tracks with health to a certain point then we carried it into a gray area this gray area now we want to look at the performance curve here and we want to say well how do i define performance aesthetics athletic endeavors as that goes up might health really doesn’t improve if you talk to coaches our people more
on the fitness and a things they will tell you that that that a
healthy person what is the definition of health and
fitness the most basic definition is that person’s ability to perform a task dependent upon you that task might be withstanding a fall for an older person for a younger fit person a task might be how much power cannot produce
instantaneously or hope how much power i can produce over a long period of time if we want to get into kind of across
that definition of it it would be who can move the most load the for this
in the shortest period of time it will define load distance in time whoever can do that and i would also add per pound of body weight ratio at out that way i can say is the most fit person the question then becomes that person is most fit that is the most
healthy that way i don’t know because what it takes to be able to move
that load a certain distance disorders a certain
short period of time may have affected him internally now his biomarkers for inflammation
maybe through the roof now this cortisol levels maybe through
the roof all of these negatively affect health so
can we say he’s actually the healthiest person i don’t know maybe he’s genetically gifted he can
withstand that kind of work load can continue to go right along maybe he can maybe he’s a ticking time bomb yet if you move the large load uh… far distance in a very short
period of time that he set himself up some for a crash here pretty quick so all of these things have to be in one determined between each of the each of you out here
everybody doing this has to find their place on the skirt first question is where do i want to
resign i’ll use myself as an example where i want to reside is i want to push
the envelope and be right here i know because five i’ve looked at my
blood markers basic things like blood pressure d_o_t_ max things like this i can say that internally i’m pretty
healthy another over here or i once was performance wise but you know why i’m not in danger of
blowing out in a c l_ over here either right here and doing pretty good this is
where i want to reside now the question becomes how much time for weakness to take them
to stay there i work at it jim so i’ve got the time to put into it when i’m gonna tell you is this as we go along here the time requirement increases exponentially the time it takes for me to get this
point pretty much across the board doesn’t take much at all doctor thirty minutes a week if you have the right tools and i’m getting to tools and as a second
if you have the right tools we’re not talking long at all to get
here at some point in my life i may very well when we shift over here
because i don’t have the time that time pay off the return on
investment in time to meet at some point this may not be worth it to put in that
kind of time in the tracking in the gym right now it is right now it’s cool you
know it’s a good it’s a hobby of mine i enjoy that all my put in in time at some point and they wanted refer right back here
into this phase out to be as healthy as i can be and have a little bit of performance at that time requirement maybe the overriding factor what i’m
looking for and there have been periods of my life
shorter periods of time right happen in this in the corporate world projects come up i don’t have much time to devote bynoe
in my mind amanda have to drift back over here but
since i’ve got this whole template in my head and nowhere and that i know where i want
to get back to you now have a road map i know how to get back there so let’s talk about let’s talk about pheno types the
phenotypic or expression row quick let’s talk about physical culture what does
all this mean so you come into this world you’re born like this it was certain genetic traits
certain certain markers certain sprints certain weaknesses the key is and the definition of physical culture is to take that claim that genetic lucky been given optimize the output as it seemed on the environment that’s your phenotype the hordes activist physical culture is
to optimize that phenotype as it’s played against the environment that’s the whole goal it’s an individual bill if in if you are or aspiring athletes right this is where you don’t want to be come competition time this is where you
want to be if you’re somebody say i i i kind of so joke around and say
on the trainer to austin’s lawyers idiot journey community because these guys in gals they don’t have the luxury of this prepared type a personality she want to
be is healthy and as fit as they can be with a small investment of time they’re mostly hanging out right here but they know that and because they train them in because
we talk about this kind of stuff they know that they can cover around here and if they ever wanted to turn up the intensity a little bit try to push the envelope yeah we can get
you there no problem at all second definitely gets
you there a method will be more time and we can meet you right over here either by saying that juggling guerrillas or bike a negative got a picture of what uh… when i’m talking about here so it’s going to keep this in your mind
because this is going to be the backdrop everything i’m gonna talk about this if
you’re a map talk about the resources we need big resources technique tools in the big one the overriding wants to
nasa d this talk about this one first and all these are interrelated talk about and that’s the first i would love to stand up here and tell
you guys that the pursuit of art opulent physical
culture is is easy i can say is not it’s is definitely not it is tough it’s hard work it takes a certain dog in this determination stay with it miss ever how you wanted to find that back there at that low time investment that time you put into still for court it’s hard stuff is no easy way around it i could make a lot of money by coming up
with the new gimmick it saying you know this is indeed the easy way to do that
and if i can see that every week come about it doesn’t happen it never happens this is the date you right here because without this it doesn’t matter what you have here and i can say that if someone comes to me with with
this it doesn’t matter what we have here i
can turn in i can turn in a big damn good athlete or someone with good aesthetics but this is the money breaker right here yet have tenacity yet have dog in this you get a have a desire to do this it’s not easy smude easy at all techni controls so as you go along any kind of look on
the internet you read magazines you uh… you look at the different protocols the people champion all these different protocols i will call techniques the thing about techniques is they all work they all work for some people some of the time for the guy he develops a certain technique
obviously it works for him he came up with it it works well for him will it work for a well for you i don’t know you’re not him you don’t have the same genetic makeup you’re not plane against the same
environment that he’s playing it you don’t have the same hormonal millie but he does where she does all these things all of these things must be taken into
account so to say that one program one technique
one way of doing things uh… bill stars fight by five technique
fantastic program will work for everyone now will work for a lot of people we have
pretty much it’s a great place to start psychological sectors and asked us to go
