It Is Wonderful by Walter C. Lanyon
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It Is Wonderful by Walter C. Lanyon

This is a recording of, It Is Wonderful, by
Walter C. Lanyon This book is available, on the public domain,
as well as, here, on Youtube and other websites. This is, It Is Wonderful, by Walter C. Lanyon Chapter One THOU Art THE BRIGHT MESSENGER Thou art the Bright Messenger -the Shining
One, the being of pure Spirit. Thou art not the
Man thou hast been, lo these many years. Thou art new -born, fresh, clean, and pure. Thou
Art not an old creature patched up by various treatments. Thou, Bright Messenger, Golden
One, hast never descended to the level of belief, and therefore hast not consorted with
the Shadows of the play – life. Thou art the Bright Messenger, with winged
feet, who goeth where he will, and knoweth no
Obstruction, nor condition. Thou art the unconditioned, the untrammeled, the free -the
Individualized yet inseparable manifestation of the All God. Thou art the Bright Messenger. Thou art full
of light -bathed in All Light. Whithersoever Thou goest is light -not consciously projected,
but unconsciously conveyed; a natural effect of
Thy presence. Thou art the Bright Messenger. Thine eye is single to the Allness of God,
the Oneness of creation. Thou therefore seest
with the eye of light. Thou lookest into a universe of
All Light, and seest through the shadows of belief. Thou seest the world in a world, the
rose In a rose, and the Man in a man. Thou perceivest
with thine eye of Light that which IS and Always has been -not that which shall be changed
by begging, beseeching, or praying to a Tyrant called God to make whole. With the
eye of Light thou seest nothing to heal, for thy
Sight is perfect in the understanding: ” I am of too pure eyes to behold iniquity. ” Thou
art the Bright Messenger -the being of light. In the
touch of thy hand is light. As the warmth of
Spring touches the frozen earth, so thy touch of light causes the seed to swell and burst
and The flower to leap from her chalice. Thy touch
of light is like the soft rain on the parched Desert, which causes it to bloom as a rose.
Whomsoever thou touchest -in the true sense of
The word – thou transformest, instantly, gloriously, freely, joyously. And men shall call it health, but thou shalt
call it revelation. Thou art the Bright Messenger. Thou hast the golden touch which transforms
everything into the gold of which Ophir never Dreamed. Thy touch shall be able to take from
the fish’s mouth the needed symbol. Thy touch It is which gives that which is beyond price,
and which makes a man rich even when the Saying goes, “Silver and gold have I none,
but of such as I have, I give unto thee.” Such as
Thou hast in the touch, O Bright Messenger, is beyond the price of pearls and rubies -the
Transforming touch which is gentle yet firm, which is soft like the surface of the ocean,
but Which has the power to dash a whole fleet
of evil ships into oblivion. Thou art the Bright
Messenger – thy touch is Golden. Thou art the Bright Messenger. The aroma of
thy presence precedes thee. Thy passing is as
The passing of a cloud of incense from the sacred lilies of the enchanted woods. In thy
Presence the precious perfume of the soul is sensed above the stagnant odours of human
Beliefs. When thou comest to the soul it is as the bridegroom before whom the lovely flowers
Of purity open and shed their perfume in superabundance. At thy coming the rose loosens the
Silken tassel of her soul and gives forth the glorious attar of her being. At thy coming
the trees And minerals loosen the glorious refreshing
odours of woods and stones. From thy nostrils Comes the Breath of Life. From thy breath
comes the appearance of the new creation. Man Becomes a living soul by breathing thy breath
-man lives, and moves, and breathes, and has His being in thy breath. Thy breath fans the
small sparks of faith into the flame of realization.>From thy nostrils comes the flashing, dazzling
fire which consumes the dross of belief. Thou Art the Bright Messenger. Thou art the Bright Messenger. Thy invitation
is, “Oh, taste and see that the lord is good.” Eat
My body (my substance) and drink my blood (inspiration). Thy taste is Golden. The milk
and Honey of the universe of the All God are thine.
The hidden manna (that which the eye -the Human belief – cannot see) thou feedest upon. Thy eternal drink is the Living Water. Thou
shalt never be without the sustenance of Spirit, No matter whither thou goest. Thou shalt realize
this all-substance, and shalt cease from thy Thought-taking process of wondering wherewithal
shall we be clothed and fed. Thou shalt Eat, and hunger no more; drink, and thirst
no more -for thou shalt feed upon the reality of
Life instead of the husks of material belief, with its shadow appearances. Thou art the Bright Messenger, the bearer
of Glad Tidings. Upon thy breastplate, encrusted in
Gold, is the motto, “Speak no evil nor listen to”. Thou art of too pure ears to hear evil
-thou Hearest with the ear of Spirit. Thou hearest
with the silent ear -closed to the din of the human
Relative conditions, but open to that which “eye hath not seen, ear hath not heard, neither
Hath it entered into the heart of man (human thought) the things which are prepared for
them That love thy LAW.” Thou hearest the word
of peace and a whole ocean of fury of belief Ceaseth -stilled and made calm. Thou hearest
the reports of that which IS, and thou tellest of
These. Thou hearest the things that “Ear hath not heard” – the ear of man whose breath is
in his Nostrils, and whose eye is double -and yet
thou hearest the report of the Kingdom Here and
Now -thou hearest the Glad Tidings of the eternal Christ walking to-day in the Garden
of Attainment. Thou hearest the words “This is
my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased,” And thou recognizest these words as addressed
to thee. Thou art not ashamed, nor afraid because of
thy nakedness; the stark tragedies of the human
Belief fade into the distance when thou answerest this call with the “Aye, Aye” of Spirit. Thou
Hearest in the truest sense of the word -in the fearless sense of the word, “Arise and
shine, for Thy light hath come.” No need to create this
light, to stimulate it, but only to recognize this
Light as within. How can a man who is constantly looking for
evil to heal and treat know anything of the Kingdom? How can he understand the things
which cannot be seen nor heard with the Human ears? How can he set right that which
he has already done? And yet there are those Poor deluded souls who have appointed themselves
the official stone-casters for the Christ, Not realizing that they are casting stones
at HIM. Thou art the Bright Messenger -the Being of
Light -the Unafraid. Why should there be fear When the realization has come that thou art
the Bright Messenger, the being of pure Spirit not
Subject to the beliefs of the thought world, not subject to the failures and successes
of thy Human life, but suddenly up and above that
which has always seemed so real. Bright Messenger, Unafraid Being, Holy Creature,
Son of God -arise -shine. Arise, let thy Light so shine. Take no thought -if thou take
thought, it will be of fear or limitation. Thou art
The Bright Messenger -the Being of Light that goeth forth before the manifestation of thy
Human self, and maketh straight the way. Thou art the Unafraid, the Unbound, the
Prometheus Unbound. Thou shalt smite the rock and make it gust forth the Living Water of
Life. Thou art the Bright Messenger, the Being of
Light, the Unafraid. Thou art glorious -thou art
Free -thou art not bound by human limitations -“Thou art not another [a separate one] but
The same one.” Thou art the Christ. Hail! Soul of Me, I salute you Son of God -Christ
-Bright Messenger. Chapter Two ASSUMPTION “He made himself as God” -“I and my Father
are One.” It is natural that in making himself as
God, Becoming One with the Father, Christ partook quite freely of the Divine nature.
In other Words, he ASSUMED the nature of God; the demonstrations
of a necessity followed -“the Signs follow.” When man makes this ASSUMPTION,
when he recognizes that all life is God, He will ASSUME the qualities of God naturally,
and find them out-pictured in his life. He will
Not then try to demonstrate the various attributes of this Invisible Power, but, by
ASSUMPTION, will be able to call them forth into manifestation at his will. “Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come
to pass” can only be true of one possessing or
ASSUMING the God nature. As long as this manifestation of God seems unusual or
Miraculous, just so long will it be little in evidence to him. But when man comes to
the place Where “he makes himself as God” – not A God,
but as God: of the same nature and substance then
By this ASSUMPTION the natural flow of God-expression will take place, and he will
Begin to understand he is “under grace.” He will understand and accept the truth of the
Statement, “Joint heirs with Christ,” and Son of the Living God. He will begin to make
his ASSUMPTION in the secret place within. He
will recognize that, being created of God, he
Must of necessity partake of the nature of God. His ASSUMPTION of his God nature will
Have nothing to do with the former idea of wishing and hoping for things to come to pass.
Once man is conscious of his true self, hid decrees will be surrounded with confidence
and Abandon. He will not find it unnatural that
the Son of the Living God should appropriate the
Gifts of the Spirit. Assumption of the God nature, as shown by
the Master, is not akin to the old idea of Visualization, wherein the person composed
a picture to his liking and floated it in the
Imagination, trying to make it come into manifestation. Assuming the “full stature of Christ”
Is really contemplating the “vision shown to you on the Mount.” You do not create it
or Imagine it. It is already existent and revealed
to you. Assuming the Divine nature (making Yourself as God), man perceive the perfect
where he formally saw the imperfect. The assumption of the Virgin (single-minded
purity of consciousness) brought forth the new
Idea. The word became flesh – in other words, the assumption became manifest. From the standpoint of assumption, man finds
ease more natural than dis-ease. He ceases to
Get rid of disease as a reality, and contemplates the Son of God living in the perfect ease
of Spirit. One moment of this realization and his disease
has vanished into nothingness, for the perfect Self is thereby revealed and made manifest.
From the standpoint of assumption, man gains The actual, concrete results he has failed
to accomplish by the process of imagination he
Formerly used. Are you afraid to follow in the steps of the Master, and assume your Divine
Rights and see them into manifestation? Are you afraid to accept the results of consciously
Accepting your birthright? “The worm of the dust” finally discovers that he can do nothing
to Change or better himself, for he is a product
of the dual belief in good and evil. Working with
The body and personality is exactly the same thing. No matter what you have been, done, or left
undone, when the Christ has been recognized as
Your true Self, all former limitations fade away. Thousands of sincere souls, seeking
the light, Have spent years trying to better the condition
of the “worm in the dust” -trying to make “John Smith” a better man, healthier, richer,
or happier -but have accomplished little. The
Caterpillar can not change except from within. No good trying to make a caterpillar fly;
it is Impossible. A complete change has to take
place, a transformation. Jesus the carpenter Becomes the Christ, the Son of the Living
God, with all power. The caterpillar becomes the
Butterfly. Certain laws have to be heeded. If the caterpillar
fails to close itself within its cocoon, it might
Have the desire and the capacity to become a butterfly, but would be utterly unable to
do so, Because it failed to heed the law of secrecy.
To lose the personality, secrecy is necessary. The
Change would be too great for the prying, doubting Thomas to participate in the glory
of it. “See that ye tell no man” wraps a cloak about
the one who suddenly begins the process of ASSUMPTION, just as the cocoon is built around
the grub that is to become the butterfly. Later, that which acts as a cloak of protection
becomes a hindrance and is cast off. The Scaffolding is torn down finally, in order
that the perfect structure can be seen. The secrecy
Gives up its perfect manifestation, then man may say, “Go and show John.” The change that
is Made between the grub and the butterfly is
tremendous, but it is nothing as compared to the
Change that takes place in the one who evolves from the “John Smith” personality (the worm
Of the dust) into the Son of the Living God. What was impossible to “John Smith” is divinely
Natural to the New Idea. As the butterfly seeks a new mode and means
of expression after it has given up its caterpillar State of existence, so the man who has ASSUMED
his Son ship, and seen it out to Manifestation, moves into a new heaven and
a new earth. The butterfly takes no cognizance Of its former expression -no worrying over
its mistakes, shortcomings, omissions, and fears.
They are nothing. The new expression is so far removed from
the old, it is as a dream. “The former things shall
Pass away -they shall be remembered no more, neither shall they come into mind.” So the
New Son of the Living God, moving into his NEW kingdom of expression, drops off all
Worries and fears, the cause and effect of the “John Smith” personality. “Be still and
know that I am God,” takes on a new meaning: Be still
and ASSUME the glories of this new estate. ASSUME them in the secret place -easily, naturally;
ASSUME them and rest them in the Silence. “Be wise as serpents -harmless as
doves.” Know nothing, see nothing, hear nothing, Then you will know all, see all, and hear
all. Come away from the noisy personality who wants
to change the “John Smith” and heal him And make him prosper. You are the Son of the
Living God, and when you recognize this you Are through with the foolish idea of making
demonstrations, and you will see the constant Out-pouring of the substance of God through
the new idea by the ASSUMPTION of the Son. “One in all and All in One.” Be still and
serenely assume the God-given qualities, and hide
Them deep in the cocoon of silence. Then will they burst forth as glorious freed expressions.
“Be not afraid; it is I” -the very “I” that is able to ASSUME its God inheritance is at
this time Speaking to you, “Behold, I stand at the door
and knock.” It is already there, awaiting Recognition. It does not need healing, prosperity,
being made happy or joyous. It is already These things. Identify yourself with It. “Acquaint
now thyself with HIM and be at peace.” ” Know ye not that ye are gods?” Do you know
it? If so, when will you ASSUME the God-like Qualities and see them into manifestation?
Be still -build the secret cocoon about you; Presently you shall be transformed by the
renewing of your mind. Chapter Three I Am “I Am here, I Am there, I Am everywhere.”
I Am within all, within every fibre, nerve, and cell
Of your being. I Am in the inanimate as well as the animate – I Am everywhere. I Am everything and everywhere; call upon
me and see if I will not open the windows of
Divine substance. I Am THAT I Am -that particular I Am Consciousness which should come
To this condition or situation to make its nothingness appear -to cause it to release
the power That lies hidden there, and which has caused
you to fear. I Am All In All -I Am Everywhere. No Matter Wither You Go, Into
What Locality, I Am There – I have gone before you,
Because i am already there and always have been there. I have already caused myself to
be So impressed upon you that you find everything
already prepared before you arrive. You Find everything answered before you ask. You
find everything supplied before you need. It is
Well with you -do you hear? -irrespective of person, place, or thing. It is well with
you, Irrespective of teachings of any nature what-soever.
I am – i am – i am. I am the lost word which is hidden within
your consciousness, which is your consciousness Veiled over by a mystification of human senses.
In judging from appearances you have lost True values, and have accepted shadows as
realities. I am the lost word, the word before Which the doors of the universe fly open -doors
in the impassible walls of human obstacles; Doors that lead out on highways never charted
by the human sense because of its limitations. Doors that belong to the palaces of the kings,
fly open at my coming, and the riches of that Which is caesar’s are laid before me -to take
and do with as i like. “i am here, i am there, i
Am everywhere.” it is well. The new voyage on which you are about to embark is already
Prepared – all the minutest details have been taken care of. Arise, take no thought; all these things shall
be added to the unafraid one. Do you hear? You
Who read this page? You? The endless planning and trying to arrange things suddenly ceases.
The government shall be upon his shoulders, the government of your life, and all is well.
Only the personal attitude can keep you out of this beautiful, restful experience. Be
not afraid: “it is i.” why should you be afraid to accept
your good here and now, instead of waiting for
The harvest? Have i not told you over and over again, “look again,” the fields are white,
the Labourers are few. Thrust in the sickle. Reap,
you who read this page. You! Reap the fullness Of life everywhere present. Not one thing
shall be hidden from you. When you come to recognize the allness of
life, there will be no place for sin, disease, and
Death, and you shall find a new thing working in your members which will be above both
Health and sickness, a new consciousness which is not the result of evil overcome, but which
Is the out-picturing of the spirit, which is of too pure eyes to behold iniquity. The healed man is perhaps better than the
sick man, but he is still swinging between Something and nothing. If he wishes to stop
the swinging between the pair of opposites he
Will have to move up to the place of recognition of the all-presence, and there abide in a
state Of changeless bliss. His ability, then, will
not be to demonstrate the word, but to bring the
Living presence of the word into visibility. This is your power; it is the power which
was Given to the child -in consciousness -the
ability to accept the good that has been prepared For him. Do you hear? I speak the word of
healing for you at this moment. There is but the now -it is now that i write.
It is now that you read, and at this divine Instant of the all-now i speak from out of
these pages and say, “rise up and walk; open your
Eyes and see the glorious finished mystery; open your ears and hear the things which human
Lips cannot utter; stretch forth your arm of strength and accomplish that which you
will. Go Your way into expression. It is well with
you. Be whole; be free; be newly born.” you who are
Reading this page, do you hear? Do you hear? Do you hear? In the glorious all-now, it is
Well with you -rise and declare from the housetops your being. It is wonderful! It is
Wonderful! It is wonderful! Even the wrath of man shall praise thee -even the thing which
Has seemed so untoward shall rise and sing thy glory. The limited personal jesus shall
praise The christ within Your consciousness. You
shall call it from the housetops of your being by telling it in secret to
Your soul – by pure recognition of the all-presence in the all-now. Human language fails to express anything like
the joy of the all-now, but between the lines You will find the spirit that will accomplish
this for you. Be still; the unuttered word is the
Word of god which shall not, cannot, and has not the ability to return unto you void. For
the Word of god is fulfilment pressing toward
your consciousness for expression. The word Which speaks it into existence is the actual
recognition of the presence everywhere. “i am here, i am there, i am everywhere.”
to recognize this is to understand without further
Difficulty how it is that you can now reach out across the universe and touch me in another
Being, and cause that being to take on the splendid sense of health, of happiness, and
Prosperity that you formerly tried to make happen by beseeching special favors of me.
The Sons of god shout for joy -you cannot help
it -“blessings, blessings, blessings, so many you
Cannot count them” -blessings so many -like the deluge of golden mist that fills the valley
After a storm -you are filled with this invisible-visible substance, and the light from this
Consciousness causes all the evil shadows of human belief to recede. It is well with
you. “blessings, blessings, blessings, so many
you cannot count them.” do you hear? Do you hear?
Not the cold human words, but the spirit of that which sets aside every human law, however
Conceived or made. Blessings that come from the grace of god pouring into expression into
Your life in the all-now, in the all-presence. Be still outwardly, and shout for joy within
until it has shattered the walls of your prison. Do
You see? If you once glimpse the all-presence in the all-now you will begin to see that
i am Not only here and there and everywhere, but
i am everything and partake of the nature of
Everything through this great oneness. I am everything and everybody; i am all. I speak to you , and for this reason comes
this message into your hand. From this instant i
Am into manifestation in your life as a real, living factor – not as a far-off god, but
as the very Life of your life, the great connecting-link
between you and everything manifest on the earth.
It is well; be not afraid. It is i. I have many things to show you when you can
be still. One by one the clamoring voices of
Argument, revenge, and resentment will have screamed themselves lifeless. That which can
Rend you must come out of you, even though you fall as one dead, and dead you will be
to Human babbling. This which can rend you sore
must come out of you so that you can soar to New heights which were impossible with the
former baggage. Let go, give up, and call down
Into manifestation the blessing of the all-now and the all-presence. “i am here (right while
You are reading, right while i am writing), i am there, i am everywhere.” the coming and
Going of things is only in the human thought. Nothing passes away in the reality of the
real. There is nothing to be destroyed or hurt or
made right. When you have ascended into heaven and glimpsed
the eternal, perfect harmony of that Consciousness without beginning or ending,
you will descend into the hell of your human Thinking and bring with you the all-presence,
and see this hell self-consumed. You will see
The fire of evil wiped out by the blaze of life. You will merely bring the recognition
of that Which is in heaven unto earth, or out into
the manifest world, and see it change. You will see
A whole city appear with the evaporation of a fog of human thinking and belief, and your
Heaven unfold before you out of the mystification of your human thought. Right where you
Are is holy ground, for “i am here, i am there, i am everywhere.” unlatch latchets of your
Sandals; let go of the human reasoning or the how, why, when, and where; let go of all
Systems of truth, and drink deep of the living water of inspiration wich is wordless and
Unutterable. I shall impress you with that which is. “stand and deliver” – “he who hears obeys.”
“when the son of man cometh, shall he find faith
On the earth?” you have to answer that for yourself. Perhaps you have already answered
it in The negative for the rest of the world. But
it has nothing to do with the rest of the world; it has
Only to do with your world. When the revelation cometh to you, when i come to you and
Speak, even as i am speaking at this instant, shall that i find faith -recognition on the
earth in The manifest realm of your earth? While you
are looking for evil in the world to overcome, You are making so much noise you can not hear
me as i stand at your door and knock. It is Well; be not afraid; one day the awakening
comes, and then you take your pearl of great price
And run away and bury it in a field -in a new state of consciousness -and you tell no
man About it. And you know why. The deepening
of consciousness takes place, and with it the
Glorious accompanying manifestation. Have i not said to you in many ways, “if a man
lose his Life he shall find it”? If you lose the personality,
letting it be swallowed up in the i am, then Will you lose also all the human law pertaining
to that personality; the problems of that Personality will then be of no concern to
you, for they will cease to exist. The personality is on
The plane of cause and effect -the four months to the harvest -the “as ye sow, so shall ye
Reap”; but when you are lost in me, you find your real life, the life everlasting. Literally
some Will find this and appropriate it, and be
translated into the new and wonderous spirit. Remember, i have said unto you, “the last
enemy that shall be overcome is death.” when you
Lose your limited personal sense of life in the all-life, you lose the sense of disease
and evil, And without disease, death cannot come into
manifestation. Hence the last enemy, the last Belief in a power outside of the all-presence,
is swallowed up. Death is swallowed up in Victory, in life, and you shall say, “whereas
before i was dead, now (the only) i am alive.” Take away the condemnation from your world,
bathe it in the new light of love and life. When you cease to look for evil, evil will
cease to manifest to you. “kick the hell of Rigid things from ‘neath you feet and leap
through space; and space Shall hold you with the thrilling flux of
life ascending; and hold You more complete in every part than did the
rigid coils ye flung Behind you.” The rigid coils of human thinking -the age
old beliefs and laws that have seemed like the
Coils of a python, crushing the very life out of you! These shall finally be put from
you by Being divested of their power. There is that
upward rising, that quickening, that going to the
Father, which is the recognition which lift up to the mount. “underneath are the everlasting
Arms”; the everlasting power is with you and in you and through you. The great
Changelessness of the law of god -which is, “as above, so below; as within, so without.”
no Place can you go where i am not. If you take
the wings of the morning and fly to uttermost Parts of the earth, there am i; or into hell,
there am i. I only have to be recognized to set
Aflame the bush by the wayside. I have myriad ways of speaking to you – when the scales
of a Double universe have dropped from your eyes.
I am that i am do you hear? Nothing is hard To me. You who have struggled all night with the
angel shall at last have the bandage of human Belief torn from your eyes, and you shall
loose it and let it go. So many have tried this by first
Recognizing that the angel had power which was working against them, and then, in trying
To let go, found it practically impossible to do so. Do you not see that the only reason
a Problem has power is because you feed it constantly
with your thought? The more your Attention is upon it, the greater it becomes
to you; then one day you recognize the startling Fact that you are sustaining it like a parasite,
which is mocking the meat it is feeding upon, And you take from it the nourishment of thought,
and find that in so doing you have loosened The only hold it had upon you. Do you see?
You who read this page? You? In the spaceless And timeless centre of Your soul you will see the nothingness of
the dust of human existence -you will see that the
Thousand years have been but a day, and that you stand gloriously revealed to yourself,
and It is this inner revelation which causes the
human manifestation to come to higher and more
Perfect proportions and expression. The effect will take care of itself. The out-picturing
of the State recognized within will automatically
be made manifest. When the mind lets go of what
Is has been holding in the hand, the hand lets go and drops the article automatically,
even Though it was holding on with all might and
main before. Do you see that the results that Follow are the signs which follow, and which
do not precede? When you are not looking for Signs, for results, it will be because you
are completely satisfied that the law of god never
Fails, and therefore any anxiety or thought you take regarding the outcome of the inner
vision Is totally wasted, and in many cases acts
as a mist which obscures the truth which should Appear. I have passed you often on the highways of
life, and you have failed to see or hear me, Because you are eternally looking to the outward
shell. Remember that i speak through any Avenue that is free enough to let me into
expression. I do not always come with purple and
Fine linen or the approval of a church; i come in the manner in which you can best see
me; But if you are hypnotized to the outside,
to the appearances, then you will pass me by. Fear not! When you are ready i will do the
works through you. When you are ready to let go
Of the limiting sense of things about you, and the limiting personality with wich you
have Identified yourself, you will see me. “i am here, i am there, i am everywhere” -blessings,
blessings, blessings, so many you Cannot count them.” do you hear? You who read
this page? You? Chapter Four THE LAUGHTER OF GOD “God has made me to laugh, so that all that
hear Will laugh with me.” Deep in my soul I hear the Laughter of God,
ringing in silvery cadences through the timbers Of my being, breaking the human bonds and
limitations as a strong yet gentle wind in the
Forest sweeps aside the strands of cobweb. The hard, fast knots that I had tied slipped
loose, And the snarls of beliefs broke free. The
river of my human life, frozen by a thousand and one
False ideas and teachings, broke joyously into expression and went bounding to the infinite
Sea of Life, to be lost and found at the same time. One dark cave of fear after another
was Illuminated by the light of this laughter,
and swampy areas of sick thoughts were dried up
Instantly. Parched sands of hopelessness and futile efforts were drenched by the living
Waters, sucked in -absorbed instantly like a wave breaking on the sands. God laughing
at Me, and my puny efforts to make things happen;
to make heaven appear; to attain the Sonship. Not the laugh of derision, but of
infinite compassion, a laughter so deep and sweet,
So pure and glorious that everything in the nature of struggle gave way before it. And the breath of that glorious laughter blew
all the dirty rags of personal teaching and self-
Aggrandizement away from me, and at first the fierce joy that proceeded from the unheard-
Heard peals of laughter made me afraid -afraid that everything worth while was being
Taken from me, and that I should be naked; but no sooner had the filthy rags of personality
Blown free than I was clothed in a panoply of light, and in this glorious raiment of
light I saw For the first time the glory of the Spirit
made flesh. I stood before the infinite peals of laughter,
which flowed through all creation like floods of
Golden mist, filled with speechless wonder at the beauty of the world I had lived in
-which Had been invisible because of my separation,
because of my personal ideas about attainment. I was as a child with a small measure at the
seaside, trying to carry off a little water when the
Whole sea was at my disposal, and I understood for the first time the exhaustless sea of
Substance about me, and that the idea of hoarding was but a childish fear grown into a
Goliath by false teaching and beliefs. I suddenly became aware that the substance was
Everywhere, in everything, out of everything, and the only place of lack was in the hypnotic
State of belief – and I alone created and moved in this vacuum. And the glorious laughter rolled on, searching
the very joints and marrow of me dislodging Every belief in fear, sickness, or age. And
as it swept over me and through me and Round about me, I was amazed with the wonder
of it -the fierce, terrible thing which was at
The same time so beautiful and free. The wonder of it kept singing through my soul as veil
After veil of belief was rent asunder and new kingdoms stood revealed. And the whole
thing Was as if one just saw a little deeper, as
one looks through the surface reflection on a river and
Sees the pebbles and shells below, that was all; only the Laughter made this possible,
for it Cleared away all the effort and straining
which in its attempt to see God had been halted at
The reflection on the surface, instead of gazing into the limpid, glorious depth of
Infinity. The Voice, as its honeyed tones flowed out like
a burst of sunshine through storm-clouds, was so Unlabored, so untrammeled, and so Divinely
indifferent, it seemed to envelop me with an
Instant realization that all was well. No matter how many struggles had been made, no
Matter how many mistakes, how many shortcomings, how many failures, how long the
Belief, or how short the hate, it was all swept aside as nothing. The glorious Divine
ease with Which it was expressed made disease impossible.
It was the overturning an overturning that Had to take place before He, the Laughing
One, could come into expression. The people of
God are a people of joy, and it is not until they hear this God Laughter in their souls
that they Have attained to their heritage. What of this
race that speaks of the Kingdom and doing the
Father’s work, and uses all the language of the Truth, and at the same time sows seeds
of fear And hellish inventions? What is this race
that is always seeking evil to destroy, like a weasel
Seeks out a rat? What is the hopelessness they preach – that on one hand, you are the
Sons of God, and on the other, that you must fight
against evil of every sort and nature? “Ah, yes, but,
If, and maybe – they roll these Stumbling-blocks under their tongues with
a wise twinkle in their eyes, as much as to say,
Yes, it is all true, but it comes only with hard labor and long study, and it is not for
such as You, sinner and worm of the dust that you
are, until you have purified yourself in the fount of
My wisdom and paid me personal homage.” And it is then that the Magdalene hears the
Laughter of God and is clean and free; and in an
Instant too; and it is when the cripple hears the Laughter of God that he leaps to his feet
and Runs away praising the Living God. And it
is when you, no matter where you are, or what You are, no matter what you have done or left
undone, hear the Laughter of the God within And the God without, that you will crash through
the gates of hell and find heaven, no matter What these gates may be – person, place, or
thing. One moment’s recognition that you are the
Son of the Living God, and you have attuned your
Ear for the Laughter of God which will put to flight all the stupid ideas of mine and
thine, and Free you into an expression that you have
not yet dreamed of. How can you restrain the joy
That fills you when you hear this laughter which, when it is heard, causes the winter
of your Discontent to break into full fruition, which
causes you to see literally that “before they call I
Will answer,” is not a bit of euphonious language, but a positive living, glowing fact. “I was
Afraid,” and therefore you were driven out of the Garden of Life. You have been afraid
that God will punish you -that it is too good to
be true -that you are not ready -that it Comes by great learning; and so you are still
without the portals of your own kingdom, trying Every way but the only way to re-enter. Many
there be who try the way of violence, and Many who expect to ride in on the skirts of
another. There are some so foolish as to invite this. Why do you not stop trying to get things,
trying to learn how to get power, place? Why do
You not come away from the man whose breath is in his nostrils? -You who read this page,
And go within and hear the Laughter of God, and know that “it does not matter” -that the
Things which gave you great concern are all swept away into the dump heap? The sooner
you Learn this the sooner you will see they have
no value. And one time, when you take away Their value, they are possible of attainment
to you. You profess to be a follower of the Master.
