How Elizabeth Warren Makes Money
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How Elizabeth Warren Makes Money

Elizabeth Warren is one of the
biggest critics of the rich. In the 2020 Democratic field, recognize
that, say, with business people, Wall Street, you’re very polarizing. Look, I get that there are a lot
of folks who like having the power and the riches they have. They like being able to tweak their
little pinky and the United States government does just what they want. Don’t call me the polarizing figure. They’re the ones who want to say
that their personal wealth, their power is more important than building in
America that works for everyone. The senator hasn’t done
so badly herself. She’s ranked among the top earners
in the Democratic presidential field for the last few years. Last year, she and her husband,
Harvard Law Professor Bruce Mann, made about $850,000 in the
four years before that. Their incomes ranged between about
$716,000 and $1.5 million. The haul puts them firmly in
the top 1 percent of U.S. households. Warren is campaigning on dislodging an
economic system she says caters to the wealthy and powerful. Washington works great for
those at the top. But she stresses that she doesn’t want
to stop other Americans from making money. Warren’s tax returns show it
still pays to be an author. She raked in more than $300,000 from
writing last year, and that’s small potatoes compared to what
she made in 2014. Her income from consulting, lecturing,
writing and investing was nearly $1.2 million. Warren has written multiple
books over the years. She’s been writing both during her Senate
tenure and as a Harvard law professor before that. And it’s not just the book money
that made Warren and Mann rich. Warren took in about $173,000 from
her congressional job last year. Mann made another $400,000 at Harvard, where
he focuses on topics like legal history, non-profits and estates. So why does their wealth matter? Warren wants to fundamentally change the
political and economic system to help working and
middle class Americans. Her proposed 2 percent tax on wealth
above $50 million is the main source of money for her plans, like
widespread student debt relief and universal childcare. But Warren says she
doesn’t want to penalize achievement. All we’re asking is when you make
it that big, put something back in. And we’re asking for a
little fairness in the system. Even so, critics on the Republican side
have noticed how much money she has. I think it points out a real hypocrisy
for a bunch of candidates who have eschewed capitalism and who have really
used their government office to it to grow their own wealth. If Elizabeth Warren was simply a
law school professor peddling textbooks, she would not be making
the $350,000 off her book. But it may not be that simple. You could argue that gives
them extra credibility, right? That they could be
ultimately taxing themselves. And Warren herself says she doesn’t
want to hold Americans back from financial success. You don’t think capitalists
are bad people? I am a capitalist. Come on. I believe in markets. What I don’t believe in is theft. What I don’t believe in is cheating. That’s where the differences – I love what
markets can do – but only fair markets. Markets with rules, markets without
rules is about the rich take it all. It’s about the powerful get all of it. It’s a message top tier Democrats
are stressing constantly during the primary. Donald Trump has put us
in a horrible situation. We do have enormous income inequality. Working families need support and
need to be lifted up. And frankly, this economy is
not working for working people. Well President Trump, you’re not standing
up for working families when you’re trying to throw 32 million people
off their health care that they have and that 83 percent of your tax
benefits go to the top 1 percent. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Kamala
Harris are all millionaires and they’re all insisting that their financial
success is not going to affect their focus on lifting
up working families. It’s a message Warren will have to drill
into as she tries to lock down the nomination. She and her rivals are
arguing a strong economy and stock market records under Trump are
not helping average Americans. And that could be key to defeating
the president if the economy remains healthy. When you’ve got government, when
you’ve got an economy that does great for those with money and isn’t
doing great for everyone else, that is corruption, pure and simple. We need to call it out. We need to attack it head on. And we need to make structural change
in our government, in our economy and in our country.

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99 thoughts on “How Elizabeth Warren Makes Money

  1. A capitalist preaching socialism for the sheeples. Meanwhile, Trump's economy is rocking for everyone. Maybe she's speaking for the 3.5% unemployed.