to things by by five and is extra weight on the bar along feast all been used all and we’ll talk about something else but you cannot latch onto a technique and think that it’s going to be the
golden bullet because it won’t be it’s not going to be four u unless you dispute extremely
lucky hero craps first-time albarn you happen
to land on the right technique that works for you god love him and roll on but let me tell you most of you are not
going to be that lucky most of your gonna flounder around searching for the perfect technique and it’s not going to be there what it is what and what it takes we gotta drop back down here to tell
nasa d you have to mentally look at this technique and figure out if it will work for you try for a while see if it will some techniques you can look at an
obviously no it’s not going to work for me that comes to knowing yourself that
comes to operating out of your base camp and i’ll get to operate out of your base
camp here in just a second but just know that for the purposes of right
now technique is just that it’s a technique
that we might use to get a certain point some aspects of that technique i might
incorporate into my own program will use the entire technique no i don’t use
anybody’s entire entire taking program take bits pieces
and parts put it together to form what works for
me tools i’m lucky enough inefficient exercise
rafts in very very unique tools that allow me to save the early reduced time requirements that jim will look at one of those tools tomorrow
the uh… eric’s eric’s equipment but again it’s only a tool all it is if you want to use a carpenter analogy i’ve just got a super duper super duper of saw and my kids that’s all it is if you’re not lucky enough to live in
austin can train with us it doesn’t matter i can do the same
thing with a rusty barbell and demos it’s gonna take a little bit longer time person that’s all the differences yes i think i can really i can uh… used much more advanced techniques if i have the proper tools but that shouldn’t limit me as far as my expression of my phenotypic
comes into my environment i’ve got the tools great if i don’t know
many please keep a ride on rolling do the best i can with what i got you know my wife is a chef and what’s interesting about that is to see we’re talking about taking
eight standby seem eager shelf operate they have a recipe chicagoans at that recipe set it aside mentioned roles all it is is a blueprint all it is is a little bit of a road map to tell
her how to get to a and b a good chef will produce a fantastic meal not by following that roadmap not by
following the techniques per se but by being able to ad lib in knowing what that mule requires at this property
dot this temperature all these other all these other things that play into
this issue and just by the recipient d_r_i_ but it would be spectacular like
most of the stuff same way you need to be about physical
culture you need to look at these different techniques take the bits and pieces of ’em they’re
fantastic in their work for you and your circumstance can probably get a good program and roll
on when we come to time everybody’s but a bit again remember how this chart was set up
down here fact of the matter is if you want to pursue goals there are over at the right into that
chart even after ten a little bit more time whether that means you’re looking for bodybuilding pursuits and that means you’re spending time
particularly in the gym or if you more in the sporting side of
things maybe it’s a combination of gym time and uh… outside practice time cure cycles that
means time in the south now we can do different techniques to
reduce that time in the saddle one of which increasing your strength and we can train in the saddle
differently where we do up higher intensity intervals as opposed to this login miles that doesn’t change the fact that i’m gonna have a big time
requirement if i want to pursue those goals if i have any questions right now before
it drives go on for a lose anybody here is that i want to lose any bike is all
this kind of bills it builds on itself was the father fly-by fight it’s it’s
simply a a five sets of five reps at a particular exercise as it’s more of a linear progression if
you’re familiar with this um… so every time i come into the gym for every so often i’m adding so many pounds to the bar in a particular which works right
starting out the problem with lynn you’re going to
get this in whenever i setup up when we talk about our regulation and is a
second it works great for a while the problem
is you can continue to do that forever obviously everybody gets to a champion
power lifter they need to stand is what do you do now okay strapped outbound squash today unless they know what do
you do fi by five th played out okay yet it is somewhere after that but yeah basically it’s five sets of
five repetitions at a certain way linear progression as we go along say every week we had five pounds with
borrowed over that might be a way to keep rolling on ticket that you could basecamp again everybody comes in with uh…
certain genetic traits one problem when we look at certain
uh… certain techniques certain programs weightlifting programs is the impression that you’re getting is it works across
the board again that stupid simply not true not
true at all one quick aside i don’t know if you guys
remember back in um… uh… maybe the early nineties bill
phillips you had uh… muscle media two thousand magazine he ran a contest there for a
few years i cannot remember the name of the consciousness body body for life the things and not that made on bill at all amis a
fantastic marketer but here’s the thing here and this contest impression the jury given if you follow along in
the magazine was you hear any contest top style so
whoever d whoever uh… was that they had the best-looking
physique so long set you know any kind whittled
down from the top and what it was fifty then it will be on the top thirteen in
new york i kept going progressively the impression that’s given by doing that is that everybody across the board is making progress and these are just
the top fifty in fact they might have been the only
fifty two got any benefit whatsoever out but the impression was given because you
see these you see these people you can see the fall-off you can see the thousands of people who took a before and after picture in your
life but no change in our own seeing a change so my point is is not a slam on palm
bill for it fantastic uh… marketing devices and it wasn’t a great marketing
device but only bring this up at some point out
to you that none of these programs work for
everybody you have to be very cognizant of that and don’t go into a thinking that they
are if you can go into these things that
open mind if i come in to try it out if it looks like it might work given my
my uh… genetic predisposition but don’t go into a thank-you and don’t
go into thinking deeper don’t be totally discouraged if
it doesn’t work for you to go along basecamp if i have a guy animated just pick up after croak which
mika obviously worked worked as an endurance
type of guy in good shape fantastic shape more slender build is our anyway with in anyway what i put him through a
powerlifting program it would reckon it would totally reckoned it would
destroy his exporting performance i’m is just a no-brainer that is not his
base camp his base camp is an endurance and endurance advance he knows if he can use certain strength
techniques to enhancers endurance advance but if you were to train like a power
lifter if you would ruin he knows this intuitively i know this intuitively you guys need to find your base camp
again no where your strengths are intuitively and go out and find programs it will enhance that some guys are fantastic powerless to
