How to #Detox #Daily – #Natural #Safe #Supplement – #Yoga #Secret
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How to #Detox #Daily – #Natural #Safe #Supplement – #Yoga #Secret

Kiki, do you take supplements? Everyone wants
to know.Do you take supplements, do you take anti-oxidants, what’s a good anti-oxidant?
What do you take. A great anti-oxidant and a great supplement is a powdered herb from
India called Triphala. Triphala is something that I take every morning and every night.
It maintains a good supportive ongoing daily detox. Which means clear skin, healthy bowel
movements. No gas. Upstairs – burp. Or down. People don’t believe me when I tell them that
I don’t fart, but I don’t Because if you’re healthy you shouldn’t and if you take triphala
hopefully you wont’ and you’ll be happy and the person you share your bed with will be
happy too. Triphala is probably the most used Ayurvedic herb from India. And it’s very safe
to use, unless of course you’re pregnant or you’re on other medications, please check
with your doctor. Triphala menas tri – three, phala – fruits. And it’s a combination of
three dried powdered fruits. But these are not the kind of fruits that you are going
to pluck from the tree when they are juicy and ripe and sweet and tasty. It can taste
a little bitter or a little astringent. It’s very easy to use and I’m going to show you
how we use it. Here is about a half teaspoon of triphala. And you’re going to mix it into
a half glass of water. Then you’re going to put a little lid on this and put it aside
in the morning to drink that night. Make another one at night and put it aside and drink it
in the morning. What you’re going to find after this sits all day – the triphala has
dropped to the bottom and we have this cloudy three fruit filled water on top. We’re going
to drink the water off the top of the powder. We’re not going to drink the powder and you’ll
thank me for that. So we’re just going to drink this. Here goes. (cough) Actually very
affordable. I buy my triphala in bulk, half pound, 100% organic from a great company now
on my store I sell some other things from this company too. You can
get a tongue cleaner. ANd if you’re not using a tongue cleaner you definitely should. Click
on this tongue cleaner to find out how tongue cleaning is just super fantastic for overall
health. I also have my organic Ayurvedic Breast Balm here. Click on this to watch my Breast
Massage video for superior breast health. When you start your triphala program, let
me know how it’s going, And let me know how your bowler is and your skin and the boosting
energy you get form the anti-oxidants in it. And please subscribe. And ask your questions.
I want your questions. Keep them coming.

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100 thoughts on “How to #Detox #Daily – #Natural #Safe #Supplement – #Yoga #Secret

  1. Hi Kiki,
    I was just about to order but was confused with which one to order?
    Triphala Guggulu? or Triphala?
    I'm excited! I'm getting the tongue scraper too.
    Thanks for the video.

  2. Oh, get just triphala. and you will love the tongue scraper! thanks for all your comments and support…Kiki

  3. I cannot verify for breastfeeding, but it is very safe. you can perhaps take a pinch or just wait for a bit. Candida – The most helpful was healing naturally by bee. there was very good forums of hers that i learned from too. I gave up all sugar, fruit, grains, gluten and i added 5 T of coco oil a day, lots of kefir or natural sauerkraut, garlic. But you will see her plan and then email me. In one week i felt awesome and have stayed 90% with it for five years. best to you & baby!

  4. I found this comment on banyan botanicals website for anyone interested:

    There are no contraindications that I know of for taking Triphala while you are breastfeeding. I would recommend taking a lower dose like a 1/4 to an 1/8 tsp once a day because your body is working for two. Triphala has a very strong bitter and astringent taste and it may affect the taste of your breast milk and make it less palatable for your baby. That is why you may want to try the lower dose..