If you in any way believe this, you will begin to listen for the Laughter of God through
your Whole being, and will know that the Laughter
of God sets you free from the snarling Discontent of the Tower of Babel in which
you have been living. Presently, as you listen for this Laughter,
you will hear it, and gradually you will begin Laughing -billows of laughter, silently-audible
laughter that will shatter one limitation after
Another; laughter filled with the Divine Indifference which knows that the Universe if filled
With God and only God, and to recognize this will cause this laughter to flow into expression
And shatter the belief in sin, sickness, and death. And when this belief is shattered in
you, the Pictures of this on your universe are dissipated
and are no more, and even the place thereof is
No more. You will know why there can be naught but laughter in the Kingdom of Heaven.
What good of words or arguments? What in human sense is a lecture worth on the subject of
Laughter, as compared to one glorious sudden peal of joy released by a God soul and picked
Up by all those in hearing distance? And gradually, as you learn of the Laughter
of God and join in with the Glory of the Sons of
The Living God, then you will laugh at yourself. You will perhaps go back and laugh all the
Mistakes and faults and limitations out of existence. You will stand with your glorious
feet on The mountain-tops of Self-Revelation, laughing
at your universe and with your universe, and Laughing in words: “It is wonderful, it is
wonderful, it is wonderful.” “Let the filthy be filthy still.” Some may
read into the Laughter of God a belief in carelessness
And indifference, and some consecrated souls may rail and tear their hair and say that
it is Encouraging license and making nothing of
sin, in order that one may indulge in sin, and so
On; and for them this message is not. He that hath ears shall hear what the Scripture
saith unto the Churches, and only he that hath
A single eye is through with trying to twist meanings to suit personal ends. But he that
hath The consciousness of the Son of the Living
God shall not find it strange that “he that is of too
Pure eyes to behold iniquity” should laugh at the belief in it that has bound men for
so long; And this Divine disregard does not in any
way encourage license, but gives liberty to the Sons
Of God. It breaks up the dank morasses of human belief and reveals itself as heaven,
a state of Consciousness, which finds not happiness at
the disposal of sin, health at the disposal of
Sickness, and harmony at the disposal of inharmony; but finds these pairs of opposites swept
Away. It finds man the individual Son of the Living God, experiencing power and wisdom
Such as could not be put in human language. The impress of the Divine upon the human causes
the human to express in what to the Unenlightened thought may seem to be a supernatural
way. The how and why and when are All vested in the limited human concept of
life. You who read this page, when are you going
to start laughing the Laughter of God? When Are you going to join in the glorious chorus
which is already encircling the globe, and which Has for its password “It is wonderful”? You cannot stop this laughter
once it is started; you will shatter the belief in
Disease in thousands as you go along your way -not by a poor, half-hearted way of
Beseeching God, but with the ringing Laughter of God in your Soul which knows no sickness,
Sin, or disease, and hence cannot look upon it. And in this very knowledge it will impress
the Consciousness with the Eternal well-being
of the Son of the Living God. The man, if he hear
The Laughter -that is, if he be willing to hear it, instead of accepting the pinched
human Concepts of his human reasonings -shall break
the bounds of his limitations; crash through The gates of brass; shake off the shackles
of beliefs; burst through the prison bars of his own Making, and find himself free,
free, free, and find his soul ringing with laughter and with the
Song, “It is wonderful.” Whoever you are who reads this page -you who
sit in prison houses of disease, sin and Unhappiness -listen, listen, listen. I am
the door of attainment. He will “fill thy mouth with
Laughing and thy lips with rejoicing.” I am the door to this glorious Laughter of God
-I am The way to the eternal bliss and harmony of
the Sons of the Living God. No matter where this
Finds you; nothing is hopeless or helpless; this joyous Laughter of the recognition of
God, Here and now, of the Finished Kingdom -of
the sudden discovery that Jesus was not a liar,
But a truth-sayer, a concrete truth-sayer, when He said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is at
hand -it is within you” -will cause this Kingdom
to descend out of the clouds of your belief and
Be real. How can you help laughing silently and audibly the Laughter of God, and see its
Ringing notes shatter the silly arguments about life? “The wisdom of man is foolish
in the eyes Of God.” Why try to measure the inspiration
of the Almighty against any man-made teaching! “I will make you fishers of men.” I, the I
am, when once discovered will make the one who
Discovers it a Fisher of Men. Who can resist the Laughter of God -the fearless Laughter
of God ringing through the universe, sweeping
all the debris of human belief out of the way? no
Matter if it be thousands of years old, and hoary with the respect of mankind. Not one
Stone shall remain in place. The very foundations of the human belief shall be shaken in order
That the True Cornerstone, which has been rejected up to now, shall be laid. Yes, the
Stone the Very Stone that the Master gave to us -the
philosopher’s Stone if you will, which we Have rejected, because to accept it would
have been to have overthrown great temples of
Human reasoning -will finally be made the Head Stone of the Temple of Truth. You are
the Temple of the Living God, and from out the
inner recesses of your being proceeds the Laughter of God. “The Sons of God shout for
joy.” You will shout for joy, not because of
Victory over evil, but because you have at last realized that the Kingdom of Heaven is
not a Place of overcoming evil, but of revelation
which is above the belief of a divided universe. Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall
give thee Light. And I heard the Laughter of God
In the Soul of my very being -ringing in glorious cadence throughout my universe, causing
Me suddenly to burst into a glorious laughter which was full of praise, full of wonder -full
Of wonder and amazement at that which I had missed through looking through a glass
Darkly. “Arise, shine, for thy light has come” -do you hear? “It is wonderful! It is wonderful!
It is wonderful!” Heaven and earth are full of Thee -sin, sickness, and death have vanished
Away. I hear the Laughter of God ringing in the deep recesses of your soul, you who read
this Page. I see the moving finger writing across
all the worries and fears of a lifetime “It does not
Matter,” and I see this laughter writing the things of beauty over the walls of your temple
and Casting a glorious glistening white robe -a
seamless robe of attainment -over you. And at
Last I hear you laughing from the mountain-peak as you go on your way, without thought of
Scrip or purse or robe or ring or upper chamber, and long before you have reached your
Destination the Laughter of God in your soul has gone ahead and made ready the upper
Chamber, and the Host has come out to receive you. Do you hear? You who read this page?
You? Under the aegis of Jesus Christ you can “go” with the Laughter of God in your heart. Chapter Five YOUR DIVINE HERITAGE “Claim your right and Press your claim.” What
is your right? Who are you? Until you fully Recognize these two points, you are merely
playing about with an affirmation -merely toying
With some words. Thousands have spent years of their lives claiming, “All that the Father
Hath is mine,” and had difficulty finding enough to pay for a week’s lodging and food. Beloved, how long will you wait without, seeking
for that which is in plain sight? How long Will you try to make God do that which is
already done? When will you identify yourself With the Christ within, the Son of the Most
High, and begin to see the right -the Divine Heritage -the joy that will come to you when
you realize that life is not just one long, Tiresome job of demonstrating God? Thousands
are to-day rising each morning and getting Busy, knowing the truth about God and his
universe, hoping thereby to overcome some of the
Fiendish conditions of the flesh-and finding themselves defeated. Who are you? Were you created by God, or by
some erring human concept which has thrown You into a hell of change, and then given
you a glimmer of light which says that if by your
Prayers you can establish the fact that there is a God, perhaps he will give you a crust
of Bread? You have been taught as much -conceived
in sin, brought forth in iniquity, worm of The dust, miserable sinner. Where does the
Divine heritage come in? Where does the Child of
God find its own? Nowhere, and everywhere. Nowhere so long as you are looking for him
in Some far-off place, and everywhere when you
recognize the presence here and now. Now are We the Sons of God -right now. When a man
hears the word “now” in its true sense he finds
He has been spelling it backward, and that in reality the “now” understood means “won”
You Have won the sonship and all that goes with
it when you understand the “now” of Spirit. You
Are not a mixture of matter and spirit. Ice and steam are the same in essence ; but as
steam the Water is lighter than ice. You are not a material
thing separated from God, but a being of pure Spirit. If God had been clay in the first
instance, everything that he evolved would have been
Made of clay; but we find him as pure Spirit, all inclusive, and hence the creation must
of Necessity be Spirit. You, as the. Highest
manifestation of this power, are made of the all-
Inclusive substance of mind called Spirit. You are the Son or the centre of manifestation,
Where all the innate qualities of God pour out into expression. It is asking no special
Dispensation or favor of God for you, as the Son, to “claim your right and press your claim.”
It Is merely recognizing that which innately
belongs to you. The name of the Prince of Wales is Edward
David Windsor; but the power is vested in his
Claiming his rights as the Prince of Wales, and pressing his claim into expression. You
are a Prince -by the name of I am -only you fail
to recognize this, and hence beg at the open Fount, wondering if, by beseeching the tyrant
you worship through fear, he will give you Enough to live on. The less you ask for, the
harder it is to get-not because of any stinginess of
The Power, but by reason of its tremendous affluence. If you hold a pint cup in Niagara
halls You will come away with it empty -not because
of the lack of water, but because of too much Water. The force of the water dashes everything
out as fast as it gets in, because the measure Is too small. Your poor little vision of what
belongs to you keeps you from having the Abundance of Spirit. You can have all, and
all be left. “All that the Father hath is mine.” Where
is the Father? What is the Father? If you look at this
In terms of Jesus’ words, you find that the Father is within you-and you have everything
or all That your Father has. Putting this through
the limited beliefs of personality causes you to
Partake of the good, bad, or indifferent states of your consciousness. All that you have in
your Consciousness-all that you conceive the Father
within you to be -is all that you actually have Into manifestation. If your room is ten feet square, you can have
the entire radio concert, just the same as a man
With a room a thousand feet square, and this can go on indefinitely and still all of it
remain. The measure that you hold to the universe
is all that can possibly come into manifestation. If
You are dissatisfied with the results of your daily life, it cannot be rectified from without,
but A better concept of the rather within -taking
attention entirely away from the Appearances -will enable you to bring out what you formerly
called demonstrations. You Will begin to see that enlarging the borders
of your tent means becoming more conscious of
The Power within and discovering its unlimited capacities-which are up and beyond anything
That you can think of. All things are possible to ME, but nothing
is possible to me. I doubt if a great portion of the
People in the world would be affected one way or the other by the name David Windsor,
but Most anyone is interested in the name the
Prince of Wales and yet they are one and the Same person. If he did not recognize this
fact, another would certainly usurp his rights. Even
Though he be born to the place, yet, if he did not recognize this, he would never have
the Power of it. Even though you are horn the
Son of God, with unlimited power and happiness Within your rights, until you recognize this
you function along as John Smith or some other Person, ignorant of the glorious freedom of
the Sons of God, and you will beg for a crust When you might be sitting at the overflowing
table of the Infinite Spirit. Joy comes when you make a clear line of demarcation
between the John Smith and the Christ. You begin at once to appropriate the rights
of the Son of God. In pressing your claim you do
Not drive a hard bargain -you do not fight; in this sense “pressing” means merely standing
Firm on the points that you know to be true, and turning not to the right or left. It means
Saluting no man as you pass along the way (saluting no belief of doubt or appearance
as you Go forward into expression of the Son of God). “Claim your rights -and press your claim,”
says Father Divine, and shows by his magnificent Example that the Son of God hath power on
earth to forgive sins (to correct the ignorance of
Human belief). And then follow the magnificent works without number, until millions of
Blessings are pouring down about everybody. When I attempt to count my blessings, they
are As numerous as the sands of the sea. Your
blessings, Son of the Living God, are so numerous That you have no time to contemplate the lack
of anything, and, when you attempt to count The blessings, you find the lack has been
swallowed up in abundance, and you are free, here
And now, as the Jon of the Living God. It is wonderful! It is wonderful! It is wonderful!
” Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.” Prove me and see if I will not open windows
in heaven and pour out a blessing you will not
Be able to receive. Where is heaven? It is a state of consciousness. What is the ME?
It is the I am within you, and hence the windows that
are to be opened are in your own consciousness, And the blessings that are to be poured out
are the ideas which will pour out through your Own mind into the manifest world of expression.
“It is wonderful. Millions and millions of Blessings are yours.” Do You Hear, Son of
God? Stop this useless trying to seek Me after the
Loaves and fishes, and find ME as the pure substance of Spirit, and you will hear the
joyous Command, “Heretofore ye have asked for nothing
; now ask, that your joy might be full.” Not Nearly full, but full to overflowing I Do
you begin to see what the Father means when he says,
“Press your claim” after having claimed your rights? You are one with the mighty sea of
Substance. As the wave is one with the ocean -never for
one instant separated -and rises and loses itself
In the ocean, so man finds that by Losing his life
he finds it, And by saving his life he loses it. When you lose your little personal sense of
life, you will find the One Life-that which is
Wonderful -the life that is Won Now -the heaven, here and now. What have you to worry over, beloved? A new
day, a new start, a new idea. No matter where This finds you -no matter into what depths
you have fallen or to what dizzy heights you have
Climbed -you have the wonderful chance of finding the glorious True Self within, and
Claiming your rights and pressing your claim as the Son of the Living God. Just imagine
what This means. It means that there is no more
personal effort to and to be. It means that the
Father within is responsible, and it means that the I am goes before your John Smith
and Makes the way clear and perfect. Do you see
why you suddenly awaken to the realities of Being, and begin to take your good out of
the universe? For, as the Father says, “I am here, and I
am there, and I am everywhere,” so you find that
The power in the wave is not separated from the ocean, but moves through the wave, an
Impersonal power; so the power in you is not a personal possession of health, happiness,
or Prosperity, but is an impersonal power which
is merely pouring itself out into expression Through the visible means supplied. Do you
see, then, how all men (Sons of God) are equal? We have been hypnotized to the belief that
we were body, with a little health or power shut
Up within; with a little capacity to earn money; with a little wit to psychologize people
out of Money or things. And now we are awake to the
fact that the power is pouring through us, Never the same and always the same. As we
go toward the fountain at the distance, we have
Not seen the same picture two minutes in succession; the water has been changing constantly,
Yet has held the same form; and so it is with the Spirit. It is a constant change of changeless
Power coming into manifestation. You are the Son of God, and the Great Power is here and
There and everywhere. If you go into the desert, you have but to recognize this to find it
Blossoming as a rose. “I am here, and I am there, and I am everywhere.” It is wonderful
-it Is truly wonderful. Blessings, blessings,
blessings. Do you see, beloved, the gift -the complete
-wholeness ? For this Is (right here and now) Life Eternal, that they might know me. To
know the ME -the I Am -and to identify yourself With this, is to experience the Life Eternal
which needs nothing. Can you conceive of Spirit Being burned, drowned, killed, aided or assisted
in any way by matter? To know yourself as The Son is to experience the freedom of the
Son of God -to experience the power of decreeing A thing and seeing it come to pass. The recognition
-re-cognition -cognizing again that Which has always been true -the Divine remembrance
of your rightful heritage, is what will Restore to you the lost substance of life,
is what will bring to you the robe, the ring, and the
Fatted calf. To him that hath shall be given, and to him that hath not shall be taken away.
You Have into manifestation exactly what you have
in consciousness -good, bad, or indifferent. Why waste any further time trying to change
the outside condition, when it is held in Manifestation by the inner state of consciousness
? To him that hath shall be givenbecause he Will take, be this good, bad, or indifferent
manifestation. A man with a consciousness full of
Troubles always gets more troubles, and he finds them everywhere. It is what he finds
to be True, and so he must find it into manifestation. No wonder the prophet asked, ” What have you
in your house ? “What have you in your house, your consciousness?
You have just what you conceive the Father within to be, and you cannot increase
this until you begin to recognize the nature of
The pure substance of Spirit from which all things come into manifestation. Until you
Recognize the True Self, and stop trying to doctor up an old body or condition, you cannot
Know the glory of the Son of God. You are not an old creature patched up. You are a
New Creature in Christ Jesus. You are a new, perfect
manifestation ; to recognize this is to claim Your rights and press your claim by the serene
power of the Almighty. Every perfect gift cometh down from the Father
of Lights, with whom there is no change, Neither shadow of turning. Where is the Father?
How long will you look for him in some far- Off locality? How long will you seek among
the husks for the substance of life? Every gift that
Is to come to you as John Smith will proceed out of the centre of the I am consciousness
Within yourself. Behold, I am he that should come. I am that I am has sent me into
Expression. It is wonderful, it is wonderful. Blessings, blessings, blessings. I am the
Son of the Living God. Claim your rights and press your
claim. Son of the Living God, I salute you! Arise! Leave the filth of your human reasoning
and go unto your Father within. Let the filthy Be filthy still. Let all those who wish to
sell the Word of God continue to do so. Let those who
Want to argue continue their arguments. Let those judges and spiritual busybodies cast
their Stones. Go thy way; it is well with thee. The new
secret has been revealed to you; do you hear? Peace
Be unto you. It is well. Now and always. “Claim your right and press your claim.” It is well
With you. Now and always. Son of the Living God, arise and go thy way into Expression.
Now is the time. Now is the Day of Salvation. Now are we the Sons of God. Now are millions
Of blessings yours. Be still. Be still. Be still. It is wonderful, it is wonderful, it
is wonderful. Blessings, blessings, blessings. Chapter Six MY NamE IS WONDERFUL My name is wonderful, the mighty, the counselor,
the Prince of Peace. Of my reign there shall Be no end’ the government shall be upon my
shoulders. Call upon my name and I shall answer thee
-that is why, when you call the word wonderful, The very soul of the idea rises and shakes
off its grave-clothes. To call it wonderful, though it
Be coated over with appearances of death and disease, of sin or poverty, is to see the
sleeping Lazarus arise – not from death, but from beliefs,
and shed his limiting bandages and bonds. Call upon my name and I shall answer. My name
is wonderful -the mighty -the name of the I am -the eternally present tense of life
-the ETERNAL FIRST PERSON, from which Emanates the unspoken-spoken word and the
invisible-visible. Call upon Me and I will Answer you; yea, even before you call I will
answer. I am before all the beliefs of limiting Human beliefs. Though a man were dead, yet
shall he live again; though you were dead in the
Hypnotism of a thousand years of belief, yet shaii you live again in this truth, and wonder
After wonder pass over you. Self-revelation -revelation of hidden talents of which you,
the John Smith, have never dreamed -revelation
of capacities and opportunities which were Beyond your fondest dreams, come to the surface
and are yours for the mere acceptance. It is
Wonderful. ‘Salute no man that thou passeth upon the
highway,” lest he try to foist upon you a personal
Teaching -lest he try to turn you aside by his own holier-than-thou brand of teaching.
Look Within, and look away from the fleeting man
those breath is in his nostrils. ‘Look unto a me
[the Christ within] all the ends of the earth, and be saved” from the dire effects of your
beliefs. Though you be red like crimson with beliefs
in sin, sickness, and limitation, yet shall you be
White as snow -because you were always that way, and always shall be that way. Pretty
soon You shall see Me, and shall glory in the revelation,
and see the glorious possibilities of the Sons of God. Then will you drink deep of the
Water of Life, and go forth and smite the rock of
Human intelligence and make it gush forth the waters in such floods and abundance that
it Will cause the parched desert or your life
to blossom as a rose. Do you hear? Do you heed?
You are the Child of the Living God. Your name is wonderful. Call upon Me and I shall
Answer -yes, before you call I will answer. All the human reasoning goes down like a house
Of cards before the self-revelation. What of this wisdom which today is true and tomorrow
is Found to be nothing, and cast into the furnace
of oblivion? All sin is but ignorance of Me – it is
The conscious or unconscious ignoring of my presence. As soon as you understand, the results
Of your ignorance or ignoring Me disappear, and you find harmony. As soon as you have
the Answer to a problem, you have no problem;
you cannot have answer and problem at the same
Time: a problem is only a problem as long as it remains unanswered. And the problems
of life Remain unanswered until you realize that I
am the answer to everything, for all problems are
Merely the ignorance -the ignoring of ME, your inner Lord, your True Self, and the Real
YOU. My wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of man,
whose breath is in his nostrils: he has only that
Breath for a few years, and then it gives out and he falls by the way. Verily, verily
I say unto You, “you must a born again’ -awakened to
the Truth of Being, which will cause you to see
Through the limited beliefs, and make you shout to the most foreboding evil that the
belief World is capable of presenting to you: “It
is wonderful.’ It is the name of the I am, the Father-
Mother, or Divine Neuter, or All-Complete. It is wonderful, and, when recognized, comes
out Into manifestation, and One with this consciousness
is a Majority. Do you hear? “put up your Sword” – “you do not need to fight – set yourself
and see.” Be still, beloved. I am at this instant revealing
My (Your) self to you -wordless impressions, Nameless glories -revelation after revelation.
I am bringing to your sight the lustre of the
Pearl of Great Price. Once you have seen this, you will know that nothing matters and that
Everything matters. You will know the serenity of your soul and see the fleeting shadows
of The human belief disappear, because you have
but to call upon Me, then, and have the Immediate answer. And this will only be after the desire for
show and fame and name have faded out and you
Are on the highway of life, speaking the word, not for praise, but because you cannot help
Speak of Me, the inner Lord. You will not go about healing, but will go about recognizing
the Living Word and calling it into expression.
The moment it is recognized by you it will make
Itself manifest. But if you enter into a state or city (consciousness) where the word is
not Received, and argument is offered, shake the
dust of this dead belief off of you and go your
Way. It is the dusty, dead argument of these who have to stay behind and bury their dead
Fathers. All human reasoning belongs to that category. Inspiration cannot be narrowed into
The limitations of human intellect. “Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither
hath if Entered into the heart of man, the things
that prepared for them that love the law.” If the eyes
Have not seen and ears have not heard, then why should you listen to the limiting beliefs
of The human thought about the coming of your
good into manifestation? Do you not see that Only when a seal is put on your lips, and
you go within to the Me of You and identify Yourself with this, can you taste of the glories
of the Kingdom’ What matter what a thousand Books say? What matter what a thousand sermons
preach? You have entered into a reality Where, having eyes, ye see, and ears, ye hear,
that which the limited human sight and hearing Is incapable of experiencing. You will flee
then from the man whose breath is in his nostrils, Who is still trying to sell you his John Smith
brand of truth who is forever talking about the
Healings he has made or experienced: for you will be in a place where there is nothing
to heal: There is only revelation to be brought out.
You shall be silent and serene and joyous; a song
Will be singing deep in your heart that the world cannot help but see. Yea, they shall
see the Song and say “You are a celestial being having
a happy mask. ‘ Then will you know that the King can play
the beggar, but the poor beggar can never Possibly play the King -then will you see
the unlimited possibilities of the Son of the Living
God, and will not think it strange that you begin the appropriation of your good; nothing
Shall be impossible to you. Do you hear? Do you hear? Do you hear? “Nothing is impossible
To Me, the Christ.’ Everything is impossible to a, John Smith. If you still have to drag
the Corpse of the John Smith and his history of
sin and limitations with you, you cannot enter, for
You are now a New Creature in a new universe, not an old creature patched up. Do you hear?
Do you hear? Be still. It is well. Well. I am here -my
name is Wonderful. Call upon me and I will answer You. I am everywhere evenly present,
in the lowest dive of your human belief as well as the
Most lofty temple. I have but to be recognized to be made manifest. If you are in hell, there
Am I; call upon Me and I will answer: and judge not from the appearances, for these
shall pass In a swirl or hypothetical ether. You shall
look for the place thereof and it too shall be gone,
For it will be as the ice upon the river when the summer has come -it has been swallowed
up In the activity if the flowing, life-giving
river. Nothing shall be lost, but all shall be saved.
Right where you stand is holy ground. The desert
You inhabit is full of promise. You do not need to go into a far country; your Father
is right There you are; but you have to arise -to recognize
his presence -and go to him in Consciousness to receive the All Good, even
though you have already wasted it all, you are
Never hopeless, forlorn, or deserted. You are the Son of the Living God now and here,
and You are being self-revealed. It is wonderful,
it is wonderful, it is wonderful . A new door opens before you -the old things
pass away; the binding history of your past has
Melted into oblivion, and you stand self revealed -Son of the Living God, with the truth
Written in your heart. ‘With God nothing is impossible” -with God consciousness -and you
Have this as Jesus showed he had it, by recognizing its presence and using it; not with fear
And wonder, but with boldness and joy; not by thinking that he was a special favoured
Manifestation of the creation, but by accepting the good , the joy, and the power as natural,
Easy, and free. When will you arise and go unto your Father, and cease from the man whose
Breath is in his nostrils, and stop this wondering back and forth in the desert of human beliefs
And teaching? Within lies the all – the Father. I will speak to you out of the books of the
world and through the men of the world. Fear not it
Is well. No sooner are you willing and ready than I will supply the avenue through which
Shall pour forth such new wisdom and revelation that you will wonder -you will be filled
With wonder – you will know that it is wonderful – that a new state has been won which is full
Of the magic of new revelation. Life shall become One, all One; not two, but One -the
whole and You, as a point of consciousness, drawing
upon the infinite storehouse of the ALL. Things That cannot be written shall be told thee;
things that cannot be said shall be given thee
Through the feeling – the wordless feeling; things that cannot be seen shall be shown
thee, and Thou shalt know that the old order changeth,
and that thou art actually standing in the Eternal
Ways: and thou shalt draw from this great eternity, everything which thy heart desires
not for Selfish consumption, for personal gain and
self-aggrandizement, but for the Selfish Consumption (the consumption of the real self)
and for the personal (the Divine self) Gain, And for Self (the Son of God Self) Aggrandizement. As the great Mozart (*) conceived his whole
composition before he even heard a note heard it
All at once – not note by note, but the total effect of the all – so will you express Me;
so will you Find that whatsoever the desire be, the expression
is as sudden as is the reflection in the Mirror when you pass in front of it, and as
easy and as perfect, and as free from personal Effort. You shall find the deep things within
yourself, and know that the things which “eye Hath not seen’ are the things which dazzle
the human thought beyond all measure. (+) “Thoughts come streaming in and at their best.
Whence or how I know not, I cannot make Out. Then it [the composition keeps on growing,
and I keep on expanding it more distinctly, And the theme, however long it becomes indeed
almost finished in my head, so that I can Survey it in spirit, like a beautiful picture
or a fine person, and also hear it in imagination, not
Indeed successively, as by and by it must come out, but altogether. That is a delight.
All the Invention and construction go on in me as
in a fine strong dream, but the overhearing of it all
At once is still the best.” The gift is not, then, so trivial that it
amounts to a little prattling about the words of Jesus, or
Of making a few healings on the earth plane; it is the eternal going from mansion to mansion,
From one glorious expression to another, in the universal consciousness. Thus will you
Understand how it was that I, through the man Jesus, caused any things to happen of
which The world has never ceased to talk. Likewise
to you I shall reveal things which will cause the
Doors of the palace of the kings of the earth to fly open to you, and which will finally
cause The kings of the earth to seek you out and
lay their gifts at your feet. What is this puny sense
Interpretation of me, which offers a way to treat and heal disease and to prosper a man?
An it Be the anti-Christ which offers my robe for
sale to a lot of dirty gamblers? What do you want
With the truth? To be know of man? To set up a new system:, To get the applause of the
World, and to have them say to you, ‘He is a holy man? What went ye out to see That which
You no doubt found yourself, human or divine, out-pictured everywhere. What do you see
But an infinite self division -good, bad, or indifferent? What went ye out to see? A
world full Of evil and hatred, of sin and disease that
you, poor puny creature, went forth to dope up and
Set right. Perhaps ye go forth to be a martyr to the cause of me! Have I ever made this
Demand? And after your self-imposed martyrdom did you not find out that if was for self-
Glorification? When shall you go forth as the Son of the
Living God -the Bright Messenger with light which
Automatically dispels darkness? -not because it recognizes darkness as something to a rid
of, But because it exists no longer as a reality
at the coming of light. What do you bring with you
When you go forth into the universe? My name is Wonderful. I sit in the beggar’s
hut with the riches of the universe hidden away
Under the rags of the beggar; but I am unrecognized: everyone that looks at me either turns
Away or says: ‘Poor creature! Here, take this penny and buy yourself a crust of bread.”
