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I Tried Hypnosis | What the Wellness | Well+Good

– That nice, bright light warms the inside of the top of your head
like butter on the pavement on a hot, sunny day. (awkward music) – Hey guys, I’m Ella Dove,
and this is What the Wellness, the show where I try out the latest and greatest wellness trends, treatments, and experiences to find out what’s weird and what’s actually worth it. So today, things are gonna
be a little personal. We’re here in my own home where
I’m going to be hypnotized by Kimberly Friedmutter. Kimberly is a, kind of a big deal in the hypnotist community. She just had a book come
out, but her whole approach is all about using hypnotism
to make some positive changes in your life. Before today’s treatment,
Kimberly and I had kind of a long one-on-one to talk through you know, some of the
barriers and boundaries in my life that I don’t
wanna deal with anymore. I just moved across the country to the town I grew up in and it’s been a great
transition but it’s definitely been hard to like
re-cement my new life here without holding onto
my expectations of what my life used to be like, so today, Kimberly and I are gonna like work through cementing some new and
positive relationships with the people here in
my life and this kind of new reality for me in general. But first, we’re gonna learn a little bit more about hypnotism and like is it even a real thing, am I gonna
start clucking like a chicken? – I’m Kimberly Friedmutter,
and I’m a hypnotherapist. – What does that even mean? – Well, thanks for asking. (laughs) Hypnosis is really a deep
sense of relaxation and trance. – And like what are the
benefits of hypnosis? Why are people doing it? – So there are a lot of benefits. It centers in on the subconscious. You have two minds, you
have your conscious mind and then you have your subconscious mind, and your subconscious
mind is all of the things that we do, all the things
that we aspire to do, so all of your aspirations, all the things that you, like your intuition
and your gut instincts, all of those things are
in the subconscious. – All the magic.
– All the magic. – What’s the number one misconception people have about what you do? – They think that hypnosis
makes you do things that you don’t wanna do,
like cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog, and so
you can’t go rob a bank, I cannot make you do that. Now it’s interesting because on that note, people are able to go places in their mind that they didn’t know that they would go. – Yeah. – Like past life regression. – I think I lived in
Austria in a past life. – Did you?
– Just saying. (Austrian music) – All right, cool, let’s get hypnotized. This is great, you guys
can be in trance with me. So I’m ready. – You’re ready, okay. Feeling relaxed? – Yeah, I’m pretty relaxed. I’m on my own couch, you know? It’s a pretty relaxing spot for me. – Cover your toes.
– Cover my toes. – And I’ll make it comfortable for you. – Yeah, that’s nice. Oh, I’m blind now. – Now what we’re gonna do is
just focus on feeling good. How do you like them apples? – Sounds good.
– Yeah. – And all of the thoughts
just start to fade away as you start to just focus on the breath and how relaxed your body feels now. Feeling the weight of your body falling into the sofa, falling in deeper into the
sofa, just giving weight, feeling supported, and relaxed. – [Distorted Voice] Supported and relaxed. (calm music) – Whoa. (laughs) What the wellness. Okay, so I just was hypnotized. It was not as weird as I
thought it was gonna be. Typically when people
think about hypnotism or at least when I did, I picture like a man with a pocket
watch, making me watch it go back and forth saying
you’re getting very sleepy. This was not like that. It was more like an
intentional meditation. She talked me through a
boardroom with the people in my life. – I want you to imagine
that you’re standing at the front, the head of the table, and you are standing
there beautifully dressed, you’ve never looked better,
you’ve never felt better. As you look at them, I want
you with thought language to say I appreciate you. – I was paying attention
but what was kind of crazy is that I really was sort
of like not all there. I could hear her, I was sort of aware there were other people
in the room with me but I was very much
just like this is nice. And when the hypnotism finally ended, I was shocked, like I did not realize that we had already gone through like, I think it was like 25 minutes. I definitely emerged into the bright world feeling relaxed and
very, very, very chill. Hello, bright world. (Kimberly laughs) But it’s hard to say you
know, what positive things are gonna come out of that hypnotism. – This is the work you did, but just wait until you get to see, ’cause it’s the gift that keeps on giving. That’s how–
– I hope so. – Amazing it is. You don’t even have to hope. Don’t even have to hope. – Okay. So you know, I’ll check back in soon and let you know if I feel like I have better friends than I used to. Sorry to all of my friends out there. Now they’re all gonna be better, because they’re gonna see this vide. When it comes to weird or
worth it with hypnotism, I can’t tell you if it’s
gonna like help me quit sugar but I think if you have
some issues or barriers in your life that you
wanna kind of break down or work through, sitting with someone who’s entirely focused on
that and entirely focused on you and your problem
and really focusing on it and thinking about all of your issues and the positive way to get through them was really great, so
like definitely worth it from that regard. I think the word hypnotism makes it sound like very extreme, but it’s not. It’s just tricking your own brain into thinking about
things in a better way, and I don’t even think I
really had to trick myself, I was just visualizing
things in a better way. I’m Ella Dove, and this
is What the Wellness. You are going to
subscribe to Well + Good’s YouTube channel right now. No, really, hypnotism’s not like that but please go subscribe to Well + Good’s YouTube channel right now.

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  1. Hypnosis is a helpful tool for deep relaxation. When we feel relaxed, our subconscious mind is more powerful and focused on the desired outcomes. Though hypnosis doesn't work for everyone, it does work for a lot of people… Nice interview and experience!

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