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12 thoughts on “How to Prepare a Standard EDTA Solution

  1. Oh i remember Titration in the chem lab!!!! Memories!!! Hated sucking that solution by mistake a bit too hardly through the pipette n having that sour taste in the mouth!! 🙂 but still those days were better than what complications maturity and growing up has brought!

  2. EDTA is a useful chemical compound for titration applications such as determining the metallic content of various sulutions…..L0L WHAT?!?!?

  3. hi i just want to ask if we cant prepare the EDTA with a distelled water with (TDS 06)?
    if yes when we passe it on cytometer in case of CBC can it affects the resulte?
    thnx 🙂

  4. EDTA is used to remove calcium from the eyes (band keratopathy). Has anyone with cataracts or keratophathy ever put a highly dissolves solution in their own eyes?

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