But One comes and says, ‘Wonderful,’ and I answer,
“yea, yea,’ and rise, transformed from rags to
Silken garments; with purple and fine linen: with the silken tassels of my purse bursting
Because of their inability to hold the substance which is there. My name is Wonderful. I lie within the sick,
the dumb, the blind, the maimed, awaiting Recognition. I lie there, a perfect flood
of vitality, a stream of consciousness, which sees
Without eyes, hears without ears, speaks without words, and senses a vitality which knows
No limitations. I am greater than any instrument through which I express. I await recognition
So that the silly garments which have been hung upon me shall be cast aside and a new,
Beautiful body shall be made to appear. I await the one who will come and say, ‘It is
Wonderful,’ instead of the one who comes in pity and sympathy. I await the one who will
Recognize me in the hell of this physical limitation and this blinding pain of the belief
world, And call me by name to rise up and cause the
lame to go his way leaping for joy, the blind to
See, the dumb to sing, the crooked to be made straight, and the dead to arise. I await
Recognition of Me – I await the command, “Rise up and walk,” which follows the recognition.
I Await the command “Open your eyes,” to cause
sightless eyes to be full of light. That one who hath the single eye shall perceive
Me in the most wretched costume that human Belief has put upon Me, and shall call Me
out by this glorious recognition. I await the
Command “Be whole” -not be made whole, but be that which you eternally are. Who shall
Recognize Me? Who shall be the unafraid? That one shall tread upon the serpents of belief
and The dragons of human sense, and nothing shall
by any means hurt him. Who are you -you Who read this page, you who hold this book?
I speak to you alone, alone, alone -listen -listen
Within, within, deep within. Who are you! If you have heard Me speaking to you, then
a great cloud of joy surrounds you, and the peace
Which passeth all is yours, and you know that, irrespective of appearances, everything is
Alright -peace, peace, peace, peace. It is wonderful. A seal is placed upon your lips
-see that You tell no man. Chapter Seven THE SPIRIT OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS ‘The Spirit of the Consciousness of the presence
of God is the Source of all Supply. ‘The Spirit moving upon the face of the water’
-the Spirit of the consciousness is that Activating motive which brings into manifestation
the unseen things of the spiritual world. The Word becomes flesh by reason of the eternal
action of the Spirit. The quickening Spirit is
That which has brought it into manifestation here and now. All people have in some degree
The consciousness of the Presence of God. Many can speak volumes of words of and about
This consciousness, without manifestation enough to sustain them. Ten thousand holy
men, Under ten thousand banyan-trees, are not able
to do what one simple soul, without name or Station, can do through the recognition of
the Spirit of the Consciousness. Thousands may sit
In meditation -in a perfect state of inward bliss -while the worms unfasten the very temple.
They may proclaim ‘lord, Lord’ until the end of time, and may experience all sorts of Nirvana
While their bodies are rotting with disease, yet until the Spirit becomes flesh it remains
Invisible: hence, as far as the human manifestation is concerned, useless and unreal. What though I tell you of the riches of my
Father, the King, if I drop with hunger while Relating the fabulous stories? What though
I tell you of the all-health of Spirit, if I die with
Disease as I am speaking? What though I tell you of the guiding influence of Spirit, if
I cling Tenaciously to a position -am looking to an
organization or a salary to support my feeble Voice – while I loudly proclaim, “The Lord
is the source of a supply’? Until recognition of the Spirit -the living,
pulsating Spirit of the Presence of Consciousness of
God -is made, man is but another fully equipped power station, with infinite possibilities
to Illuminate the whole universe, but with no
manifestation. As a beautifully installed system of
Electricity remains in darkness until the wires are connected, so man, though he be
fully Equipped to flood his universe with light,
remains in darkness, until he recognizes the Presence of the Spirit. We recognize that
the universe is filled with infinite music, which may
Be produced anywhere, at any time, yet is inaudible until this recognition. So likewise
we Shall come to realize the All-Presence of
God, and this recognition in the ALL-NOW will Produce the quickening Spirit of instantaneous
accomplishment. Hitherto we have thought of Music as stored up in a gramophone record,
or in the soul of a person. We had no thought of
Its All-Presence in the ALL-NOW, but had to go to people and localities to produce it.
However wonderful the manifestation was, it was always hedged about with limitations.
Then suddenly came the recognition of the ALL-PRESENCE in the ALL-NOW, and at that
Instant it became known that it was possible anywhere, at any time, instead of in a single
Isolated spot. So when man comes to recognize the Spirit of the Consciousness he realizes
That, instead of this magnificent power being stored up in certain spiritual teachers, books,
or Places, it is infinite, and is instantly available
in an intensely practical way. ‘If the blind lead
The blind, thy both fall into a ditch.” The Truth Speaker will be known by the impersonality
of His words. He will not speak of himself but
of the power that has sent him into expression. He
Will not spread himself as a peacock. Or call attention to his high spiritual accomplishments.
“What went ye out to see?” When are you going to see ME, the glorious Spirit of the
Consciousness of the Presence of God in the midst of YOU? To the coward, death comes many times. “Prove
Me and see” is the command. ‘By their Works” -not by their words -‘shall ye know
them.” “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is
Liberty” there is the multitude listening. Look about you and see. The living, pulsating,
Vibrating SPIRIT of the Consciousness -the glorious thing made alive. A thousand wonderful
Buildings dedicated to God and His work stand empty while words of, and about, the truth
Are poured out in any tomes. Once the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of God
Enters in, the walls of the churches will burst with the multitude. Such a power is
the Light, That leads by an invisible way, the souls
that seek the Light. And this glorious manifestation is
Possible to you. You -do you hear? You lay aside the filthy garments or personal worship:
You will flee from man “Whose breath is in his nostrils.” You will cease the worship
of Personality, however consecrated and holy
it may appear. You will thrill with the Spirit Which is at last recognized within you. “you
will know that it is well with ME As the Spirit of the Consciousness of the
Presence of God is recognized within you, the belief
Of poverty or limitation of any sort evaporates. As the mist of belief clears away, you find
the Kingdom of Heaven here and now. This recognition
of the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of God acts not as a destroyer of
evil, but as a revelator of the ALL-GOOD in the
ALL-NOW, and instantly brings out the reality: “Whereas before I was blind, NOW I can see.”
When it is once NOW to the soul, it has ALWAYS been As you are reading these lines I, the Spirit
of the Consciousness of the Presence, am awaiting Recognition. You -yes, you, the poor little
discounted one, the one who stood farthest from
The pulpit, and received scarce a sign of recognition from the consecrated souls -I
have come To you, and I am the same One who has been
standing at the door of your consciousness Knocking for ages. “Behold I [the Spirit]
stand at the door [of your consciousness] and knock.
If any [no distinction is made] man will open up to ME, I will come in and sup with him
and He with ME.” No matter who you are, neither
the grade or the length of your teaching, nor the
Fears of condemnation. You who read this page, do you hear? Do you see? I am that which
Will tear the veil of belief, and you shall see, not a little demonstration of supply
that will last You for a week, but the fields white with
substance, and you shall know that deep in the
Secret place of your being is the Key to the Universe. The catering to persons will drop
away. You will ask no man permission to perform
the work I sent you to perform. “Those that are
For there are more than those that are against thee,” for there is but One, the Only, the
All. It is The recognition of the Spirit of the Consciousness
of the Presence of God that suddenly Transforms you and your universe, just as
the spirit of the dance transfers an inert figure to a
Flying, moving thing of grace. Just as a smile transforms the entire face of a person, so
the Recognition of the Spirit will transform with
all the ease, and none of the difficulties, of
Human effort, the entire life of a person. ‘And the fashion of his countenance was changed.”
Do you hear, you who read this page, how radical the change is? The ‘fashion,” even the hard
Lines that have been with you so long, whether in body, in expression, or accomplishment,
all Are subject to change to the extent that you
will know “the former things have passed away. Beloved, do you see the extent of this glorious
awakening? Do you see the sublime heights to
Which the Spirit of the Consciousness shall lead you? Not a little healing for the moment,
but The revelation or the Son of the Living God
here and now; and this revelation will naturally Change the “fashion” of your entire expression. What the Spirit of the Consciousness of the
Presence of God “decrees”, that shall come to pass,
For it is merely decreeing the manifestations it sees in the Kingdom. All the human laws
fade Into nothingness as shadows disappear before
the light. Every law is turned aside in order That the Real Lasting Grace of the Living
Word shall be made manifest. Why will you bring
Such limited measures to the Fount of the All Present? When will you stop trying to
do things And appropriate the All-Presence? Only when
you have recognized the Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence of God. Only
when you stop running to and fro asking people And listening to people whose breath is in
their nostrils. “I break the bread with you.” “Give
Not that which is holy unto dogs.’ Why will you argue and compare, and listen to some
wise Head, hash and rehash the wondrous words that
I speak direct to you from my Son? Be still be
Still. ‘Thou fool, do you not know that a seed must first fall into the ground before
it can be Made alive?” When are you going to let the
stillness hold you in its heavenly bonds of secrecy
And revelation – self-revelation – My interpretation to you, to you alone? “The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence
of God is the source of all supply.’ Not of SOME supply, but of all supply. When you know
this, you will not try to hoard there will be
No need, for supply will be as much present in one locality as another. It will be wherever
you Are and wherever you desire it. Do you hear?
You who read this page? Look between the Lines; I speak to you. I cast not my pearls
before swine, but I am pouring them out to you. I
am giving you the keys to the gates of heaven, which you have sought through many
Avenues, and not yet found. The sordid robes of personality, name, and fame will fall finally
From you, and you shall put on the glorious shimmering robes of immortality. I speak to
you. Do you hear? You who read this page? When
you are ready to lay down your life, then shall
You find it. Then you shall find that you are alive for the first time, and, instead
of the ghastly Futility of trying to get enough health, happiness,
and supply to live by, you will find yourself In the Presence of the All, there nothing
is lacking. That Power which you tried to produce so that
you might be known of men, shall be so Innately interwoven into your soul that it
will be a natural manifestation. Heretofore you
Have said your words and done your deeds to be known of the populace. You wanted always
To be sure that your name was attached to any healing or help that was given, but “then
Through a glass darkly, but now face to face.” Face to face with the power you have sought
for So long. When you are once enveloped in the secrecy
of the Spirit of the Presence, you will know why
It is that “their shoes wax not old’ and that the ‘manna falls daily.” “The whole creation groaneth” -to wit, for
the redemption of the body. We see this Redemption within ourselves. Verily this has
been true to our blinded eyes. A world of people
Writhing and twisting, begging for mercy, seeking money, health, success, happiness;
Eternally seeking “things,” and finding only ashes. The veil shall be torn from your eyes
by The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence
of God, and you shall see that the whole Creation -your creation -your heaven -rejoiceth
and maketh a glad sound, for the Redeemer Has come into manifestation. Do you see? You
who read this page? You? You may call ME by a thousand names, yet I
am One. ‘You are not another, but the same One’, will finally be said of you. You will
realize that you are not a separate little Manifestation, with certain powers stored
up within you, but you are the same One. There is Only THE One. It is one. It is won. It is
wonderful. The limitations of human language make it
Almost impossible to express anything but the vaguest idea of this glorious revelation. Behold, I make all things new” -‘I’ -the Spirit
of the Consciousness. I make them new to the Eyes that have been seeing through the belief
of birth, growth, maturity, decay. I make them
New by revelation of the eternal freshness and newness of the changeless universe of
God. I Make You new by revealing your true self to
you. The quickening Spirit of the Presence Brings into manifestation power hitherto unknown.
Dare you go your way with Me alone? Dare you rely on Me the Spirit? Dare you to
launch out into deep waters, and to push out the
Borders of your tent? You, I speak to – you who read this page! Be still, then – I am HERE NOW – I am the
Spirit of the Consciousness. You have always had
The Consciousness of the Presence of God, no matter how little you knew it, no matter
how Many spiritual busybodies have told you that
it has to be evolved. If you were created by God
And out of God, you have had the consciousness of God always, and no lying mortal man, no
Matter if he have a thousand diplomas to tell of his learning, shall make this false. You
have This consciousness whether someone has told
you, you were consecrated or damned. You are The Son or the Living God, and you are already
in possession of this consciousness, and when You recognize the Spirit of the Consciousness,
the instantaneous manifestation of the Kingdom is revealed to you. Do not look for
a sign. I, the I am, descend into the stagnant Pool or your human belief. I descend into
the dirty waters and purify them. I free you from
The prison of your own making. ‘The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence
of God is the Source of all Supply. The Overflowing, unending, unlimited source of
all supply. ‘I come quickly.’ ‘In the twinkling of
An eye all [not some, but all] shall be changed. ‘ “The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence
or God is the Source of all Supply. Thank you,
Father. Chapter Eight PRAYER & POISON In a newspaper recently appeared a report
of a plague of grasshoppers, which were said to be
Destroying all the crops in a certain part of the States. A mass meeting was held, and
prayers For deliverance were offered up. Quoting from
a New York paper of July 28th, 1931: “PRAYERS AND POISON WERE RESORTED TO AS WEAPONS.
AGAINST THE SCOURGE.” They prayed and then resorted to poison. There
is no condemnation in mentioning this Article. It is only a trite illustration of
how many people pray, and what they think of the
Power to which they pray. They pray, and then resort to the use of poison to deliver them.
They treat in the most approved manner, and then resort to all sorts of means to make
things Happen. They plant, and then immediately dig
up the seed to see if anything has taken place. They place an egg under the hen, and then
crack it open to ascertain if anything has Transpired. “O ye of little faith,” why do you look for
a sign? Why do you pray to a tribal god when the
Way of true prayer is open to you; and the way of sure success? Why will you doubt? Why
Will you pray and then resort to poison? Know ye not that “my ways are not your ways? My
Ways are as high above your ways as the heavens are above the earth.” Have I not said unto
You: If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed ye shall say to yon mountain “Be removed,”
And it shall be so. I did not suggest the ways and means of brining it to pass after
you had Spoken the word. Have I not told you, “Thy
faith hath made thee whole”? -Not NEARLY WHOLE, but whole. If you would only take your attention away
from the mountain of difficulties that has been in
Your way all these years, it would then be possible for your troubles to disappear. Then would you be able to say, with a thrill
of joy: “This is the Lord’s doings. It is marvelous in our eyes.” Ask of me and
I will show you things that are not written in any
PRESENCE OF THE LORD OF THE WHOLE EARTH.” There is nothing which can stand
Before the presence of this Unconditional Power. The most adamant condition you can
Conceive of, melts like so much wax in the fierce heat of a furnace. What is the condition
that You hug to yourself as difficult and impossible
of destruction? In the presence of the Unconditioned Power nothing is a condition
-nothing is difficult -nothing is impossible; and
This “presence” is the Lord which is in the midst of thee, NOW and always. Do you see
what The power of God is? “Be not afraid; it is
I.” I am -not the little god built up by a man or a
Nation -I am that I am, and I am here NOW to deliver you -yes, you who read this line
out Of the hand of your oppressor, whatever and
whoever he may be. “Open thou my eyes, that I may behold the
wonderous things of the Lord,” is the new prayer
That fills your heart, for it is the prayer that asks to see that which is already created,
and not The prayer that attempts to create, or thinks
to win a special favor from a tribal God. “Open
Thou mine eyes, that I may behold the wonderous things of the Lord.” “Make a joyous noise
Unto the Lord, all ye lands.” “Serve the Lord with gladness: come before His presence with
Singing.” “Know ye that the Lord he is God; it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves;
We are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.” “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and
Into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” “For the Lord is
good; His mercy is everlasting and his truth endureth
to all generations.” The making of a joyous Noise will take place when you realize the
presence of God and worship Him in Spirit and in
Truth, instead of paying tribute to a tribal god that sits upon a throne judging the sinners
of The earth. Do you see the wonderous things
that are to be revealed to you, the Son of the
Realize the magnificent truth which lies back of the statement “Thy hands have made me and
Fashioned me,” you will see that the hand of the Potter did not shake, nor was its work
Distorted and full of disease and limitations. “TURN UNTO ME, ALL THE ENDS OF THE EARTH,
AND BE SAVED” -saved from the Terrible fury of the misguided beliefs which
have run wild and gone prodigal in their search After things. “Thy TESTIMONIES ARE WONDERFUL; THEREFORE
DOTH MY SOUL KEEP THEM.” The testimonies of the Lord are wonderful
-and you will awaken to this glorious truth, and
Will go about in your universe calling the name of “wonderful” down upon everything.
The Ugly shell shall break and give forth its
promise at the calling of its name; the soul of the hard
Parched earth shall answer and give forth her abundance of flowers and fruits; your
forty Years’ wandering in the desert of human thought
shall come to an end, and you shall see that You have been going around in circles, in
a desert of your own making. “THE ENTRANCE OF Thy WORD GIVETH LIGHT; It
the word giveth light. Speak the word, then, and
See the illumination take place. See that the deaf hear, the blind see, the lame walk;
come Again unto ME and tell ME. “EVEN THE DEVILS
ARE SUBJECT UNTO YOU” -the devils of Belief. Can you see? Can you hear? “NOW WE KNOW THAT
BEFORE GOD.” The doctrine that man is a worm of the dust,
and a sinner conceived in sin, is found herein Stated. But between the lines lie the glorious
pearls of truth. It saith to them who are under
The law: “If ye be in the Spirit, ye are no more under the law” -you are freed from the
human Law of destiny and fate which hangs like an
ugly black cloud over mankind, and from which You can not escape so long as you are UNDER
the human law. Presently you see that the law of human belief
is put to naught, and you are no more under it;
Do you note the righteousness WITHOUT the law is made manifest? Everything
that Jesus did in his wonderous career was “WITHOUT THE LAW” -without the laws of the
human reasoning, or of the best of the Accepted laws of physics of that day or any
OF THE LORD OF HOSTS HAS SPOKEN It.” Beloved, you are gradually
coming into your Divine Inheritance; you shall See the wonders of the new heaven and the
that have seemingly tried to destroy you, No matter from what source, shall be confounded,
and shall be as nothing, and one by one, as These thoughts come forth to strive with you,
the Son of the Living God, they shall perish. It is
Hand of MY righteousness, ye have nothing to fear. Therefore, beloved, when ye pray, do not resort
to poison. Stand and see the salvation from The plague of evil thoughts and beliefs that
is destroying your substance. Chapter Nine O YE OF LITTLE FAITH One of the most glorious things said by the
Master was “O ye of little faith,” addressed to the
Disciples after they had failed to heal the sick child. It is glorious because unless
the Master Had know that it lay perfectly within the
power of the disciples to have brought forth this
Healing, he would not have rebuked them for their failure. Do you see, then, how the secret
Doctrine is hidden away for those that have eyes? Do you see that you are never rebuked
for Having left undone something that you could
not do? In the rebuke , the powerful Encouragement comes that it was, and still
is, within the scope of your possibility to perform
That which you failed to do. “Be of good cheer: I (the I am) have overcome
the world,” “I” have COME OVER the world, Would give a more adequate idea, for with
the coming of the Christ into manifestation, the
Difficulties of human belief are set aside. “His rebuke was terrible” -it is terrible
because it always carries with it the fact that the one
Rebuked could have fulfilled perfectly, that which was before him to do. Even in the midst of the consuming fire of
the rebuke, there comes that recognition that Unless you had been fully able to perform
the task, you would not have been rebuked for
Having left it undone. A glorious something comes out of it all. The recognition that,
even Though you failed, still you had the power
to do the thing which seemed impossible, and this
Is why you shall understand the saying, “The chastening of the Lord is sweet” -sweet, as
a Doctor might speak of a bitter drug being
sweet, because of what it contained and not by
Reason of its flavour. “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.” No one wastes any time
Correcting a fool. His mistakes are set down to natural incapacity. The servant who is
fully Capable of performing the task is rebuked
if he fails, and in the stinging rebuke the master
Really shows forth his love. He shows forth his recognition of the power being present
in the One who has been rebuked. The wise servant is not, then, turned awry
by a rebuke; he spends no time nursing a feeling of
Injustice, but instantly causes the prickly chestnut burr (of rebuke) to reveal the food
inside. In every rebuke administered to you there
lies the glorious recognition of the fact that within
You is the power to perform perfectly that which you failed to do. A rebuke, when handled
From this elevation, should be as a burst of light to you -a new door swinging open,
a new Opportunity to make your agreement with the
power to accomplish that which you Previously failed to perform. Jesus’s rebuke to the disciples -“O ye of
little faith,” -was only saying in so many words, “I
Recognize within you, the perfect capacity to have brought this healing into manifestation.”
“Despise not ,then, the chastening of the Lord.” “Prove me and see” is the eternal command.
As soon as a new scope of understanding comes to the individual, he must put it into
Practice, and if he is willing and ready to do this he will not merit the rebuke. Perhaps
he will Only see the rebuke, and will nurse it as
a seeming injustice. Perhaps he will say, “He was
Doing the best he could.” You will never be rebuked unless you have failed to do that
which Was possible for you to do. Therefore rejoice. One moment’s consciousness
of this will help to clear away much Underbrush from the forest of life. You will
be able to destroy many old plague-spots which Have been clinging to you. You have tried
every means possible to drain the ugly swamps of
Resentment caused by some rebuke in the past, but always they remained, and at the slightest
Provocation they were full of stagnant waters again. There is no getting rid of the sting
of Rebuke unless you see that within it is the
sincerest and greatest acknowldgement of your Power to accomplish that which you failed
to do. A new joy will come to you. “Even the devils
are subject unto us.” Even the devilish thoughts That have stayed to torment us for years,
suddenly give way. We have learned the manner in
Which the Beast is transformed into the Prince. We have discovered why we can say of the
Evil appearances, “It IS WONDERFUL.” We see literally why, if we make our bed in hell,
God Is there. Looking through appearances, we
see and recognize the Power. The fiercer the Rebuke, the greater the recognition of the
Power. “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth” Might be quoted as, “Whom the Lord loveth,
he calls attention always to the wonderful Power within them which they failed to employ.”
“Arise, arise, get thee up into a high place” get
Thee up to the Mount of Revelation. See the old sores of resentment and hurt healed
and vanished by the glorious recognition of What is back of them. Enter into your temple and cleanse it of all
the thieves, dove-sellers and money-changers. Whip out the robbers that steal your peace
and joy. Destroy the mental bookkeeper of past
Evils. Overturn the tables of the money-changers who are forever trying to sell the precious
Word of life. The doves of purity are freed, not sold. The glory of the soul stands revealed. “The wrath of man shall bless thee,” because
it will only be an indirect way of telling, and
Pointing out to you the fact that you failed unnecessarily. Then will come the glorious
Recognition that even they, your enemies, recognize that you had the power within you
Possible of accomplishment, only you failed to use it. “Fear not. It is I.” Chapter Ten BLESSINGS ‘They were gathered together in one place,
of their own accord, and were baptized of the
Holy Ghost.” Many people do not accept the blessing of
the fulfilment of the law. Time after time they are
“gathered together of their own accord,’ but, by failing to recognize that thy have functioned
a Law that is fruitful of results, they sit
trying to make the goodness of God appear, instead of
Receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost : instead of feeling the down pouring Floods of light
And illumination the great engulfing inrush of blessings. To function the law of spirit
is to Automatically release its fulfilment. Awake, thou that sleepeth -awake and arise
from the dead, and Christ -your Inner Lord Shall give thee light; and you shall suddenly
and with great happiness of soul, make a joyful Noise unto the Lord, for you will see and
hear great floods of blessings, blessings so
Numerous they are as the sands of the sea. Right here and now, right throughout the
Blackness of your material thinking, break the floods of light that reveal the blessings
as Already here and now. As the coming of light
in a darkened art gallery reveals thousands of
Treasures which were there all the time, yet invisible, so the coming of your recognition
of the Presence illumes your very own universe and
reveals to you the infinite blessings all about You. ‘Blessings, blessings, blessings, so many
you cannot count them.” Right now -right here. Because you and I have at this place of at-one-ment.
You, the reader, and 1, the writer, have Met in this place of glorious recognition
of the inner Christ, have “Done this of our accord”,
We are at this glorious instant functioning the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Yes, you are
at this Instant baptized by the Holy Ghost; the great
flood of light which reveals heaven -here and
Now. At this instant your eyes are being bathed in pure light, and the scales of human
Reasoning and limitation are dropping from them. You are at this instant seeing the wonders
Of the Kingdom here and now. You are filled with the thrilling sense of joy, and you exclaim
For the first time in your life: ‘Blessings, blessings, blessings, so any you cannot count
them.” You exclaim from the heights of recognition
the vision that is revealed to you of your true
Self. Blessings, blessings, blessings. They are at this instant flooding you. You are
clear and Free from the limitations of former beliefs.
You lave in the glorious waters of Spirit. A million
Barnacles of belief fall) from you. Your entire being -your body -with your whole universe
is Permeated with the pure, glistening, pulsating
substance of Life -Life of God. And you, Standing in the eternal ways, are experiencing
this oneness with the universal Whole -the Result of having recognized that you have
functioned a definite Law of Spirit. Do you see?
Are you at this instant experiencing the baptism which you have brought about? You who Read
this page? Phrases and words are old and trite. Repeating
the wondrous words of the Bible is like stating So any platitudes to ears that hear only the
letter, or like the remembrance of so any Tormenting, unfulfilled promises to those
who are trying to make these words come true. Attempting to record the inspiration of the
Almighty in man made words is almost Impossible. No wonder, then, that the Spirit says “I am
the voice of the one crying in the Wilderness’ (of human hope), “prepare ye the
way of our Lord.’ The Way of our Lord is the Way that is flooded with blessings. It is
the way of self-expression, the way of the Christ Self.
It is a way that comes not with reason, but is IMPRESSED upon the mind, as a man who has
Lain down to sleep in a dark night finds that, while he slept, the new day has already burst
Upon him -unannounced, unheralded. Who can stay the dawn? No more can you with stay
The glorious dawn of the Kingdom of Heaven, that even now is breaking over the horizon
of Your night of self-imposed limitations and
tears. Even now you stand at the threshold of a
New day, which is the day of NOW -the Day of Revelation. You who read this page, do
you Hear? It is DAYBREAK for you. Do you hear?
The hard, ugly objects against which you Stumbled in the darkness are revealed in the
light of truth as glorious blessings. The Kingdom of Heaven is not far off -it is
near. Awake! It is for your acceptance. Too good
To be true? Yes, to the human sense. Must take time? Yes, to the human sense. Is not
practical? Not to the human sense. A thousand have tried
it and failed, just because they TRIED it. There is no effort in the action of God. Unlabored,
untrammeled, free into expression is its Manner of appearing. “Ten thousand shall fall
at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh Thee.” Believest thou this? The object in
the distance does not grow in size as you move
Towards it, although it seems to. It has always been the same size, but as you approach it,
it Appears to be larger than when viewed from
afar. So with the Kingdom which you perceive In the far distance of your life. Nothing
can be added to it, nothing taken away from it. You
Are playing with the shadows of belief when you think to add or take from, the word of
God. You cannot take a little of the substance
of God’s riches as a thief might steal a handful or
Money from a bank. There is no separation, and no place to take anything FROM. Everything
Is here and now. You cannot take anything from the sum total of a radio concert: regardless
of The size of the room into which it is released,
it is inside, outside, and everywhere, and Inseparably joined all the time. It is only
the limited human concept that stops the concert at
One point and starts it the other side of a wall. In reality it is everywhere and complete.
You Do not grow into the Kingdom, yet to the human
sense of things you SEEM to be growing More and more spiritual. What you ARE doing
is becoming more and more aware of the Kingdom as here and now. Healing, then, is
only becoming aware, in a more or less degree, Of a spiritually perfect man. Do you not take
heart at the glorious news that the Kingdom is
Already here, and lay aside the sin of trying to make it appear, or trying to keep others
out of The glorious possibilities of the Sons of
the Living God, by first telling them they are sons of
Perdition, and are full of evil? Awake, thou that sleepeth! When will you cease the
Condemnation of a Kingdom? When will you cease the stone-casting at yourself and others?
