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How to Recruit Healthcare Talent – Think Like a Marketer

my hope for our time here which will take about an hour to do is to really talk about the linkage between being a great powerful recruiter and marketing at CompHealth we’ve made a choice to proactively link those two things believing that the best of the pair comes when we work actively together to both recruit on an individual basis and market to a more general population in the spirit I’ve the theme of our conference marketing has evolved what is marketing evolved to marketing has evolved to a world of understanding people understanding people’s interactions whether that be social online through media through word-of-mouth it’s about a person’s need and helping that person get a message you want them to hear right one of the things that hopefully you know I can do today is give you a very very simple framework to think about marketing and how that can help you in your day jobs this exact framework can help you on internal commit communications just as much as it could in external marketing Who am I targeting what do I need to say to them and how am I going to say it as simple as that what do I mean by that when i talk about the marketing planning process for recruiting and marketing immigration first is about understanding your target audience you hear me talk a little bit about this today target audience is a marketing space marketing speak for who the person is right so we’ll talk about understanding them and I mean understand the individual but also the general population you’re trying to recruit part two is has two parts to it the what one part is what you want them to hear about your job your facility or your community right that’s what you’re telling them part two is what’s relevant to then it’s what they want to hear those two things ideally are aligned they may not be right so recognizing that difference in making sure you’re delivering on both sides of it we’re going to go into each of these more specifically and part three of the day we’ll be talking about the how that’s the practical choices you’re making when marketing it’s about marketing putting that nest that’s where the candidates looking but also being in a place where the candidate will be they may not be there today they may be there tomorrow it may not be about jobs but you want your message to hit them when they are relevant when they’re open and willing to hear it recruiting is about the specific batch as we think about supplementing that for marketing we think about supplementing it from the platform of what’s the general persona person I want in my facility so we generalize so marketing is about generalizing the persona of who you are looking for so that you can find that I’d like to start by introducing you to someone a general persona of dr. Julie okay so we’re going to talk about personas by actually describing a person it’s more easy to understand their job searching behavior if you just talk about them who they are so dr. Julie dr. Julius 30 she is just coming out of an internal medicine residency program she’s looking for a job she because of her age and demographics is a social marketing person i can tell you eighty percent of physicians and the 32 35 age range use social marketing for their own life and that is predominantly facebook and secondarily youtube ok so but she’s there right you get it she’s 30 she’s busy right but she does one key thing she likes to rock climb be at West be outdoor she prioritizes her personal health she feels like she can’t be an effective physician unless she demonstrates wellness for herself ok so this is Julie Julie starts by looking best hospitals in the western United States she wants to rock climb she’s doing her research she specifically starts and she actually wants to know in the year she’s savvy and the way she searches so she adds the year US News and World Report happened to be the top things in the search index she jumps into their website she researches facilities she’s and I picked utah st. Mark’s Hospital locally here she actually heard about st. Mark’s she actually searches by zip code and tries to find the facility when she’s there she finds st. Mark’s facebook page this happens to be a snapshot of see Mark’s facebook page she’s a facebook person this is what she did does she looks they’re very quickly just to research she’s pretty excited that they are committed to fitness that’s important to her she believes in that her personal life she sees a career section and she clicks on it this is what it looks like this is their 80s plug into facebook you actually can click and search and apply and learn more about the facility this will jump you into st. Mark’s website she wants to know the reputation of this facility in the eyes of the population that the health is for this happens to be on healthgrades just a research of the patient care at this facility but she’s doing it this is what she does in her life on the flip side meet tom so time is 58 emergency physician he’s been in his career for 25 years he is in a different state of mind than Julie the way he thinks about what he wants is his son just retired or so just graduated from high school and he’s kind of free a little feel that sense of I can kind of make these decisions for myself right now he is on social marketing social media tools on facebook only to track with his sons doing this is the only way he knows what’s going on in her son’s life that said he’s not there for himself right he’s engaging it as a way to learn so tom is how he thinks about his careers wholeheartedly different than how to lead us right you think about how he he would approach a job change it’s different its consideration set is different knowing that the who knowing his persona as important as we think about what we want he’s very avid reader he’s been he’s run medical department before chooses not to do that anymore because a very avid reader of progressive literature i just happened to pick new england journal there are many more about a lot within the Association he also has colleagues that are his most trusted an important way he finds that information so let’s get back to Julian think about it so I’m telling you what we wanted to say or what you could think about you have a job description and you have your choice for employment branding that beyond the basics message but what Julie right julies got a lot of debt right she is a real resident graduate or a resident completer coming she has a ton of debt and then making no money what matters to her is money right that’s a basic not going to talk to you about competition you know way more about that than me she has a husband who needs a career step at the same time she has she’s thinking about dual career and how she makes that work in the marketplace there thinking about having kids right there thinking about schools in the community this is her world this is what she wants to hear from you she doesn’t want to hear just you’re beyond the basics were an awesome place to work message right that that’s good that’s great important but not all this important to her and she wants to that she wants to know if she can keep your pastime upright on the flipside tom-toms trying to pay college stuff the start and really wants to