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100 thoughts on “Judge blocks rule that restricts green cards for immigrants on welfare

  1. The Pres.needs to take everything to the Supreme court and sue those Liberal judges, politicizing from the bench.The American citizens should be able to sue these judges for not enforcing the immigration laws ,and usurping the will of the American people.They need to be thrown off the bench.

  2. Oh SURE… Come across our borders illegally, take up public housing, government assistance, free hospitals, etc. all paid for by american taxpayers, then take the entry level jobs meant for Americans while you don't pay any income taxes into the system, THEN expect americans to be like "eh all good, it's the right thing to do"… We cannot even feed our own american children, and house american homeless, but whatever, let's just bring in another couple million illegal immigrants to the US so we can give them everything, screw americans, they're spoiled anyways… GREAT WORK Democrats/Liberals/Socialists, your plan is making american WAY BETTER than what Trump has done and planned for us… People make me sick!!!

  3. The Dems with a blank check again. America can’t take care of their own but Hell yell, give the immigrants welfare. Stop the benefits and you’ll stop the droves of immigrants.

  4. These are not judges. They are liberal hacks dressed in black and if Congress did their Constitutional duty they would remove them from the bench.

  5. Deport Them All! finish the Wall MAGA USAUSAUSAUSA! Trump Pence 2020 To secure the border, once and for all.

  6. Self Sufficient means not needing an employer, food stamps, or any other assistance.

    Self sufficient means self sufficient. It does not mean dependent on us, or our tax money or any other.

  7. What a crappy judge. He should be ashamed of himself. We’re sick of these leftist loser, swamp dwelling, corrupt judges, pushing their politics on our rule of law.

  8. It's PAST time for CONGRESS to DO THEIR JOBS!! There are too many old, perfectly GOOD laws sitting on the books. I say, Good for President Trump!!

  9. Hmm, for once I fully agree with Fox. These Federal judges don't write the laws, they interpret gray areas. It has never been the case where immigrants have (legally) accessed most of our Federal charity programs. You could make a case that we should do that before Congress, but it is certainly a judicial over-reach for a court to proclaim.

  10. Trump should ignore the judge. He has no right to make a decision that affects the entire nation-he is a district judge.

  11. This judge must be given the option of stepping down or being skinned alive for the assault on America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. Another frigging deep state judge. You're supposed to be apolitical, or have you forgotten your oath. Should be struck off.

  13. So, if it's already "on the books" for 140 years, then WHY can't Trump invoke it?? How does a Judge block something already a law from the 1800's? and then re-enforced thru another law signed by Bill Clinton?

  14. This proves that americans are paying too much in taxes. Because Congress fixed health care i have no health insurance. I own my own small business and for me to pay for a policy that has a high deductable that must be paid in full is worthless. But thpse on welfare dont pay squat

  15. Based on census work of illegal immigrants and data taken from ICE, CBP, Law Enforcement the Department of Justice will nullify the green card, citizenship of illegal immigrants involved in USA.

    The fruit's of illegal goes back to the origin of Nation and their farmer's agriculture trade/commerce.

  16. Every other county you want to enter look at Canada you have to already have a job in Canada before you become a citizen ,we have never been any different. Why would we want to support more when we have so many homeless Americans we can't afford ,so if my tax dollars are going to support anyone to live here it will be AMERICANS FIRST CHARITY STARTS AT HOME

  17. These small court judges need 2 be prosecuted 4 undermining our president & forcing hard working Americans 2 pay for illegals/immigrants who claim to come here 2 WORK & MAKE A BETTER LIFE when it seems that they are only coming 2 b lazy freeloaders & criminals (illegals & criminals) 4 jumping the line ahead of others who came the right way.
    For all who came the right way WELCOME TO AMERICA!!!

  18. Ok but we as legal citizens break the law it's no escape jail and they do not pay ssi , welfare or benefits to us in jail.but of you come in the country illegally that's breaking law and they still want to pay them .We don't have options of using false names we are tagged like cattle.

  19. The elementary school that I went to in Austin TX has 33% of students that are unable to speak English. Imagine what that does to the learning process of the English speaking students.

