Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN, Talks About the Benefits of Daily Sunshine
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Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN, Talks About the Benefits of Daily Sunshine

Hi, I’m an Ilana Muhlstein, registered dietitian
and mother of two. And my family is obsessed
with Daily Sunshine. My daughter, Olivia,
drinks it every single morning. And I honestly don’t know
what we would do without it. It’s made our morning routine
so easy and streamlined. Looking at products as a mom
and as a dietitian, I’ve never discovered another product
designed for kids that’s this good for them
that my kid actually loves. That’s why
it’s one of my favorite gifts to give other busy moms like me. Every single morning, I take one scoop of either
chocolate or strawberry banana, whichever one she requests
or that I find first, I put in a Beachbody Shaker Cup
with 8 to 10 ounces of water, shake it up, and she just
drinks it just like that. I love it for so many reasons. First of all,
she’s drinking so much water at the start of her day. You can totally combine it
with almond milk or milk. I’m just really happy
that my daughter starts her day with water first. And using water
is just an easier way for me to stay consistent
with what I have without having
to keep other things in stock. The next thing
I love about Daily Sunshine is the fact that it’s made
with 10 grams of protein from organic pea protein powder. And organic pea protein powder is actually
the first ingredient. You’re going to have
a really hard time finding another kid’s product
that tastes this good or that’s listed
as the first ingredient. Most kids’ products start with high fructose
corn syrup, corn syrup solids, and refined
and rich white flour. I’m not interested in giving
my daughter any of that. This has more protein
than an egg. It has more protein than most kids
advertised yogurts, and it certainly
has more protein than your typical bowl
of cereal and milk that a kid is eating. I love the fact that
my daughter’s getting this great protein source
at the start of her day because protein is essential for kids’ growth
and development, especially
in these early stages. The next thing
is that it has the equivalent to a full serving
of fruits and vegetables. That is amazing. It’s also exciting that it’s a good source
of vitamin D and vitamin C. These are key nutrients
to support overall health and well-being, and it has ALA omega-3
fatty acids. Did I mention my daughter
actually enjoys drinking this every single day? And I love it too.
It’s a total win-win. It’s also really important
to understand what it doesn’t have. Daily Sunshine was designed by
two nutritionists that I know, and I really respect. They were adamant that it contain
no artificial flavors, no high fructose corn syrup,
no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial preservatives. It’s great. It’s a pediatrician-approved
formula, and it’s just going to make your
life so much easier knowing that you can give
your kid a scoop, shake it up, and they can drink it
as a wonderful snack or healthy addition to your day. I hope you enjoy it
and so do your kids.

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  1. How much are the paying you to push this processed $hit? If this is what you feed your kids, they should be taking away from you

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