some guys are built that way some guys are very sturdy they haven’t the uh… genetic predisposition to be
powerlessness they don’t need to be doing the vince rhonda german volume training ten by ten anything out of it but then again much
out of it their base camp izla repetition highways that is their base camp my reason for bringing this up is we want to operate from basecamp for him to throw quick performance competitive their base camp is going to be say powerlifting right
here the thing is they do need to splinter
out from that going different directions in in applied way so his sometimes yes they are doing more
high repetition work sometimes they are doing very explosive
more athletic but they know where their base camp is this is that this is the route before their workouts
are going to take place so again on this map each and every one of you if you’re
looking for you to perfect your ah… if in a typical expression into the
environment you need to figure out what your base camp is what do you operate test for example i’m no in myself bro quick if we look at uh… velocity force some of you may know this curve sis forceful ostatic per product really really high speeds but i perform an action that are really
really high speed say a bench press at a high speed i can’t produce a lot of
forces is not there other side of the corn very very high force production the bars not moving very fast physiological dizzy was cool property power production template on top of that was something
like this might happen is power production right in here some of you one he says all of you your strength is going to be somewhere
in here some of your gonna be better over here
power lifter type some of you are going to be better every
year hi hi hi technique rapid rapid movement
thumb uh… golfers baseball players and i’m not produce a whole lot of force
they only to their operating over here i’d just up in the know through my
training my best point is somewhere right in here my base camps it’s right up in here my
ability to produce repeat intense power in the one two three repetition range
for duration i know that’s my base camp it’s what i
excel at operate over here for a long i get
crushed idea powerlifting routine if i do a powerlifting type workout very high intensity high force
production low global aussie on fri encrusted it and i
know it but i do need to venture out here every
now and again to be a better athlete on the other side uh… diskette operator
for long this is my base camp most of my workouts take place right
here high-power production very very quick bam bam bam i can do this all day long repeats i get
a lot out of it but to be able to enhance this i still need to be able to produce a lot
of forces and i still need to be able to produced
very very ballistic movements that these are all admits to my basecamp which sits right here i love you guys have a certain basecamp might not know it yet but you do you might not have found it yet but you
will with the people looking for it it somewhere along this line somewhere along this power curve somewhere somewhere here is where your base camp is if you find
that basecamp then you can find techniques that will naturally play to that base camps strong
suit once you know that once you hone in on that base camp in
you can start making forays out from that to enhance to enhance your overall health and
fitness in questions are this my question is you might into this the my question is what techniques what u would you look
for it it’s you’d penny find how do you ever yet i mean this simple thing about living
there number one right tall skinny guy write-ins nine india power lifter per se productive more endurance type grade that add yeah cn cedras on strictly uh… how do i know what in electing a series of that so to say let’s say we have a more endurance type
person who’s basecamp it’s more of a high repetition type of
thing because just his joint structure he
can’t handle a whole lot of weight bearing hi force stuff there were a kid rectum i like me this can handle that for a long because it is tears my joints polyesters missing from your system so if i know that i complain i can play to that strength some of the
small joint structure someone with uh… you know more vector morph bill but uh… now and start to gravitate
away from this area more back over here and opposite side in the opposite side
of the coin so that somebody with very very robust
joints for stocky that type of bill yeah just talking very very general here
i mean it is you go along you continually
refined continually refined continually refinance their refining i still have to check myself here you
know i am i still this athlete is this still were might my golden zone is you can use a daily is a daily check it always has been because at the fluctuate back-and-forth
ear yeah i still get crushed over here i work out with some guys this is where
they live that is their base camp work out with them yeah murder move them over here they’re murdered over here so it’s a continual process continual
feel well process which is another great thing about this and ever you’re never at the end as offense at mean you’re never at the
end you’re always learning new things about
yourself writes i was gonna ask how do you
determine the payscale sure constantly which is saying is partnership scott videos anita it is
totally it’s totally trial and error but you have certain queries along the way
it’s not a total of this fishing expedition you have certain
clues along the way pacific but it’s always being refined always be unified and i guess from uh… sorry any resources for uh… with a smaller uh… small bone
but expect more stirred up desicomments other sites are online where they can i
say okay these ideals uh… his base camps for u diffuser like
that kind of genetic plan of action resolves itself no there’s really no generic when in
that’s another thing is really legendary plan of action here and i guess that’s what my overriding
messages it can’t be you know if there can be a genetic plans you guys have to go along have a vision che said vision but along the way you
can have the roadmap like adrift the first you have an indication of where you want
to be on that health performance spectrum were you on the fall along there for instance connector morph bam right
now i know that i can handle a whole lot of weight i can’t operate over here for a while my
joints can support me looking at lurie simmons powerlifting confidences
and that means i don’t work for me no right right says okay said there i
have one clear that’s good that’s not going to work for me so then i have to start going along well
well let me kinda look around and although i
don’t want to to say precisely annually what this person does
he might be built similarly to me they’ll be sent out some clues he’s found a similar path it’s worked
for him hiking take some of these clues and now i can start bringing them over enshrine amount myself but the thing is i’m not married to
exactly what he’s doing i have to keep in my mind that’s worked for him for him even though he might have the same
structure it is me he’s got a different hormonal profile probably he’s in a different environment he’s able to devote a lot more time to that pursuit the one
i did so i can take some clues for him from him in run along with it but i can’t be married to his particular
program and i have to be open-minded enough to be able to shift gears on my
own and kind of war in this process and and and go along from there but that’s kinda
how you get started doing yeah there is a master’s because there’s a lot of
information online and he started to tell you something and so i guess our own roadmap is like a