be close enough to travel to his family he wants to interact with the community he wants to be able to do habitat humanity where you’re from where that your facility is right he wants to transfer his likes and interests so this is his world he wants to retire soon but he’s making the choice to take next career step because you can’t retire yet right it is about giving him continuing to practice medicine is also getting the financial wherewithal the setup for retirement and travel so again there are two things what you want to say and what they want to hear and met mash mashing that together generally as we think about it from marketing we are more telling them what we want to say in the recruiting sell the clothes you’re trying to match what they want to hear and telling them that you can deliver it specifically right so that’s the merger as we think about where to put marketing to find doctors it’s important to consider the general personas of these individuals these are just too extreme your recent residency grad and you’re late stage physician who’s ready for a change to make it more about them than about what has been which is their family so starting with this understanding is critical to being able to make the choices on what messages you give them and where you put them so we know who we want right we know that right what’s relevant to them is next what do they want to hear what do we want to tell them it starts with the basics as a person who reads a lot of job descriptions i mentioned on compal only carry 5,000 jobs and I in the profession of marketing jobs right so I look at job descriptions i want to not over cell how important basically job descriptions are but if you haven’t done an audit of how you’re doing your job description writing i would highly suggest you go home and do it yesterday we train our teams to do this right about the job about the practice keywords that are relevant to the physician in a call to action in a very simple way it’s not harder than that although it’s an art we say this right about the specialty right about the location and maybe if you can do it one unique feature constrained by 65 characters or less and i’ll give you some examples that’s literally the space and 65 characters a couple of specific psychiatrist opportunity in California with four day week no call sounds simple right interventional cardiologist small facility and scenic Wisconsin sometimes all of us as salespeople try to put too many words out there or too few words that don’t really sell what your basics are the how is where you put your marketing and you put it where they are or where you think they’ll be right and it’s I think of marketing like an ad right this is very simple a job add a banner ad a message we testimonial about your facility that’s the what you’re putting and what how do you do it right how do you physically put it there so I’m gonna start back with online search I cannot emphasize how big this is can under emphasize how big this is google shares about sixty-five percent of the online search marketplace yahoo and being make up another thirty percent roughly between the two ninety-five percent of search is covered by those three properties ignore the rest arguably ignore everything but google if you’re not doing anything here start where the fish are sixty-five percent of the searches happening google I would almost guarantee you that every one of you has great video somewhere in your facility whether it be a testimonial video an employee whether be about us a great story about community effort you did it could be as simple as grabbing your iphone and getting a testimonial up from a position about why they love to work for you this is not have to be hard ensuring its there and findable in YouTube is a good place to start put it out there let someone beyond you tell that story of why to come work with you link it to your Facebook page have your marketing team like it’s your some basic things like that are low-hanging fruit to tell your employment branding right and it’s the second largest search engine in the world from a consumer perspective so these are places if your position is looking this is what they’re getting the the Box being what is being paid for through google this is called organic search natural search you hear things like search engine optimization all these words are about getting your something ranked in this body of Google’s coffee i want to highlight a couple things and indeed there’s three of the listings in the top five so when I said earlier they’re pulling pageviews they’re getting a lot of them one of the ways they’re doing it is by having all these spots right someone’s clicking there now and the other thing i want to point out is just look at that second family practice physician jobs in New Mexico dash indeed that is coming off the job description the title i told you about earlier when i say something’s truncated look down at the very bottom one New Mexico physician jobs position jobs in New Mexico comma dr dot that’s what I mean when I say it’s truncated right you’re not reading all what you think is being said there because google only has so many character spaces so this is what I mean we talk about search with google looks like so you ask yourself well how is my facility advertising or playing in any of this space or are you it’s not hard to do this stuff right it’s not hard as simple as hiring if you don’t have the facility you can get an unpaid intern who wants to learn paid search to come in your facility for 10 hours a week and learn how to put an AdWords campaign together for you you can do that this is a chart of the total size of the social marketing social media landscape globally this is back from 2012 September so Facebook has now cleared a billion global users this was 955 almost double now more than double the next which is Twitter so again you could get worried and say go home and get a social marketing presence that can be overwhelming I’m just saying go home and show your Facebook page delivers what you think is needed to help candidates choose your facility they’re researching it there they’re online make sure you feel good about the message delivered a very simple again practical tips does your linkedin page exists does your about Us section tell your story in LinkedIn do you post jobs in your Linkedin do you if i’m sure you’re doing great things in your communities are you putting them as your status updates once a week it’s not high time and intense are you putting in your linkedin status and talking about the community event you held on health and wellness so a couple summary tips the who start with the profile make sure it’s clear for your specific job who you want also think more generally about a persona from a what make sure your basics are right if they’re not the beyond the basic stuff doesn’t matter you can’t get a good job description title down you’re going to be almost like having a leaky hole in the bucket right when you’re pouring water and top stuff starting out get that right identify your employment brand message I call that the beyond the basics and then work with your marketing team just to try to take a couple tactical steps that you heard and put your message in that new place or that how

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