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84 thoughts on “How to Save Three Lives On Your Lunchbreak | Doctor Mike

  1. Maybe if my people weren't discriminated against, unfairly, you might be able to get more LGBT people to donate blood.

  2. Is there somewhere I can send my video to? I’m dying, I need your help in taking a look at my case.. I need your help. I’ve done a video explaining my story. I’m desperate. I’m in adrenal failure, they’re investigating autonomic failure, among a slew of other life threatening conditions. Please help 🙏🏻

  3. I didn't know that doctors are so good looking doctor Mike is so hot🔥🔥I was telling my mom I wanted to marry him lol😂🤣

  4. I want to be a nurse and your videos help me out a lot I've learned so much from you and I only been watching you for like a week thanks doctor Mike your a real life saver.😂🤣

  5. I can't donate blood because of my weight but I really don't understand why that matters so much. I'm only about 3 pounds away from the recommended weight so if I tell them that will I be allowed to donate?

  6. The one time I donated was the first year I was eligible. I was 16, everything was going smoothly until they took the needle out and I had a seizure. I've been scared ever since but I do donate plasma when I can! Could you do a video about why seizures like that happen? I've never had one before or after that instance.

  7. This is what is frustrating. I'm O+ but cannot donate because I was born in Germany in '89 and we moved state side in '91. I'm barred from donating 😭😭😭😭

  8. Common blood types need to donate often because people who need them also have common blood types. O- is only used if a better match isn't available, especially since O- patients can't receive any other kind.

  9. I used to lie in order to donate blood (I’m gay), but I’ve since stopped. I figure that if they need blood badly enough, the policy barring gay men from donating will change.

    Also should note that I am HIV-. When I was lying and donating blood, my blood was never flagged after being tested. My blood is just fine, yet I cannot donate.

  10. Unfortunately I've never weighed enough to donate blood:( but I have signed up on a bone marrow donor registry because there's no minimum weight for that. So we'll see if I get a call someday

  11. In Poland, when you donate blood, you get paid vacation day. And a (small) tax decuction. And a lot of choclate.

  12. All you idiots, it won't kill you and it can save someone else's life. I never noticed a significant loss of energy or strength. Been donating for over 20 years.

  13. Counterpoint though:

    You can get paid to donate your plasma instead. Not because plasma is better than blood, but because there's an even greater shortage. It takes a bit longer, usually runs me about 80 minutes from check in to payment, but it's basically the same process.

    You can get paid to save lives.

  14. Question: I tried donating blood 2 times before, 1st time I fainted, 2nd time I got really close to fainting. Is there a way for me to donate without this happening or is there something I can do to prevent this?

    To everyone that donates, you guys are super heroes. To everyone who can't but share the message to friends and family about donating, you guys are superheroes as well!!

  15. Aw Dr. Mike, so sorry to hear about your mother. My dad has CLL and has had to have chemo and seems to be sick all the time with something! I worry for him every day. Thank you for this video.

  16. I used to donate blood all the time – about 5 times a year – but after I was diagnosed with epilepsy I was told by the blood bank that they couldn't take my blood anymore. I'm O+ and used to get calls all the time to go and donate – especially around the holidays (we have a constant shortage here in South Africa), but now I can't. Is there a reason they won't let me donate anymore? I used to think it was because of all the meds I'm on, but you say it doesn't matter.

  17. I’ve always wanted to donate, but like last time I had to get my blood drawn, I almost fainted! My veins aren’t typically very “juicy” so this is a common occurrence for me. Usually a blood draw is pretty traumatic for me lol. Any advice on how to get over this?

  18. You may also donate plasma instead of full blood. Yes, it takes more time, but it is less demanding for your body and you can donate more often. Even if you have a blood type that's in low demand, your plasma is being used for several critical medicines.

  19. I have made a pledge to myself to give blood every 16 weeks in the UK! However I have had so many issues the last two times. The first time, my blood was rather resistant to leave my body, the machine kept beeping at me, the nurses had to keep checking because of it and after 20 minutes I had to only give the minimum amount as it was taking too long. The second time however my blood few outta me! The nurse was saying how impressive it was that I was giving so fast. But… I stood up after my donation went to walk over to my girlfriend (who was also giving at the time), sat down and started to feel sick. Next thing I know I was in a stretcher with my legs up trying not to pass out. I can't win! Any tips on how I can improve, if thats even a thing you can improve??