Neither do I condemn thee -go, and sin no more.’ ‘BLESSINGS, BLESSINGS, BLESSINGS. SO
MANY YOU CAN NOT COUNT THEM.’ not the old concept of blessings, which is a cross
Between self-pity and self-righteousness, but the revelation of the Kingdom. When the
word ‘Blessings” is said from the vantage point
of recognition, it actually floods the soul with light
And glory. Speak the word. ‘Only speak the word, and my servant [Body] shall be healed,”
And the “word” is ‘I will. Bless you, bless you, bless you.” Blessings, blessings, blessings go out from
this state of consciousness like million of birds
Loosed on a plague-ridden country. Each one shall destroy the ugly pest from off the land,
And in a twinkling of an eye you shall see the land (your land) green and fresh and fair. Blessings, blessings, blessings. “My word
shall not return unto Me void, but shall accomplish Whereunto it is sent.’ Do you hear? You who
read this page? You? ‘And it shall come to pass’ do
You hear? This is a statement of fact. And it shall come to pass!’ -it is bound to happen
– ‘if Thou shalt harken diligently unto the voice
of the Lord’ (not the voice of man). “The Lord thy
God [the Lord in the midst of thee will set thee on high above all nations of the earth”
-above All the false law that you have functioned
under on the earth. ‘And all these blessings shall corn? On thee.”
Beloved, put up your sword. Do you not see that,
Even while you are fighting in the darkness, these blessings are finally bound to overtake
Thee? They shall come upon thee like a thief in the night. A thief in the night comes in
silence, At the darkest hour. Be still, be still, be
still. It is well with thee. “Blessed shalt thou be is the
City and blessed shalt thou be in the field.’ Wherever thou art, thou shalt see the floods
of Blessings about thee. Whether it be in the
city or whether it be in the open field, the All-
Blessing is there. There is no place where the I am, with its full quota of blessings,
is not. Do You see, then, why the command is, “Go, take
no thought for the scrip, the purse, the rob, the
Ring, the journey?” But as long as man is still working on the personal plane, he finds
his Mind much occupied with the amassing of things
for the journey. He says, ‘I want much Money, so that I can do the work of God and
help others.” tear off this mask of selfishness and
Stand free. If you want much, it is to be known of man and your charities. The Son of
the Living God does not want much knowing that
he has it all. He has nothing to do with Possessions but to give them away. He must
of necessity break the bread in order that the
Multitudes may be filled. Be still. Be still. Be still. That which is obvious does not need
to be Mentioned. ‘Blessed shall be the fruits of thy body,
and the fruits of thy ground, and the fruits of thy
Cattle. And the increase of thy kind, and the flocks of thy sheep.” Everything you touch
will be Blessed, and the glorious universe which seemed
for lo, these many years, to be a desert, Parched and dried, will suddenly burst into
bloom, and everything shall be blessed and Glorified, while the beautiful fruits of the
former desert shall be unlimited. Do you see, beloved, the eleventh hour has
struck, and floods of light are emanating from the
Very presence of the Kingdom, here and now, filtering through the darkness of your human
Belief? Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store.”
Blessed shall be the increase of good that shall fill
Every empty place of former years, and thou shalt be the impersonal giver of all good
learning That the way of revelation of increase lies
in the ability to place yourself in the role of The infinite, impersonal giver. The world is flooding over with joy running
over with the glory of this infinite downpour of
Blessings that you have called forth by recognition. If you lie in a bed racked with pain, the
Streaming light of this blessing will reveal to your human eye the perfection of the Son
of the Living God, and you shall arise. Do you hear?
If you sit in rags wondering where the next Meal is coming from, you shall suddenly find
yourself richly clothed, and know the Abundance of the child of the Highest. Do
you hear? Do you hear, you who read this line? Do
You see that “whereas before you were blind, now you can see?” Now. Do you utter silently,
‘Blessings, blessings, blessings – so any you cannot count them?’ Do you? And whithersoever thou goeth thou shalt find,
“Blessed shalt thou be when thou goest in and Blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.””Be
not afraid: it is I.’ Be not afraid of your good – I
Give the Kingdom of Heaven, not to the adult, but to the child. The child can accept its
world And heaven of blessings without question,
without reason, without tiresome argument, or
Trying to make it happen. Do you see that the adult is the only one who can commit adultery?
He adulterates everything, even the word of God. He places heaven at the end of a human
life Of misery, and makes the gateway thereunto,
death – whereas I am the LIFE. The Kingdom of
Heaven shall not be taken by violence, by reason, neither shall it be entered through
the Portals of death. And yet YOU die daily, and
YOU must be born again. You die to the human Beliefs of today, no matter how high and fine
they seemed to be; you die daily, to be born Again to a greater and more beautiful sense
of the Presence. You are becoming more and more
Aware of the Presence, and, as you approach it through this awareness, you see it more
and More in detail. As, descending from the air
in a plane, you at first see only a sell speck, which
On closer examination divides and subdivides itself, until it is seen as a great and flourishing
City, so will the points of truth, that you have conceived at a far distance of human
thought, Reveal themselves as great and glorious states
of consciousness, and the idea will unfold as
You approach this revelation. After all, beloved, ‘Ye have not chosen Me:
I have chosen you, and ordained you that you Should go forth and bring forth fruits..,
and whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in My
Name [nature], he will give unto you.” A great burst of revelation comes with, ‘Ye have not
Chosen Me.’ All these years we have thought that we did something personal when we chose
To follow after the Master. We were labouring under self-hypnotism that WE were making a
Sacrifice, becoming a martyr: or else we were actuated by fear. Suddenly we find that this
is All false and that ye did not choose Me, but
I have chosen and ordained you.’ This very power
Chose you. Do you hear, you who read this page, this line? Do you hear that you were
chosen -that you were caught in the net of which
the Master spoke ‘I will make you fishers of men?”
Caught in the net, and chosen for a glorious expression of the blessings of the Kingdom
here And now! And, further, you were “ordained”
-not by some person or organization. Not Because someone pronounced certain words and
sang songs over you were you ordained; but In spite of this, and in spite of even the
condemnation that might have been cast upon you. ‘I
Have chosen YOU, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit.’ Do you hear?
You who read this page? You? Do you begin to see why I have said unto you, “Be still
and Know that I am God’ – be still, and know,
and listen to what I have to say to you? Dare you sit, in this glorious baptism which
is even at this instant going on, and accept the
Blessing: ‘I have chosen you,’ and be ready to hear the command, ‘Go into all the world
preach The gospel”:, Dare you be ready to go into
this wretched place in which you lived your Consciousness and say, “Be of good cheer.
It is I. Blessings. Blessings. Blessings” ? Dare
You say to your personal devil , ‘It is wonderful. Blessings. Blessings. Blessings,’ knowing
that There is only One, and that it is I? When
you recognize Me as there, I will transform the
Darkness into light, and the shadows of human belief shall flee away. It is well. It is
Wonderful. “Blessings. Blessings. Blessings -SO MANY
YOU CANNOT COUNT THEM.” Let that be IMPRESSED upon your consciousness and it will
express in your daily life Blessings here and
Blessings there, Blessings here and blessings there, Blessings here and blessings there,
Blessings everywhere shall form itself into a wondrous melody, and will go Singing through your glorious day, like a
host of golden butterflies darting to and fro over a
Field of sunny flowers. ‘Blessings, Blessings, Blessings so many you cannot count them.’
AT THE FEET OF Chapter Eleven THE MASTER “And they found him clothed, and in his right
mind, sitting at the feet of the Master.” They
Found that maniac who had been living in the tombs; who had torn himself in anguish; who
Had frightened others; “clothed, and in his right mind, sitting at the feet of the Master.”
The Story of the maniac is the story of every
man. It is your story. When the Christ passes by he
Finds you in the tombs of the past, dwelling with dead thoughts and conditions. Living
with The whited bones of past accomplishments,
or fears. Hiding behind the tombs of personality. Trying to make that which is dead and done
with, appear to be alive. Screaming to the Passerby in a ghastly voice, swollen with
pride and egotism, telling of your attainments. No
Wonder, then, when the voice of the Christ is heard, you call out, “What have we to do
with Thee? Go away and leave us alone.” The old
personality, with its graveyard full of pride of
Personal attainment, fears to give up its only claim to attention. It has built tombs,
elaborate And ornate, to each of its accomplishments.
It has dug deep into the stones, the records of
What it has done, and it hates to see this passing into the limbo of oblivion. Many a man has awakened to find himself in
this graveyard, living the life of a maniac, Fingering over the dead things, and wondering
why life was so uneventful and ugly. Mentally he lives with the dead. He heeds
not the injunction, ‘Let the dead bury their dead.”
He has his tombs to which he is bound. There are, in every mental cemetery, ghastly vaults
of Ugly things, memories of failure, disease,
and limitation. Their history is scratched deep in the
Cold marble. ‘Let the dead bury their dead; follow thou
Me,” must be obeyed implicitly. Nothing in the
Past is worthy of consideration; nothing that you have done or left undone is worthy of
Remembrance. “Come out from among them and be ye separate.” Come out from the
Graveyard of your own making, leave every tomb and be free. You give up nothing when
you Give up the personal idea for the Christ.
The new day dawns across the cold marbles of the
Past, and you awaken to glorious possibilities. The Master speaks to you and says, ‘It is
well. The dirty rags of personal beliefs and griefs
fall away, and you are naked, stripped of your
Personal impediment – everything seems to go away, and then you are “clothed” in your
right Mind (the Christ mind), sitting at the feet
of the Master (the inner Lord). At last ‘the peace that
Passeth all understanding” enfolds you, and you rest. The floods of forgetfulness wash
away The debris of yester-years, and in the place
of the tombs are fields of lilies -fields of fresh
Attainment and glory. You are alive and the dead thing has been carried out of your life.
‘Though a man were dead, yet shall he live” been made literally true for you. The new
life that Is surging through your being is the life
that has left the past forever. It is reported that when the maniac child
is brought to the Master, his parents went into
Elaborate details of the evil of which he suffered: and then said ‘If you possibly can,
good Master, heal him.” The Master replied “Why
did you say ‘possibly’?’ Whether this is Accurately recorded or not, it brings with
it the strident, flaming question, Why did you say
‘Possibly’ Why do you , who admit the all-power of God, and yourself as the Son of God,
Wonder whether He can possibly accomplish the trifling thing that you are seeking? ‘O
ye of Little faith’ is the rebuke that comes to
us time and time again, as we see that we are constantly
Returning to the cemetery of past failures -looking among the dead bones of yesterday
for a Spark of life, whitewashing the rotten caskets
of yesterday’s attainments, trying to make them
As new. Caught in the old beliefs, we recite the evils we have suffered at great length.
We go Into the ghastly details of past accomplishments.
We tell what we have done to the glory of God, instead of showing forth the true consciousness
of God in the present manifestation. The Light burns high these days; the Coming
of the Christ is taking place in many -not Through or by some creed, but through the
awakening of the ‘maniac’ in the tomb of dead Beliefs. ‘The wisdom of man is foolishness
in the eyes of God’ Then the man with this wisdom
Must be insane in the true sense of the word. Inversely speaking, ‘the wisdom of God is
Foolishness in the eye of man” – and Jesus was accordingly considered a fanatic or insane
man. But, once the glory of Christ steals upon
you and you are ready to “rise and follow ME,’ you
Will know the peace -the glorious peace ‘that passeth all understanding.” Beloved, you are
Not giving up anything when you leave the tomb of yesterday; when you leave the graveyard
Of relative thought and belief. You are coming out into the new dimension -the dimension
of Infinity, as it were; the place where you
begin to see the naturalness of God’s love toward
You. This love enables you to see clearly beyond the dead beliefs into life eternal. What a glory comes to you when you find yourself
in your Right Mind. For the first time the Feeling of assurance comes to you. The consciousness
of peace. The beauty of balance and Soundness. Lazarus comes out of his tomb, and the grave-clothes
of yester-beliefs are cut away from him. “Ye must be born again.’ To be born again
does not imply a process of making over an old
Thing. It is a casting off of the old, as it were, and an appropriation of the new.
It is a conscious Recognition of the agelessness of Spirit in
all its glorious manifestation here and now. Are you the maniac in the tomb? You who read?
Have you the tombs of cold marble hidden Away in the darkness of your mind? The master
is passing; even now, as you read, I am Speaking to you. I am calling to you to “come
out from among them and be separate’ Leave all
The dead things of the past and come out into the glorious sunshine of today. You are not
Loosing anything by this giving up. When the maniacal thoughts of relativity are
cast from you, they are self-destroyed. They are
Drowned in the sea of oblivion. They are gone forever. And their name is legion. A thousand
Little dishonesties and conceits disappear before the searchlight of the New Idea. The
Coddling and petting of the human personality is cast off as so much excess baggage. You
Stand revealed and free -the Son of the Living God -not asking again ‘if you possibly can,’
But rather accepting the glorious gift of “decreeing,” of “speaking the word.” What
is so Strange and weird about the fact that, a universe
evolved out of a God power, should be Found in full possession of this God power?
What is so magic about the fact that you should Find this God power operating in your life,
and bringing out the natural results of this power?
As we recognize the presence more and more, we realize that its manifestation is only
Natural. Drink deep, beloved, of the waters of Life
the refreshing sense of joy that comes over you
When you realize that you are clothed and in your right mind, sitting at the feet of
the Master. It is well. Fear not. Chapter Twelve REVELATION Every man is a teacher, after one fashion
or another, and many are teachers of the word of
Jesus, of Buddha, of Mohammed. All teaching is of and about the subject. It is eternally
the Letter, dead and cold. Fused with the enthusiasm
of the teacher, it becomes alive for the time, But lapses again into the dead, cold thing.
Hence thousands today find themselves well Stocked with the letter of truth and yet are
unable to make manifest the promises that have so
Richly been made to man. ‘Physician, heal thyself’ is the command of Spirit to the teacher.
‘What have ye in you house?’ is the searching question. The teacher at last learns than
if he Will teach he must live from his own words,
he must eat them, and many times he is unable To do this. He is on an endless treadmill
-he traces over and over the same monotonous Pattern -he hears himself reiterating the
same words and phrases, year after year, and, like a
Worn out gramophone record, he finally gives out, never having got within sight of the
goal He talked so much about. Comes the awakening
to man, and if he be unafraid he will find that
The Christ within is not a teacher, but a revelator of that which is and eternally has
been; that, Instead of teaching of and about healing,
prosperity, and happiness, he is revealing these true
States of mind as inescapable -yea, as inescapable as the opposite states were formerly. He
Then stops the silly attempting to set things right in a universe that is run by law and
order, And enters in upon the process of revelation.
He reveals the inner things, the secret things that
Have been so from the beginning of the universe. He reveals, shows forth, that which is true
And perfect. He is no more concerned about the letter, knowing that when the revelation
is Once recognized the letter will take care
of itself. He is not concerned about the outcome, Knowing that a rubber ball thrown against
a stone wall will return without any effort on his
Part. He knows that a word released from the center of his being is bound to accomplish
Whereunto it is sent, and, knowing this, he is not concerned or worried about the outcome. Most of us have spent endless hours trying
to make the return action something different From the sending action of the ball; but the
ball can only return with the same force with Which it was released. There is no chance
for the word to go astray or to fail to find its own;
All this is under the Divine direction, which is above the frailty of human law and order.
Human law changes constantly, but the Divine Law and Order remaineth, and nothing is
Added to it and nothing is taken away. Gradually confidence is established in the God power
Which is constantly revealing itself to the one who is ready to lay aside human accouterments
And accept the glorious Power of the Sons of God. Confidence to stand, having done all
having Recognized the eternal rightness of the God
universe -he is unafraid to rest. He Pushes the borders of his tent farther out
into glorious new fields of untried expression, and
Finds to his joyous surprise that new avenues are opening up to him. Undreamed of
Possibilities lie before him -for at last he has come to a place where he BELIEVES in
the Reality of the Kingdom as here and now, and
himself a revelator. To the revelator comes the understanding of
the Unconditional Power -that indescribable Thing which is seen to operate in a supernatural
way, and yet which could never be anything But natural -that power which set aside the
laws of the three dimensional plane without Regarding them as existent. To a child playing a game, a chalk line may
represent a prison, as long as he abides under the
Rules of the game he will act in accord with that, and will accept it as a barrier to his
freedom. When he is through with the game, however,
he drops the whole thing and finds himself free,
And of course realizes at the same time that he was never anything else but free. His
Acceptance of that which constituted a prison was all that made one for him. To the grown-up
Child many prisons exist in just the same way -he accepts certain limitations of health,
Wealth, and happiness, and is hypnotized to the belief, and eventually he finds himself
Helpless. If he suddenly comes to an understanding of himself as the Son of the Living God,
And reveals to himself the Freedom of the Son, then there happens in his life a miracle,
or the Working of some supernatural power; but in
reality it is merely the out-picturing of a natural
State of the Son of the Living God -recognized -revealed. I am a revelator of the Living
Word -I am the revelator of the Living Word -and I am therefore, not surprised that the
Thing decreed shall come to pass. A stone thrown into the air will certainly come down
Without any aid from the one who threw it; so the word of the revelator will certainly
return To him freighted with results, and he will
not have to care about its return -that will Automatically take place. “My own shall come
unto me’ -by a sure and certain way. Why Worry then? And some will say, ‘What, am I
to do nothing?’ -and if you have not gone Further than to ask this question, I can only
advise you to drop the book in the nearest Wastebasket; it is not for you. O glorious revelator within me, let thy light
shine out through the beliefs that have bound Me! When you arrive at the consciousness that
you are ready to lay your Isaac on the altar, then
You find that it is not necessary to give up anything in order to have heaven here and
now; But the willingness to give up your Isaac
without a question or doubt entering into the
Proposition can come only to the one who believes actually in God -believes that there is a
God which expresses, regardless of whether he prays or not -believes in a God which could
Not do other than express eternally of his bountiful nature. Understanding God in this
fashion Will make it easy to let go of symbols in
order to acquire the reality. Many people believe -or
At least they act as if they did -that God is perfectly static until they tell him what
to do, what To get rid of, and what to bring into manifestation,
and for this reason they recite long man- Made prayers, when the true prayer is “Be
still -Be still -Be still.” This is one of the last
Revelations to come to man, because he will not listen. He is so busy telling the world
what is Wrong with it, and peddling the truth for
a price, that he has no time to be still. He feels
Within himself that if he were to be still the world would forget him, and so he has
to keep Shouting to the world how much he knows about
the truth. But surely the revelation of the Silence will
eventually come into being and man will find that
By being still something will be told him which will, from then on, settle all questions
Regarding the right course to pursue. A revelation as deep as the infinite will be made unto
The still soul -something will take place within which will burst the shell of human
Consciousness and free him into a new and finer growth-expression. ‘This is my beloved
Son, In whom I am well pleased,’ was addressed
to a soul that could be silent. Have you ever been
Called that? Do you want to be? Then be still -cease the chattering of and about, and be
still, For when you hear those words pronounced over
you, you can rest assured that your Expression from that time on will be pleasing
in the sight of God – and nothing else matters. ‘Though ten thousand fall at thy right side,
it shall not con nigh thee,” only means that the still
Soul has heard and is able to understand the indestructible nature of Spirit. No man from
the Standpoint of reason can bring it about. That,
and a lot of other things that man has failed to
Demonstrate, come with the revelation of the silence. Be still; I have many things to say
to you When you are ready to listen – when you are
ready to be still. When in the stillness I tell you the promises,
then they are ready for fulfilment. When I say to
You in the silence – or, rather, when I impress you with such a thing as, “My grace is sufficient
For thee” – you will from that time know that you are no more under the law of former human
Beliefs, but you are under grace -and this will be a new secret to you, precious secret.
It will Be so wonderful that you would no sooner think
of repeating it just to make conversation Than a fearful banker would leave his vault
open overnight. Silence will come to you, and
With it the gold, and with it the too, too precious truth that must not be cast to the
swine of Human thought. It will become so obvious that
it will not be necessary for you to relate what
It has done for you. Little trick demonstrations may please the child, but revelation is quite
Another thing. I have many things to say to you when the
burning fiery coal has touched your lips and you
Are still. I have something to tell you about time and space that no man shall write on
paper; But which I; through the man Jesus, showed
forth to those who had eyes. Instantly is not soon
Enough for me to act; but it is the shortest measure the human mind can grasp – be still;
I have Things to tell you. I will never leave you.
I will speak to you through any and every channel.
Fear not; I know your every need, and will bring it into manifestation in the easiest
possible Manner when you are ready to see Me. Go out then, and consider the lily – you must
be still when you consider a thing – but consider The lily, and, if you have seen what I have
had to show you there, you will not be running About like a ship without a rudder, asking
first one and then the other what to do and how to
Do it, and getting a different formula from each one, only to become a mass of complexities
And confusion. Be still; I shall eventually be able to show you some of the mysteries. Beloved, when you are still and you hear me
say, “My grace is sufficient for thee, then will
You know the joy of the giver of good -then will you see the veil rent asunder, and you
will Stand before the throne of your own soul,
nothing lacking, not asking favors, but Appropriating the gifts of the infinite Godhead
which pour out upon you in such abundance, And you shall be called by a new name, a new
and secret name, and in a twinkling you shall Be changed. Do you hear? I am speaking to
you as clearly as I can through the medium of the
Printed page. Fear not; I (the consciousness once awakened) will never leave you , and
I know All things. If any lack wisdom, let him ask
of God and let him know that God is within Himself, and that is the only point of contact
he can possibly have with God. God within your
Own consciousness will supply you with every bit of information necessary if you ask and
are Ready to be still at the same time. If you
contemplate Me, the I am, as the God within, then
You will know that the limitations of the human personality are broken. Be still. Let
me reveal Myself to you -in a way which will cause you
to know the Allness of the Kingdom here and Now. ‘And as we have borne the image of the
earthly, we shall also bear the image of the Heavenly. This glorious change will take place when
the new birth takes place, when man realizes that He is here and now a being of Spirit
and is willing to walk in new ways. What has a butterfly
To do with the ways of a caterpillar? What have you to do with that from which you have
Evolved? Why turn back and imagine that you still have to muck over the difficulties
Overcome or not overcome? Why rehearse things of the past which belong to the caterpillar
Life? You are a new creature and as surely as you have bore the out-picturing of the
Consciousness of a creeping caterpillar, so you shall bear the image and capacities of
the Butterfly. As surely as you have borne the
image of the long-suffering human personality, With its tremendous limitations, so you shall
bear the image and have the capacities of the
Son of God – of the Living God. Dare you to take your good here and now? How silently the change must take place. Hid
away in the cocoon of secrecy, the ugly limited Caterpillar goes its way -with a whole avalanche
of condemnation, hatred, limitation, and Other difficulties. It is not announced to
the world that he will transform himself, or else the
Curious disbelieving world would tear his cloak of secrecy from him, and kill him. So
will it Be with you when you are ready to go into
your cocoon of silence -I can bring to you a
Greater change than that which happens to the caterpillar. When you are ready, I will
do the Work. When you can be still, and are ready
to lose everything that has to do with the Caterpillar, then I will make the transformation.
But if you, in your heart, imagine that you Shall be transformed for the sole purpose
of rushing about calling attention to the fact that
You were once a caterpillar and are now a butterfly and therefore great and wonderful,
you May stay in your shell of secrecy from now
on and nothing will happen. I am not concerned With the telling of truth, but with the revelation
of its boundless and priceless glories. Be still.
O beloved, presently you shall be lost in the immensity of this glorious power, and
the trifling Events of the human personality will be so
much thistledown before the hurricane. To your
Opened eyes you will see that such wondrous fields of attainment lie ahead that the village
You are leaving must be wiped out of memory. Be still. Let Me reveal Myself. Let Me tell
you Something. Let Me fill you with the Spirit
of Fire and Water, and let Me send you forth into
Expression, a burning flame of revelation and a thirst-quenching fountain of life. You!
You, The little insignificant thing that you are,
or You, the great pride-swollen manifestation that
Knows so much and has so much, or bears such a wonderful name, and are covered with
Fame. You, you who read -throw off the mantle of this human self and lose yourself in ME;
Then you will know of the limitless blessings and freedom of the Son of the Living God.
Do You hear, you who read this page? You? Chapter Thirteen BELIEVEST THOU THIS “Whom do men say that I am?’ Some say one
thing, some another some may consider you a
Religious bigot, a holier-than-thou, a thief, a liar. It makes little difference what answer
is Made to that question; but the answer to another
question determines your place in the grand Scheme of heaven here and now – “But whom
do YOU say that I am?’ Whom do you say that I am? -you, yourself
-what do you say of your I am? Do you say That it a miserable worm of the dust that
needs constantly to be treated, led and helped? Or is
It the creation of the Living God? When will you answer, ‘I am the Son of the Living God,”
And proceed to reveal this Man of God to the universe here and now? In a moment you think
Not -when the seemingly ceaseless thinking about how to make God do your bidding stops
at That point the Christ comes into manifestation.
Not much Christ-consciousness or power Can penetrate the layers of human thought,
which form an insulation about you. Reasoning About God does not make him any more visible
than he is already. “No man shall see God And live” is pared oft with the statement,
‘In my fish shall I see God.’ In the realm or the
Human intellect little or no wisdom is seen a strange chain of coincidences hooks a train
of Cars together, each with its load of thought
and care. There is to the human mind little actual
Reason for man being here. He has often asked himself “Wither?” and “Why?” -and these go
Unanswered, and he finds that an’s days are full of trouble. A lovely picture for a God
Creation, to be sure! Ah, but when he takes his attention away from
appearances, and can answer himself, “you Are the Son Of the Living God,’ the whole
fabric of hell breaks through and the heavenly light
Of self-revelation shines out here and now into expression. Man finds himself clear-seeing,
Clear-hearing, clear-speaking, revealing the Kingdom of Heaven here and now, appropriating
The good and passing it on to the universe. He finds new and lovelier capacities. He perceives
Himself to be the Son of the Most High, with dominion and authority. He finds himself in
Affluence. He finds the glory of self-expression here and now. A thousand avenues open
Before him. He finds it wonderful. The consciousness is deepened and made more receptive made
Ready for the things I could not tell you back in Jerusalem because you could not have
Borne the glory of it all. The eyes are aware of a new and lovely universe here and now,
Peopled with angelic beings instead of trends incarnate. Who do you say that I am? What are the capacities?
And no wonder it was given to the child! The child would automatically answer ‘yes’
to “Believest thou this?’ – but the adult, wise in his
Own conceit, tried to reason it out. He says he would like to but his eyes are so hypnotized
to Evil that he cannot, that is why the Christ
has said, ‘Take your attention away from Appearances, and rest it on the Isness of
Being.””Judge not from appearances, but judge Righteous judgement’ – the judgement of the
Son of God. Can you believe that it is possible for the
perfect health you have sought so long to be
Manifested in you now? I did not ask whether you desired it or wanted it; I asked whether
You can believe that it is possible. The subtle word contains the connecting-link or
Manifestation it is the way through which the unseen suddenly becomes seen. The visible Invisible appears. Believest thou this?’ was asked over and over
by Jesus, and when the answer was, “yea, yea, Lord,’ the results were sure to follow. Just
what do you believe? Many people know the letter
Of truth perfectly, but are not healed. I may have at my command the whole technique
of play Writing, and be but a critic, with no ability
whatsoever to write even a small scene. You may
Know a hundred systems of truth, but that does not make you a revelator of the Kingdom
no, Not until you believe it is possible. Not
until you get over the emotional worship of Jesus,
And ‘go thou and do likewise,’ can you ever know the beauty of the Kingdom here and now.
When you sit down to have your quiet time of contemplation, and are done with the insane
Idea of trying to make God do your bidding, or of following some words rattled off by
some Other person -then you will ask yourself,
“Believest thou this?’ And when you can say “yea,
Lord,’ within yourself, the manifestation is as good as into visibility. Believest thou
this? Chapter Fourteen WHEN YOU PRAY TRUE prayer is not demanding things of the
universe, nor yet is it imagining that things can
Be had by begging or beseeching, or yet knowing they are yours. Prayer is merely recognition
Of that which is about to appear-provided, of course, you are willing to accept your
good. “Thank you, Father,” was one of the most efficacious
prayers ever said, and it was followed Up by a magnificent explanation of the nature
of prayer-“I knew it was already so.” This Checks perfectly with the statement, “Before
they call, I will answer; and while they are yet
Speaking, I will hear.” When we get over the idea of praying to a
man god, we shall see that prayer is merely Aligning ourselves with the Power of that
which is due to appear in our lives. In like manner,
Affirmations in their truest sense do not and cannot change the eternal nature of the
universe; They are the words which are uttered because
of the urge of the thing pressing upon the Individual for expression. Hence, instead
of any more of the prodigality comes the Sonship That, instead of begging for life, partakes
of life as his inheritance, and names his statement of
This fact as an automatic result, just as one who is sitting in darkness will automatically
Exclaim ” Oh, light 1 ” when a sudden shaft of light pierces the gloom. It is not said
with an Idea of creating light, but as a full recognition
of the existence of light at that place and time.
The person standing in front of a mirror does not exist because of the reflection in the
mirror, But vice versa. We have reversed the very
processes of life, and have been working at them
Blindly and backwards. No wonder our results have been so meager and unhealthy. When
The prayer is uttered out of a full heart, with a full recognition, you who read this
page will Take your good in this manner; your heart
will almost burst with the fullness of this truth.
Awareness of my presence and of all the things you have so long sought for. “Come ye, buy, and eat; drink -without price.” “Take no thought-arc ye not better than many
ravens.” Do you not understand what you have been doing?
