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Ileana & Hugo Johnson: Love 4Life® Products

When we get up in the morning,
my wife and I usually take our pet, our famous Brownie, for a
short daily walk. When we come back, we
prepare our daily morning drink, our 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor® Formula,
Energy Go Stix®, and ReZoom® with a little bit of water. We are ready to exercise! We love and enjoy going
to the gym together, we are there approximately
45 minutes to an hour. It is relaxing. Every time I go out,
I am always asked, “How are you the mother of five children? How is it, that you look
so good, having five children and the oldest
is 25 years old? Unbelievable! You must be doing
something different.” That is when, I tell
them about the opportunity. I talk to them about the
excellent products that we drink. Definitely, each one of the company’s
products helps me feel very good, feel young and dynamic with alot of energy. People ask me, “Where does this joy comes from?
Where does this happiness comes from?” I reply, “well, it is
because of 4Life® products, 4Life Transfer Factor® RioVida® Tri-Factor®
Formula, Energy Go Stix®, and ReZoom®.” Then they reply, “But, what is that?” Then it is a good opportunity
for me to share about this marvelous
4Life opportunity. What can I tell you? They make my days happier. The reality is that, we want people to feel
the same way as we feel. I believe that when you
know about something special, something marvelous
like our products, you will want to share
that with everyone. And that is our goal that people know about
the potential of the 4Life products. It is very important
for us, it is our mission. It has become our
mission in life, to be able to help give people
a better quality of life, so that they can feel good, have strength and energy, and face life’s challenges
in a different way. My name is Hugo Johnson,
and I am Ileana Johnson. Our family loves to socialize with the
products of …. 4Life!

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18 thoughts on “Ileana & Hugo Johnson: Love 4Life® Products

  1. Yo quería cambiar mi futuro. Para cambiar mi futuro de manera exitosa, tuve que cambiar mi manera de pensar y, como consecuencia, cambiaron también las personas con quienes pasaba tiempo.

    Elige pasar tiempo con personas que comprendan y aprecien tu visión y tus metas. ¡Mejor aún, escoge pasar tiempo con personas que las compartan!

  2. Im just curios,how can anyone become a distributor in your products?I like your products coz they are good for the health!

  3. The products can be bought from any of our distributors around the world. For a list of countries where 4Life currently does business please visit

  4. I wanted to know about Guatamala. I have a leader that has people there to get in and buy product but don't see it in our list of countries. How can I help her. Thank you.


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