  20. Dr. Mike thank you for shedding some light on donating blood! As one of the vampires (phlebotomists) who does this job day in and day out, it’s nice to see someone who reaches so many people encouraging them to save lives in such a simple way. Hopefully we’ll see more people coming to blood drives and donating, it’s a tough job sometimes but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. THANK YOU 😊

  21. The last time I donated blood I felt unbelievably ill afterwards. I got cold sweats, I started shaking, I felt faint and nauseous. I've been donating blood for years but that experience has made me not want to donate again. Is there a reason that happened? And what can I do to make sure the next time I donate it won't happen again?

  22. I wish i could donate blood, but they don’t allow me because im trans, soo… 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Nothing i can do about it, I’ve tried

  23. Thank you for the video. It was very enlightening.

    The next step, as I see it, from donating blood is donating stem cells.
    Stem cell donation could be a topic for one of your next videos.

  24. Dude!! WTF!!! You can't just start a very sad story, who I just thought it was one of your random patients, and then you drop the BOMB it was your MOM? You made me tear up…a little warning next time. I have gotten to know you a little bit, and that story made me feel like a friend was hurting. Yeah..I love my Mom too.. Sue Me.

  25. I think you sho try to figure out a way to fit your reactions to House's antagonistic views on being banished to Clinic Duty. Maybe pick out a few there are more than enough hilarious ones by themselves. Especially, the "inhaler lady"!


  26. I've been donating whole blood AND platelets for years. I do platelets every 2 weeks. I recruited my boyfriend into donating too! My daughter is 16 and she'll start soon, too. Our local Red Cross loves us! My cousin's fiance had Leukemia and she got me into donating after a blood drive for her. Unfortunately we lost her, but it started my whole family down the path of donating regularly. I'm also on the marrow registry and the living donor registry… so if anyone here needs a kidney or a liver lobe, hit me up :p

  27. I can't donate blood because of my medical condition, when I hear people saying they don't do it because it hurts, come on, it's nothing, people needing blood will be suffering much much more, I get my blood drawn for tests every 3 months, yes, it stings, it hurts, it's unconfortable, but if I could I would go through this process on a regular basis to help saving lives. And something I find revolting in France, I don't know if this is the case in other countries, homosexual people are not allowed to donate (unless they had not any sex for at least a year) and they complain about the lack of blood… Some people would lie and say they're straight, but some are unconfortable with this, which I can understand. Kinda crazy in a so called civilized country who boasts being the country of human rights…

  28. I’ve been turned away the last 6 times I’ve tried to donate because they didn’t want my blood type. I have AB positive which is one of the rarest

  29. My Grandma had CLL and was a wonderful influence on my life.

    I have always been an active donor as a Rn that transfused many, many patients. It is a rewarding quick process that helps to support your community. People need blood.

    Babies, accident victims, moms postpartum, the elderly, kidney failure patients and cancer patients.

  30. i would love to donate blood when i’m of the age. but i have a severe phobia of throw up and i’ve gone through therapy and nothing has helped. i’m afraid if i donate blood i’ll throw up. my mother donated plasma once (yes, i know it’s different from blood) but she threw up immediately after. Dr. Mike, does donating blood make people throw up?

  31. I lost my mom this year but fortunately she lived a very long life. A touching memorial to your mom and thank you for the education.

  32. I wish i could donate as frequently as i donate plasma.
    @DOCTOR MIKE why can’t we donate multiple times within 45 days?
    I donate plasma 2x a week.
    My blood type is O positive so they always tell me to donate and i try every chance i get but i feel like i can help with plasma more before you are able to donate more frequently. I just dislike that there’s always a minimum month waiting period to donate blood. And even after donating blood you have to wait 45 days to donate plasma or blood. Why?

  33. I'm severly anemic so I'm pretty sure I can't :/ but I'll definitely be encouraging people in my life to donate 👍

  34. I'm an international student and just moved to the US. I donated blood every 3 months for the last 4 years, but now Red Cross told me, that I have to live in US for at least 3 years to be eligible to donate. The country, where I lived before (also not my home country) didn't have such a rule. It's honestly annoying and preventing a lot of people for helping out.