When will you speak out of the full heart Of recognition that there is such a thing
as a God present here and now in all his fullness? The
Old order shall pass away “A new heaven and a new earth shall Descend out of the clouds” (of your belief). A new heaven is not a heaven patched up and
made livable; it is a new heaven; and the new
Heir comes to take his place-he is all new and glistening, all glorious and free. “Former
things Have passed away.” Do you hear? You who read
this page? You? When ye pray, the whole soul is at attention.
It is so absorbing this recognition of God Within, without, everywhere-that man easily
forgets his needs. He is swallowed up in the sea
Of All-substance and is content, and he becomes aware of his own. Be still, be joyously still.
You are atop the heights of manifestation. Do you hear? You who read this page? You? It is so absorbing, so radiantly absorbing,
the glory of the God-Son and his Kingdom, that
Nothing matters, and therefore everything matters. In the Absolute Reality, when you
lose Your life you find it. When you lose the tiny
limited personal sense of life, you lose all the Irritating beliefs that go with it petty
wants and its straining to be famous or great. “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s
business?” Where is the Father, and what is his business?
Over and over this is called to your attention, For a moment’s consciousness of this fact
will cause you to function in your right place-will Cause great and mighty peace to surge over
you. You cannot be out of place as long as this
Awareness is with you. “Your Father’s business” is the business of self-expression. When you
Are expressing the True Self, you are bringing in the Kingdom of Heaven, for you are, both
Literally and figuratively, giving water to the thirsty and food to the hungry; in other
words, The urge of Spirit as a reality is gushing
forth into conscious expression. The Father’s business
Is self-revelation -you will reveal yourself to yourself, and no more will you sit in sackcloth
And ashes wishing for that which is already yours. Do you hear? You who read this page?
You? Let go; be quiet; it is well; all is well; heaven is here and now. “Blessings,
blessings, Blessings-so many you cannot count them.”
Did you hear? Cease from the argument. Seek Peace and pursue it; thereby all good shall
come unto you. All is enough. Why worry? I speak
To you from out these pages and say to you,” It is well.” Do you hear? Then rest. There shall be no sluggish waiting and imagining
things; action is my name. I do -I am. Be at
Peace. When the moment comes, you shall be fully equipped to run the race of certain
Attainment. You shall be able to write so that he who runs may read, and he who reads
may Run. Everything you give to another you increase
a thousand fold, when it is given in love And not for gain. “There is he that scattereth yet tendeth to
increase -and he that withholdeth yet tendeth to poverty.” All the human ideas are reversed in the truth. “What went ye out to see?” Do you go out to see a man with a reputation,
or run after a book that is said to contain the
Key? When you realize that the I am within you is the KEY to every person, place, and
thing, You will begin to unlock the treasures of
your own kingdom. You will then be able to release
The hidden springs of inspiration in a book or within your soul, and see the new life
fill Everything. Stop the condemnation of your beautiful Self.
“If ye deny Me [Christ within], I shall also deny
You.” In other words, if you find Me incapable of governing your life, then, no matter how
You call upon Me, I shall not answer because of your “unbelief,” because you do not honestly
Believe that it is possible for the Inner Lord to rule absolutely and harmoniously in
your life. If you have a house consciousness, divided
against itself, it will fall-and so you will fall, and
Attempt to work out your problem by praying to a God afar off-a tyrant that may hear your
Prayers -a God of wrath and hatred. Stop thinking of yourself as a worm of the dust; stop
Judging yourself; stop the everlasting talking about that which is past and dead. Arise,
and let The dead bury their dead. Do not try to straighten
out things get yourself lined out with the Power within and you will find things automatically
falling into harmony and order. The Piece of steel follows the magnet-but you
are trying to make the magnet follow the piece of
Steel. God cannot be made to do your bidding, but by becoming conscious of your point in
The Universal Mind you will be happy in doing his bidding-you
will some day cheerfully say, ” Not my will, but thine, be done,” and be
satisfied that it is the only will, and is the door of
Freedom, not martyrdom. Be still nothing is hard to ME do you hear? You who read this
Page? You? Dominion is yours through the recognition
of the Christ within-dominion to do and to be.
The Christ asks no favours to perform. He does not need the recommendation or veto of
Anyone. He is independent of such three dimensional rubbish. The dawn asks no permission
To dispel the night ; it may not be in accord with many people’s desires to have it come
when It does, but it is above requesting the favor
to express. So you will likewise ask no privilege to
Speak the freeing word of truth nor to perform the works after the manner of Jesus. “The wind bloweth where it listeth, and Thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst
not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth ; so
Is everyone that is born of the Spirit.” So, then, is every man, for every man is born
of the Spirit when he arises to recognize this. He
Comes and goes and no one shall say him no, and no one shall know how he cometh or goeth,
For the ways of Spirit are past finding out. ” My ways are past finding out “-but my ways
are Ways of definite accomplishment, effortless,
untrammeled, and Free-unconditioned and easy into expression-assembling
instantly all that is necessary for the Instantaneous expression of the Son of God.
Thus, when you are ready to let the Christ within
Take over the government of your life, you will find the upper chamber, the robe and
the ring, The scrip and purse, always waiting for you.
Are you afraid? Dare you accept such a Wondrous gift? -Perhaps you plead that you
are unworthy, and you are-unworthy because You are judging the Christ within by the standards
of your limited human capacity. Having Eyes, ye see not, and ears, ye hear not, and
hence you judge from the blinded and deaf state of
Human reasoning and find such a glorious attainment impossible. “In the twinkling of an eye” is the manner
of his coming in-” the moment ye think not.” Who
By thinking can find ME? Who by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature? But at
a Moment when you think not-when you have done
with the idea that you can force God to Appear and do your bidding by merely thinking
of him, and have come to the recognition of The Presence which is past all limitations
and conditions-you will say, ” Whereas before I was
Blind, Now 1 can see,” and perceive a wholly new world about you. Many are the seekers after truth who think
that by affirmations they can call up God and
Order him to set things right, just as Aladdin is supposed to have done with his lamp. They
Fail to have the symbology of the True Aladdin with his LamP-Light-but imagine that if they
Say it often enough it will work. A new system is discovered ; it is tried with
great avidity and then found wanting ; so shall it
Be-” I shall overturn and overturn, until he comes whose place it is to rule ” until
I am the Only ruler of your universe, and every prop
is kicked from under, and you stand revealed to
Yourself a glorious Son of the Living God with healing in his wing, with light in his
eyes, With his feet shod with the winged sandals
of attainment clothed in Light. “Praying without Ceasing” is the prayer of thanksgiving and
recognition. When ye pray, say “Thank you, Father,” remembering
where Jesus told you the Father Resided, and rest-and, having done all, stand
and see the salvation, the coming into Manifestation of the Power of God here and
now. You who read this page, do you hear? You? Chapter Fifteen THREE PLANES The three planes of existence -matter, mind,
Spirit -referred to as three measures of meal Which eventually all become leaven, explain
themselves somewhat after this fashion: MATTER PLANE. Here matter is used to heal
matter. Medicine is poured into matter with The hopes of healing it. Man earns his living
by the sweat of his brow. He belongs to the Classification, “you say it is four months
until harvest.” He says it takes time for man to grow he
Is a creature of time and space, and all the laws he concocts by looking at the appearances
Of things. Finally, having exploded one material remedy after another, he turns to the process
Of thought. MIND PLANE. Here man thinks, or attempts to
think, his way out of difficulties. He believes That by thinking along a certain line he will
arrive at the desired end. He goes so far as to
Believe that he can prosper himself by merely thinking he is prosperous. He believes he
can Heal disease by thinking there is no disease.
When confronted by the millions of failures along
The line, he says it is not merely thinking, but knowing, that will make the difference;
but, in Spite of the fact that many things have been
known for ages, no results have followed. It is a
Known thing that the Master walked on the water, but that does not mean that the knower
of This tact can do the same thing. He may know
perfectly how to treat, and also that perfect Health is man’s heritage, and die while he
is in the very process of “knowing the truth,’ as he
Calls it. HE may, and probably does, think and know
that ‘all that the Father hath is mine”; but it does
Not follow that he has enough to live on. From time to time his “work” seems to have
been Effective, but much of it has failed utterly.
There is no set formula, no way of approaching the
World of thought. One system tells him to enter from one end, another tells him diametrically
The opposite. We are taught concentration; we are taught
relaxation; and we are taught to speak as one
Having authority; but until we obey the law which says: “And I say unto you, take no thought
For your life, what ye shall eat or what ye shall drink: nor yet for your body what ye
shall put On” and ‘which of you by taking thought can
add one cubit to his stature?’ we will ever be
Fussing about trying to think ourselves out of difficulties, and finding in the last analysis
that We have largely been under self-hypnosis. If the law states clearly that nothing is
to be changed by thinking, then why does man persist
In trying to think himself out of difficulties? A survey of the thinking process of making
Success, happiness, and health shows clearly that there is more failure than success. No matter what your opinion may be regarding
the subject, you never will change anything In reality by your thought process. If the
eternal verities were to be changed by the mere
Thinking of man, the whole of existence would be at the mercy of man, and chaos would
Result. The only thing that is changed by thinking is your attitude toward a thing.
Some People think that meat is harmful to them,
others that they cannot do without it. What about
This? Is the help or harm in the meat:, ‘As a an thinketh in HIS heart, so is he,” is
a clear Summing up of the man from the mental plane. It does not follow , because you think
a Certain way, that makes it the same for another.
Because you think a thing is good, does not Necessarily make it so. At one time it was
thought to be good to force religion on people, Obliging them to attend religious services.
Today this is changed. Only beliefs can be changed – realities never
can. And so man again finds that he is up against
A shifting, changing system of thought. He has beseeched, begged, pleaded, and even
Demanded what he claimed was his Divine heritage, without the slightest results. He has
Lived upon some far distant demonstration of the Power, and has drained it of its inspiration,
Hoping against hope that he might have a return of the Power. He has asked himself and
Others why it is that he is unable to heal or get healed, and eventually he turns to
the plane of SPIRIT. ‘I am of too pure eyes to behold iniquity”
is the watchword. Man begins to Understand that the Power of the Christ-consciousness,
which is quicker than the thought, is Awareness and not creation. For the first
time he sees that his eye has been double; that he has
Been living in a world of good and evil; that he has had to except evil before he could
get rid Of it; that if he could get rid of it, it
of necessity must have been unreal. He sees that belief is
The only thing that can be changed, and that the eternal laws of God cannot be broken.
If they Could, they would be worthless. What man does
is to attempt to break them, and is himself Broken in the attempt. Awareness of his God
Self lifts him to a place of recognition. He sees
Clearly that all evil is ignorance (ignoring God). Just as a student of music who ignores
the Principles of harmony will achieve small results
and much discord, so his acceptance of evil As something that has to be got rid of is
merely his ignorance of the Something that must be
Recognized. In spite of the injunction ‘Take no thought,’ thousands of people are today
Fighting a terrific battle with evil, which is more or less real to them by reason of
their Acceptance of it. ‘Come out from among them [your beliefs] and
be ye separate.” You can believe anything, but
That does not make it true. Eventually man will take the path of pure Christ Truth as
Manifested by Jesus, and will learn as Father Divine has often stated, ‘There is no B. C.:
there Is only a B.J.’ There is no time which is
before the Christ consciousness. “Before Abraham was
I am,’ but there is a very definite period prior to the Jesus. The Jesus comes and goes,
but the Christ remains in his changeless state of
glory, waiting always for recognition. If Jesus had
Not recognized his true Self, the Christ, he would have passed away unknown, a little
obscure Carpenter in a small village. He admitted
that as Jesus he could do nothing, but that with the
Christ he could do anything. He made it perfectly clear that what he did through the man
Jesus is a present possibility with every man, knowing the Impersonal Power which was
is Impartial, and everywhere instantly available.
Man begins to see that he cannot change the Eternal facts of Being. Thousands have said
‘Lord, Lord,’ and received nothing. Thousands Have said “Peace, peace,” and there was no
peace; and thousands have said ‘Peace, be still,’
And seen a raging sea of human belief calmed like a millpond at sundown. No authority rests
In the plane of the mental, for its basis is constantly changing. Not so long ago people believed that every
true prayer should be prefaced with endless Denials; this being eventually found unproductive
of results, the idea was changed to intense And repeated affirmations of the truth. This
too is beginning to crumble. Trying to take the
Kingdom of Heaven by violence has not proved successful. Telling the creator that he is
God, And the only creator, is no revelation to
God, and does not make it any more true than Repeating a thousand times over that two times
two is four, makes it any more four than it Was before. It has always been that and always
will; nothing will ever change that, for it is an
Eternal verity. Gradually man begins to see that all his thought
processes have come to naught -he has Merely builded up a universe of beliefs which
he finds tumbling down about him. In his Desperation he reaches out for the reality
of the spiritual plane, the place of changeless reality,
And begins to experience the first real and enduring peace he has ever know -the peace
which Passeth all understanding. He sees now that
the injunction, ‘I will overturn and overturn, Until he comes whose place it is to rule,’
is made true, and he is happy at last to be rid of the
Bulky letter of that teaching which was given to the child and kept from the prudent. Why man has gone so far afield is the amazing
thing when he begins to see the simplicity or
Life and the beauty and holiness of the true creation. He smiles when he thinks with
Shakespeare, ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,’ and he
sees the Utter impossibility of such a creation proceeding
from God. Imagine a world that is constantly Subject to change by taking thought! Awakening to the glorious possibilities of
the Sons of God, man is self revealed -in a burst of
Glory he suddenly sees the portals of heaven (self-expression) loom white and glistening
Before him. He begins to experience here and now his heaven. He calls from the watchtowers
Of the universe; ‘It is wonderful! It is wonderful! It is wonderful!” His Name -the name of your I am -is wonderful,
and the government of the life of your Jesus – your human personality – shall be
upon his shoulders. Beloved, rejoice; it is wonderful. All the
tiresome job of governing this erratic personality, Which you have called by a special name, falls
away. You take My yoke upon you and find My burden is light. My burden is merely the
bearing of the testimony to the world that the
Law of a Changeless Universe is here and now effective, and that the Sons and Daughters
of God are not in any way subject to the limitations
of the human personality. Man begins to see That true prayer means alignment with that
which is, and all ‘thine and mine passes away and
The Divine Ours comes into being. It is Wonderful! It is wonderful! It is wonderful!
Heaven and earth are full of the. Think of it!
You are living, moving, and having your being in the pure substance of Spirit. You do not
Have to think it into manifestation; you have to recognize that Jesus was a truth-sayer
and not A liar when he said, ‘The Kingdom of heaven
is at hand -it is within you.’ Believest thou this?
-you who read this book -or will you drag in your dead fathers and your qualifications
and Your limitations and your special brands of
teaching? When the eye becomes single the whole body
is full of light -full; not nearly full. Full to
Overflowing, because it has lost the shadow of belief, which says there is evil in the
universe And that thinking can change it into good.
When the eye is single, it will perceive reality Instead of belief, and will thereby see reality
into manifestation everywhere. It is wonderful. Before you, who read this book, a new door
has opened, the door of Christ. ‘I am the door’
And at the same time, ‘Behold I stand at the door.” When you, through the process of Recognition,
know that there is such a thing as a perfect universe, created and sustained by
God, who found it very good, you will, by opening the door of your human consciousness,
Find that I am there, ready to enter into expression. The 1 am is your individual expression
Of the Universal God. And no sooner is the door opened than you find that the I am (your
Own individual point in consciousness) is the door of every wall, to every room (new
state of Consciousness), to everything that formed
a shell about your good and which you termed problem.
Behold! Behold! It is I -your real self. Be not afraid. It is wonderful, it is wonderful,
It is wonderful. Quicker than thought is the thinker of the thought -quicker than any human
Measure is the I am -knowing everything, needing nothing, awaiting recognition. I must
Increase -the Christ consciousness most come more and more into visibility; you (human
Beliefs) must decrease. The going of the personality, with its petty desire for fame or name, or
Its holier-than-thou, stone-casting propensities, must decrease in order that the Son of God
May come to rule in his own universe. Contemplation of the perfect universe -not the
Attempt to create it – will cause your human universe to take on new proportions. The borders
Of your tent will be enlarged; you will launch out into deep waters: you will sing a new
song, And that song will be, ‘It is wonderful.”
To be absent from the body and present with the Lord
Is not an emotional experience, but a present possibility. To be present with your True
Self is To find yourself in possession of everything
that is necessary to sustain the no-problem state
Of existence. It is wonderful! Chapter Sixteen THE NO TREATMENT MAN The answer already exists to any and every
mathematical equation you can or ever will think
Of. No matter whether you know it or not, it equals a certain thing before you even
put it Down on paper. Because you do not know it
does not mean anything. Because you do know it
Does not make it so. It is already so. A problem exists only so long as the answer is unknown;
The moment you have the answer, you have no problem. A question does not exist after you
Have the answer. It is merely converted into a statement of fact -a worked-out problem
is no Problem. This checks perfectly with the statement
of the Master, “Before you ask I will Answer, and while you are yet speaking I will
give it unto you.’ The answer to every human Problem (belief) exists before you express
the belief. We see the type-man Jesus overshadowed and
finally swallowed up by the Christ Self. Christ Never had a problem; he never had to be healed,
helped, prospered, or set in his right place. Jesus experienced all of these things. You
could not heal Christ, but Jesus might be helped or
Treated. We see the escape from the misery of the Jesus-man made by recognition of the
Christ. The moment he functioned in the Christ-consciousness, anything and all things were
Possible to him; but when he dropped down to the human plane of the Jesus he cried,
‘My God, why hast thou forsaken me?” Jesus came under the law of birth, breeding,
training, environment, and all the rest. He had a
History of his own and a human destiny, even as you have, which was blotted out or made
nil By the understanding of his True Self, which
was above help. We see the Jesus in the process Of recognizing his True Self and escaping
the limitations of the human. In the press of the
Crowd there was little escape for Jesus; But the Christ was able to take its manifestation
Through the crowd unnoticed, because the Christ in each ‘has a way that ye know not of” and
That is not the way of thought -for eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has
it Entered into the heart of man the things that
God has prepared for those that love him. The Jesus, or what you might term his human
personality, could see no way -he could not Think his way out, or across the lake, unless
he went through the limitations of the Jesus- Consciousness; but turning to the True Self
and recognizing its presence enabled him to work
What people called a miracle, which in reality was but the natural and true expression of
the God Self. It is no miracle for the hungry
to be fed in the All-substance of God. When Jesus said, “Wist ye not that I must
be about my Father’s business?” he had already Made it clear that his Father was within.
He might have stated clearly, ‘Wist ye not that this
Jesus must be about the business of the I am in me?’ In other words, it should be about
the Business of that Power which does not bow
down to the laws of the human limitation. This
Comes by a process of pure recognition, awareness. Either the Scriptures are true or they are
a lie. What will you do with such statements as, “You
Say there are yet four months, and then cometh the harvest, but I say unto you, Lift up your
Eyes and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest…. Thrust in the
sickle”? Jesus Could not reap where he had not sown, any
more than you can, but the Christ could thrust in
The sickle because he did not in any way function under the frail law; of the human Consciousness
hence the importance of recognizing the Father within, not pleading with it,
But merging the human will and thought unto it, and acting from the point of awareness.
If God cannot do it, neither you nor ten thousand
people are going to accomplish it. It is no longer a question of demonstrating
good; it is a question of getting people to Recognize that there is such a thing as God.
Most anyone will challenge that statement; but a
Short conversation with most truth students will clearly prove that they believe more
in the Power of evil than good. Fifteen minutes of
conversation will reveal evil of every sort as being
Stronger and are powerful than good. Few there be who salute the Christ in you and speak
The word of Reality. They believe emphatically that evil has to be destroyed, and yet we
find That there is nothing in the Kingdom of God
that can be destroyed. We find that in the Book
Of Life ‘nothing can be added to or taken from the Word,” remembering that the Word
was Made flesh. What, then, is all this adding of evil and
disease that has taken place? It is failure to recognize
That there is such a thing as God. How could there be God and something else if God is
all in All? What is the evil that we treat, but belief
in a power opposed to the Supreme Power. A Human law is only local. Sin might be said
to be somewhat a matter of geography. In order to
Fulfil a traffic law in one country you may be deliberately breaking a traffic law in
another. “Ignorance of the law excuses no man’ is more
true on the divine plane of the no-treatmentman, Than on the human plane. In fact, you have
paid every penalty of unhappiness and Limitation by reason of the fact that you
were ignoring the law of Spirit, which is of too pure
Eyes to behold iniquity. On the human plane, you may run your car fifty miles an hour in
a Ten-mile zone and pay no penalty except you
are apprehended, but this is not so in the Universe of the All-God. Were you to make a questionnaire for yourself
and have to answer this question: “Who are You?’ what would you answer? Being perfectly
honest, you would probably say: ‘My name is John Smith -thirty. I was born in California.
I have thus and so much education, breeding, And family. I am subject to certain financial
and physical limitations.” But you have denied Everything that is true. You are the Son of
the Living God. Do you hear? I said LIVING God,
Not a God who has to be made alive by your thinking process, or because you treat him
into Existence, or because you affirm that it is
so. You are the Son -the point of manifestation Where the God Power pours out into expression,
in a constant and endless stream of power, Health, substance, and holiness. As you contemplate this glorious revelation
you will understand some of the wonderful Possibilities that lie just ahead of your
John Smith, through the door of the I am Consciousness, which is not created or made
to appear by thought, but which is recognized as
The pure creation of God. Believest thou this? Do you actually believe that God made the
World? If so, what are you going to do about it? If you make your bed in hell there am
I; if You ever recognize ME (Father within) in the
most hellish situation you can imagine, you will
See it instantly fade from the pictures and resolve itself into heaven. In other words,
you will Rend the veil of human belief, and find the
thing that you have been seeking standing Eternally in its right place, and merely waiting
the coming of the Master, who would Recognize it as true and stop trying to create
it. Is there actually any truth to the statement
that God created the world, found it good and Rested -and that he is a changeless Power?
Do you believe it? Or would you just like to
Believe it? Is it so that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand? Or is that just a fairy-tale?
Is it Possible to have a host of sick, sinning,
and evil things in heaven, in order that you may be
Glorified in treating them out of existence? ‘Pray without ceasing’ does not mean an endless,
Monotonous telling God about your troubles, and of his qualities, but it does mean a constant
Capacity to be aware of the Only Living God as here and now. No wonder such a magnificent
Thing is given to the child (the consciousness that can accept God without question), instead
Of the adult (adulterer), who mixes everything true with his impure reasoning. It had been
Said, “The wisdom of man is foolishness in the eyes of GOD and, inversely “The wisdom
of God is foolishness in the eyes of man.’ Time
without number we find the wisdom of man Failing ignominiously -what he learns one
year as the height of erudition may the next year
Be relegated to the dump-heap of ignorance. Three thousand years of medicine have not
decreased disease, no matter how lofty the aims
Of those noble souls who have given of their best and even their human lives to make this
end Attainable. We are beginning to see that what
Jesus and the prophets said is more than just a
Fairy-tale. We begin to recognize that he spoke of a truth, for he spoke of Himself.
He spoke of The pure wisdom that was revealed by recognition
that he was and IS the Son of the Living God. And just so soon as you begin to contemplate
that state of things you will see that what You have been trying to demonstrate for years
is actually awaiting your appropriation. The more we think of evil the more aggravated
it becomes, until it increases to a point of self-
Destruction. Everybody has at one time or another builded himself a Goliath, and had
it Threaten his city (state of consciousness)
with complete destruction, and at such time he has
Called for his David with his five spiritual senses and destroyed or wiped out the
Manifestation of belief. Eventually you will find that you have eyes
and see, instead of eyes and see not. In other Words, you will perceive what it means to
become aware of your True Self. A body that is
Always in mind is a sick or ailing body; a pocket-book that is always in mind is flat;
a state of Life that is constantly toyed with in an attempt
to make it better will only result in a poor Manifestation. “Rather, then, be absent from
the body and present with the Lord’ sums up the
Teaching of recognition. When your thinking process is off of evil, evil ceases to function,
for it Is only sustained by the thought process.
It has no Divine mandate for existence, and finds its
Substance in the ignorance of man, who thinks it is something real that he must call upon
God To destroy. Just so long as he does this,
he will operate on the mental plane of life and not
Experience the glorious freedom of the Child of the Most High. Job’s captivity was changed
When he stopped trying to change it. When he prayed for his neighbors, his captivity
was Turned, and he had twice as much as he had
before. It is interesting that this should have
Happened after his almost ceaseless praying, beseeching, begging God to help him. We see
Very clearly that it is by taking thought that we produce the evil of life. The John
Smith who Does not recognize his True Self suffers with
Job -he is always trying to save the world or
Himself, instead of standing on the heights of Reality and revealing the Kingdom of Heaven
As here and now. The Son of God is not a worker of miracles; he is a revealer of the Finished
Kingdom. You are the Son of God -do you hear? And you are to reveal the Kingdom of
Heaven as here and now. You begin to recognize why it is wonderful. The no-treatment man is the Son of the Living
God. He lives constantly in heaven (a state of
Consciousness), and he speaks of himself. John Smith then takes up the sword and goes
Through the mechanics, and says, ‘I speak not of myself, but him that sent me into
Expression.” We are at this very point of walking through the DOOR and finding that,
like a Drop of water, we are one with the sea of
substance, the sea of Spirit. As the candle-flame is
Lost in the sunlight, yet retains its individuality, so the individual loses his sense of separation
And limitation and takes on the proportions of his God-given Self. He sees with the eyes
of Spirit, which cannot behold evil. Not that
he wants to shut his eyes to anything, but he
Actually sees as Jesus the Christ saw when he looked through the belief of ignorance
that was Binding a cripple and said, addressing the
Christ in him, ‘Rise up and walk.” The human Personality had already testified to the fact
that he could not move. Jesus did not go to Lazarus to make him alive;
he went to awaken him, stating that he had Fallen asleep. Do you suppose the restoration
of the withered arm was as slow as thought? It
Came instantly -the physical could not perceive its possibility, because it saw with a glass
Darkly and saw the human history and reason as real. Jesus, through his at-one-ment with
the Father within, perceived the man whole and
perfect, and it was to this True Self that he
Addressed his command ‘Stretch forth thy hand.’ “He who hears obeys,” and when you come to
understand your True Self you will Appropriate the gifts in a natural, normal
way. Just as soon as the selfish seeking has gone,
And you realize the uselessness of self-seeking, you will be the avenue through which pours
The endless stream of God manifestation. To decree is to see it come forth. The Son of
God, the No-treatment-man who needs only to be recognized,
approximates his spiritual qualities. He Has the seeing eye, the hearing ear, and the
gift of self revelation. Awake thou, Lazarus, Bound up in the filthy grave clothes of thine
own making, and arise and shine, for thy light Has come. Now is the accepted time -now are we the Sons
of God. Do you hear? A thousand petty Despots who have the world to save will pass
away -but MY word shall not pass away. You Are MY word made flesh. You, John Smith, are
the word of the I am made flesh – and now we
See the possibility of bringing up this garment to a higher and finer state of beauty and
Power. We begin to see that as we become better acquainted with the God Self, the human
Garment will take on finer states of health, wealth, and happiness. These will follow naturally.
Your contemplation will then be about “whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are
Lovely, whatsoever things are of good report,’ and you will see these words made flesh
Dwelling among you. Who are you, and to what end were you born?
Are you just another bit of humanity, to be Tossed about from one fearful experience to
another -to go down into the grave of defeat? Or
Are you the Son of the Living God Here and Now present, in full possession of your true
Capacity? Awake, awake, awake. It is wonderful! Chapter Seventeen TRAILING CLOUDS OF GLORY “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting; The soul that rises with us, our life’s star, Hath had elsewhere its setting And cometh from afar; Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home; Heaven lies about us in our infancy!” -WORDSWORTH. TRAILING clouds of glory, sweeping the great
horizon of your new heaven and earth, follow After you, Son of the Living God, in great
swirls of light and illumination. No more can you
Withhold this wondrous light than day can stay its coming. No more the conscious effort
to Know the truth ; to make others see the truth
; no more straining to have people listen to your
Chatter about what is or is not no more anything, but simply BEING. Why do you try to be?