filter you know for what we want to t_v_ just how light it is just is it like
intuitively kinda no i guess when you get is intuitive and a lot of ways ok is
an intuitive processes dances self learning process dislike just like any
other pursuits it’s it’s a physical self learning
process you just know that there is no there’s no silver bullets out there okay
i can take the i i train in this area that’s my base camp and i look it up when she trained this
way it’s just so happens this is more efficient track and field application so i can
look it after these who are uh… hundred-meter sprinters or does shoppers
this discus fight athletes that this kinda happens to be
were rife all-in right there i can look at this type of work out
since he with his guys are doing i can’t say clues from these type of
workouts and cobbled together my own workout program i’m not competing here not a competitive discus thrower and i
conveyed javelin throwing out a competitive sprinter but i know my genetic predisposition kinda pushes
me in that direction so i can take please from that type of from that type of athletes from that and i cobbled together my own
workout program sony inserting your case you would look
around kind of try to find either athlete fizzy type person could kinda fits your
same old star getting clues there apply those your circumstance your time the tools you have to take me to your
able to employees and then you start from there and you
start gradually coming up just realize it’s a never ending process yeah that’s the biggest thing to get
across to you this isn’t if if you think you’re getting into this
game and you say when i get to be two hundred fifty pounds and convince
press you know four hundred or whatever it’s never going to be there because if
you do get there unite and be satisfied there’s always four oh five there’s
always four fifteen there’s always t sixty there’s that you know you’re never going to be satisfied the
waterways that’s fantastic i mean that’s what life is all about the steepest
continual strife but if you’re getting into this as a means to hit that you’ll never stay in the game for a long it’s got to be much more it’s got to be
more of a almost six p ritual pursuit myself betterment pursuits and that’s just a tool the lifting the working out specific
troll it’s a meditation is what it boils down
to as a meditation using physical culture
as a tool if you can get to that point you’ll stay in the game forever annual naturally then gravitate towards these things that make
you better because you’ve been in the game for so
long now you know in a star gravitate you’d you’d building the bigger toolbox you take another step bigger toolbox
analyst at their toolbox better techniques as you come along we talked real quick so i think i’m probably getting it out of time we talk about one technique that i like
to use for a quick something that just about anybody can
employ talk about a lot of regulation real
quick so very easy technique to employ so the gentleman here aswell ago about
ah… just for instance dole stars five five
five program the difference between a linear period is asian program enought a regulatory programs this nine year period is asian says it is i
go along in time for a particular exercise this to say dead lift just pick one as i go along in time or should be able apply so i go on my way to increase for that particular lift it’s a go a long week to week to week brother different meza cycles of a program fashion b able in those ten
pounds bam bam here another ten i’m going right along for i don’t know that’s manure period is a shame to some extent to some extent manure period is asian does work it works for people who are just frank
beginners right out of the gate it works for those people ’cause pretty
much everything works for those people you can put your car in a driveway it
doesn’t matter you gonna get stronger and better and it works for athletes are very very very dedicated in their
life is driven towards that inst that’s pushing a big way a big selling on in track and field that that is true that works for for most
people that is not gonna work you don’t have the time to dedicate for
that you don’t have the time the program you’ve got a life you on the school you got a job you just don’t have the time to dedicate
rule in your period is asian program so to say linear pretty realization doesn’t work
is not what i’m saying it does work for select few people i would venture to say that most of you
in here you want to hear you’re not a
professional athlete so from him if you’re listening to me you’re not a
professional athlete you’ve got you’ve got a coaching staff right on a regular on a regulation overcomes that problem let’s talk about what things can derail u from using linear period is asian what kind of things can come into your
life it would disrupt that bam bam bam pattern anything any kind of stress any kind of job
stress any kind of relationship stress uh… money stresses you name it the body senses stressed this stress it
doesn’t matter if they come psychological it doesn’t matter if it’s
if it’s if its physical stresses stress if i come into the gym on a dare i suppose a deadly four fifty
cuz that’s what my manure pure decission program calls for and i can’t do it i can’t budge four fifty off the ground
i’m supposed to be able profit right arm off what do i do that well manure period is asian is very soviet style
very bam bam bam well i don’t know if we can get off the
ground one of my gennady that’s where people stall food linear
period is a shame to the site in new york with lifting or jump onto the next you whatever the
next program is a latch onto and they disappeared chaser tales material way to
get around that really easy and i still use this to the states bill i’d use it for a long long long time i still use it on a regulation the stick that damn lift example again let’s say that i’m just going to uh… he’s around
number here so it’s easy to go into texas state right so i can use my math
skills are lacking four hundred pounds okay four hundred pounds would you say six routes knowing my base camp knowing where rahmat my base camp i noted it four strength applications i’m better off operating in the six
references k just for starters you don’t need it this deep into this but i’m just this
explain why you six reps six reps is a good strings building
program for me because of my genetic predisposition going any lower than that if i do too
often i get crushed if i stay around six seven eight
repetitions with a pretty heavy weight with a with a slower tempo more of a
force production tempo delmar i’d like to operate there let’s say that last time i did that lifts i was able to hit four hundred pounds
for six reps now i’m coming along i want to get another dead lift day here
k say were into the next week i want to go
dead lift many appeared his asian by go back to that say four ten i was supposed to hit four
ten i’m not going to do that what i’m gonna
do his i must say i did four hundred pounds for six rats last time i did it my goal is going to be increase wraps with that same weight his summer go about doing that first off amanda leavin we’re going to have about four or five different sets here and you can do this you can do this with any with any exercise it’s better to do it with the compound
exercise ok overstock embargoes dumbbells which is everybody yeah i’m assuming
everybody has access to uh… to bar bells dumbbells has pretty much
ubiquitous and so i kind of pick the devil affair this can be done on the change it to be
done on any any apparatus well may do some of the lead in at fifty percent of my weight i’ma come in at two hundred pounds and they hit twelve reps with it second set might take seventy five percent of that mcgee six rats with ok so what we are
