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81 thoughts on “How Much Lead Is in Organic Chicken Soup (Bone Broth)?

  1. Yes its becoming more N more obvious thet trying to kill as many of us as they can action always speaks louder than words

  2. This is some scary stuff Dr G. Broth like this is being prescribed to sick people as medicine. Keep up the good work.

  3. Archaeology: middens containing bones. actual piles of bones. the remains of camp-fires, containing burnt bones.
    Our ancestors already knew that bones are the inedible, left-over waste-matter that you throw away.
    The modern race is such an embarrassment.

  4. Though lead is vegan, still too bad Ayurveda isn't Ayurvegan… I'll try warning people, who I know that think bone broth is a healthy elixir, though I've tried it before it didn't seem to have any effect.

  5. Oh my goodness! I hate that bone broth koolaid and the bogus claims about it being some miracle cure. This video will be a big help for countering all the hype. Thanks Dr Greger!!!

  6. Are animal products unhealthy all together, no matter where they come from? If so, why do people in poor countries that consume animal products live such a long life? They often use certain animal products to cure some deseases or sickness and often it works.

    I ask out of curiousity

  7. Go outside pick dandelion flower the whole thing dried it out chop it up put it in a glass jar have Some every day. That why you aint gotta buy they are crapp. AGENDA21 They are DE populating us they own all the pharmaceutical including the vitamins you better get off there shit . they're trying to kill you the Illuminati , the 11 men that own the world Are Killing everyone! They use GMO food fluoride water chemical trails war VACCINES abortions war famine drugs alcohol cigarettes. economical warfare, mind control warfare, BPA plastic it is a female synthetic Hormones and 3G4G5G radio microwave radiation, yes indeed you're getting microwaved every time you pick up your phone every time . Wi-Fi is your best friend it loces to microwave you. Those phone towers yes indeed radio microwave radiation. AGENDA21 I

  8. well we're all screwed one way or another, at least we'll have clear skin thanks to Nina and Randa's new book…

  9. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/27/number-toxic-chemicals-applied-vegetables-has-risen-17-fold/amp/

  10. I've often wondered if there was anything more stupid than a paleo dieter. Now I know why. Lead poisoning.

  11. Could you consider doing a video on endurance Athletes and phidippides cardiomyopathy. How much exercise is too much? Or long term effects/cancer risk of hormones used for infertility?

  12. Fucking bone broth soup, that's got to be the most revolting food I've ever heard of, step aside tripe and black pudding.

    Edit: actually those fermented eggs might be worse still

  13. So, do we get a conclusion, or are we just repeating sudo science and any BS research out there?
    The next research article will say the exact opposite.
    You can't just accept all research as facts!

  14. Great video. The demolition of abandoned houses in Detroit is causing lead poisoning in children, on a level that is worse than Flint. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2018/03/20/detroit-demolitions-lead-concerns/33113765/
    By the way, gardeners here can get their soil tested for lead before they grow food.

  15. If this results only im chicken im USA? How is it Europe or Germany? In Europe we not shooting and we have ..lead free gas?
    This is very interesting for people they means chicken is healthy. Good that I plantbased

  16. Super informative video! Thanks for posting! This will certainly help viewers not to be . . . mis-lead . . . [couldn't help it ] . . .

  17. Another scare campaign from vegans…do all chicken bones contain lead? ofc they do not only those grown in polluted land …it's a totally safe and highly nutritious food source .

  18. Interesting they found more lead from the broth made with tissue than the bones? I wonder how much lead is in chicken in general?

  19. Your video on calcium supplements containing lead due to being made from bone made me switch to a calcium supplement made from citrus fruit. I didn't know bones could contain so much lead. Makes me wonder about those who use bonemeal on gardens to increase calcium in the soil. They could be contaminating their soil with lead and not even know it.

    Now I want to know how prevalent lead is in turmeric supplements.