A thousand eager souls have gone down in defeat trying through every possible means to be
That which they already were. “They have taken my Lord away,” is the cry of a personalityworshipper
– One who looks to mankind for his salvation
instead of looking to the only Possible source of such power -that within
his own consciousness. Trailing Clouds of Glory follow after you,
and the great illumination of their brightness goes
Before you. Are you afraid to accept such a glorious picture of your True Self? Then
you are Yet playing with the colored pebbles in the
shallow waters of metaphysics -disobeying the
Command, ” Launch out into deep waters.” He who has the courage to “launch out” into the
Freedom of his soul not asking of those beachcombers who hang, around the shores of
Personal ideas will find nothing wanting. The rough sea will be smooth, and the calmness
Shall be there that deep stillness of being alone, and for the first time being actually
free from The soul hunger and loneliness that nothing’
of the human mind can satisfy. Many who read these lines perhaps you who
are reading now -will be self-revealed, and will
Find it natural for the Son of the Living God to have Glorious Trailing Clouds of Attainment
Follow after him no matter whither he may go. The signs shall follow they shall not
Precede. Why look ye for a signpost-when I am the way? Salute no man that thou passeth
Along life’s highway, for lie may turn you awry. Salute the Soul of your True Self and
be not Turned aside. “It is I ” -eternally I and
when you begin to see Me in everything you will
Call Me out into expression -and that which flies at you in mad fury trying to destroy
you Shall be in an distant transformed into Me.
This whole process lies within the scope: of you
Who read this page. I have said to you, “Agree with thine adversary quickly,” and the Agreement
is made through calling the name of the Living God
out of the dead Lazarus. “It is Wonderful “-everything is wonderful; the only
thing that is dispelled at such a moment is Your belief in evil. Even hell is made into
heaven when you call upon Me. Call upon Me and I
Will answer. Do you hear? I said, “I will answer. “Believest thou this? Or are you going
to Argue a little, and try to prove that it is
so with a reservation? Go thy way ; the bridegroom Passeth, and you have no oil because you have
not learned yet to accept your good. You are Still with those who want to make it happen,
and who are looking for personal Aggrandizement. But one day perhaps to-day, perhaps right
now you will shed the filthy rags of argument And of personal teaching, and rise and go
up into a high place, and descend again, not to
Work out problems, but to reveal the God within you. As much as ye will, that give I unto
You. Do you hear? “Acquaint now (right while you are reading
is now) and be at peace; thereby all good shall
Come unto you.” How very simple too simple perhaps, because you have been hypnotized
Into believing that long, hard study was necessary to attain the Kingdom, and that you were
Full of sin that some sin cleanser had to take out of you by special instruction that
he could Give you. Yet shall I call again and again
to you: “Acquaint now thyself with Him, and be at
Peace -thereby all good shall come unto you. “Do you see how utterly impossible it would
be For you to explain the glorious feeling of
“It is well” to anyone who was trying to think it out? You are impressed with that which descends
to the plane of human, thinking from the place Of Christ-consciousness, the fourth-dimensional
realm. Do you not see what is meant by “Acquaint now thyself with Him and be [find
yourself] at peace; thereby all [the whole] good
Shall come unto you. “Can you understand, then, that your expression of healing, of
whatever Belief comes before you, is merely the light
of the Trailing Clouds of Glory which Automatically emanate from your being? When
you see this, that All (the whole) Good shall Come unto you ; then will you know that you
have the hidden well of living water and the Exhaustless substance of the manna that cometh
down from heaven. Do you see that you will Be self-sufficient, and that your giving will
in reality be only the coming of your presence? On
Whomsoever your consciousness rests pours the infinite blessing and possibility of a
perfect Revelation of health, prosperity, or happiness.
Should they but accept it, either consciously or
Unconsciously, the transformation will take place, and they will shout, “Whereas before
I was Blind, NOW (right NOW the ONLY) I can see”
and one blindness after another shall be Healed in every man. New fields of illumination
and light shall be made visible to him, and Each time he shall exclaim, “Whereas before
I was blind, now I can see.” Do you see that the mere acceptance of this
makes it possible for you? Until you believe it is
Possible (not from a standpoint of credulity or blindly), it can never be possible to you,
However much of the letter you may know. You believe in the true fashion of the Word when
You have accepted the Finished Kingdom as here and now, and possible of expression.
Then What matter if a thousand say to you, ” It
is hard” -“There is much work and difficulty in
Attainment.” I said to you many times and I am saying to you (you who read this page,
do You hear?) at this instant saying to you -that
the Kingdom of Heaven is given to the Child, Not in years, but with the capacity that can
accept good as real instead of endeavoring Eternally to make My Kingdom over or set things
right by first believing in evil. As soon as you take away the personal nature
of evil you have it in a place of understanding, Where it can more easily be seen nothing but
belief. The thing you have been working on is
Your personal devil, and he is fed by the substance of your thought. Taking your attention
Away from the body being absent from the body or embodiment of your problem and
Present with the Lord -is another way of putting it. When you are present with the Lord the
Trailing Clouds of Glory sweep the horizon of your universe and find nothing there which
Needs to be destroyed or killed-but find the great, glorious realm of attainment opening
wide Its portals to you. Enter. “Where there is no vision the people perish”
-were there is no vision which is beyond the Thought process, the people finally fall by
the way, full of dead letter and earnest effort. The
Glorious Vision of the Son of the Living God is yours. You are dream-drenched with the
joy of It all they pass before your gaze as lovely
realities, instead of phantoms and ghosts of dead
Hopes and wishes. Deeper and deeper you go into the treat clouds of light ; more wondrous
Are the revelations made to you as you go your eternal way of aloneness and attainment.
Nothing shall be denied you-and no one shall say ye nay. Do you hear? Can you talk this
Glorious thing over with one who has but a mind full of thoughts or trite statements,
and a House full of evil that needs attention? You
shall learn the glory of silence which is golden by
Its light of revelation. Stand still very still-stiller than any human mind can imagine. Everything you touch shall be filled with
the Spirit of Light. Everything you look upon shall
Be illumined with the glory. And all this not in the impractical way that most people
look Upon these wondrous words, but in a way of
concreteness.” Even in my flesh shall I see God.”
Do you begin to see the impractical teaching is that which shows you how to get things
when There is the great “Seek ye first the Kingdom
of Heaven [within] and all things shall be added
Unto you”? Do you go any further until you have decided within yourself whether this
is a lie Or the truth -why continue the self-hypnotism
any further? You are on the path of Attainment-attainment of greater things than
can possibly be set down in black and white. Trailing Clouds of Glory shall follow you
as you go about your Father’s business-and the
Pygmy personality will fade out of the pictures as the new creature moves into the plane of
Expression From out the invisible will come new ideas and impressions that will cause
you to Know that the way of attainment is not fraught
with difficulties, but is easy and beautiful, a
Way possible for the childlike consciousness which believes in its good and accepts it. Out of the invisible comes the manifest. As
a smile out-pictures a state of consciousness, and
Is instantly reflected by all who come in contact, thereby making the increase infinite,
so the Idea which wells from the Inner Lord will
come into ample expression and be reflected back
To the giver in endless ways. The whole concern is not how to make it reflect back with
Increase, but to release it without thought of return. A smile is given, not to get a
smile in Return, but because it is an automatic expression
of the state of consciousness at that time. A
Grin will not accomplish the same results. Few are fooled. Few are those who respond.
The Deep, smiling consciousness of good shall
be reflected back again and again in countless Ways. “Ye are the light of the world.” What world? And who is referred to as “ye”?
All these glorious promises and statements of
Absolute facts must at length be overtaken by the Son of the Living God; he must finally
come To cause everyone to yield its full measure
of substance. It is only when the grape has been
Pressed in the winepress that the hull is thrown away, and it is when the inspiration
has been Taken from the letter that it falls by the
way. When will you rise and leave the tatters of
Human reasoning and former attainment for the open road of the Son of the Living God?
Dare You-you who read this page-remembering that
taking the open road does not of necessity Mean a physical voyage? He who recognizes
any of the attributes of the Christ consciousness As so and real will see them into instant
manifestation, as Peter, realizing the substance of
Freedom, could sing in a material prison and cause it to open to him. I am the way-if it
takes An earthquake to do it, what of it? And those
that put you in will invite you to come out so
They may be blinded by the Trailing Clouds of Glory that follow after you. And finally
you Will realize that the everlasting rising to
heights and falling to depths is a matter of human
Belief, and that it has nothing to do with the real, the lasting, the eternal, but is
merely an Emotional reaction. The Son of the Living
God does not ascend to heights and get cast off into
The depth, for there is no height, depth, breadth, or length in the ALL -and yet there
are all of These as long as they are necessary for Jesus
to operate within their boundaries. There is the
Glory of the risen Lord gleaming through you -and the fashion of your continence shall
be Changed and you shall be revealed in a glory
of light. Do you hear? Do you see? Do you look
Between the lines and grasp the hidden meaning that is there? Go into all the world, preach the good spell.
Speak of the good spell-the wonder of goodness That is everywhere-and go not out again first
to point out the evil and then hunt in your Mental satchel for a remedy-one thing for
headache, one for a mortgaged house, another Thing for an inharmonious home, another for
how to find money and a job. How long will You cast lots for a part of my garment? When
will you see that to know ME is life eternal? Life
Eternal is not subject to disease and limitation, neither can it be made unhappy by the lack
of Anything. Can you see now? -you who read this
page that, a thousand years being as a day, And a day as a thousand years, you can make
the hypnotism of yesterday a thousand years Old and out of your way? You shall do all these things, and the mists
of earth-the beliefs of the human limitations -shall
Vanish away in a cloud of light and beauty. And suddenly you shall walk untrammelled and
Free-a new door shall open unto you, and you shall enter, and as you do so it will close,
and The past, with its limitations and fears,
will be vanished away. Do you hear? You who read
This page? You? I speak to you-the new order of things is
at hand and it is the time of its appearance. It will be
Very much as the wakening from a dream that you fully intend to remember, but about which
Is spun such a mist of forgetfulness that only the merest fragments remain. And this
is the Translation from one mansion to another in
the universal consciousness. Newer and fresher Capacities shall be yours; you will find yourself
in possession of wisdom necessary to perform That which you formerly thought impossible
of attainment, and, strange as it may seem for
The moment, you shall presently find that it is quite natural. The moment you overtake
a truth Or become conscious of it, at that instant
you also realize that you have always known that
Truth, and that there has never been a time in your life when you did not have it actively
into Expression. When you go by the Way, be sure you leave
the false modesty of the hypocrite behind. be not Afraid to assume and take for granted
the power of the Son of the Living God. You are acting
Within your own precincts when you realize that the power of the Christ to accomplish
that Which it will is a natural thing, and not
something for display. It is wonderful-and, even as
You have been reading this word, your fear and problem have melted away, dissolved by
the Light shed from the Trailing Clouds of Glory
that emanate from the Son of the Living God. It
Is all right with you now-everything is all right-now. The fig-tree that cumbered the
ground Has shriveled up and disappeared the fig-tree
that did not obey the law to bring out the whole
Manifestation at the instant is also pulled up by the roots. The slow process of birth,
growth, Maturity, and fruition is all swallowed up
in instant recognition of the perfect whole-the Flower before the seed. He that hath ears,
let him hear. Do you hear? The whole in perfect Manifestation, not through the slow human
process of time and space. Feeding among the lilies considering the lilies-the
effortless, unlabored action of the I Am Moving into a constant stream of expression.
Rest, beloved; it is well with you. You are the
Glorious Being of Light in a Universe of Light-you are lost in the immensity of it all. As the
Candlelight is lost in the sunlight and yet retains its individuality, so you are lost
in Me-in the Spirit. Of the All-and there you find nothing
wanting or lacking And there you find no Shadows. And there your soul is singing the
song of the Son of the Living God in the eternal Now and Here, in the eternal joy of Life,
Life, Life complete and filled with an unspeakable Joy. It is so. Do you hear? Remember, then,
as you go out into your Kingdom of Heaven about
Your Father’s business, that the Trailing Clouds of. Glory are about you, and that it
is well. Chapter Eighteen THE BLAZE OF LIFE ‘The Lord in the midst of thee is strong and
mighty” -the Lord, the Power, the Life, in the
Midst of the burning bush which blazes forth and yet which consumes not -which at the
Same time consumes that which is not -is strong and mighty. The Blaze of Life which you
Have theretofore thought of as a destroying flame proves to be a dazzling white light
which Shows the nothingness of that which it formerly
seemed to consume. There is nothing in the Kingdom of Heaven that needs to be destroyed.
A seed that has expanded through the time And space belief of the human thinking has
not been destroyed, but fulfilled. The grub that,
Through the slow motion of time and space thinking, becomes a butterfly, is not destroyed,
But fulfilled. So you will find that you have not great areas of evil in your mind and life
to be Destroyed; but vast amounts of unrealized
joy, happiness, and expression to be set free. As
Long as the eye is double you are a believer in hell -a purifying fire which is to consume
Seething which you promptly say is nothing. What kind of mental gymnastics is this? You
May say that you can prove that it has to be destroyed -you can site scripture to that
end but, Having the double eye of good and evil, you
have never yet read the real Scriptures. The Blaze of Life within you, if misinterpreted,
may cause you to commit that which is Designated evil. A bank robber’s original
idea is good. He desires to inherit the substance of
Mind, expressed in the symbols of the workaday world; but his interpretation is bad.
Immediately upon receipt of the desire to posses substance he translates it into terms
of his Limited universe. He finds it impossible to
attain in any of the legitimate avenues, and so he
Precedes to break human law in order to obtain it. His wanting the substance was not wrong;
Where he fell down was in looking to the appearances, and finding them limiting and
Impossible, and accepting them as real, attempting to set them aside. The first tendency of
Man, after he has felt the urge of the oncoming good in his life, is to look out in the world
of Illusion and see the limitations that are
about him. He immediately judges -decides whether
It is possible or not -whether it is reasonable or not. If he finds it reasonable with the
human Understanding, he proceeds to bring it into
manifestation by human channels; but, if not, he
May turn criminal and attempt to produce it that way. No wonder, then, that the Master said, “judge
not from appearances, but judge righteous Judgement.” If you are looking to the appearances
of the human life, almost anything is Impossible, because it is subject to chance,
destiny, fate, or what you will. When man learns
That the life within the temple, body (embodiment), is a Blaze of Life, he will be able to see
With this Blaze past the human barriers, of whatever nature they may be, and perceive
the Object of his desire in full manifestation. Judging righteous judgment is accepting the
words of the Inner Lord, “Before ye ask I will
Answer, and while ye are yet speaking I shall give it unto you.’ Is this so, or is it a
lie? Answer -you who read this page. Are you still playing
with words? Do you still reel off metaphysical Statements, and find your coffers empty and
your life cold and unexpressed? I am the Blaze Of Life. Can you see how the light of this
Blaze can search the joints and marrow, and how the
Stupid repeating of words will fall like shadows on snow? Can you see what “Be still and
Know’ will do for you, instead of rushing about to find a healer or teacher -or copying
a Statement out of a book or a lecture to repeat a thousand times? Can you see what the Blaze of Life will do
for you? It is sharper than a two-edged sword. It
Catches you eventually as you ride along on the way to Damascus, all proud of your
Attainment -you, the official stone caster -you, the consecrated one. Is one more consecrated
Than another? Are not all of the same substance of life? Is not the Blaze of life in every
man Who will turn within and find it? ‘So wonderful! That magnificent, incandescent
purity radiating from the very essence of your
Being; that Sacred Halo proceeding from the very essence of the Flowering Fount of Life,
is The message that, written on the fleshly tablets
of your heart, is the fulfillment of the promise Going before you, biasing, healing, and saving;
giving life to the dead, delivering those who
Long have striven for perfection, release from bondage.” So wonderful, that Blaze of Life within you
which is the perfect expression of your True Self.
Without Life and Light there is no expression -other than this it is but a borrowed light,
a Flicker on the mirror of the human mind. The
Blaze of Life within you is that White Dazzling Light which illumines all you say; the most
commonplace words become alive and full of fire
-the most ordinary events become great way markers on the path of the new pilgrim. You,
Even though you be a simple carpenter or tender of sheep, will, with this light, find the
gates Of the King’s palace flung wide open to you.
You, though you be a fine nobleman, shall find
The Blaze of Life dispelling the hateful bondage of a POSEUR. Your fatigue of always keeping
Up a pretense shall cease, and you shall find quiet and peace, and pearls and rubies shall
drop From your lips rather than the hard, worthless
gold which formerly bought you nothing but The fawning of monkeys. You, with the picture of your self-expression
hidden away in the shadows of limitation, shall
Suddenly find it illumed by the Blaze of Life -it will become alive and active, and, strange
as It may seem, you will find that all the waiting
you have done will have amounted to nothing you
Shall take up the expression at that point which will cause you to know that nothing
has Been lost – not even time. O glorious Blaze
of Life, that looks through everything, and sees the
Reality of being – the Now of Life and Light. The halo is not something projected by the
silly notions of vibrations, but a perfectly natural
Emanation of light which escapes and is visible even to the eyes of the double minded. He
Wishes to fall down and worship Jesus, and gets the stern rebuke, ‘call not me good.’
Seeing This emanation in terms of success and joyous
abandon, the human mind tries to patter it and
Fails -tries to destroy it by every ways and means that he can contrive, and fails. Might
he as Well try to destroy the light of the sun by
thrusting a sword into it, as to destroy the Blaze of
Life which proceeds from the I am within – the soul which has awaken to its true identity. As light consumes darkness and yet does not
consume it, so the Blaze of Life consumes the
Darkness of human thinking, and the glorious Divine indifference to appearances from this
Height always brings results. The sick are healed and the poor are fed and the good spell
(gospel) is preached without any conscious effort. What is all the worry and flurry about
Making the world good and getting rid of evil? You can only get rid of that which is within
Yourself. Perhaps you do not like this -more than likely you are one of the consecrated
ones, One of the appointed ones -but remember, I
stood not in pulpits, but in the stable, and was
Associated with those you called harlots, wine-bibbers, and sinners. Remember that I
am not Any more in your holy churches, with all there rules and regulations of who and
why, than I Am in the lowest dive. Dare you to deny this?
Then you dare to say to Me that I am not Omnipresent. You dare to say that I am more
present because of you and your chattering Words or your idle thought about making Me
appear. You shall see in good time. I am the Blaze of Life within you -I give
life to the dead and dying by recognizing the
Eternality of life -I am that which can again establish the Lazarus, even though to all
the Human reasoning it is impossible. I am the
Doer of the Impossible -I am the one and only Expresser -and I do not find it exciting or
miraculous that my good should come into Manifestation without effort. I am effortless,
like the light breaking across the skies of night your
Skies of night. Even as you read this I am ready to break across your consciousness and
Cause you to see beyond the limitations of your human thought. I am the Blaze of Life.
‘If ye Be in the Spirit (consciousness) ye are no
are under the law.” The law of what? The law of
Your own belief. If ye be in the Spirit, do not fall down and say it is hard to be in
the Spirit. You are at this instant, and always have been,
in the Spirit of life -only the holy torch which
Is within you was not fired into flame by pure recognition of the God presence in everything,
Here and now and always. Awake, thou, across the black night of trying
to make me appear; behold, I stand at the door
And knock -not as some strange historical character, but as a living, breathing, pulsating
life a Blaze of Life which has come finally into
expression. Do you hear? You who read this page?
Yea, this line? I am looking through your eyes; let me illume the page for you -let
me illume Life for you and cause you to see the flower
before the seed and the bird before the egg. Be still – do not attempt to blow the Blaze
of Life out, or make it flicker to fit your poor human
Capacities. You will begin now to appropriate some of the things which I could not tell
you of Back in Jerusalem. You will begin to absorb
some of the good which is all about you. You will
Be quiet. Yes, you who read this page, your chattering will be over -you will feel my
Presence, and after that nothing will matter, and all the idle trying to demonstrate Me
will Pass -will be lost in the Blaze of Life which
will reveal to you that there is little need of
Demonstrating that which is present in all its fullness. You will go by the way giving
– giving giving -such a precious substance that even your
gaze resting upon so-called evil will Transform it. The halo which will emanate
from you will not make you an impossible saint of
The early-day Christians, but will be the light which you will carry into the everyday
world, And which as you go on your way will fall
into many a basement dwelling and make it a Palace. Again will come to your remembrance (for when
you recognize the Blaze of Life you will not Be a healer, but a revelator of the Isness
of the Kingdom here and now) the glorious and
Divine indifference -Divine indifference because it does not recognize the two powers, one
Good and the other evil, but the One-ness of the Spiritual Universe, which by reason
of its One-ness and unity become indifferent to beliefs
amassed from the judgement of appearances. Healing will flow into expression as naturally
as light dispels the shadows. Why should one, Knowing the nature, then, of shadows, not
be indifferent to them – regardless of how real they
May appear? He is Divinely indifferent to them, and knows that nothing he does or attempts
To do with a shadow will change its essential nature; but, recognizing the truth that with
the Coming of light the end of the shadow automatically
takes place, he turns his attention to Light. I am the Light of this (present) world. I
am always very near, as near as you yourself are to
Any condition or situation. I am a light which is set upon a hill, thereby illuminating all
the Valleys and ravines of human belief. The light
piercing the dark caves of the earth reveals Precious stones, unseen by the human eye unaided
by the light. The Light of the I am pierces The deep recesses of your human thought, and
finds hidden there royal diadems of jewels of
Attainment -such jewels are beyond all price. They are there in you, awaiting the recognition
Of the light within. When you identify yourself with this glorious
Light of the within, and are God-conscious of
Its presence, then will your words shoot forth on streams of lightning and illume the way
for Not only you, but for countless others. It
will be with the impersonal and impartial giving of
This Light, that great effulgence will come to you -the halo shall be extended, ever taking
in Newer and fresher mansions in the Fathers
house. In the language of the Scriptures, you shall
Enlarge the borders of your tent. You cannot bring the light as seething you
carry in your hands or something you force into
Expression by so much thinking, but you show forth the Light by reason of being the Light
Yourself. The whole process will become more and more unconscious, and hence more and
More natural, reliable, and productive of results. ‘Blessings, blessings, blessings
-so any you Cannot count them’ will become true. So automatically
will the Power of God function in your Life; you will presently be swallowed up in
it, and be unable to sort out demonstrations of the
Power and talk about them. So many blessings you cannot count them, you will not be
Seeking little gifts of the Spirit; you will come and lave and drink and eat. ‘Eat my flesh and drink my blood” has small
comfort to a helpless sinner -as taught by Theology; but it is a well sprig of beauty,
a gushing fountain of life and vitality, to the
Awakened soul who once recognizes that the flesh to be eaten is the substance of Spirit
made Manifest -the heavenly manna -and the blood
is the inspiration of God Almighty coming Into his life with a great Blaze of Light. You who are silently reading this, do you
hear what I say unto you? You who read -you. Be
Still; that which is back of all thought is a thinker – and the thought is only the farthest
reaches Of the impression, put through the limitation
of the intellect. Be still, then, and I will impress
You with something so wonderful that it cannot be put into words. You will begin to accept
Some of the new proportions of the new heaven and earth. Be still -do you hear? Learn to
Accept your good. Leave the dry letter of the word and imbibe the soul it is well with
the Now Do you hear? I have strange and wondrous things to impress
you with. My promises are kept -do you Hear? Read, then, one of them, and see for
yourself. Are you afraid to trust me wholly And alone? I give nothing to cowards, because
cowardice has narrowed down the aperture to Such diminutive proportions, and only the
tiniest ray can penetrate. Listen: “HENCEFORTH I CALL YOU NOT SERVANTS; FOR THE
KNOWN UNTO YOU.’ Do you hear? Believest thou this? You who
read this page? You? As a servant of the human Beliefs you knew not what the Master or overlord
of chance and fate did; but I call you friend, And make known to you all things that I have
heard of My Father. That is, I am ready to Reveal to you the depths and the heights of
the True Word of God which is above all the Human laws and opinions. Be still -you who
read this. You. If you give the ‘cup of cold Water” you will not go unrewarded. If you
give the glorious freshness to the perishing soul of
The Presence of the God Power here and now, and if you bring to him the Kingdom of
Heaven as present, this will quench his thirst and moisten the parched lips so long in the
Desert of human reasoning. ‘SEEK NOT WHAT YOU SHALL EAT -NEITHER BE OF
WILL BE ADDED TO YOU.” This is just the reverse of the strange idea
that by reeling off words you can get things, or that
The reason Jesus came to earth was to give men a power to work magic and get prosperity
And all sorts of things. Jesus came to reveal the Kingdom as here and now, where everything
Is already in manifestation and does not need to be recreated by a thinking man. Be still -you who read this page. You. Do
you believe that “all these things will he added
Unto you’? Yes, or no? What can you do about it? Can you make them appear? Blaze of Life -Blaze of Life within you who
read this page -shine forth -shine forth, Dissipating the shadows of disease and in
harmony -shine forth. Shine forth in all thy Splendor reveal the Kingdom as here and now,
complete and whole. Chapter Nineteen who ARE YOU? Who are you? And to what end were you born?
You who read this book – to you I come. I ask
You the question you read because, if you are willing, you shall see the answer written
if fire Over the portals of your universe. Slave!
Arise from the pigsty of your prodigality, and return
To your Father. You have done a deal of talking and reading
– taking lessons and listening to lectures. What is
The final result of all this research in the material husks of reasoning but a few grains
of truth? Do you believe one percent of what you say?
Why prate about the healing influence when Before you opens a door of no-healing? Who
are you to be healed, and of what? Beloved, why will you wait longer for the
realization of that which you have been telling of
For years. When will you arise as the Son of God, of the Living God, and assert the
freedom That awaits you? -above all treatment; above
all worry and wonder; above all trying to make
It so. When are you going to accept what you are saying? ‘I am the Son of the Living God.’ Do you believe
this? If so, you are at this instant facing a
Radical change in the outward expression which will be so far above the old concept that
you Will stand in amazement at the glory of it
all. Just what do you believe? Is there a God,
an All-God in your universe? Or is the devil of your
Belief greater than the God who created everything? Are you still getting rid of evil? Do you
Still insist that evil is real and true? You say “No” to all this, but what do you do each
Morning? Do you recognize God as present and give thanks, or do you run to some person
Who is supposed to be ordained to speak the Word of Truth and see what HE has to say
About your problems? When will you have the courage to jerk the
curtain away from this hypocrisy and see that the
“holier-than-thou” has left a home full of disease and unhappiness to come to his office
to Advise you how to live and be? When will you come to Me? When will you open
the door and let Me in? When will you thrill With the realization of the present -the now?
Do you not see that man needs no mediator Between himself and God -and that nine tenths
of the mediators could not stand the Searchlight of truth? Back of that hypocrisy
is a temple full of money-changers and dove- Sellers. Look them over! When will you awake
to the sovereign truth that there is such a thing
As God? How much longer will you sit with the swine and ask for that which is poured
out to You in abundance? When will you awaken to
the full truth that is here and now? When will
You say within the courts of your own being, ‘It is wonderful’? When will you recognize
the God Universe and begin to live? When will you realize that God is always present,
in spite of the harpies who insist that you Must have a special training to know this?
When can you arise and say within your soul , ‘It is
Wonderful ‘? What is wonderful? Life is wonderful when you come to Me, the I am -that
Which existed before Abraham – that which is and always shall be – that which cannot
be sold, Or preached, or put into print – that which
IS. It is wonderful. Bless you -fear not -I have
led you along the path -I have proved to you the
Folly of seeking help through man; you have finally been humbled before the stable of
your Own True Self. Take off your shoes (human
understanding); you are on holy ground. Be still very
Still -and bring your gift. You have arrived at the point where you do not seek Me for
a Gift, but seek Me to bring a gift. You bring
the self and lay it at the manger of My birth (My
Realization), for in reality I was never born and never died, and I am you. Fear not. You have paid allegiance to many
beautiful faces and holier-than-thou appearances. Flash the light of truth on them; say to them,
‘Physicians, heal thyself,” and see them shrink Away under the excuses. When one comes to
you who is Divinely appointed, rest assured that
He will not have to tell you this, and that he will not parade his personality before
you. He Will not gloat over his achievements and inflate
them to unbelievable heights. He will not Annoy you by the tiresome and ugly description
of his family. When I come to you I come free -untrammeled
and above all the petty cares of life. I Am -do
You hear? -and I have no name but the I am. I am he that should come -and when I come
You cannot but realize that all schools, names, persons, and places are wiped out of the
Picture. I bring a new day. Do you want to give up the old day, with your past wonderful
Achievements. Do you want Christ? Or do you want to impress people with the trifling that
You did or left undone, but that you now glorify? Are you a glutton for praise? Are you afraid
That someone will not remember that you did a good deed? Who are you and what is the
Authority which makes your deeds so glorious? Be still, beloved! You have passed through
all these states -you have told me ever so often of
The wondrous deeds you have done. You have tried to write your name on the sands of time.
You have paraded in my robes, holier-than-thou I know you. What matter? Beloved, I know you are tired.
One system after another has failed -even your
Desire to destroy Me has failed. I am and always shall be -and though you would slay
Me in One inexplicable way or another, rest assured,
your efforts to destroy Me are naught. Bless You. You are tired. Why do you not let go
of the prodigal and return to your Fathers house? When will you come, beloved? -out into the
sunshine of realization -the Presence of God Power here and now? Do you believe one-tenth of that which you
speak? Are you a man of matter? Or Spirit? Who
Are you? What is the end of your appearance in this plane:, I come with light and healing in my wings,
beloved. Why will you kick against the pricks? How much longer must I speak to you and have
you turn aside? How much longer will you Divide My garment among you? How much longer
will you set yourself up as the holier- Than-thou? When will you be the Son of God?
