Improving our public health care system
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Improving our public health care system

As Canadians we’re proud of our health care system, which is based on the values of equity and fairness. There are solutions to improve our healthcare, but they require federal leadership. Cuts to our public health care system are directly affecting patients. Adequate federal funding is essential to protect and improve public health care. Private for-profit health care takes resources and staff away from the public system which results in longer wait times. Access to quality health care should be available to all Canadians, regardless of their ability to pay. The health care system must be expanded to better cover the needs of all. Too many people must choose between putting food on the table and filling their prescriptions. By 2024 one in four Canadians will be 65 and older but Canada isn’t prepared to deal with this aging population. We need a national strategy to ensure that all seniors can age with dignity and respect. Let’s work together on these solutions.

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