going on here is a little bit of a warm up this is no different really than a five by five program within all
the different spin on it the repetition or third set i might come up here nomic four hundred pounds now this is a money set i’m gonna go all-out hemi repetitions
denied it at four hundred pounds i’m feeling good my stress as well then got low stress everything’s going
well hopefully all be four hundred pounds let’s say i get eight rats as an example of people ask timeout american down here up dot t_ money sets
fact summer i come down for another another crack it for her but now manage
act the way up a little bit in this is where being chef of the jam comes into play how much weight and i
got to add to it how did i feel when i did that last i
got a repetitions but was it and i believe a or was it a good solid eight all these things i have to consider i have to take into account let’s say i felt pretty good the other a came out pretty easy i’m gonna check this out four-twenty and again coming to see what
i get out of it and say i got five repetitions with four twenty this way is now in a carry four to the next time
i do a dead with now i start this cycle all over again but instead is status uh… six rats it’ll be four twenty for five in a star the cycle all over again and i continue on two things about this i’ll probably do another set maybe a knock-down said recall it a lot
down the way maybe do a high repetition said here if i’m feeling really really really good if i knocked out for twenty for five
incidental may have been feeling super strong here four thirty okay let’s give it a shot to any other this is kind of a fuel out process couple things about this number one i go into this with the mentality that if i don’t do well here on their first money set i cut myself a break snuck into the world no big deal as long as i bring every bit of
intensity that i had when i walked into the g_m_ that day as long as i bring that tenacity from back to his first before for things we talked about earlier if i bring that in that city and dog in
this in here and i just didn’t get six repetitions i get my all that day so totally different mindset than nine year period is a shit i know i gave it my all whatever that distill my maximum right there next time it comes up was tried again what will happen what always happens with this is progression after you get out of being a rank amateur or up very very new to the weightlifting game where you’ll find is progress doesn’t come in steps progress comes in one big step so what happens is i’m i sat there there four hundred
pounds and i might discounted however if four hundred pounds for quite a long
time aga one day on my team seven repetitions what it next time out of my
get five you know this is that there have a ring
around hovering around hovering around one-day i’ll come in and maybe a day that i feel like unite i probably don’t have it today but i
might go ahead and give it the old uh… give it the old college try was who are
at bam for thirty comes off the ground uh… like nothing you cannot predict when this progress is going to happen
you just can’t do it that’s the breakdown of linear
progression the other breakdown in you can’t predict when these things are
going to happen i’ve been in this game thirty five plus years i can’t predict
when i’m gonna have a good day really it surprises the hell out of me
sometimes when i come into a g_m_ and i’d better my progress on a certain with them like
that you know i’ve traveled all night when you know i’m feeling like crap yeti
idea i didn’t give me a list of its of excuses chemin instant the weight comes off the ground as i can
explain it what out a regulation allows you to do it allows you keep the table set in the
door open for opportunity and that’s exactly what you want to do every time
you go into the gym i set the table i keep the door open when ever offered to that opportunity it and i don’t know when it’s going to
be a camper dick that affected there wouldn’t be here to be in vegas you know i mean if anybody can predict that with any
accuracy it it just can’t be done keeping the table set the door open for
that opportunites what auto regulation is all about and that’s that’s why i use
it as the basis of my workouts i don’t use it all the time i don’t use it for every exercise but it forms the basis of my workouts and it’s again it’s do you see that the
it’s easy to track to which is another thing when you’ve got all these other all these other time requirements or
these other uh… pressures on you and you want to try to squeeze squeeze a workout and i know i can go to my workout log i can pull out that dad left i can see what i’ve got there pam and i can roll with it i know what weight ought to be hitting i’ve got a repetition scheme and i’m off
to the races no worries about nine year period is
asian no calculations to have to worry about no mental anguish if i didn’t hit heed my projected weight and i can continue on for ever this is a
never-ending thing so as i go along throughout throughout the training year certain exercises naturally come into my wheel house and then leave my wheel
house too for instance during the during the spring summer and fall on either on the tracks printing or i’m uh… riding a bike quite a bit and to take one exercise for an example when i’m doing those things idon’t squaw analyst what during that time period
because it distresses my bsp refreshes my cycling ability but when the fall comes no winner and i’m not out so much that i
can bring that particular exercise back into the uh… back into the next a look back at my also see were i was squatting last fall that puts me in the
ballpark in her here i am on a regular eighteen again benefit from that this is
like a never missed obviously i’m not in the a strong hands
wanted in a while but that gives me a good ballpark
indications of wear did were to jump back in the game in them right back running red background with it any questions about a lot of regulation
how did how you can incorporate that into your sold your max weight can’t change that breaks gates answer
absolutely you know if you’re not paid four hundred
for oman and six years ago still stay with it yet pacifica ca six-month breakers sequel
have for fruit instance let’s say the say that this this what will use
that as an example if i have squaw did in hindu whatever
eight months units seriously to sometimes or go eight
months without at least wat a flip back to my workout log now i’ve got a way to schools that same
four hundred pounds by no as i can add a touch too haven’t done
this what the technique you know i did eight
months away from a certain technique you know i’m not going to be able to do
it well but it gets me in the ballpark into on that we don’t buy it om i got it in hit four hundred pounds
since why they do this you know i’ll let that go it’ll be there vienna little combat but it gives me in the ballpark it saves
me from coming into the gym going i want to squash today were a start you know it doesn’t own it you know
messing around with two twenty five and it’s going to do and that will build up
here and i can jump right to it arrive four hundred for her parents
seven repetitions let’s go before four hundred on the bar i might
get to a mega three i’m still in the ballpark and i know where to go from there this is where the chef part comes
enright because that’s is the recipe no it’s called the chef part into it four hundred pounds seven repetitions i know that’s not gonna happen it’s not going to go when i’m not get down to three seventy
five against on the ball for three seventy
five spurl a bit more manageable demotion for six then i’ll go from there that’s weird