When will you act like the Son of God? When Will you dehypnotize yourself from the belief
that your knowing or thinking will do Anything? “Awake thou that sleepth, and Christ shall
give thee light.” Do you believe anything I have
Told you? Do you think for a single moment that there is such a thing as God? If so,
what is This foolish effort you put forth to bring
Me into manifestation? When are you going to live to
The height of your understanding? Are you one of those who sell ME in the open
marts? Do you sell My prayers for a price? Do
You sell My spoken word, coloured with Your personality, for a salary? I shall finally
tame You – you will finally hear Me – you will
destroy yourself on the wheel of life. Do you actually
Believe that there is such a thing as God -or do you just imagine that? Are you selling
me for A price? What are you doing? Who are you,
anyway, who parade your personality which will
Soon fall into the dust – you and your little achievements? When are you going to drop off
this Foolishness and perceive Me as the True Father
of the Universe? “Awake thou that sleepeth, and Christ shall
give the light.’ Do you believe that? Or is it a
Fairy-tale? When will you begin to say, ‘It is wonderful -it is wonderful’? When will
you Begin to realize the Truth of Life? When will
you actually say, when asked who you are, “I
am the Son of the Living God? Do you think, believe, or know, you were created by God?
Your results will be accordingly. Remember this: My Kingdom IS -it does not
have to be explained or “put over’; it is. All the
Jabbering that you are going to do will not make it more real than it is at this moment.
All the Pathetic ideas that you entertain about Me
and My Kingdom will fall away when the light of
The heaven hear and now appears -when your soul automatically arises to the point there
it Can say, “It is wonderful,” and mean it. Chapter Twenty COURAGE He that hath the true fear of God in his heart
hath no Room therein for any other fear. -CROMWELL. As every positive word has a negative counterpart
and interpretation, so the word “fear,” Which is the ghastly hydra-headed monster
that besets the footsteps of man from cradle to
Grave. It has a thousand different titles and names -is personal and impersonal. One
person Might quake with it, another thrill with joy.
It is easy for a trained pilot to soar about the
Heavens like a glorious bird, but the same movements may cause the untutored to be thrown
Into paroxysms of terror and dismay. So likewise the expression “Fear of God” brings
to the minds of many the fear of a most Terrible tribal God who takes keen pleasure
in bouncing upon them at unexpected moments And bringing the most fiendish devices to
pass, while to another it means a reverence and
Security with all attending benefits. A savage, after seeing some of the terrible
things that can be done with electricity, might fear
It, and even obey its injunctions as interpreted by a savage medicine-man. He might prefer
to Stay by his rushlight rather than have anything
to do with this fearful thing. But an Enlightened man will not deprive himself of
the glorious benefits and help derived from the
Proper understanding and use of the power. There are many people who profess to be
Civilized and smile with derision at the so called savage who worship in ignorance a God
As replete with whims, moods, and fearful power as any heathen God dared to be. While
Professing to worship a Father God who is mindful of his own, they are filled with
Superstitious beliefs concerning him. I heard a man with great emotion in his voice, talking
To this God regarding the need of money -finally conclude his high-flown statements of an
Impersonal God with, “Now, Father-God, you know if it is best for me to have this money
it Will be forthcoming.” He was the spirit of
humility and contriteness, and was as near a pagan
Praying to a glorified figure of clay as he could possibly be. Imagine praying for the
invisible Current of electricity to let you have light
if it thought it was well for you to have light. If you
Are in total darkness and have to read, it is an obvious fact that you need light. Yet
thousands Are thinking to wheedle some special favor
from this God while afraid, and filled with Superstitious fears regarding Him, so that
their humility is nothing but a robe of hypocrisy. “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” The wisdom spoken of is the understanding
of God, and the fear that is mentioned is the
Reverence that one naturally has for fundamental laws. A musician, the more he awakens to
The glorious realm of harmony, the more he reverences (fears) the laws of harmony; he
does Not see in them anything that will destroy
him, or from which he can curry personal favors. No matter how contrite he has been, no matter
how many times he has told the principle that He is a miserable artist, full of terrible
discords, and unworthy of the power to express Harmony. As an artist he knows that, the moment
he falls away from the laws of harmony, Chaos is produced in his playing, and he will
eventually completely destroy himself as a Musician if he continues to disregard these
laws for long. “The wrath of God,” or electricity, or
Discord, then, must be in the keeping of man, no matter what may be said to the contrary.
“The wrath of God” is man’s own wrath, or his ignorance or “fear” of God in the negative
Sense of the word. Many people have interpreted the fear of God as meaning a power that
Constantly requires sacrifice of everything but the most ordinary things of life. Others
have a Tribal God who is a bestower of personal favors.
Still others imagine they are one of the few Chosen to express this power-that they are
especially consecrated, and that all others must
Look up to them. Jesus, the great Way-Shower, seeing this tendency in man, made it clear
that The power he was employing was impersonal,
and as available to the man in the street as it
Was to him. “Call not me good.” Well might he have said, “Do not worship me.” “I am wonderfully and fearfully made.” Do
you begin to understand the FEAR of God, and How it operates successfully over the “fearfully”
made body? Do you begin to see what is Hidden in the word “fear”? Do you understand
how the currents of electricity run freely over
A perfectly equipped house? Wherever there is wiring and equipment there it appears in
Whatever form it is needed, and that form is to neutralize a belief in a lack of some
kind. So Also the “fear” of God operates over the body,
which is “wonderfully and fearfully” made. Many an electrically equipped establishment
has a system of wiring and switchboards Wonderfully and fearfully made. The most ordinary
man in the street would not find it Anything unusual if told that the same power
could freeze and burn at the same time, in the
Same room; he would not find it strange that this power could connect him instantly with
the Other end of the earth. No, he has recognized
this fact, and accepted it. That the power we call
God operates in the same manner is un-understandable to many people. They want to know
What “method” or what power you use to neutralize disease as differentiated from poverty;
What affirmations you say to bring about happiness as differentiated from those used to
Produce prosperity-as if there were a different set of currents in an electrical wave to produce
Different manifestations. God is impersonal, omnipotent, and omniscient, as well as
Omnipresent. He is everything at the same time. The moment you recognize the Presence
of God in any place, the situation or condition
of human ignorance becomes nil. When you begin to recognize the impersonal
nature of God, great areas of fear leave you. You
Realize then that it is not a matter of the power working or not; it is a question: Are
you Willing to let it into manifestation? “When
you are ready, I will do the work.” When you are
Ready to stop this ridiculous praying to a man-god and come before The Presence with
the Glorious readiness to let The Power into expression,
then will you see and know ” The words I [the I am] speak are not of myself, but him
that sent me.” The “words” are the manifestations That you give forth as the Son of the Living
God. Do you begin to see why it is, “if you make
your bed in [the] hell [of belief] I am there”? To
Recognize this is to see the darkness of hell dissipated in the light of Spirit. To the
human Sense, flames may have light and a burning
heat, but this is nothing as compared with the
Light of Spirit. Hell is always personal, and limited to the belief of a person; heaven
is Universal and everywhere present, and is available
to everyone. That this power has always been, goes without
saying, just as we know the principle of the Automobile always existed. Jesus might have
ridden into Jerusalem in an automobile as on an
Ass, as far as the existence of the principle is concerned. No one recognized the principle; Hence it did not seem to exist. In the same
way you, in your human darkness, do not Recognize the presence of heaven here and
now, and so it does not exist to you. Because of the limitations of human language,
terms of symbology and parables are used to Bring out the hidden meaning of the visible-invisible;
yet it is ridiculous to compare the Power of God with the power of electricity. The Power is so much beyond the limited illustrations
man can give, that words utterly fail to Convey the idea, and the best illustrations
only raise many queries in the mind of the reader.
Who can define the Infinite? The first fear, then, to be eradicated is
the false interpretation of the “fear of God,” not the
Belief in a power opposed to God. When you are unafraid of God because you are beginning
To understand the ALL-Now of the All-Presence, and are ceasing the terrible struggle to make
This Power work according to human standards; when you cease to fear him as a terrible
Tyrant, meting out horrible punishments to helpless victims of his caprice -then will
you Begin to know “the peace that passeth all
understanding, “for” in the twinkling of an eye “you
Will see that all fears are induced merely by the lack of understanding of God-“the fear
of God “-the understanding of this great Power so
completely fills you that there is no room for any Other ” fear.” “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”
The reverence for, and aligning of oneself with,
This glorious Power, is the beginning of wisdom. You will see the human fears for what they
Are-the product of a double mind. A man I met, working in the service of God, was afraid
lest He could not get sufficient money to keep
his church in operation. What about it? Do you
Suppose that this great Power, desiring to express itself, fails to supply everything
necessary To make this possible, without the aid or
assistance of man? Who is this man who thinks he
Has to strain every nerve to bring in the Christ Kingdom? Who is this poor benighted
soul Who imagines that if he does not make a place
for God to express, God will not be expressed? Where is that one who is seeking no favors,
nor any permission to express that which God Hath given him to express? Where is the one
that needs no recommendation, but finds the Temple doors flung wide open to him? Is it
that one who, as Cromwell says, “hath the true
Fear of God in his heart” to such an extent that “there is no room for any other fear”? You who read this page, what is the nature
of your fear? First, what of the fear of God? What
Do you actually feel in your heart regarding this God? Are you afraid of him? Do you fear
Him in the old sense of the word, or do you “fear” (reverence) him as the great Impersonal
Power? If you but learn to be unafraid of this Power, you will be like the learned electrician.
Your fear and superstition regarding the truth will melt away along with the other fears
of Evil, poverty, and disease. “The fear of God
is the beginning of wisdom.” Do you hear, you
Who read this line? The door is opening to you-the door into the glorious land of
Understanding, through which you may enter and be free. They (your fears) may seem
Terrible and imminent. They may seem sere to annihilate you until you learn that through
the Unafraid state of mind they will flee. You
cannot fear anything when your heart is full of the
Fear of the Lord, remembering that you are wonderfully and “fearfully” made, and that
the Power which is to activate this mechanism
is now in full manifestation. “Come, ye children, hearken unto Me; and I
will teach you the fear of the Lord.” The I am
Will reveal to the unafraid soul all the wonders that are hidden beneath the “fear.” The eyes
of The blind will be opened. You will begin to see that although some may say “Peace,
peace, and There is no peace,” and some may retain the
“the fear of the Lord” in their hearts and suffer the
Pangs of the damned, yet others may be so filled with the “fear of the Lord “that no
other fear Can enter. Do you see? Do you hear -you who
read this line? Does not your heart suddenly Burn with a glorious joy? Are you not aflame
with the glory of the new revelation-you who Read this line? You have nothing to fear because
you have the “fear of God.” You will begin to read the secret doctrine
and see the things that are hidden away from the
Wise and prudent. You will begin to see how the letter often contradicts itself as well
as Confuses. Witness this for prosperity; “By humility and fear of the Lord are riches
and honor and life.” Interpret this from the negative meaning of
the word “fear” and you have a contrary Argument to the non-fear state that appears
to be necessary for the relative world of finance
To-day. Fear is to be ejected at all costs, and as fear so it is, but consider this with
its true Meaning, with your heart full of it, and you
will see that prosperity is not a matter of Demonstration, but a matter of recognition.
You cannot help but manifest prosperity, any More than an electric bulb could refuse to
illuminate when the power is turned on. “Search the Scriptures.” You will learn to
search the deep hidden meaning of the Word. “I will
Reveal myself to you.” It is only when your heart is full of the
Dear of the Lord that you can truly say, “I shall fear no
Evil,” concluding with the glorious reason, “For thou [the understanding] art with me.” “He that hath the true fear of God in his
heart hath no room for any other fear.” It is wonderful. Chapter Twenty One O COLOURFUL ONE I am the Great White Light in which all the
visible and invisible colour of the universe and
Heaven rest. My name is O Colourful One -I am full of light that is white and glistening
and At the same time is multicoloured and many-hued.
My white light passes through the prism Of human thinking, reasoning, or teaching,
and takes on seven distinct rays. And man, Looking through a glass darkly and with the
double eye, sees as many different paths all Claiming to be the truth; but so long as a
man remains in the personal idea of the truth he had
Not yet seen the Great White Light of his True Self in which are hidden all things-hidden
only To the eye that is double. He may follow a single ray of colour, thinking
that he at last has the truth, only to find that it
Terminates in disillusionment. One by one he may exhaust the paths, until finally he
comes to The Great White Light of his Soul. It is the
whole garment alone that can satisfy, and this
Comes, not by a mediator, but through the Christ within, and until man learns this he
will go Seeking in every strange place and chasing
every will-o’-the-wisp of colour, hoping to fund
Peace and the All. He will find what the man finds who believes literally that a pot of
gold Hangs at the end of the rainbow. Pretty soon he begins to see the Great White
Light of his Soul-and, as he recognizes this, he
Sees hidden in this’ all the glorious colours of Soul. A million colours and tints burst
upon his Startled eyes as he goes from glory to glory-for
he suddenly realizes that for the first time he
Is seeing. “Having eyes, ye see not,” is changed to the glorious explanation, “Whereas before
I Was blind, now I can see.” He is thrilled
with the exquisite bliss of the awakening in the new
Heaven (state of consciousness) and the new earth (manifestation in the flesh). He finds
there Everything that he has tried for long years
to demonstrate by one means or another. He finds
There overflowing abundance of the All, and he is unafraid and naked. There is nothing
Between him and the truth-he is lost in the great swirl of colour, of light, and glory.
He is Bathed in its golden mists. His feet are lovely
upon the mountains of inspiration and along The still waters, limpid and blue. He lies
upon the breast of the new earth under the shifting
Gold-dust of the sun of life. He tastes of the bliss of the peace which passeth all
Understanding. He is suddenly One with the Universe, with the All. He is everything and
Nothing at the same time. “When a man loses his life he shall find it” when your personal
Sense of trying to run the universe is ended, and you are willing to let go of the petty
personal Desires, you shall taste of a fruit of life
that will again admit you into the portals of your lost Eden. Ah, how fair it stands, and has always stood,
awaiting the one who could lay aside his dusty, Worn, travel clothes and put on the white,
shimmering robes of the Son of the Living God.
“Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man
the Glories prepared for them that love thy law.
“What you are about to experience when you can
Give up or let go of this tinsel personality -painted with the colours of effort and struggle
to Be or do something personal -is so far beyond
anything that has ever been written or told You that the comparison is absurd. What you
lose when you give up or let go of the personal Something is the difference between Jesus
and the Christ. And this giving up is not a straining Thing when once you understand
the truth as taught by the Master. Gladys Smith may have been the teacher’s pet,
been called a pretty child, and been the pride Of her family; but Mary Pickford absorbed
all of this Gladys Smith and expanded to a Creature beloved by thousands. She pushed
out the border of her tent beyond anything little
Gladys would ever have dreamed. Do not be afraid that your darling -the little personality
That has perhaps to your eyes attained such wonderful things, and wants credit for it
Always -is going to be lost by giving up and letting the Christ into expression. You will
lose Nothing but the prison of a name and a following,
and find a Name and a hollowing a million Times greater than the little consecrated
soul you thought you were when working to bring in
The millennium and to save the world. He who travels alone travels far -no man along the
Way can discuss these things with you. Either you do or you do not know that within you
lies This great fountain of life which gushes up
into a pure white stream -shoots far up into the
Azure skies, and is transformed into a mist of glorious colour by the Sun of Life. You are this fountain of pure White Light
which is everything and anything. It can be that
Which it will, and is so chameleon-like that it can harmonize with its surrounding either
for Protection -lost to the human eye -or to bring
forth a glorious revelation. The great floods of
Understanding will ever be able to speak in that colour that is understandable to the
listening One. Thou art all colours, twinkling, blazing,
flaring up into expression. O Colourful One, the soul of me, only through
this great At-one-ment can I ever find the satisfaction
of life. Only when the impersonal comes to be the
Personal can I repossess my universe and find it heaven here and now. Many have whitewashed themselves over with
a false humility and set themselves in the Highways of the world, proclaiming in all
their meekness that they are the consecrated souls,
And have come to save the world from sin. They have come to save nothing, not even
Themselves; they are merely selling My robe, casting lots for it in the open market of
life- Drawing their white garments away from Me,
and making themselves official stone casters. Do not imagine that any personal teaching,’
however high, will satisfy you nothing but the
Discovery of the Great Soul of your True Self will do that. “Let the filthy be filthy still” -let the
personal teaching remain personal -you will find your
Soul in due time. A filthy mind is always seeing filth. A nude statue made to represent
the Truth is to him something obscene and dirty.
Find out what a man is condemning, and you Have a concrete picture of that roan. You
give yourself away when you criticize another; you
Are only letting the wise man see your self which is hiding behind a personality. O Colourful One -the soul of you -is that
which makes you to know concretely-right here And now: “I am the light of the world [your manifest
world]; he That followeth Me shall not walk in darkness
[human beliefs], but shall have the light of life.” The I am, the O Colourful One, will cause
you to see the impossibility of walking longer in
The human beliefs and limitations of life. Many things that you formerly consigned to
the “yes-they-may-be-possible-when-I-get-the-understanding,”
will be natural. I have things to Show you that I cannot tell you. Dominion,
dominion, dominion, not domination. This is What I give you. There is no need to dominate
in the Kingdom of Heaven, for that is only Bondage. What you dominate occupies your whole
time and attention, and hence dominates You indirectly. I give you dominion, for you
have the cloak of invisibility, the cloak of many
Colours, any colour. Do you understand, O Colourful One? Yes, your soul leaps with joy
with The boundless possibilities of the Sons of
the Living God -with the serene joy of the Expression anywhere, and at any time, in the
manner necessary. Not just a painter, or a Lecturer, or a dancer, but an O Colourful
One, who knoweth the deep things and can give to
Every man that which he asketh -not as a personal gift, but by way of self-revelation. I am a pool of iridescent flame -in Me is
all; without Me is nothing. When you are lost in My
Will, then you automatically function from the heights of bliss, abandon, and expression. Your Individuality is not lost; it is found.
The deep springs of unknown talent and accomplishment Gush forth into expression. You shall speak
with new tongues, both literally and figuratively. You shall be at that instant just exactly
what you recognize yourself to be -when you do not
Strain to recognize it, but just are it by recognition and assumption -very easy, as
the colour Of white broken up into the rainbow melts
from one to another hue. O Colourful One, is the soul of you. It plays
into expression, as the light plays on the water there
Is no resistance to the light. It does not need to combat its supposed enemy, the
Darkness. It finds nothing there to fight, so the human mind, when lifted to the understanding
Of the Son of the Living God, will find that what it formerly considered obstacles will
Disappear. What to Jesus was a problem was nothing to the Christ-what to you as a human
Personality may seem an impossible, insurmountable obstacle is nothing to the soul of you.
The tiny resources which you hugged to yourself as a personality become as a drop in the
Bucket compared to the overflowing of the windows that are opened in heaven when you
Recognize the Power of the Son of the Living God. Saul, going to his duty of fighting sin and
evil, is blinded by the white light -so white that the
Human eye has not yet perceived it. It would blind the human eye, because of its limited
Capacities, and because of the indescribable colours and hues. Millions of tints and nuances
Are revealed; but by this very blinding is the obstruction removed, the name changed,
and the Way opened-the new way. All this is just in
front of you -you who read this page. Do you Hear? You? When will you lay aside the trinkets
you borrowed from your masters in Egypt? They have served you well, but they are also
souvenirs of your bondage. The letter that you
Study is merely a memory of your bondage to the human concept of truth. Presently you
shall Cast that aside, and exclaim in the soul rapture
of the Son of God, the O Colourful One, “I am
Free born -I am a Son of the Living God -I am a joint heir with Christ.” Glory, glory,
glory and a flood of white light, with its billion
of colours and tints, shall descend upon you, and
Your eyes shall be open, and you will know that “It is well,” and that nothing matters
but you And your soul. And in finding this out, then
for the first time, and in the true sense of the
Word, everything matters, and is your special charge, and the command, “heed my sheep,”
Will be literally understood and not mutilated into a personal service. I said “Feed my sheep” -not destroy my sheep
with the personal fears and personal teaching. Who are you? -standing there with that great
mantle of personality about you -passing out Some tabloid statements of how to get things
and how to attain spirituality by following after You? He that setteth himself up shall
be abased. Remembering that the Master had no
Patience with hypocrites, have a care that you be not classified with those who were
called “vipers.” To whom will you be Judas? You may
be running about smartly correcting others, And thinking thereby to win a special reward.
Watch! O Colourful One, the soul of you will cause
the mantle of secrecy to envelop you. You will
Not care to chatter about the findings of truth-they will be too precious. Once you
have been Shown the jewel, the pearl of great price,
and seen the luminous floods of colour of your real
Self, then you will know that nothing matters but the following of your own soul instructions.
How and whither, no man knoweth. He that hath many cares must remain with the
Household of the human thought, and try to set it in order-and at the same time he may
be a Doorkeeper and have many duties to perform. Do not think, because you discover your True
Self, that you will sit idly by and pass out Wisdom on a golden platter. You will live
and release wisdom on rays of light that the whole
World will see. Fear not! If there is anything to you, your fame will find its wings. The
dogs Barked at the feet of the Master as he passed
through the streets of Jerusalem-the holier-thanthou Dogs, and those who would have destroyed him.
Fear not: I am mightier than any Combination of human belief. Those that are
for thee are greater than those beliefs that are
Against thee. O Colourful One, soul of me, shine forth -that is, the word shine forth
in the Particular nuance of expression that is necessary
at this instance to bring out the glories of
Heaven on earth. Can you see how heretofore you have asked for nothing, for you have not
Known how to ask? You have asked for some trifling thing in order that the human self
might Be glorified -in order that you might gild
over a human personality and make the world fall
Down and worship you; but now you ask in the true way, that of appropriation. Can I speak
Plainer than: “Ask, believing, ye receive. Before ye ask, I will answer.” Am I then, the soul of you, a liar? Is My
word broken constantly and not fulfilled? Do you
Hear? You who read this page? You? Do not ask another -ask yourself. What are you afraid
Of? Letting go? Letting me direct your way? Are you going to bend it in order that it
may suit Another’s idea of you, or what another thinks
you should do and accomplish? Be still! Until You can get over that you can never know peace. Come out from among them (human thoughts)
and be free. A man’s enemies are those of his
Own household (consciousness). These are the only enemies you have, and yet you have a
World full of them, because you see your human thought reflected in a million mirrors of
the Universe. What hope is there for you to change
the reflection in the mirror? I said, “I am a
New creature in Christ Jesus” -I call to your attention over and over this statement, for
finally You will hear it-a new creature has no need
of the old appliances, bandages, and Appurtenances -fears. Do you hear? You who
read this page right now? You? The open road lies before you, no matter if
you are bound head and foot with human beliefs. I
Say unto you, “I” -the O Colourful One -the soul of you. “I” say to you -to you who read
this Page -to you -are you listening (feeling)?
“I” say to you, “Rise up and walk.” Do you hear? You? I am speaking to you from
out the depths of your very being-I am Speaking to you from out the fount of life
-I am telling you something that is already Possible, awaiting acceptance, awaiting recognition.
The open road lies before you, the road Upon which all things are discovered, not
created. It is the Way of Life, and it leads all over
My Universe, and goes directly to its Robe, and Ring, and Upper Chamber, and finds its
Purse and scrip. Do you hear? I am that Way, the Blaze of Life, the O Colourful One. I
go Before the human manifestation, and see that
the way he travels is clear, and that there shall
Be no stones for him to stub his toe against. Are you afraid? I shall clothe thee in the
manycoloured, Seamless robes of pure white which shall be
all things to all men. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your
mind.” I did not say you should be patched up
And fixed up to look better and to have more of my goods-I said ” BE “now, here, at this
Instant, ” BE ” ye ” transformed “-not temporarily changed-glistening, shimmering, shining,
White and all colours at the same time. It is wonderful-wonderful -wonderful. Heaven
and Earth are full of thee of thee, of thee-the
all-inclusive, the One of which you are a point in
Consciousness. All my glorious Self pours through you into expression and yet all of
it is left. No amount of hearers can ever exhaust music.
Because a person listens to music he does not
Destroy anything of its volume-and yet he has it all. So will it be with you. So will you go into your own garden and find
the eternal Christmas-tree-the gift tree, the tree of
life, situated beside the inexhaustible river of life-and
You shall be at peace. It is wonderful, O Colourful One; it is glorious. You who read,
do you Hear? Be quiet, then, let go, and see the
salvation of your True Self pour out into expression.
Even as I now pour out the words to you on this page, so will I pour out to you your
true and Wondrous expression. It is well. You shall
descend into the cleansing pool of life and there
Taste the bliss of heaven. It is well with you-the myst-i-fications of the earth beliefs
are even at This instant becoming more translucent and
clear-then “through a glass darkly” is beginning To become “then face to face.” O glorious,
O Colourful One with healing in your wings, with
The strength that is beyond all human limitations in your arms, with the glory of youth
Eternal written all over you, you are even now stooping down to the human belief and
lifting Up the poor little personality until it shall
be swallowed up in the million hues of spiritual Wonders of the Kingdom here and now. Chapter Twenty Two B.C. AND B.J. Attention is called to the fact that there
is no such period as B.C. (Before Christ), for the
Simple reason that “Before Abraham was, I am.” The Christ has always existed, and there
is No date before that, for it is before the
human, relative sense of time existed. There is , as has
Been brought to light, B.J. (Before Jesus, which gives us a date some two thousand years
ago. So is it with you -the real you -the Christ
of God. The Son of the Living God does not come
Under the relativity of time for there never was a beginning or ending to the birth less,
Ageless, deathless Christ in you, whose measure of time is eternity and is therefore above
all The ravages of time and the dangers ensuing
therefrom. Your Jesus, John Smith, or whatever you call
yourself, has only existed for a limited number Of years -it has gone through the experiences
of the Master in varying degrees, and has been
Crucified. It is the only thing that could be crucified. The Christ of you could never
be pierced -nailed to a tree, slandered, maligned, or
hurt; this is only possible of Jesus, and for this
Reason the Master saw the fallacy of trying to do anything from the Jesus state of mind.
It was A constant fight from cradle to tomb hence
his discovery, and priceless gift of wisdom to the
Universe! ‘I [Jesus] of myself can do nothing -but -.’ Knowing that the Jesus was but the
Shadow of the soul, and realizing to become prodigal was to suffer all the limitations
of the Belief, he advised against considering the
Jesus. He counseled the student to go within, saying
‘If I [the I am] be lifted up [to at-one-ment with the ALL], then I shall draw all an manifestation
Unto me.’ Do not call me good -speaking of Jesus with
the limitations of a belief man -a man of certain
Strength, of certain health, of certain limited earning capacity. Many people are today sitting
In the seats of the scornful, calling the world to view their intense spirituality -shouting
from The housetops, “Come and look at my wonderful
power, and view my elegant family. We are All workers for the Lord -we are the only
ordained ones; come to us for spirituality; all others
Are liars and cheats.” It is though the Master had never lived and given to the world the
Simplicity of the Kingdom here and now. “You deny Me” -you deny the statements of
Christ because you cannot see them. Your eyes Are holden because they are loaded with the
blindness of your John Smith. “You deny Me” you
Read My words that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, and straight away make Me out a
Liar by trying to prove that the world is full of evil that you are a special one sent
to destroy. ‘I Do not come to destroy but to fulfil’ -I,
and the I am of you, do not come to destroy; it comes
To fulfil -fill full everything that is empty, every vessel in the human conscious of your
Jesus Is poured full to overflowing with the substance
of the Christ Mind, and you are found not Wanting in anything. It seems to good to be true that the Kingdom
of Heaven is here and now, and that it can not
Be brought into visibility by long sermons of so-called holy people. No man can bring
in your Kingdom of Heaven. It rests with you whether
you will continue to make Jesus a liar or a
Truth-sayer -whether you believe that his saying, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand,’
is the Truth or a lie. You take this magnificent
wisdom and extract a grain of truth -perhaps you Have to run to someone else to find out
what he believes about it, and get turned awry by
Personal teaching, teaching crammed full of personality. It is quite easy to understand the limitations
of Jesus. He was of lowly birth, no breeding, no
Special talent, no education, no money -‘Is not this the carpenter’s son?’ What good can
come Out of a dirty little town in Judea? Theses
are the questions which immediately beset the
Personality, and to which the personality, or Jesus. Must answer, ‘I am Jesus; I am a
carpenter; My parents are poor; I have no education;
I had no chance; my earning capacity is that of a
Day labourer.’ Whereupon Jesus is assigned to his proper place in the human category.
What Hope is there for you, as you stand today?
