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My name is Andra and I’m a
Mindset Coach and Kinesiologist and I’ll be answering all of your mindset related
questions so this week’s question comes from Emma
and she writes how do I overcome self-doubt I think this is such a great question
because a lot of us have this lopsided perception that we’re going to get to a
certain point in our life where we are not going to have self doubt anymore and to be honest this could not be
further from the truth. We all have self-doubt at certain points in our life
and it’s just a natural catalyst and precursor to success and I’ll tell you
what I mean by that so when I first started my business, of
course, I was flooded with self-doubt in terms of, can I make it in this
industry, can I actually help somebody can I make a difference but while I was doubting myself there’s
also something else going on. That self-doubt also made me look at my
situations around me and the way that I was handling myself with my clients with
a lot more caution and a lot more care and I was very tedious and I was very
hard on myself and I felt like I didn’t know enough so then I went and studied
more and learn more and i got better and better and better and I went and had
mentoring sessions and I had kinesiology sessions to become even better so that
self-doubt actually made me into the practitioner that I am today. So now when I see clients I don’t have
self-doubt anymore because I’m confident in my abilities because I’ve
been doing it for quite some time. However if I think of speaking in a room
in front of 500 people then I have a different level of self doubt. Does that make sense? It all comes and
creeps in again but again I have to go back and say how is this self-doubt
actually serving me? It’s making me more careful, it’s making me analyze what I’m
going to talk about, t’s making me really really tedious, it’s making me
learn more, it’s making me connect with some of the best speakers in the world
so they can teach me the things that they’ve learned along their journey so
that makes me an actual better speaker in the long run. So what I want you guys to do who are
watching is when you feel self doubt instead of letting it take over and
instead of beating yourself up and say you know what I don’t feel like I’m good enough for this I’m
never gonna be able to do it just STOP and take a moment and ask yourself this
simple question: hows it benefiting me that I’m actually
feeling self-doubt right now? And then list all the things and don’t stop
listing them until you stop beating yourself up because you’re feeling self
doubt! So again, take a look at all the benefits.
What is it making you do? Who is it getting you to become as a
person? Because what I find is when I start listing all these things I
actually end up feeling quite grateful that I’m doubting myself and I say you
know? I need the self-doubt right now to get to the next stage of my life. I need to go through this because it’s
making me even better in the long run so I don’t I don’t even get attached to it
anymore. I feel the self-doubt and I it’s like it’s my friend it’s my
companion that hangs out with me and makes sure that I am the best person that I can
be so I hope this helps you if you guys
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  1. Do you feel like self-doubt keeps you from doing the things that you want to do? If so, leave a comment below telling me 3 benefits you gain as a result of your self-doubt!

  2. Whoa!! Such a great perspective Andra! I love how you are able to highlight the positive in something that can feel very negative. It doesn't feel comfortable to take risks, but going out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to be better is how you reach your goals. I actually talked about self-doubt in a recent video in my channel as well – about how coming back to your why can help you get over the fear that comes with self-doubt. If you ever get the chance to watch, I would be interested in hearing what you think! Glad I found you and your channel 🙂

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