How To: Explain Chiropractic to Friends & Family Part1
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How To: Explain Chiropractic to Friends & Family Part1

– Hey everybody, it’s
Dr. Kevin Greene here from In8 Wellness Center
in Beverly, Massachusetts, and welcome to November. And so, winter is coming. So this month, what we’re doing is one of our referral campaigns. And referring patients here is probably the biggest
compliment that you can give us, that you can give any chiropractor, because that means that you value us, you value what we do
for you, and you value what it does for your health. And this month, what we’re doing is one of our referral campaigns
where you can refer in one of your friends or family
members at a reduced rate. But sometimes, and I know a lot of you have referred people
in here, and sometimes you’ve talked to people
about chiropractic care, and it can be hard to
make a compelling case, because you know that
you come in here because you have an understanding
of what it does for you, and how it makes you feel, and how it makes your
nervous system work better, but sometimes it’s hard
to explain that to people. So I wanna go over a couple
different ways that you can kind of, some simple, I guess,
strategies for explaining, kind of what we do, and it
really depends on the audience, and your audience. So the first one is kind
of a mechanical view. And I say this to everybody
during their initial exam, and I say, hey, we need to
move every joint in our body every day, that’s what keeps it healthy. And it’s especially important
when we’re talking about our spine, because our
spine surrounds and protects our nervous system. So if we’re not moving
our spine, those discs, our shock absorbers, dry up, okay? If we’re not moving, there
isn’t fluid going in there, so the discs start to dry up, and our joints themselves start to dry up, and that’s what starts
the process of arthritis. So when we start to lose that disc space, we start to dry up those joints, we get that extra bone with arthritis, we’re gonna start to put
pressure on the nerves, we start to lock those joints together. So just from a mechanical
standpoint, if you’re not moving it, it’s going to
be a problem later on. And thing about our spine,
we have 24 moveable segments, so you can lock a few together
and never really know, but it’s a problem, and it’s a problem that’s gonna be a problem
down the road eventually if you don’t do something about it. So you could say, that’s
why I get adjusted, because I know that I
put stress on my body, I work out, I have a physical job, so I wanna make sure that
the joints of my spine are moving the way they’re supposed to so I don’t end up with problems later on. We’re gonna go over a
couple different scenarios, a couple different ways
of explaining things in future videos. If you ever have any questions,
please give us a call, the number here is 978-927-8466, and you can visit us on
the internet at Talk to you soon.

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