Intro to Prolotherapy PRP at Santa Cruz CORE
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Intro to Prolotherapy PRP at Santa Cruz CORE

Prolotherapy has been around since the ’70s
so it’s not a new therapy though many insurance companies consider it experimental to this
day. I’m an advocate, I’m a raving fan and the
reason why I’m a raving fan is because I didn’t have to have back surgery. I had something called an annular tear. An annular tear is where your disk gets torn. Your disk is like a jelly donut and when there’s
a tear the jelly seeps out and it causes incredible pain. So I couldn’t walk 3 years ago, I couldn’t
move I laid on the couch for weeks at a time and I was running a business from my laptop
on the couch. And I thought that was it I thought that I
would be able to have children nothing. And then I heard about prolotherapy. And again it revolutionized my life. So what is it exactly? So what prolotherapy does is it reinvigorates
the healing process by recreating the inflammation. If you have an injury there’s usually a six-week
healing cycle. That’s the body’s natural inflammatory response. Inflammation even though people say its really
really bad. Inflammation actually helps the body heal
it protects the area and it sends white blood cells to the area and it causes the body to
start repairing itself. So in my case, I had a back injury and I had
ligament damage, serve ligament damage that was causing my sacrum to move all over the
place and it was causing me radiating pain down my legs and in my back. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t walk, it was so
painful. And what they did was they did an ultrasound
and they saw that yes I had a disk issue, but I also had a ligament and tendon issue. So what they did is they did lidocaine, which
is a local anesthetic. And then they injected my back with dextrose. Dextrose is sugar water. Then they also injected my back with platelets,
blood platelets, and the nickname for that is PRP and I’ll go into that in a moment. And then, further down the line, they used
stem cell. When they do that into the ligament, tendon
they do it, they can do it under ultrasound guidance. Not always is it necessary to do it under
ultrasound guidance but if they pinpoint where the injury happened they can recreate the
inflammatory response. Now, why would you want to be inflamed again? Well, what it does is it triggers the body’s
immune response to start healing the tissue again. When you add blood platelets, dextrose or
stem cell, what it does is it starts to bring blood back to the area even if it’s non- vascular
tissue. So what they did has they injected the area
and over time because those are nonvascular tissues: cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Those are non-vascular meaning there’s not
a blood supply there. What happens is, you use the bloody platelets
that you take from your own tissue you spin it down and you just get the concentrated
platelet that you reinject into your tissue then it starts to again create the healing
response. By creating this healing response you now
have a new six-week window of healin and it gets the body just a little bit close to optimal. It may take one visit, but most often times
with prolotherapy it takes more than just one six week cycle. So every six weeks I would go back and they
would inject tissue in that area again looking via ultrasound to see the progress with the
right sleep, the right diet, the right nutrients. And getting blood platelets and stem cells
injected into the area my body was able to heal itself. This was fascinating to me. Fascinating because I didn’t spend $100,000
on a surgery yes it’s a cash, something we have to pay for out-of-pocket. But it was absolutely worth it to not have
surgery. I see people every day, I do consult every
day and assessments every day on people who’ve had surgery and 3/4 of the time they’re seeing
me because they did not get any relief. Or maybe they go partial relief they’re still
in pain. So I found this to be a way I could get out
of pain 100% and non-surgically. Once somebody cuts into you there’s no going
back. Once someone cuts into you there’s a 30% chance
of re-injury, because you basically created an injury by the surgery. So PRP, prolotherapy, stem cell rejuvenation
these are the things that create a non-surgical approach to getting your body back into being
healthy. You may think wow maybe that’s right for me,
but you’re not sure. Well, this is what I can do come on in and
be one of our first fabulous fifty and you get a complimentary consultation. The complimentary consultation will be with
me or our new physician. And we’ll be able to let you know if this
is a right protocol and procedure for you.

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