Inside the OR: Simulation for Nurse Anesthetist Students
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Inside the OR: Simulation for Nurse Anesthetist Students

This is one of our
mannequins that we purchased, with our
Marshall Foundation Grant. We actually were able to
purchase two mannequins. This is the SimMan Essential. He is capable of being
a healthy patient. We can also program
in variable’s on him that cause him to be
unhealthy patient, as well, because, as we know, most
of our patient population these days aren’t your
typical healthy patient. So when we bring the
students into the room for the simulation,
they are able to do an assessment of listening
to heart and lungs on our mannequin. They can do a neurological
evaluation of his eyes, as well. Shortly thereafter
then, we go ahead and start the
anesthetic procedure. So we can start by giving
him some oxygen, by the mask. Obviously, he’s still awake,
at this point in time. And then the students are
expected to start the drug administration. And I am on a computer,
in a different room, able to program the drugs
that the students are giving, and then the mannequin responds
to the drugs by either, you know, going to
sleep or getting sleepy, so that the students then can
carry on the procedure that has been outlined for
them for the learning objectives for the day. What’s neat about
these mannequins, we can mass ventilate them. We can put special
airway devices in, like an endotracheal tube. If they don’t happen to
get the endotracheal tube in the right spot,
he has a blue light that will light up in his mouth,
showing the patient is not getting enough oxygen.
I’m on the control, and I can make the heart rate
and the blood pressure change parameters, as well. So it’s a learning
experience for them, so they can identify
maybe they didn’t put the endotracheal
tube in the right place. He also has IV access, so we
can do IV practice on him. We can give the
drugs through the IV. That’s typically how you
do it in the anesthesia. Another purchase we
were able to make, with the Marshall
Foundation Grant, is the state of the art
anesthesia gas machine. The anesthesia gas
machine is the lifeline of the anesthesia provider,
in the operating room. Because the students are now
out in clinical practice, they have the ability to
learn about new technology that they’re actually going
to see out in practice. When the students
are here with us during their didactic
component, they learn how to check
this machine, they learn how to troubleshoot
this machine, they learn how to push the
buttons on the machine. As you can see, it’s
all digitalized, which is far different from
some of the older machines that we used to use. In addition, this
machine is then used to administer
anesthetics to the mannequins that we purchased. So the students can carry
out a full anesthetic, using the new machine
and the new mannequin, and really simulate what
an actual OR environment is going to look like.

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