being where abiding strictly by the recipe or being the chef that’s for a little bit of time into the
bar consent let’s say you don’t have any time into
the bar none you’re not prepared i can try to make that call because you
know i’ve been in a game for awhile i kinda know were to go with this if you don’t if you haven’t stick with four hundred year along bam are regulated thing is if you don’t have a whole lot
of time under the bar the chances of the fallen off much of that max unite and be far away from it and if you are down from his head taking
long to get back to it use of this might be a two part question
sure cell just part of the regulation ways yet uh… would so sure uh… these changed me yes good segue into the next portion here
okay so what are some things we can change okay changing technique is one thing changing exercises always fantastic my overall workout program and what i think innocent what i give my clients a lot of times is a little bit different
than what i give myself because begin every client is an individual every i treat every
client is in in equals one the study of one when we are when i’m talking about changing
techniques i’m constantly rolling in exercises as i go along in rolling out exercises once i think
they’re tapped out if i go along in our regulation way again go back to douglas fido on for a long period of time in their lives as a constant throughout
my retained and i’m not him as seen the whole life
change here i will let that alot that particular exercise slide out
for awhile and i’ll go on to a different exercise it might be similar to a dead
left but not exactly not exactly a dead lift jumped a good mornings site for instance similar exercises work is works a
similar structure but it’s not not exactly a seminar hit on that for a
while again that’s part of being a chef in knowing not you know when the quit
beating a dead horse okay now i can say keep the table set leave the door open
for opportunity the popped into the bank and then after
eight months you know i need to kind of rethink things here need to shift focus in a lot of times that’s what it takes so i’ll go along for a lot i don’t see
any good if i don’t see any good increase of shift that exercise out go to a
different similar exercise i’ll come back two-mile mainstay the dead lift and a lot of times that’s what it takes
to the bobby baka getting going in so i guess a justice if you were reading something on the internet in a magazine don’t take what i say is got to be this
way so you’ve got to be able to play in the
gym indian curative usually says techniques bit yet but i’m
telling you know you’re gonna have to put your own personal spin on everything i say everything the stock row quick about since you brought up changes and technique let’s talk about temple real quick and
tempo is something that that people really don’t look at when they’re talking about weight
training it’s very very important ps tempo cuts info is written first this uses for an example when we talk about when we talk about lifting the weight any break it down what exactly what
exactly is going on they could bench press real quick for
example there’s a lowering you centric phase there’s a pause at the bottom there’s a concentric move to the top
there’s another pause in again going back into the lowering when you think
about this when you think about that there’s a hell
of an opportunity for change just in that one simple movement that one simple movement a bench press can be changed to be a totally different
exercises in effect you totally differently remember again velocity back force with something like that i can change this exercise just the normal bench press one exercise i can make fit anywhere anywhere throughout this curve by changing and by changing the load accordingly one simple exercise and i can float or i can surf anywhere along the skirt and in fact i would tell you is you need to change tempo you need to flow throughout this curve to surface perf up-and-down to get full benefit from working out tooth to stay in one spot remember we
talked about basecamp my base camp is here but if i were to only work out in this is own i wouldn’t get it i would
never get any better i have to do i have to be able to
fluctuate side to side i do that by changing tempo first number tempo this is a key centrifugal o_-ring
portion of the exercise these are sections what this represents right here is a
lowering three second doesn’t want thousand two thousand three pause at the
bottom explode on the way up one second cause them right back into
the new right back into the three second negative so when i’m writing in my in my my workout journal i don’t just put bench press for instance afoot bench press i’ve got my load my
parameter if i’m gonna regulating i’ve got that but i thought so put tempo but because tempo tells me
were an apple on this curve between tempo in load and nowhere and sit on the skirt i can change this simple bench press and make it a
ballistic bench press might drop in this seed fastest possible are one or
whatever synopsys quickly explode right back up i’ve change this from being over here somewhere now we’re talking to
bench press is line over here somewhere has much more ballistic exercise totally changes the exercise totally changes the physiological result from the exercise so when you talk about changing
techniques don’t just think about changing exercises the
changing template was well in tippecanoe changed on any exercise
where there’s a machine based exercise we were talking about was missing um… whether we’re talking uh… bar bills dumbbells whatever in any exercise to totally change is
from for yes it’s only changes were you
reside on the skirt so i can change i can changes tempo and i can write this
temple for a while again oughta regulating it under this tempo and now i’ve got a whole other set the
parameters that i can change so there’s a lot of overlaid that’s let’s say you earth let’s say your normal oughta regulating
say your bench pressing in a normal tempo and what i’ve what i say everybody’s
normal temple of the perfect repetition for people just starting out this is why i always tell her about it in this works if this works across the board the
perfect impose this three though x one three second negative nice and controlled three second
negative no pause explode fastest possible on the
way up pause a second right back into the three
second negative this is that’s money right there that’s perfect as a perfect place to start your initial oughta regulation should start with that tempo now as i go along say i have dead lift residents go back to bench press
district sake of argument bench press under that tempo are regulated mineral long i can have a totally different portion of this the uh… philosophy force perf it’s a different exercise this could be bench press one knocking go to a ballistic bench press
that’s a whole lot of things miserable weather exercise it affects you totally
different it affects your physiology physiologic
physiologically different in the thing about that is is you float
up-and-down that philosophy force curve is you get these different points they
all play on for one another my ability to do a ballistic dance for
us affects positively my ability to do a bench press under this temple my ability to bench press under this
tempo allows me to do the ballistic bench
press with more weight they play on one another if you do it
right getting back to my base camp where’s my base camp so it’s kind of stuff here ballistic
stuff fast high-power production fact that’s my base camp i come out of my base camp to get a
bench press under this temple not as good at it i’m just not