  5. thank you so much for sharing this here! You are a very important part of this channel…so very considerate of you. all the best, and please keep commenting and sharing, Kiki

  6. the best advice is get another puppy! or a at. Animals do like to be around each other. But i know that is a lot of work…The pup has trauma and thinks when you leave, you will not come back. So you have to speak to him calmly and let him know you will come home. give him his own bed and play toy area and create a ritual that shows you will be home later – switch to slippers when you come in and so leave your slippers by the door as an affirmation. let me know…Kiki

  7. yes, let me know..i always want feedback!! the results here are so incredible, really more than I could ever expect…Kiki

  8. Hey Kiki….with the Triphala….besides the taste is there any problem with just gulping down the whole drink-powder and all? Thanx Luv U

  9. Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful, valuable, healthy info… I just found you today when I was looking for videos on dry brushing, after finding you I will look no further!!!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful, valuable, info…. I found you when I was looking for videos on dry brushing… After finding you I will look no further!!!!

  11. Maca is very heating! so yes, it causes inflammation like pimples etc. it is better for men but i dont recommend it at all. I think you will be happy with this Triphala…KIki

  12. Thank you so much! It is great to have your support. Please keep watching and learning. And do ask questions if you have them…best, Kiki

  13. no problems to gulp it all down…but you dont need too, it is traditionally taken this way. I dint think it will give MORE benefits. let me know though! Kiki

  14. many thanks! how kind and generous. i am glad YOU are watching. If you try any of the idea i share, please let me know…Best, Kiki

  15. Thank you SO much for your videos Kiki! I can't get enough of your spunky energy, kindness, the breadth of your knowledge (paired with wonderful, straight-forward explanations/demonstrations), professionalism and overall exuberance. Ahh, I could go on 🙂 I'm so glad I found you on youtube, and that you chose to share your ways with the world. Such an inspiration. Namaste

  16. Wow, great news….glad you shared your comment here so others can also get thicker eyebrows and healthy clear skin…..see you soon…Kiki

  17. Thank you so much for your kind and enthusiastic comment. This is what inspires me to keep making videos and share them here. Welcome to the Kiki Community! And I look forward to your continued watching, comments and feedback. Best in health…Kiki

  18. Hi Kiki. I've been taking triphala for a little over a month and I haven't noticed any great changes. I worry if I'm taking it correctly or if I'm doing something else wrong. How long after starting a triphala program should I noticed a reduction in flatulance.

  19. Hi Kiki. I've been taking triphala for a little over a month and I haven't noticed any great changes. I worry if I'm taking it correctly or if I'm doing something else wrong. How long after starting a triphala program should I noticed a reduction in flatulence.

  20. You should really notice a difference within a month. I am wondering if you have a food allergy or sensitivity…sorry to hear this. so many have had such great changes. watch my recent video on probiotic…this may give you the extra boost…stay in touch, Kiki

  21. Oh Great Pretty! I look forward to hearing your results – please check back with me in tow weeks… Congratulations on your discipline! best, in health, Kiki

  22. farting is a symptom of poor digestion, over eating, unhealthy food. The body is not happy – gas is being creating due to foods fermenting in stomach (yuck). So when we have gas 0 burps or farts – its a sign that our digestive system is unhappy! Eat simple clean and healthy meals. And be healthy and happy, Kiki

  23. Triphala is high in vitamin C! Not sure why we dont drink the powder – but thats how its done – and im happy for that! glad you're on program…stay in touch and let me know how you feel…and if your skin starts to glow even more! Kiki

  24. you are a sweetheart to say i am a sweetheart. as for your bowels! yoga people talk about bowels bowels bowels all the damn time. except at mealtime (please, there are limits) xo best,Kiki xo

  25. when I eat right (no gluten, no beans no dairy) I don't fart at all! But I do burp when I get stressed and have tension in my neck, shoulder and arms. Do you think drinking triphala will help with that kind of burp? (But I am intrigued. I will look for it next time I go shopping!)

