Is CBD Safe For Kids [2019]
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Is CBD Safe For Kids [2019]

Kids of all ages are now more stressed
to perform and more stressed to do things and, and our balance is
out of whack a little bit. So moms are coming in and they’re saying, I’ve heard CBD works for this or
anxiety and can I use it? Is it safe? Well, the answer is it depends. Josh Rimany here, uh, with DIlworth Functional wellness,
your functional RX podcast. And today we’re going to
talk about CBD and if it, if it’s safe and is it right for my
kid? Um, I’ve got two small girls, they’re three and five. Uh, we’re not
gonna talk about that age group today. Uh, I’d hope, hope nobody’s using CBD for, for toddler cause we
can’t really get there. But there’s a lot of kids out there that, our moms are using more
natural products for, for health conditions. Um, I’m talking to you guys today a
little bit about this because of the, the importance of using a health care
professional when you’re making healthcare decisions on your life
or your children’s lives. You have to have a lot of
variables that go into play. Especially with kiddos. I always use
natural products, nutritional products. Um, even medications, we
have to be more scrutinized. We have to be more careful. We
have to screen more and see more. I have a really good story. Um, a mom came and she was asking, her kid was just super stressed and
super anxious and was having really bad performance in school. He was going,
uh, having to come home, all this stuff. And I started them on my CBD
regimen and how we do it. And we had a consultation. Um, and we talked and we had a personalized
approach to how to use it. Uh, and she said within days her kid felt a
lot better and she was crying. He says, I’ve used everything. We’ve
tried all these drugs. So yes, there are instances where the
CBD can really work with a kid. But there was so many variables that I
used to, I use an isolate, a distillate. Um, what’s the dose? What drugs is he
on? What other things is he on? Therapy? So you have to put all this into play. And the only way to do that is to be a
qualified healthcare professional, right? We’re not trying to seek
knowledge from dr Google or uh, the health food guy who’s 18 years old
and has no medical training whatsoever. You know, whether it’s CBD,
clinical nutrition, drug therapy, all of these things play into balance. And I take huge pride if
you guys know me here, like this one subject
of is CBD, right for me? And in this case kid’s needs. There is so many variables that you don’t
understand and you really should use a qualified healthcare practitioner
that understands all those variables. And there’s really not that many out
there, which is why I love doing this. I have a CBD consult link that you can
link right to our website that says, Hey, I want to talk to Josh and I want to
know if this is right for me and if it’s going to be safe, effective. Like the
whole process is do no harm first, right? But how many people know that there’s
drug interactions with CBD or nutrient interactions and what other
supplements am I taking? Who’s gonna, who’s qualified enough to say that to you? You guys have to think about
that a little bit, right? We want to be with safe and we
want to do it the right way and, and you get what you pay for, right?
That’s the thing is, you know, there’s a professional in place to help
you with your health and we hope we can do that here for you in
dealing with gentleman. Welcome Josh Rimany here with Dilworth
functional wellness and your functional RX podcast. Keep listening.
Lots of stuff coming. We’re excited to bring
this to ya. Stay well.

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