genetically predisposition predispositions the big good at it i do it now and again because it makes me better in my basement this is another way of saying and to make it very basic don’t get in a rut expect right still that the in whatever in especially in physical cultural ruts
kill you have to be you have to be pliable and to be able to
move especially a pandemic velocity force for to be able to pick different programs an
exercise is up and down the anchor to enhance your abilities anybody else more specific questions
maybe about this so this is this kind of the big umbrella overview anybody have mort specific questions
that just a questions us about that um… with is that generally the but he
said if you’re doing a size for eight months
that seems all situation teachings temple yes digitally the first the first tempo changes that demand from three oh that’s one street going to
ballistic if your steppin out before you looked at him and it doesn’t have to be
as drastic as well as sure there coming you can do a little tempo changes
as well you can do things like jack up the you centric okay so i think i can move this all way up to
eight seconds now we’re talking you know big-time negatives so i’ll go through a series of negative
sometimes is called the state relive the days ahead negative totally
changes the exercise again would you recommend doing that with the
deadliest specifically now is that’s why change example the bench
press is the dentist is a different and what had been i mean you know i go down
that road stripper yeah because it yet most negative dad listen
not uh… yeah someone talking about so i think it’s a bench press when your way from that pretty much a dead lift your written it
off the ground it’s or hardens fast as you can and they did that pretty much doesn’t change not may not come off the ground fast but the attempt should be there to
blasted off the ground as fast as possible in this as fast as possible what that x two
notes and i will say to you that’s the intact to move the bars
fastest possible not necessarily that he is moving fast as possible but the intent is there to push it as fast as possible pretty much of that for me stays the same all of my concentric movements part as
fast as i can kingman link produce now they might not move fast dependent
on pdl depending on exercise in the load than i’m using and that’s the same across the board
it’s the same with the barbell dumbbell it’s the same with our uh… eric’s
equipment it would be the same on a novelist
machine which i know i’m not a lot of uh… now most people your from the crimson
right now my god but that that’s just how i do it uh… and i know that this from personal
experience that works for me so i don’t work for everybody but that’s
that’s how i did that so i found that it works for me to get one in india uh… such a question sir uh… i know everybody stiff but generally
speaking uh… how often do you want to lift weights week article in question it depends affect and that’s not a cop-out answer it depends on number one what rules you have available to you it depends on type of workouts that
you’re performing every time you’re in the gym and it depends on what kind of time you
have it let me just take you through my
training week just in israel typical training we put out
just as an example this isn’t an example to to show you what i’m talking about let’s just say i come in on monday i
don’t have a whole lot of time fifteen twenty minutes bam in my head i’m thinking fifteen
twenty minutes i want to be this is gonna be a classic
high-intensity workout a workout like you might you might have
heard uh… but the speaker’s here talk about
high-intensity framework i’ve only got that much time famine
hitha high-intensity workout twenty minutes fifteen minutes whatever
it takes the next day i might have plenty of time plenty of time to say i have two hours well if i have that kind of time that i
know that i can do olympic derivative lifts powerpoint snatches that kind of thing now i’ve got the time to recover the
thing about this type of exercises is you just can’t hit ’em hit ’em hit ’em
hit ’em is a fatigue factor in there that that has to be accounted for they’re fantastic exercises i love ’em
but if i’m looking for a a time intensive work that’s not going
to be it it can’t be i can’t get the amount of work i need of
this type of exercises in that short period of time so if i have a long period of time like
that i’m thinking in my mind strengths tire flips you know they outside kind of
conditioning stuff uh… d_p_p_ type stuff or unthinking
olympic derivative lifts ride too want to maybe three repetitions bam the
bars down i’m back resting for for five minutes because it’s such a central nervous system hit you just
can’t jump back into to the next one without losing technique another thing i might do it and i do
this to you because i’m constantly rotating different of different techniques exam i throw in a body building type throughout the week three in that might be a ten by ten eight by eight okay now we’re talking classic
bodybuilding stuff but that takes time as well in other consideration to is what
plaintiff motion to relook annette if i just if i just did a vertical push
and pull so if i did say overhead presses and
pull ups okay i have to take that into account when i’m planning my next
workout all this is just cumulative bam bam bam on top of thinks it’s a constant
struggle that means no two weeks to the same that means no to work out through the
same in his district constant fold over
constant fold over a constant fold volatility they ought to be real quick
one one great way minimize your time in the gym is to utilize that push pull type of retain agonist antagonist so i worked just along with that so if i do a push say any kind of vertical push overhead
say this is the start vertical pushing pulling pushover they had i come back i do some kind of pool some kind of a look at some do and that
pullout the uh… the agonists my shoulders are
now being forced to relax because antagonistic networking insist
physiological response use that kind of stuff i cant
reply can really short my period of time and chanted so i take that into consideration so i guess that’s your question is
beginning to pins so the other question utensils over it was just one how you feel about com what’s
become very trendy and exercise which is crossfit sure and uh… trying to keep
your heart the exhilarated during the entire work and shorter work yes first for cross that line i love some aspects of crossfit some aspects of crossfit i think could
be improved but i think it’s a great idea and i use
a lot of crossfit like can we say structure within my workouts where i think the downfall to cross that
is is the programming i think the programming could be a
little bit stuff more pre-planned i’m totally i’m totally down with the
whole idea of being able to reach a hopper grab things out indicate athletes ought
to be able to to do well on these on these techniques he ought to be able to do well liked by totally i’m totally down with that what i but i don’t agree with uh…
there’s a difference between testing and and uh… training you don’t train with a test all the time as a way to get hurt perot quick you train for a test if that makes any sense but yet uh… for the most part uh… to cross the stuff i love the like the
uh… leah like the structure of it idealist a manipulated by third it’s all a bit
more pre planning my workouts in other words it i don’t see the necessity in doing a
in olympic to riveted lifts a h natura power clean under fifty in under a high risk situation and
insist that this is not a good recipe that they did it get you can be better things than that so
