Just What the Doctor Ordered: Health Exam Designed for Busy Executives
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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Health Exam Designed for Busy Executives

Scripps Center for Executive Health Video
Transcript [begin music]>>Doctor: Good morning Mr. Redfern, Dr. Scott Carstens.>>Paul Redfern: Time is a very valuable commodity. Being able to come in and take advantage of something that’s so encompassing in one
day at the Scripps Center for Executive Health is almost too good to pass up. I own Redfern & Co. which is a certified public accounting firm. For me, coming in, being able to get a fleet of tests done from just
basic things like heart function to general things like nutritional habits…>>Nutritionist: Brown rice, wild rice, those
are all great whole grains.>>Paul Redfern: … is a lot of information
that of information that I can absorb and then use throughout the year.>>Scott Carstens, MD.: The Scripps Center for Executive Health differentiates itself by the fact that we are totally patient-centric. We wanted to do something extraordinary for our senior leadership and decision makers in the community and actually all around the world. The patient will meet with the physician who
will then undergo a standard history and physical where we really pay attention to what the
their concerns are. Dermatology, cardiology, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, psychologist all come to the center to participate in evaluating the patient. When the treadmill is done the cardiologist is there monitoring the treadmill and will discuss the results of the treadmill immediately after the procedure.>>Cardiologist: So at peak exercise is where we start to see the changes…>>Paul Redfern: It is a workout to get on
there and your legs start to feel like lead after a little while. But it’s great cuz
they get to see how your heart functions under stress.>>Scott Carstens, MD.: We can do genomic profiling. We can carotid scanning to look for the earliest stages of atherosclerosis
in the vascular system. We can also assess central blood pressure measurements which aren’t typically done in a regular doctors office.>>Cardiologist: So we’re going to start
with your right carotid artery…>>C. Michael Wright, MD.: This is a special kind of ultrasound test…>>Cardiologist: You can see this red band
is the blood flowing in your carotid artery.>>C. Michael Wright, MD.: This is kind of
like an early warning system in young people as to wether they need to be more concerned about their cholesterol levels, and then as people get older it becomes a way to refine risk-assessment.>>Cardiologist: Your down a little bit below the twenty fifth percentile…>>C. Michael Wright, MD.: So this test is
has been shown to be predictive of both stroke risk and heat attack risk.>>Paul Redfern: Coming today to the Scripps Center for Executive Health exceeded my expectations. Being able to come in and get all the information gives you peace of mind but it also gives you a plan so that you don’t have to worry
about it when you’re at work and you can enjoy your time when you’re with your family. Had I come in here and they told me everything was perfect and I was the picture of health I might think that I could take a year off,
but I feel like I’m coming away with a report card on my whole person: health, mental, stress-wise, everything. It’s definitely something that I would recommend and that I’m going to
do again next year. [end music]

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