Jack Batchelor Welfare Officer Candidate 2019 Video Manifesto
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Jack Batchelor Welfare Officer Candidate 2019 Video Manifesto

Hiya I’m Jack Batchelor and I’m running for the role of Welfare Officer for RUSU and I’ve got three main manifesto points. The
first one is get home safe which is all about vulnerable students getting home
safe after Union nights out. This includes a minibus scheme for people who
have left Union by themselves and a Street Angel scheme run by student
volunteers who provide water, support, phone charging, first aid anything that’s
needed around campus on their walk home. My second manifesto point is let’s talk
about sex about destigmatizing sexual health awareness and providing at home
test kits for STI’s in RUSU. My third manifesto point is about mental
health awareness for all and extra support for vulnerable groups. I hope I
can rely on your vote for me to be your next Welfare Officer, thank you!

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