  2. Pocahontas is wayyyy too krazy for me.
    As much as I can't stand the sight of him, I'd rather see President Blowhard win again.

  3. Washington works get for the top, that's why I want you to vote for me so I can be on top. She already gets special privlage by being on all the committees that get the inside scoop to invest THEIR money in.

  4. My response to Lizzy drinking a beer. " My husband is now in here…" Could she be anymore fake? Oh wait, she was also a native American and fired for being pregnant too supposedly. Oh Liz, why won't you and HRC just dry up and blow away? You have the dried up part nailed, so how bout it? Make like a $20 dollar street ho and blow. Dems just have to face facts, Dems just have no original idea's that weren't already used by Stalin and Chairman Mao.

  5. She's a nut. Anyone who votes for her deserves what they get. Kudos to CNBC for willing to take on the Dem establishment.

  6. So says the lying, step on anyone, to get what she wants. Donate your income, like Trump, then maybe I'll vote for you – I know you would never do that so my vote is VERY SAFE! You don't believe in theft & cheating – is that right Pochohantus?

  7. She is a big fraud from her signing her name on the Harvard form to get her hired as an American Indian. Disgusting. She is so full of caca. TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY.

  8. Compared to what I hear about being in the top 1%, this is far from it. Bernie wrote a book and just recently cracked the 1 million point, maybe she did the same? I still don't know! CNBC was supposed to tell me! I am not sure who I am voting for, and I don't think it's her, but this sounds like a hit job to me. Anyway, this is not what I expect from a news broadcast. Un-subbed.

  9. What a hypocrite. when she was in charge of the watchdog commission $5 billions went missing. Trump closed it down immediately. where is the money? Another crooked Democrat.

  10. Treason is defined as a small group of Democrats and Rino Republicans trying to overthrow the president of the United States of America behind closed doors which is illegal. Change your vote to Republican

  11. Warren lied her way from one job to another she must not have been a good lawyer she went to teaching then to politics.

  12. We're all rich Democrats, but we want to tax rich people. Whatever, like you want more taxes on your own money. Do people really believe the garbage these Democrats try to brainwash you into thinking.

  13. Screw her. She's communist. She made 300k as a do nothing professor. People will revolt. A government cant make anyone better off by taking from someone else. You want to know why college is too expensive why is a her professor husband making 400k. She has no clue.

  14. So what do students that don't get students loans for college get? The students in life? Capitalism is for everyone except those that don't save anything.

  15. Oh it’s theft when you work for your millions? What’s theft is taxing Americans more than half of their salary

  16. The hidden and unclaimed nazi funding and corporate interests must be where her $$$ must come from .
    Shes doing pushing the nazi's agenda.

  17. This is a non-story. She’s rich and supports capitalism but wants a fair playing field. She didn’t get rich and change her mind once she became rich. This is a pointless argument…

  18. Any political person that has nothing to offer but free free free has nothing to offer think about it just begging for votes this is the demoncrats

  19. Why on earth does one think that everyone who makes good money must be unwilling to share their success.

    Some people have ethics morals and the ability to share, while this piece suggest no one fits that description.

    To be a millionaire now a days one simply needed to buy a home 40 years ago – a millionaire is ordinary

  20. Corporate smearing. You can smell the fear. For her accomplishments, she has earned it every penny. She is still a capitalist not a kleptocrat like establishment congresspersons.

  21. Any money made from writing by politicians should be turned over to the government because after all that is why people are reading it the author should only be compensated on an hourly basis for time spent

  22. If billionaires can invest their money into the US economy you guys would be better off then taking their money. Cuz if a billionaire invests it it’s gonna multiply and create jobs but if the gov gets it it’s just gonna lose value

  23. always follow the money. Everything Warren is saying seems honest and reasonable. Unlike the CNBC hack. Her money came from high wage job, education and the free market system. CNBC money comes from carrying water for the wealthy corporations.