  20. So you are arguing that chicken meat with 2.5 times the lead amount of tap water is dangerous to eat, yet people drinks liters of water a day and may only eat a few hundred grams of chicken? Sorry Dr. Greger, but this seem more like fear hyperboling.

  21. The EPA's limit for lead in tap water is 15 ug/L. The bone broth level shown in the video is lower than this. I know that any amount of lead is toxic, but isn't lead in everything pretty much? I mean, it's in the soil, so it will end up in our fruits and vegetables too, right?

  22. Just a bit of conflicting info in the video Doc. If lead can be found in Ca supplements, how can taking Ca help pregnant mothers decrease lead exposure?

  23. do you really believe it ? that means chicken soup is deadly and makers of the canned variety have not ever tested their soup for lead ? or is this a desperate vegan dr finding an oddball study that proves what he wants to prove .
    how pathetic can you get

  24. Wait… Did no one actually watch the video? Did everyone just miss it?

    It's not the case that bone broth is evil. Or rather, it's not particularly evil. All animal parts are contaminated with lead!

  25. I remember reading years and years ago in the Tuft's University Diet and Nutrition letter that if you ingest lead that you should drink Coke which turns the lead into lead phosphate which is then harmlessly removed from your body. Perhaps NutritionFacts.org can comment on this?

  26. Can you do a video on endometriosis😉 and what's best for it. As weLL as how to deal with nerve issues in legs that gives you a warm burning sensation in the crease of thigh to groin that goes down leg.

  27. Do you think all this lead poisoning is why people are having cognitive issues. And don't see how gun control in the US would actually be a positive. Got a whole lotta people with lead poisoning walking around with guns. So…how much lead is in gelatin?

  28. Why does chicken broth has lead in it? Considering that just about every chicken in America is on feed instead of foraging in the barnyard it's because the grains they are fed have lead in them. Yes, American chickens are vegan. And just like you they get their lead from the vegan food they eat. We all know about the problems with rice grown in the South with arsenic, why would you think that metals like lead don't also get into your veggies?

  29. now I can not drink chicken soup at souplantation anymore. =/ The unethical practice in industrial and agricultural industry just profit driven and ignore the negative impact they created to the plant and us/ people. sad and hope more social and environmental resposible firms provide better practice and help to change the policies, and our plant for better.

  30. Then there must be a solution for release the lead from the body right? eating a lot of broccoli…LOL anyone has a solution?

  31. Chicken and bone broth are fine and safe, especially if you make it yourself. I like some of Dr. Gregers other videos, but he missed the day in organic chemistry where they taught the basic truth that "the dose makes the poison"

    The FDA has a provisional daily safe intake level for lead of 6ug/day. Eating 1 cup of even the highest concentration of lead in the soup (9.5ug/L) would only give you a lead dose of 2.2ug, or 36% of your safe daily intake of lead. Of course you don't want to be eating lead, but it is ubiquitous at these minuscule levels. Go check your municipal water supply Federally required annual report, there is lead in the water you drink at similar levels (and probably higher levels if you drink bottled water).

    It would be an interesting experiment since Dr. Greger loves double blind studies to test various home made vegetable soups for lead and other heavy metals. It is very likely that they too contain similar levels of lead, with similarly minimal impacts to health.

    With modern detection methods, we are able to detect virtually all heavy metals in the micro-gram and pico-gram levels in virtually all foods, and at these concentrations they are harmless.

  32. Is there a way to rid the body of lead that's already been ingested? I've been supplementing organic (cow) bone broth for a while now and seeing this vid got me nervous, especially since I've had some of the symptoms described as too much lead exposure.

  33. Sorry English is not my mother tongue I don't understand well why are the animals contaminated with lead does it come from what they eat and is it only chicken or every farm animals

  34. Have you ever been walking in the woods, or along a road, and see animal bones? I'm always kind of creeped out by it. It's the remains of a dead body. The idea of boiling those bones in water and then drinking it, makes me shudder

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