  20. Dems say that illegals and immigrants come to the USA for a better life. A better life on welfare and all the freebies and they increase their income by having more free babies. American people have to pay higher taxes to support all those freebies and Congress/Senate get a raise every yr.

  21. The judge who made that statement is Anti-Women Make NO Mistake the jobs that go to immigrants would otherwise go to U.S . women JUDGES who are against U.S. women MUST GO NOW GOOOOOO TRUMP TRUMP FOR U .S. WOMEN

  22. These Judges that commit obstructionism should be removed. and there has to be an express process to override corrupt Judges that interfere with Presidential Prerogative.

  23. It's not unusual to withhold a green card if people cannot support themselves. There are many countries that you can retire to or decide to live there as a resident, and each one of them have a minimum monthly income that you have to make in order to become a resident of that country. Why should we be any different??

  24. And how the hell welfare suppose to help prosperity and selfsufficiency of a person? It's only makes one a parasite.


  26. it Socialism, free stuff for anybody that sneaks over the Border , a typical Obama Judge ! the Obama Judges are killing the Tax payers !

  27. Illegals cost American citizens their hard earned money! They drive up prices of everything while increasing crime! They are a net loss to the country.

  28. my best friends Dad is an immigrant from India, he had 3 Ph.D's one in engineering one in biology and the other in medicine. despite all his education and experience he was very poor. but he got a job at medtronic and invented so many life saving devices over 150 patents, and has saved millions of lives as a result, he is now a multi millionaire and retired.

    under Trumps version of the public charge rule, my friends dad would not have been able to immigrate into the usa and become successful and millions of americans would have died because he would not have been here to invent all the medical devices that he did.

    Trump is stupid and Fox news is stupid for being so shortsighted

  29. Another democratic/activist judges overstepping his/her authority. Immigration falls within the Presidents purview. Trump should ignore these idiots and continue with the law until the supreme court rules on it.

  30. Total injustice. Judiciary is as corrupt as congress. Immigrants and especially illegals should not get public benefits. If they can’t support themselves they should not be granted entry and if they’re illegal they should be immediately deported with a bill for restitution of all costs expended on their behalf to the country of origin with immediate offset to any US dollars or aid to the country of origin. The illegals can pay their own country back.

  31. Such a disgrace. These illegals keep coming for the welfare. Cut the food off these heatherns quit coming. Stop welfare let these heatherns starve if they choose.

  32. Democrat socialist Communists want to bring in as much slave labor as possible. These people think their generosity will continue. Once they reach power these people will learn the meaning of socialist. Their corrupt judges will convict these people every turn they get. More will be in labor camps than homes. Poverty is their fate.

  33. When Obama became president there was only 23 million people on government welfare and when bareback obangabutt left office he doubled it to 46 million people on government welfare and Democrats costed tax payers per year $350 billion dollars to support illegals 🤦‍♂️. And google Nancy Pelosi's networth and all the Democrats under Obama and they all are worth millions of dollars, especially Nancy Pelosi $100 million dollars on a $180k a year government salary and I want to know her how she made that money 🤔

  34. Trump can argue that birth right citizenship is unconstitutional and the act was only written for emancipated slaves and their descendants.go to the US Supreme Court will "clarify" the misuse of the 14th amendment by illegal immigrants.

  35. Wait. When I had to get a Visa I had to show how much money I had in the bank…home ownership ..the whole 9. How the hellz to these illegals get to stay and be on welfare?

  36. Immigrants were brought to work, and for many many years they came to work, the difference now is that they come and the first thing in mind is where's the welfare office?? Where's the social security office??? Because believe it or not some workers qualify them, and who's force to refuse money, food stamps, wic for their children and anything else. Maybe this judge should pay for their expenses. That's why we need to re-elect President Trump in 2020

  37. Oct 11, 2019Judge George B. Daniels of the Southern District of New York issued the ruling, according to The New York Times. The rule, announced by the Trump administration in August, would allow the government to turn away green card and visa applicants based on their use of benefits such as Medicaid and food stamps.

    Time to have this self righteous liberal judge removed. Immediately by force if necessary.

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