  24. Despite if sincerity prevailed or not, the interview in the restaurant was a HUGE improvement over the disastrous Hillaryesque Beer Ad. Liz comes off as more natural, relaxed and competent. And she did not attack The Prez…smart girl! And look what happened…her best ad EVER! "Top THAT one, Beto!"

  25. Hey Elizabeth, why do you wear black pants every day? Even when you go on debate. Every single day! All you do is wear a different jacket . Black pants always!

  26. She loves what markets can do because for some reason only congressmen and senators can legally engage in insider trading. This is why they all suddenly become super investors.

  27. Warren is a hypocrit when she says she doesn't believe in lying or cheating. She lied about her imaginary, indigenous American heritage so she could cheat her way through the student loan process in order to cheat her way through Harvard. She is both a liter and a cheat and does not deserve one American vote!

  28. Why don't they scrutinize Warren's relationship with Suze Orman. Orman fleeced thousands of people out of their life savings.

  29. If she and other democratic presidential candidates who are in the top 1% wealthy Americans wanting to tax the other wealthy Americans then they start with themselves showing they are taxed at a higher percentage. Before going after everyone else.

    These liberal politicians say…
    “Do as I say” but they don’t follow their own rules in fact they exempt themselves from their own laws that the pass on ordinary Americans.

    These liberal democratic politicians are a bunch of liars and hypocrites. They make all kind of stuff up just so they can get your vote so they can stay in power and make more money.

    They are NOT concerned about the average Americans they are only Concerned about themselves in getting richer.

  30. She is and has been a fraud most of her life lies about being native American to pay for her education what else he’s she lied about ? Once a liar always a liar !!! Typical demonrat she won’t get elected !!!!

  31. I am Native American and it just eats at me from the inside someone would use this to advance themselfs in this way FRAUD FRAUD!!!!

  32. She makes her money by lying to everyone that she is of Indian decent. She should pay back the tribe for all the money she took from them… .

  33. $400,000 income as a Harvard employee? No wonder why two generations of America are heavily trapped in college loan debt! Wow, that's above and beyond hypocrisy, when considering that Americans carrying heavy student loan debt are hoping for Warren to liberate them. Some of that student loan money ended up in her portfolio.

  34. So the taxpayers have to bail out students who were robbed by schools paying teachers 400 k a year like her husband

  35. Put something back in … where??? To the government, the federal government, the most inefficient, inept, incompetent and highly corrupt institution in this country??? Seriously. Given how bad everyone’s lot is, that’s according to the left, what the hell happened to the trillions spent on “ the war on poverty “ over the past half century???

  36. Look who talking the rich get richer and the poor get poorer democrats want your money not give it to you what a liar she is she made her moneyed the backs of poor people

  37. Income of over $800,000 – Yet only less than $1,500 in dividends. If she REALLY wants to help America, why doesn't she invest more of HER own $$ in shares of US companies???

  38. Warren has published her tax returns. Donald Trump has so far refused to do so. She also has some good ideas on reinvigorating the US economy:

  39. Whatever.The problem isn't people having lots of money and being rich. The problem is they don't spend enough money. Lets say the so called 1% increased their spending by 20% (in non debt expenditures) this would result in a much much bigger economy. Which would benefit everyone.

  40. Why(?) …Why is this necessary (?) Her money is micro~tiny income compared to the Walton family, or the Koch Brothers.
    Jesus C’😡 MSNBC is such a SCHILLING Corp’ POS💩 disinformation machine too
    #JoinFoxEh ⁉️

  41. Warren is clueless. She's an academic, that lied about her heritage to get into to prestigious law school, and has no idea how the real world works.
    A shrill hag, that insists she's "woke", and hasn't a shred of an idea how to deal with the real world. Epic Fail.
    How does she explain her $8 MIllion net worth? Most of that came after she was elected to Congress.
    Warren is part of the problem, not the solution.

  42. Forbid Sanders and Warren from writing books or investing money. Apparently in the eyes of Republicans since they’re democrats they shouldn’t be able to make any money.

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