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Kamala Harris keeps shifting her health care position

-I intend to co-sponsor
the Medicaid for All bill. And — Because it’s just
the right thing to do. I am proud to co-sponsor it. It is about saying that this is
about a right, not about a privilege
for a few. You don’t have to go
through the process of going through
an insurance company. Let’s eliminate all of that.
-Medicare for All would effectively eliminate
private insurance. It would essentially phase out private insurance companies —
-As the main source, but there would
still be supplemental — There’d still be access
to supplemental. It was in the context of saying,
“Let’s get rid of all the bureaucracy,
let’s get all of the” — -Oh, not
the insurance companies? -No.
That’s not what I meant. I support Medicare for All. It is my preferred —
-As a principle, you mean, not Bernie Sanders bill. -I support the bill.
-Okay. -I support the bill. -If the bill gets rid of private
insurance for everything that — -It doesn’t get rid
of supplemental insurance. -Right, for cosmetic surgery,
but for all — -So it doesn’t get rid
of all insurance. -Who here would abolish
their private health insurance in favor
of a government-run plan. Alright. -Do you believe
that private insurance should be eliminated
in this country? -No.
-You don’t? -No, I do not. -But you raised
your hand last night. -But the question was,
“Would you give up your private insurance
for that option?” and I said yes. My plan will separate your
healthcare from your employer, meaning your employer
will no longer dictate the kind of healthcare
you receive. Under my plan of Medicare
for All, private insurance companies
will be able to provide coverage if they play by our rules.

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