The soul of you my burn with an ardour too Intense for words, and yet, because you keep
on admitting and recognizing yourself as John Smith, you go under the limitation of that
personality. It is only very occasionally that you
Perceive the light, and at such times you exclaim with great joy, ‘I have had a demonstration”
You have had a demonstration of the Christ of you, which should be in constant
Manifestation. Presently you will tire of the great desert spaces between demonstrations,
and Arrive at a place where you will open the
door to the real you and see every limitation of the Personality broken. The Master showed clearly that, while Jesus
could only be a carpenter. The Christ (which he
Explained was common to every man) could transcend with natural ease every limitation to
Which the Jesus was subject. In other words, he found it true that ‘if ye be in the Spirit
ye are No more under the law”; that is, if you identify
yourself with the I am the Christ- Consciousness -not as something unusual or
something to be used against evil, but as your
Real True Self which is above the beliefs of the limited Jesus, you will begin to function
on a Plane of attainment -a place of fulfilment.
It is not the overcomer -it is that which comes
Over. The more unconsciously the processes of life become, the more perfect they are;
hence The difference between the baby crawling on
the floor and a man flying through the air -he
Has come through all the stages and has forgotten them, having taken, not the letter or labour
Of it all, but the wisdom which lay there. The reason a baby can finally learn to walk
is that it Has the ability always there, awaiting recognition.
The moment it is recognized it either Accepts it or fails to see it as a possibility. This is the order of the human education – that
a man must study years and years to be able to
Lecture and teach; yet we find the man Jesus, through his understanding of the Christ,
Lecturing in the temple before the wise and learned. How could this possibly be? He had
no Training. You belong to one or the other of
two classes -‘You say it is four months” -‘I say
Look again.’ A chorus of voices protest with the usual ‘Yes but -‘ and they must wait for
the Four months; but the other one will thrust
in the sickle, for the word is, “The fields are white”
Now: not at some other time. When the inspiration says, “You do not need
to think what you will say -open your mouth And I will supply the words,” who are you,
with your human intellect, to go against the Magnificent truth’ Even though you may have
all the degrees that mankind can bestow upon You, who are you to dare to deny ME, the I
am, and try to impose the foolish wisdom that You have been prating for years, and your
stupid arguments that you have amassed from the
Human appearances? Either you can accept the inspired word of Christ or you are going to
Argue. If you argue it is because you have never heard. Either God can do it or it cannot
be Done -and neither you nor ten thousand of your kind, with a million proofs of the
human Belief, can offset one letter of the truth. ‘Yes, but that was Jesus,” is one of the old
sayings, one of the old arguments to excuse Ourselves from getting rid of the human personality,
with its limitations and beliefs. Jesus Said, in speaking of the Christ Mind, which
I repeat is common to every man: “The works that
I do ye shall do also, and even greater works than these shall ye do.’ Is this a lie? You
have to Answer that for yourself. When you can, you
will also see that the veil is rent, and that all that
Is left is for you to make a clear decision as to whether or not you are willing and ready
to be Born again. If you want the Christ only as a demonstrating
power, so that you may stand and make long Speeches about what a wonderful power you
have, and recount all the wonders that you have
Done, then you will have little of it. If you want it because you see the glorious realm
of the Sons of the Living God, then the doors will
burst asunder and you will know that nothing Which has gone before matters – you will be
instantly freed into the limitless sea of substance you
Will hear the command and obey. ‘Come, eat and drink without money and without
Price’ -the password for attainment is yours simply for the recognition of this Christ
within, As YOU. Some will stand and wait for a sign. No sign
shall be given; you have already had the sign -I
am, and I am in my heaven right here and now, will make the hell that John Smith is in,
no Matter however involved, melt away right before
your eyes, both literally and figuratively, Into the effulgence and radiance of the Kingdom
of Heaven. “Oh, taste and Beloved, the Words are true, and you will see that all
this straining to do the works of God has passed
Away into the place of actually expressing the power without effort. Effortlessly, it
comes into Expression – at that point to decree a thing
is to see it into manifestation. who are YOU? And
To what end were you born? Do you think life is meant to be a constant fight, a constant
study Of dead letter? Will it ever mean to you the
here and the now of what your soul knows to be True? We see, further, this exemplar Jesus, weighing
average weight, walking on the water -an Utter impossibility; we see him setting aside
the human laws of weather. How could a Carpenter do either of these? It is interesting
to note these from the actual and figurative Points of view. Spirit has no weight -hence
it is heavier than nothing. Weight belongs to the
Human reasoning, which it constantly overturns. Not so long ago they insisted that a body
Heavier than water would sink, but a piece of iron or steel in fact a mass of steel much
heavier Than water -is made to float in the shape
of a ship, and nothing is thought of it. Hence one by
One the old beliefs give way. That which at one time is said to be impossible becomes
Reasonable when it has to be accepted, and is incorporated into the beliefs. When you recognize that Now in the Golden
Here you are the Son of the Living God, you Will hear the clatter of the scaffolding of
human beliefs and teachings crashing to the ground
In order that the New Idea, the perfect Mansion, can be made visible. We have mistaken
Ourselves -we have failed to let go of the scaffolding, and the glorious Christ man is
still Hidden under the letter of the human teaching.
We have even tried our best to make this Scaffolding look like the Christ, and doctored
and treated it and tried in every way to better it.
“you must decrease -I most increase’ is the law; the human personality, the Jesus of John
Smith, decrease by being lifted up to the recognition of its True Self, and it is then
said of you, “How does this man speak with such wisdom
-seeing he has no learning?’ You find the way,
For I am the way, and I have a way that ye (the human reasoning) know nothing of. A
Serenity comes to you -a peace that passeth all -a glory of rest which belongs to the
Sons of God -not inactivity, but a joyous rest from
all the struggle and strife to please a tyrant, a God
Of likes and dislikes, a God that you have set up for yourself, which you have chopped
out of A tree, and fashioned with gold and tinsel,
and then fallen down and feared. You shall come
Out into the place of attainment -not attainment for worldly show, but the secret attainment.
You shall pass a man on the highway, and, by speaking to him silently or openly, shall
heal Him, and he shall know you as a nameless being
-the Christ -instead of lauding a personal Name to the skies. You shall go your way,
for the doors of the universe shall be open to you. ‘I
[the Christ] go before you [John Smith] and make straight the way. Do you hear? You, I
mean, YOU who at this instant are reading these
lines. I said ‘I’ (the inner Lord – your inner Lord) go
Before you and make straight the way.’ Believest thou this? Surely not from the appearances.
The sick body, the depleted vitality, and empty purse, all are symbols of that to which
human Limitations can come. Be still! If you cannot accept the truth,
be still; do not argue; if you cannot hear me as I speak
To you NOW, then open My holy book, any book, and let me speak to you. The time will
Come when you will hear My voice, because you will recognize that it is the only voice
Possible for the Christ Mind to hear. The jabbering of doctrines as mine and thine – the
puffed Up personalities who make it a business to
cast stones and screech from the pulpits, “God is
Love’ -that is, if you see it exactly as I do -shall be naught but the distant chirping
of so many Insects as against the roar of the thunder
in the Heavens. You hear because you believe it is
Possible for the Son of God (YOU) to hear – and only because of that. “Who did hinder you?’ Well, one person told
me one thing and another told me something Else, and I was confused. If you have been
confused by the avalanche of teaching of the Christ, why do you continue to seek among
the husks any longer? Why do you not cease From the classrooms of the human mind and
enter into the courts of the Lord? You and you
Alone will be the one to rise and go to your Father. No matter what you know about it,
until You BELIEVE the inspired word as possible
here and now, you will never see or hear it. You
May catch fleeting glimpses of it, but you will not know the joy of living, moving, and
having Your being in the ALL GOD – the Joy of Eternity,
the Being that does not date itself, but is and Always Is. Chapter Twenty Three THE MECHANICS When you come to the place of recognition
-and by that I mean when you have actually Accepted the fact that the universe is under
the direct control of a Power designated as God,
Or Life, and not subject to the limiting laws of evil belief, then you will see that before
the Chicken or egg, before the flower or seed,
is a power which conceived the thing in its totality.
The supposed evolution from the invisible to the visible is only the sluggish action
of the Human thought, trying to account for everything
through the elements of time and space. An Idea does not have to be worked out in the
Universal Mind. As in the single grain of wheat
Lies the substance which eventually sustains a whole army of people, by a somewhat slow
Process of growth, so wrapped up in every idea is not only the means of expression itself,
but The complete expression in its entirety. It is by looking at a single grain of wheat
-putting it through the limiting processes of human
Estimation, and then pitting the findings against the power of consumption of the army
of People -that man comes to a full stop and
says that it cannot be done, or that if it be possible
There is such a great time-lag which intervenes between the single grain of wheat and the
Thousands of leaves of bread necessary to sustain the mob, that it is hopeless to expect
Anything from that source. This may be true and reasonable from the limited human concept
it Is merely used as an illustration of comparative
sizes. An idea as small, symbolically Speaking, as the grain of wheat, has within
it the substance sufficient to fill the greatest cavity
Of human belief -not by a slow process of evolution from the invisible to the visible,
but by Sudden recognition of the allness everywhere.
How it will come into manifestation is not Known to man -‘not even the Son, but the Father
knoweth.’ The Son of you in this respect Might be judging from appearances, and in
a matter, waiting for something to take place might
Be speculating on how it could take place. The Master, recognizing this, knew that if
The Son conceived the thing as complete and finished, and rested in it, the mechanics
of how It would appear would take care of themselves
– and the idea would have within it the means Of bringing itself into full expression. ‘Take
no thought’ is the command -after having laid Carefully before the mind the fact that taking
thought could not add one cubit to one’s stature, And asking the pungent question, ‘If ye cannot
do that which is least by taking thought, why
Do you try to change the eternal ideas?” Man is beginning to see that all the thought
in the world is not going to change the eternal Laws of the universe. Nothing shall be added
to, and nothing taken away from, that which is
All in all. By this sensing of the eternal facts of the
universe the feeling of perfection and completeness Of the idea in its entirety becomes a constant
experience. Out of the chaos of the night of
Belief, in the blackest mire of human thought, man conceives light, and suddenly the
Darkness is absorbed -it has disappeared -and the experience not only seems to have been
a Dream, but actually has been a dream -a semi-conscious
state. The experiencing of any evil is But a semi-conscious state. Man is conscious
of some action, but his interpretation, through His belief in evil, causes him to experience
what is termed evil. ‘It, is well,” if conceived as a reality,
will set everything right in your universe. How? I know
Not -I am not concerned. It is so. “Believest thou this?’ It cannot be reasoned out; all
the Human intellect in the world cannot explain
how you can be prospered and yet have no Increase of symbols or things, but the use
of the invisible substance of the all. The unseen
Substance is part of that which “eye hath not seen,” but it is there, and man senses
it. It is not Necessary for him to have an outward sign;
he finds that he has in reality experienced the use
Of substance -done things, gone to places, expressed himself -and actually his bank account
Has not had more symbols of dollars and cents. So he finds eventually that his acceptance
is pushed to a point of accomplishment. ‘Only Speak the word.” A word of itself would do
nothing – ‘Peace, peace, and there is no peace” is a
Fine illustration of what the empty word may accomplish. The living Word, the Word of God,
Is not clothed in any language. A hundred men, all speaking different languages, would
Understand the Living Word, whereas merely hearing the different noises made by one
Another, to represent what the Word is, would be a veritable Tower of Babel. Come, awake! A new day dawns, so far removed
from the trying to make things happen by Jabbering words at God. What have all the
words accomplished? How often have you Pleaded with God -begged, beseeched, beaten
at the gates of heaven, and been turned away Empty? Thousands are awaiting in the desert
for drink that you alone can supply through the
New plane of recognition. You can give only that which they have already, as it might
be said That Jesus gave life to Lazarus by calling
his attention to the eternity of life. ‘And man became
A living soul’ -everything into which the breath of the living Word is breathed becomes
a Living manifestation of God. Breathing the
breath of life into a Man-I-festation is only another
Way of stating the power of recognition. It is a far cry from the glorious truth, ‘Ye
shall decree A thing and it shall come to pass,’ to the
“How to have prosperity, health, and success’ by
Rattling off a lot of words in TEMPO or out of TEMPO. “Prove me and see if I shall not
open Windows in heaven and pour out a blessing
ye cannot receive. ‘You will see that the ME is the
Christ within your consciousness that is to be proven, and that the windows of heaven
must Also be in your consciousness, for heaven
is a state of consciousness – a state of self-expression Or revelation. The blessing that is to descend
to the Jesus is then directly out of the Consciousness of Christ -not in some far off
locality, not something that has to be made to
Appear out of the skies or through some strange treatment. Prove it you cannot, until you become fully
convinced of the Presence of the Power, of God,
Life everywhere -complete and whole, merely waiting recognition. Then the ideas containing
In themselves the complete expression, will, to what the human sense appears, evolve into
Manifestation. But the whole thing -the how, why, when and where -is in the NOW, and is
Done at the instant the recognition is made. Man has nothing further to do with the
Proposition, but to lend himself as an instrument, a willing instrument, to bring about the
Manifestation through the beliefs of time and space. There is, therefore, no concern
about the Outcome; it is sure and certain, and has not
one chance of not appearing, for in reality it is
Already there, invisible to the double eye, but plainly visible to the single eye of the
I am. ‘Believest thou this?’ Do you think it possible
with this God Power, or will you still interpose A lot of traditional ideas and things that
you have gained from going up and down and to and
Fro in the universe of changing, shifting belief? Yes or no? Either you do or do not;
no middle Ground is possible. All or nothing. God is, and is All, or you have two powers.
What is the Good of trying to fence with the idea any
longer? If your eye is double to evil and good, then
You cannot expect to experience the power of the Christ. EVIL seems more real than GOOD
to Most people, because they actually have accepted
it as so, although they emphatically deny it.
The least thing that happens to them they exclaim, ‘Just my luck!’ -not that the exclaiming
of This means anything; it is the accepted power
back of it. The mere words would mean nothing to a Frenchman;
in fact, a whole string of negative Words would mean nothing to him unless they
were in French. We must get back of the Symbol. A gramophone record has no power in
its word, any more than the praying- Machines used in the Orient. Be still, stop
trying to tell Me what to do -stop trying to arrange
The outcome of things. Be still -be still -accept the unspeakable Word of life which
shapes in Your mind as ‘It is well,” and lend yourself,
a wholly willing servant, to perform the Mechanics if any be necessary, to bring this
idea into manifestation. Do you hear? You who
Read? God is -you are -it is well. Get that woven into the fibre of your mind, and glorious
Melodies, complete symphonies, will be played across the strings of your heart, and you
will Become so busy appropriating the glories of
heaven here and now that you will neither have
Time nor need of demonstrating the power -it will be a continuous manifestation of one
glory After another. “From glory to glory,’ from
revelation to revelation, not in the impractical, Intangible, emotional way, but actually “the
Word made flesh’ -the actual manifestation in
Daily life. You will be found walking in the garden -your garden -gathering fruits and
Flowers where you will. Not as a special favor for a few moments, after which you are to
be Turned out again in the desert of human experiences,
but as an heir -an owner -one who Appropriates that which is. Came Jesus and stated the nothingness of time
and space -‘A thousand years is as a day, and
VICE VERSA’ -‘instantly he was on the other side” -disappeared when in crowds. Dare you
To think on these things? Not as a glutton who would consume the food in order to show
his Size, not as one who wishes personal power,
but as one who travels alone into his own Kingdom of self-expression and finds it normal
and natural, as well as convenient, to be Possessed of these powers. “Be still.’ If I could not tell you everything
in Jerusalem because you could not bear it, I shall
Not always withhold it from the ears of those who are ready and who have washed their
Robes clean from all this self-seeking and this attempting to shout, ‘Look at me -I am
holier Than thou -let me show you my bag of metaphysical
tricks.’ Come away! Be still! Leave your Nets -you cannot catch many fish, anyway,
until you know that the substance is there in its
Entirety, and you have only to accept it to find the nets breaking with manifestation.
Not for Show, beloved, not for talk -do you hear?
Be still, be still, be still. It is well -fear not.
Everything is alright. Do you hear? You who read this page? This word NOW? YOU? In the twinkling of an eye it is done -so
quick that the flurried human thought has no time to
Flash an answer. So overpowered and bowled over is his reasoning that he exclaims, ‘A
Miracle” -‘Some supernatural power at work..” What difference what he calls it or how he
Tries to explain it? He has to admit that it made itself manifest, not through his best
accepted Chain of laws, but in spite of them, and that
those best and finest laws that he has conceived For himself have been completely ignored.
Why will you examine into the human laws to find Out whether it is possible for Me to
express? Fold up your tent and steal silently away from
The noise and clatter. I have something to say to you alone -I have something to show
you something To make your heart so full that it shall run
over into the whole universe. It is Wonderful! Do you hear? You who read? YOU? You make and break all human law; it has no
basis. A traffic law in one town may be broken In the next, while fulfilling the laws of
that city. It is nothing but a human limitation. If it were
An absolute law, it would be the same for ever, and breaking it would automatically
produce Results. This is true of all the laws of sickness,
poverty, and evil. Be still -I have much to say
To you. When you are ready and willing, I will perform the works in such a beautiful,
easy Manner -even now as I write this book -even
now as you read this page. Even as you now Hold the finished manifestation in your hands,
so I hold it finished and complete in Consciousness, and am going through the mechanics
of belief to bring it into manifestation, And to bring it into your hands. Do you begin
to see? Do you begin to read between the lines, The message that I cannot put on the lines
because of the limitations of belief? Be still – be still.
It is so – it is well with you NOW. Chapter Twenty Four GLEANINGS ‘Let there he Light, and there was Light.”
This was before the creation of the material symbol
Of light -the sun. It is just this Light that man is today seeking again, having caught
glimpses Of it in the instantaneous manifestation of
Power, which is termed by many, the supernatural Power, but which is in reality the Only Power.
Just as the light which preceded the sun is the
Only Light, the coming of this Light makes the light of high noon as twilight. In this closing chapter I have massed together
the words of Father. The leaven, which, if Buried In the meal of your human consciousness,
will make the whole mass leaven: One of Father’s songs: BEHOLD. I STAND AT THE DOOR OF YOUR HEART
Divine said: “You cannot have mothers and fathers, sisters
and brothers, relatives and family, etc., and
Have ME too. You cannot rob God. Someone is nearer and dearer to you than I Am, then you
Wonder why I do not claim you. That is why you cannot get to ME. That is why you are
Subject to sickness and trouble, because mortals are subject to those things and you are living
In mortal consciousness. God declared, ‘Let there be no division among you.’ Every
Distinction and every division is a curse to the nation. Jesus, in the seventh chapter
of St. John, Prayed to make them One even as we are One.
Some of you claim to have been in the Truth For years, and yet you have sisters and brothers,
and others and fathers, husbands and wives, Etc.. Such of you are separating yourselves
from the Infinite Whole and joining yourselves to
The individual world. The Son ship degree of spirit prayed the Father to make them One
as We are One, and that is what I have done.
I have put you all in a melting-pot and have made
You One. Now that is the way back home, where the Christ is. It is the only way back home
denouncing These mortal things and then renouncinig them
for Christ. In speaking about the new life, the new idea,
in relation to its former bondage, ‘That which is
Born of flesh is flesh, and that which is born of spirit is spirit.’ The new creature,
then, does Not go back and have converse with old relative
conditions, if he expects to take on his new Heritage. “I have come to take you OUT of the grave,
out of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, Husbands and wives, children and parents,
races and creeds, out of mortality into Immortality. I have said nothing of how long
you have been dead or how long you have been In this state. Lazarus had been in the tomb
four days, typifying a time equal to the four Thousand years since Adam; and people thought
he was dead, saying, ‘he stinketh.’ People Have thought the seed of Christ in man is
dead, it has lain so long, but it is not dead, and I
Have proved it is not dead, and I have come to awaken you. You are going back to the Garden
Of Eden as you were before the fall. If you will live in accordance with My Will, this
automatic Machine within – the Christ – will begin to
work in you, if you abide in this consciousness. When the new idea is born, it must of necessity
have a new abode: “I’m taking your mind out Of the imaginary heaven, for, as John saw,
in Revelation, twenty-first chapter, the first heaven
And the first earth have passed away. I’m canceling the imaginary heaven and earth out
of Your consciousness. That’s what I came for,
to erase that imaginary heaven and earth from Your mind, and prove to you that the Kingdom
has come and the Will is being done. You Have prayed that the Kingdom should come;
how can it come when you have the imaginary Heaven in the way? Get it out of the way and
then the new Heaven and the new Earth can Come in. The first heaven and the First earth
shall not be called to mind anymore, and I am
Getting it out of the way so that the new Heaven and the new Earth can come in. We have
Heaven here because we are making Earth a paradise. The old seed idea was alright, but
this Is the harvest now. The old idea that was
planted in your consciousness for years, is bearing
Fruit now. The prayers of your dear mother, the prayers of your dear father, have been
Answered, and the new Heaven and the new Earth have come down from God out of heaven. In speaking of the reason for so much sickness
and failure among those in metaphysics, Father says: “I was just considering how slight a thing
it takes to recognize the body, the actual body, of
Christ. It is wonderful! Truly wonderful that it is that way. I repeat again that quotation
I so Often use: ‘For this cause many are sickly
among you, because they do not discern the body of
Christ.’ It is truly necessary to discern the actual materialization of the Christ in
order to be Freed from mortal limitations and be saved.
The Truth teaches and the Truth students Particularly have discerned the Spiritual
Christ, but they have denied the materialized Christ.
Consequently they are subject to all kinds of sickness and trouble in their physical
bodies, Because they have not included them in the
Christ. They say the spiritualized Christ is perfect
In them, and is not dependent upon a physical body. Then why bother with the physical
Body? Let it go down into the grave. But Jesus came to save physical bodies, and I Am here,
The materialized Christ, to save your physical bodies. By gazing upon this perfect
Manifestation of the materialized Christ you will reproduce the same in your own bodies
in Every joint, every sinew, and every bone.
You will see good in your hands and fingers, in the
Fine skin, etc.. You will feel this boundless joy coursing through you. Limitless blessings!
He Who is an anti-christ must be half brother
to the atheist. The anti-christ does not believe in the Materialized Christ of nineteen hundred years
ago, or of today. The atheist does not believe in
God. Take these things in, dear ones, for your consideration. Speaking of the impersonal
Nature of the Christ: “Though I should not be visible to you, I
Am always with you. I have established this Truth,
And, with or without a body, it is operative. It is even more operative when you do not
see ME. Nothing can stop the operation of this
Truth, for I have established It. If America should
Sink and every visible expression were to sink in an earthquake, it could not stop It.
If you are Sick, all you need to do is call on My name
and you do not have to see anybody or anything. Explaining the manner in which manifestations
were concreted, or brought into visibility, Father said: “That which you think is spirit, that which
you think is only mental, can be materialized by
The power of Christ Itself. ‘As any as received Him, to them gave He power to become the
Sons of God,’ etc.. When you believe in the materialization of Christ, that gives you
the power To materialize things, but the average person,
who believes only in the spiritualization of the
Christ, cannot materialize things. I might say here, if I can coin a word out of nothing,
they Can only imaginationize things. When you realize
that ‘the Word was made flesh,’ then you Materialize and bring out the activity of
Christ in you. When you come to this relation things
Are actually materialized. Humanity has lost sight of the great importance of the materialized
Christ. For your highest good it is necessary to realize that Christ has been made flesh
and Dwells among us. Dear ones, I am sure that
those that are in Truth have been taught that God
Is a Spirit; they have misconceived the idea that the Word has been made flesh. Many make
Shipwreck of good faith, and cause themselves to be atheistically inclined, and have caused
Many more to be atheists than deists. Every Spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ is
of God is Of My Kingdom, but every Spirit that denies
that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is an antichrist.
He is separating his body from the spirit. God declared ‘What I have joined together
let No an put asunder.’ How dare you separate
Jesus from Christ, or Christ from Jesus. If you do
You are separating your body from the Spirit, and ‘whatever you measure shall he measured
To you again, and it shall be full, pressed down, shaken together and running over.” Again
I Say, ‘your ways are not my ways,’ saith the
Lord, for as the heavens are above the earth, so are
My ways higher than your ways. Now realize, dear ones, that it is for your good to see
the Materialization of the Christ. Until the Word
was made flesh we could not behold his glory, As of the only begotten of the Father, full
of grace and truth. But not until It was made flesh could man
behold all the glory of God. Since you beheld His
Glory, therefore, have all we received of His fullness, grace for grace. Do you not
see that step By step it came into actuality, as we grew
in the knowledge of the Truth? Then of ALL of His
FULLNESS have we received, grace for grace. The you, as well as I, will be the identical
Duplication of the Christ that was manifested nineteen hundred years ago. ” I give absent treatments? No, because God
is present everywhere. In response to the question
“How to go into the silence?” Father answered that it was unnecessary to sit and go into
the Silence if you lived in the silence. By silence
he meant silence of mortal opinions and beliefs. “Beloved, now we are the Sons of God -God
in any individual expressions of himself. ‘The
Manifested Christ reveals what the unmanifested Christ conceals. ‘He will come as thief in the night – that
is, unknown to you, and asked or disguised.” ‘Since Christ came, you have had the same
right to the Tree of Life that Adam had before he Sinned.” Father refers to the Lord’s prayer as having
already been answered. We need a fuller Recognition of this fact, to consider it under
the light, “Before they ask I will answer.” The
Important part of the prayer is: “For thine is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory,
for Ever. Paul said: “For of the fullness of his
glory have we received, grace for grace’ -all of his
Glory, every bit of it. We have received ALL – so claim your right and press your claim. “He re-storeth my soul. Your soul was once
stored up in God before Adam, and protected by
Him, but it has become scattered, and is now being gathered up into him. ‘He RESTORETH
My soul, my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall ABIDE with me all the days
Of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.’ I KNOW the Christ in
Me can Save you. I KNOW it – if you will LET the
Christ in you, save you.’ ‘The Spirit of the Consciousness of the Presence
of God is the source of all supply, and will Satisfy every good desire. That is the way
I get my money, and in no other way. The Abundance of the fullness of the Consciousness
of Good -no place is vacant from the FULLNESS thereof. NO space is vacant. No space
in you is vacant. It is in every joint, every Sinew, every vein, every bone, and every fibre
and cell of your body -the ABUNDANCE of The fullness of the Consciousness of Good
-I am speaking to every cell in your body, and the
Christ in every cell is responding and coming forth to the Christ. ‘And it is done here and now If you will abide
in Me, and let My word abide in you, you will, Through constant praise and thanksgiving,
create such an atmosphere about you that your Message, silent or spoken, will continue to
bless and heal and draw all joy and health, and
Love and life unto you.’ It is not necessary that one come to ME as
a person to be abundantly blessed, but that they
Form a mental and spiritual contact, raising their consciousness to contact the Christ-
Consciousness, if they would be even as I am, free from all bonds and limitations. The
Spirit Of the Consciousness of the Presence of God
is the source of all supply, and will satisfy every Good desire.” One of the angels at Father’s asked this terse
question: “Would a chick hatched in an Incubator call the incubator its mother, and
look to it for its inheritance?” The answer is Obvious. ‘It is essential that all moral intellect
be stilled that the voice of God may be heard. A complete
Relaxation of the conscious mentality is absolutely necessary, being still and knowing the ‘I
am’ God within, speaking, sacrificing, and laying down every prop that tends to hurt
or Bind, and depending solely on God alone. Then
running with patience the race, for it is not
Unto the swift and the mighty, but unto him that endureth unto the end.’ POST SCRIPT Beloved – at this instant, as you read, we
are in the glorious silence of the Presence. The Father
Within and the Father without is present. We are pausing in the flooding light of Truth,
which Is permeating the entire universe. The heart
fills full and runs over with the joy of this Presence. The former things have passed away
-you are entering the new Kingdom. In this Hushed and lovely moment of silence we give
thanks to the Father. Son of the Living God, Arise and shine, for thy light has come. The
new day has dawned, and the shadows of the day
Of relativity are fleeing before this Light. Michael Pupin once said: “These big stars are only the beginning of
God’s creative energy. The human soul, in so far as
Science can penetrate, is the last chapter of cosmic history as far as it has hen written.
It is in The soul that Divinity resides. When we think
of that, we are not so small. Science has found
Nothing in the universe which even compares in importance with the life of man.” It is, then, to Father Divine that I give
thanks and praise for having shown me something of
This wondrous Life which looks out from the stars instead of up to them. ‘Blessings, blessings, blessings so many you
cannot count them. ‘ Praise God, from whom all
Blessings flow. You are laved in the glorious flood of Life – it is well, and so it is.
Selah. This is THE END OF, It Is Wonderful, by Walter
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4 thoughts on “It Is Wonderful by Walter C. Lanyon

  1. We have only to truly open our eyes to see, what all of creation has been trying to help us see and in doing so, we will remove the blindfold of fear, that must come off.
    Woven Into the ONEness, C.C.

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