  35. I was diagnosed with leukemia (Acute Lymphoblastic, actually) in September 2016. I had somewhere in the ballpark of 400 transfusions until I got a splenectomy, crazy. I’ve always felt so thankful for every single pint donated. I’ve always wished I could thank the donors, I wouldn’t be here without them. Thank you for donating!

  36. I live in Japan and can’t donate blood because I’m European. It sucks because I’m O+ and could help many, many people with my blood.

  37. well maybe in first world countries its safe. I always wanted to donate blood but the thought that they might reuse needles and that might give me something like hiv makes me never go. Am i a dumbass for being concerned about this ?

  38. I have a Question/Topic of discussion. Donating blood is all cool and that but what I was wondering.(This is the case in my country)Say you donate blood and yeah you get a Cookie afterwards and a drink but that's it. 1 month later something happens and you need blood again. Now you need to pay a fortune for it. So seems like you Donate for free but pay a ton of money when you need it. Whats up with that? why not have like a reward system like if you donate regularly you can get blood for free when you need it. Is it like a procedure the blood has to go through first that is expensive? if that's the case why not give the guys that donates regularly discount? Like you help others but need money to get helped?

  39. I donated my blood for a school drive and honestly wasn’t bad at all . 1 week later I got my blood type O- and I’m looking forward to do more on now .

  40. THANK YOU DR. MIKE! My grandfather had Mylodysplastic Syndrome, and lived off packed red blood cells for almost a decade before he chose to stop treatment. Without that blood he'd have died many years earlier and missed the birth of both my youngest cousins, several Alaskan Cruises and many family events and holidays. Blood donation is so valuable and important.

  41. Hi Dr Mike ! Could you do a video about first aid intervention ? I already did a training in first aid and i realised how much easier it is to say "chest compression" than actually doing it. I think a video about how to do effective chest compressions and when to do them, trying to stop a bleeding, what to do if somebody is burned and all that stuff we must do to increase the chances to save a life before having a professionnal help could be really usefull. I want to become a doctor one day ( i'm only 17) and your videos make me confirm my choice. Keep going, you're amazing !

  42. I wish I didn’t have so many health issues and chronic illness. It’s the people who need it or experienced loss due to it who want to do the most.

  43. I donate blood when I can. Wish I could donate more often but many times my iron is too low (even with taking a daily iron suppland eating iron rich foods) and it prohibits me from donating.

  44. I have a question. I have cerebral palsy, so I can donate some blood or people with this handicap can't give any blood?

  45. I used to donate 3x's yearly..but 2 yrs ago was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis so now get turned away from Canadian Blood Services. It's sad because so many ppl need blood also a large portion of Canadians have MS..why can't they figure out a way for banking MS blood for MS patients and keep it in reserve for us? I know there are 5 types of MS I myself have RRMS, but again if it can be labled as such n I disclose this when I donate and only donate when Well n not during a relapse..why not make it possible?

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  47. Sorry your mom died and so tragically, and so unfair, a great human being, active compassionate, for what you narrated about her, exactly the kind of people that should live at least 100 years, well I'm her fan, so you know. Question: How often we can donate? does the quality of blood gets diminished over consecutive donations, like in a serial donor? Have you ever heard of a campaign that could involve inviting every citizen to donate once a year? because maybe you could pull that off, you're a respected, popular doc and would be great tribute to your lovely mom, I have a rare blood type: A- and I will donate in honor of your mom, cheers

  48. I’m trying to become a doctor much like you, and I was wondering what types of classes I should take to prepare myself for a medical school by the way I’m in 8th grade and close to starting high school where there are many different classes. Some advice would boost my confidence, thanks. Also what Med school did you go to, just curious I might want to go there!

  49. I started donating blood when i was 17yrs old. The United Blood Service had a blood drive at my high school so I decided to donate… I don't know what that nurse did but my right arm from the heel of my hand up to my bicep turned black blue and purple with some lovely tones of green for over 2 weeks. That didn't stop me though. I donated blood for another 12 months then they wouldn't let me donate because thry said I was anemic. 😤😒. I was like WTF?

  50. I really want to donate blood in US but sadly, I travel a lot so the red cross don't accept my blood. I donate my blood when i was 18 in my home country and I feel happy about that.

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