  26. Yes, triphala should help with that too. Stress does create an acidic response – so perhaps you are having stress related indigestion.Please, do let me know if it helps…in the meantime, no gluten! and BREATHE! best, Kiki

  27. Healthy eating and eliminating toxins in the system will brighten the eyes. I have many tips here to support you in this. Search – How to Get Rid of Cellulite – How to Dry Brush, Eye Yoga – How to Improve Your Vision – Tutorial, What is the Best Fiber for Great Digestion – Slim and Healthy Chia.Please stay in touch…best in health, Kiki

  28. Triphala is incredibly safe for health and immune boosting. I think it will give you great overall support. If you try – let me know. Best to you Inga, thanks for your comments, Kiki

  29. A guggulu is used more for a targeted deeper medical issue. If there are serious toxic issues with skin rashes or deep digestive problems. It is not for every day. Better to use general tonic triphala. thanks for the good question…Kiki

  30. Triphala capsules are good to use, though i do think the powder in water as i have explained here is slightly more effective. But use it any way you can!

  31. Lulu yes capsules are very good too – look at the above comment Ha! Take it daily and it is great health tonic.

  32. sorry to find this comment so late – this is an area i can make some videos in and your great suggestion is going on my LIST! Of course – natural whole food, no junk and no soy and minimal or no dairy are great supports for women's health esp PMS and Menopause best, Kiki

  33. Spring cleanse! Good for you. So happy to inspire you and support you through this. Triphala is about 1/3 (3 ounces) of a glass – as some water willl stay behind with settled powder. Chia is 10 ounces BUT you can drink this 2 or even 3 hours before bed. I hope this helps. And stay in touch – I am cheering you on! Kiki

  34. Triphala in tablet form is as beneficial on digestion but is skips over the subtle influence of taste on health. But a great boon either way (even Dr.Oz shared it on his show this week. We think he's watching this channel first!) best, Kiki

  35. they are not digesting or assimilating their food. Maybe they are eating too quickly, not chewing? They could have common food sensitivities like soy, egg or dairy? Take a look a their eating schedule and foods…

  36. Hi Kiki, I love your videos, very informative! I just had a question about the Triphala. I was going to order the Banyan Botanicals brand, and I noticed on a couple different sites, including Amazon, there's a warning from the state of California that says this product contains toxic chemicals. I read that certain herbs manufactured in Asia can contain metals like lead and mercury. Obviously it was found in this brand. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  37. also I know that many of banyan botanicals are US grown – and i avoid herbs from asia for the very reason you have stated!

  38. Had a personal email from Banyan – California has very strict codes and most herbs will have to carry this label to be sold in california. this product is grown organically and just the natural levels of lead in the soil requires this warning. All brands will have the same consideration. I will still use this one. thanks for your question…Kiki

  39. In my research i've found that it is safe if you take a small amount with pregnancy – just 1/8th of a t-spoon in water as I suggest. if you have diarrhea – them stop taking. let me know…Kiki and thank you!!

  40. Kiki, i have been taking triphala from Banyan Botanicals for a few weeks. its wonderful but, why don't you suggest drinking the powder on the bottom of the glass??, peace and love, Adam

  41. Triphala is great and im glad you feel the benefits. This is how i was instructed to take it by wonderful ayurvedic doctors in India – and so Thats what i do and recommend! best to you Adam, thanks for your comment, Kiki

  42. Hi, Kiki ~ I just discovered (and subscribed to) your channel this weekend. Oh my goodness, you crack me up! Love the information and tips you provide. I'm inching near 40 (gasp!) and your videos are insanely inspiring and motivating. I've always been into health, fitness, and wellness and I'm thrilled to have stumbled upon your library of knowledge. I also appreciate that your videos are concise – keep them coming. 🙂

  43. so glad you stumbled this way…and i could inspire, inform and entertain! You are at a great place in life where every positive change you make will affect your wellness for years to come! Keep watching, and share my videos too and come see my on facebook as Kiki Says…best to you, Kiki

  44. You will have to ask you doctor if this is safe for pregnancy…If this is new for you, wait till after the birth to try new herbs, Kiki and thanks for watching!

  45. Kiki! You are so much fun, love your insight and energy…its fun to listen to talk about farts and breasts…it is life! Thank you for sharing this wisdom.