that that’s my only that’s my only knock off i really like we said about uh…
changed um… so my question is for those of us who
are working out for specific goal for example michael right now is just master yep
uh… so i’m working eh… lowell rats uh… highway in very very slow five
seconds of five seconds down how often would you recommend changing to temple those was it when we hit a plateau or
ever so often they willing to change the temple uh… would you recommend changing for
one workout or for a certain period of time and they believe that yeah first of all you need to define what for you what a plateau is and what rules here your utilizing so if you’re utilizing even assuming you utilizing machines yes
sir did lenses mostly a i would get back to you more thought a regulation so if you can if there’s some way you
can structure these work that’s where you can auto regulate them you’re back to you on a regulation then within our regulation that same exercise after you play now listen you’re doing a
delphi signup bicycle use efforts by second concentric try changing at concentric three-ring is fast as possible on the way up okay once you get that put togther once
you get the plateau on your other if if that’s your if that’s your base camp if that’s your
home with a three found either that’s where you operate the bass from that would be the first place the
deviate okay now instead of coming up slowing controls try out for a lost
recommends explosively buspar regulate that for a while it for a while i mean entry in sleep left over there then stepped back go back to your old
five-second a five-second down inundated again bam jump right back into it more than likely you will have exceeded here on that and then then you go back to me again and it’s a
constant like i say there is no important you know there’s there’s no point that
you’re going to be ok this is all said and done now i’ve got it figured out in
d_n_a_ here i am it’s constitutes a constant change you know i’m incident so then you come
back in in reply to it yet finney find some other thing to change maybe it’s tempo again maybe now your mentally burnt out on
this particular exercise whatever it is and you need to move on to a different
actions because that can play into two wouldn’t it just the mental burned out
of performing a certain exercised especially machine base exercises is
pretty heavy you know i mean you you’re into the gym
everyday like jesus christ did on the back here on this machine again fired by five again the you dispute and
ask the emergency distress the plane off that way so if nothing elf is to bring to break
through that mental that mental barrier change the tempo on the same machine and it feels like a
whole new exercise you know i mean yet and then you go on
for many disputes constantly folding over folding over folding over fold status question more about the coverage
yet costly tristen i get bored if i work out with some
surplus so oftentimes overdo it and an overly lift weights too much negotiate
touched you says her death puppy like fly metrics worldview ronnie
district formula hip today even in training right now it seems like
five days strictly chances surveillance what is the best i mean supplementation diet what’s the best way to cover certified
restive robert new york itself so justice where people have uh… genetic predispositions to be good athletes have good physics there’s also genetic
predisposition to recovery as well scott plays into that whole thing so number
one genetics please faqs personally i know that i am very good on
the recovery side of things that i can recover from workout and i
always have them so that i can worked out many days a week if i do its mark in which i did so i enhanced that but i
can recover from very strenuous workouts very quick so that’s one thing you need to know no lie self number one there you know that you were where are you
genetically okay now we talk about the type of work that you’re doing as it
relates to what you can do to enhance recovery so this kind of two g balls in the area the biggest thing you can do recovery
was i mean that’s generic officially sleep is huge reduce your cortisol
reduce your life stresses everywhere else this attitude biggest things cortisol sleep bam bam he did control of
those two you’ll find that number when you recover
quicker never to few recover quicker that means you can work out harder instead of more frequently on the other
side for supplementation i think the best supplement as far as recovery goes easy
in maine it’s easy xia mesa best about the best supplement
buchanan’s simply think singer dancer agreed reduce stress exercises cortisol depositions heavy
reduced you’d use the courts are reduced stress question on at real quick gerri’s but indeed is their role every fighting the issues as well etc i would pop more for natural vitamin
d than the supplement vitamin d but i don’t shy away from that idon’t
shy away from the supplemental vitamin d at a quite a bit of of five thousand
values today and now there’s some quite a bit uh… but the if i have i think the
uh… blood serum levels it is pretty cheap blood test his self-esteem final remark supplement accordingly so very this was
not a very expensive just i can guarantee you can be in in florida and
being out quite a bit too probable just let everybody is well and that’s huge you picked out a quick aside from that the east germans back in a day i’m kind
of increased german efficient auto coming from the coming from the old
school back in the navy guys uh… you know steroids aside those guys that it going on they were extremely extremely did not
even training lies supplement wise they had it going on uh… if you were still now behind where they were then as far as is
for us ah… sports knowledge sports have a trained how to recover supplements just saying that i’ll just say enclosing
fifty east germans were big on vitamin d supplementation in huge amounts of something that really
really pay heed to well guys i think george and uh… any guys when it hit me up personally outside of here i’d love to talk to you
because this isn’t in equals one game disc always always remember that it’s an in equals one game if you look at it people for hints but it comes down to where u fit on that health performance occur where you are where you want to be it
all comes down to that place yourself on that curve determine
where you want to go and start going out picking tools and
techniques they don’t get your if you need to uh… if you have the desire to talk to me
about it i can certainly get you pointed in the right direction enjoyed talking to you guys fram

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10 thoughts on “Keith Norris | Health vs Performance + Auto-Regulation

  1. How does this tie in to that balance between anabolism and catabolism Doug McGuff talked about last year? Keith mentioned that if he just had 15 mins he'd do an HIT workout then if the next day he had like 2 hours he'd do a different type of workout. Did he mean the next day appropriate to train, for the HIT example commonly 7 days later or truly the day after the HIT workout? While arguably this can produce results wouldn't it undermine health at a much earlier point then Keith explained?

  2. Back to confusion times of Arnold. The guy is right on few aspects but going volume way again is a bit disappointing for me. Just question marks all over the place. Now just look for your own map of always changing training and get back to be confuse once again.

  3. Wtf? 5×5? ballistic movements?
    How the hell is he on the body by science directory?
    Not in line with Doug McGuff, Drew Baye, Ken Hutchins, Bill DeSimone, or any of these guys.

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