How to Care for Gecko Lizards : How to Pick a Healthy Gecko
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How to Care for Gecko Lizards : How to Pick a Healthy Gecko

Hi, I’m Johan Svahnström on behalf of expertvillage.
Let’s stick with leopard geckos for a little while. It’s very important to find a healthy
lizard when you pick your first one. The first thing you need to do is to go to a reputable
dealer, or a breeder. Try to avoid the big pet stores and go to someone that has a lot
of experience with the type of gecko you want. A couple of things to look for. The body needs
to be full and not too skinny. If you pick it up, the legs need to be real strong. You
can feel how you’re…there’s a little resistance when you do this with your geckos legs. On
a leopard gecko, the tail is crucial. A healthy leopard gecko has a big fat tail like this.
Now, this is a young gecko so the tail isn’t as big as they can actually get. But, take
a look at the tail. If it’s skinny, like a tail that you would have outside…uh, on
a lizard that you would find outside, that’s not a healthy gecko. Next, look at the mouth
of the gecko. Okay, look at the mouth and the eyes. If there’s bubbles coming out of
the mouth, good sign that the gecko might have a respiratory infection or something
like that; it’s been held too cold. Try to avoid it. This is difficult to fix. Eyes,
as well. Eyes need to be clear. Like this one right here. Check the eyes real close.
Also, check real close around the head and the neck for mites or ticks or something like
that. If it has mites, it’s difficult to get rid of. You might want to choose a different
gecko. If its got ticks, it’s a good chance that it will come from the wild and you probably
want to buy a captive-born gecko anyway. So, don’t buy one with mites. So, important number
one – strong body, strong legs, and a full tail. Very important. The tail needs to be
thick on a leopard gecko.

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53 thoughts on “How to Care for Gecko Lizards : How to Pick a Healthy Gecko

  1. hey my gecko is a baby, she dont drink water, and she does not want to eat.IDK WHY NOT!I put the mealworms in front of her and sometime(RARELY) she eats them!No impaction either i got it on like paper towel!
    what should i do?

  2. define regular.
    geckos are all part different subsepecies of the general "gecko" if youre looking for a gieco gecko, i think theyre called golden day geckos.

    To my experience theyre all pretty friendly. all cept for tokay geckos at least. i heard theyre aggressive.

    But leopard geckos are docile, fun to watch and they dont have the sticky toe pads so its tough for them to escape.

  3. you might be thinking of tokay geckos, those ones tend to react violently.

    But every other gecko ive seen especialy my leopard geckos love being picked up and getting outta the terrarium

  4. aw i bought baby gecko like 3 weeks ago and i got it for 17.00 at petco with the P.A.L.S Discount at petco so it went from 27 to 17.

  5. I didnt have pals discount when i got mine, but now they sent me 2 coupons for 50 free waxworms 🙂
    I bought adults though, their babies looked messed up 🙁

  6. well i am into leopards alot they are amazing pets not only for beginners but for experienced reptile keepers also. a bigger gecko if its tame but if you want to tame one and raise it up babies are real fun also.

  7. Probaly just stressed or unhungry. Their more of a nocturnal animal so it may be eating when your asleep. Nothing really to worry about unless it gets really skinny and weak 🙂

  8. how many pet stores have u been in? usually the ones i go in, you can ask to inspect the animal b4 u buy it, ask to hold it, dont just pick it up

  9. @flambique yes it probably will i just got a new leopard gecko too. after about an hour that i had it i triied hand feading it and it ate striaght out of my hand. so i would suggest hand feeding it for a couple weeks and even if you dont wanna hand feed you can leave your gecko for a couple of days so it can get comfortable in its new enviromnent and then try feeding it again and it should it the crickets rate up

  10. ExpertAnimal, What the fuck are you talking about? I'm sure they wont be all flipped out if you look at it and check and be sure it's healthy. The gecko is gonna live between 10-15 years.

  11. Hi, i have a full grown male leopard gecko and my friend is giving me a blazing blizzard leopard gecko that is somewhere around 1 year, year and a half old. Will i be able to house them together?

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  13. ***if anyone has any questions please ask me, inbox me or comment on my channel. I'll respond back in less than a day. Don't trust expert village they suck. Please ask questions on any pets. Thank You.***

  14. @Randymyr Don't they live off of the fat in their tails when food and water is scarce in the Desert? I mean, in their natural environment in the wild?

  15. Oye vay. Babies do have skinny tails. Period. Once they start to get bigger, with a healthy diet, their tails get fatter.

  16. @SuperFlipVideos I heard that some geckos just dont like to be held. But maybe youre a little to rough with her, like my dad is with mine (she always tries to bite him). Try to be calmer and approach her slower. Talk to her with a soft voice everytime you feed her, so she'll associate your voice with food. I did that with my gecko, and everytime I put my hand in her tank, she climbs on it. Shes only 6 months old.

    Good luck, I hope I helped 🙂

  17. Please check out my Leopard Gecko vids and don't listen to expervillage they know nothing about reptiles. Lol, thanks for the time

  18. I recently rescued a gecko from someone who was not taking care of him. Other than this weird red bump that sometimes pops out of his mouth he is in good health. This tiny red mass will stick out of the side of his mouth for a few seconds, then he licks a couple of times and it goes back in. it seams like he struggles to get it back into his mouth and doesn't not look comfortable at all. If anyone has ever heard of/seen something like this PLEASE HELP! i really want to get this guy healthy!

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