How To Bring Healthcare To Remote Parts of The World
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How To Bring Healthcare To Remote Parts of The World

this is my cute dog is a cheap gimmick to keep you watching this video yeah so it’s that time of year again no not Arbor Day project for awesome day 3 23 days trapped this video on Wednesday and they’ve already raised two hundred thousand dollars we’ve it hasn’t even started yet but for you it has started don’t get confused what is friday for us i’m crying while project for awesome is this thing that happened at the end of every year this is the test one DNA i’m a dork started by the blog brothers back in aught seven it is the time when everyone is encouraged to make videos about their favorite charity and to promote other people’s videos about their favorite charity and that way we flood youtube with all this giving and goodness rather than drama and hateful crap from the night through the 11th is going to be a livestream and you can participate by upvoting charity videos making a video of your own or donated to a charity or the project for awesome itself they have an indiegogo campaign last year they raised I think 1.5 million dollars and all of it goes towards decreasing world suck unless there’s a charity out there that’s like cleaning water by sucking it up and then getting rid of the badness and putting it back you would need suck in that case but i don’t know that that exists suck is in bad that’s what we mean I probably didn’t have to explain you can go to project for awesome back time to find out all of the deets that’s slang for details not mosquito repellent and i should mention there is or will be perks on the IndieGoGo from me one of them is a Spotify playlist of songs that I chose and why I chose them and another is a commentary track a movie Armageddon that I’m doing with johansson from it’s okay to be smart you don’t want to miss a thing I hope to not do that on the commentary i might I don’t know the charity I’m going to talk about this year last mile health so beardlovers and strangers i don’t know if you know this i have asthma and I’m allergic to nuts tree nuts not peanuts I can eat peanuts they’re the goons because of this and because of a lot of accidents as I was an accident prone child i have been in a lot of hospitals many times in my life some of those times were pretty life-threatening because my breathing was not Matt not good luckily i live in a part of the world where healthcare is a hop skip and a drive-away yes I often hop and skip into the car before we go it’s dangerous I wear a helmet so I don’t get my head on the ceiling but imagine if proper healthcare was multiple day’s journey away some people don’t have to imagine that for many in this world that’s a reality and that sucks how do you bring proper healthcare to remote areas well last mile health has figured out a pretty good way they recruit people from within those communities and train them to provide healthcare to their own communities I said communities twice it’s okay the operation has begun in Liberia and they have recruited over 300 health professionals serving almost 300 community conducting over 42,000 patient visits and treating over 33,000 children various health issues like malaria pneumonia and diarrhoea they’re not working with the Liberian government to deploy over 4,000 Community House assistance and clinical supervisor to extend care to the 1.2 million people who live in Liberia’s remote areas but this is only the beginning on their website they say our work is in Liberia but our vision is global health worker for everyone everywhere everyday so i’m donating to last mile house so that we can work towards anyone who has the emergency health problems that i do can get help immediately last-mile health org is linked in the doobly-doo as well as project for awesome dot-com don’t forget to be awesome oh can you wake MIT did you did you wink I don’t know I couldn’t tell if you did that would be amazing it’s gonna put you off screen and pretend that you went wow she wait

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71 thoughts on “How To Bring Healthcare To Remote Parts of The World

  1. Why don't we just clone a bunch of healthcare clones and load them on to eagles for easy transit to areas with poor infrastructure (provided the places have eagle food).

  2. I'm super excited about the Wheezy perks (especially the commentary one). I already bought it :D.

    Small tip: Put the link to vote on your video in the doobly doo.

  3. Hahaha I got the bundle so that I can listen to your commentary. I'm very pleased ^^;

    This video's currently being featured on the P4A page, too 😀 Great job on your video!

  4. I'm trying to decide what cards I should stitch for my nephews to make their Christmas presents more interesting and personal. Any suggestions for cards to a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old?

  5. I had a dream last night that I came to Texas to meet you and as I was leaving, your dog ran out into the road and got its paw run over. I didn't tell you but you still realized later what happened and you sued me. It wasn't Mitsy it was a big dog.

  6. Hahhaha you liberal buffoons, the people who make money from these pathetic "projects" and "initiatives" are probably asking how the fuck are we still getting away with it, begging the dumbo liberal crowd to give us their money so we can save the _____ (enter opression of choise).

    Craig, could you start a similar project, similarly cool hip name like Project SUPERAWESOME (love the world awesome, it's sooooo good and funny and AWESOME) for Chicago.

    Heard your city is the best gun-free zone in the US LOL, I'm kidding that's not the issue here, we should save the whales first. Stay awesome! Super cool!

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