  46. farts and breasts! yes, some one has to say it…so glad you are enjoying and learning. thanks for your comment here, Kiki

  47. take triphala at night and again at morning, drink another tall glass of water, maybe with some fresh lemon in it and then do a little deep breathing and stretching, dry brush and then take 10 minutes to just sit and relax on the toilet (yes, hehe) and then shower and eat….let me know how this works. watch my other videos to learn abut healthy eating and habits…Kiki

  48. Great vid..  Do you ever get colonics or do you think the triphala is keeping it all clean and healthy without those?   You do look very healthy!  thanks.  Michelle

  49. hi.  if a person does the candida cleanse and is rid of same, why would they need a tongue cleaner…thrush is a good reason, but thrush is yeast/candida/fungi….so does the cleanse or detox or anti=fungal therapy you use not effect the tongue stuff?  tu.

  50. What a lovely lady you are. I love that you talk on the subject and don't give all that inane chatter people use in their videos!! Thank you for the information. I never knew about drinking the water and not the powder!! Good tip. I just need to find out 'why'?

  51. Hi Kiki, I have just discovered your fantastic work, so thank you. I have already started dry body brushing and have just received my shipment of Triphala. Looking forward to its benefits. I am 52 and wish I looked like you, but you have inspired me. I am eating really healthy but don't seem to drop any weight so I am hoping that his herb will assist in this. Thank you once again, you are amazing. 

  52. Hi..! Saw yr refreshing videos..Many tx fr same. I am an Indian n of course as is the case our lives here are mostly AU NATURELLE… Triphala is sposed to be taken at nyt with milk cos it's very dry in nature but with my intolerance of milk I used to take it with water fr like ages and yes my skin did dry up n more prone to wrinkles ..even tho I used to take sugar coated Triphala pills.. So maybe u need to cross check on this .. Just sharing..but love to see u talk Indian so much..!
    All the best..

  53. Hi Kiki! I have an urgent question. I started taking  triphala half tea spoon two times a day as you suggested. I did it on Tuesday and on Wednesday I took it only one time. In the evening, I got a very bad rash that started on my neck and extended to my whole body and face. It was very itchy and uncontrollable. I never had a rash as an allergic reactions before. I looked up online and some websites mentioned that this might happen when you first use Triphala and that I should stop it and go back to it when the rash goes away. I went to my doctor on Thursday and he gave me an allergy shot and Benadryl to control the itch.  By Friday, it was much better but my skin was still a bit red. Today is Saturday and I don't see the rash on my skin anymore. What do you think? have you heard that Triphala might give rashes?? and should I go back to Triphala or not???? Thank you so much and thank you for all your videos.

  54. Hi kiki, I absolutely love you! You have transformed the way I see great health. I tell everyone about you! I have a question though. Why can't you drink the triphala powder. After watching your video, I stumbled upon another, and they suggested drinking the powder. I have soaked the drink but then drank the settlement at the bottom of the glass. Disgusting but tolerable. Please clarify

  55. What is the difference between taking the triphala your way in the water or taking an organic capsule supplement?
    I take capsules, I love triphala! And you!

  56. Hi Kiki, just found your channel! love love!!! What about the Triphala pills, or is the powder better? 🙂 thanks Lori

  57. Hello, Kiki!!! Just a quick question: if I take chia at night and triphala in the morning, should I take 1 tea spoon of triphala and not a half as I would if I took it in morning and night? And can I let it soak 24 hours? Or only overnight? Thanks for your help, you are a ray of sunlight! 🙂 xoxo

  58. Kiki you are an inspiration. For the suppository coco garlic olive mixture how long do you do it for? How will we know when the candida is gone?

  59. I been on triphala for 2 days and it is amazing. It is true no gas!! I always suffer from bloating but. For two days I have had any😄 thank you so much!!!

  60. Hello.
    I wanted to ask that arent we supposed to start off our day with a fruit to balance the dropped sugar levels in the morning? So if i have to drink triphala when should i drink it ?

  61. Hi! I'm curious about why you don't drink the powder at the bottom of the glass, can you explain? Is it just that it's gross?

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