Introduction to IWAY
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Introduction to IWAY

The IKEA vision is to create a better everyday
life for the many people. Not just for our customers, but for everyone
helping us do what we do best. We want to have a positive impact across our value chain. And people trust in us to create positive conditions
for both people and the planet. But how do we keep our promises all over the world? With great home furnishing? Yes, but there is more. Say hello to IWAY. IWAY sets social and environmental requirements
for all our suppliers. It supports our vision and enables our
sustainability strategy. It makes sure people are well treated, resources are protected and workspaces
are healthy and safe. Oh! And it secures animal welfare too. In the end, it comes down to finding
like minded people. Long term suppliers who share our vision of
a people and planet positive future. Suppliers who can grow with us. Together we can make a big difference. Many things remain to be done, but the
way forward is clear. A better everyday life for the many people… …and the planet we live on.

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