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How Digital Is Making Quality Healthcare Affordable | Salesforce | Cognizant

New York, a global melting pot of people and
cultures, is the most densely populated city in the
United states. With a rapid growth in New York’s aging
population, affordable, accessible and quality healthcare is of utmost importance. A lack of integrated Healthcare systems is
leading to delays in claims processing with the industry facing the massive challenge
of manually processing insurance claims, leading to high costs and scope for error. Our client, a leading health insurance major
in New York, partnered with Cognizant to provide a hassle free experience to their customers
by transforming their business processes and IT landscape. A leader in healthcare technology, Cognizant
provides solutions ranging from the advancement of quality of care to improving efficiencies. We are helping healthcare organizations innovate
and transform for a digital future. Leveraging our industry & domain knowledge
with the Salesforce Customer Experience platform & next gen digital technologies, we completely
modernized Client’s business processes with a Digital First solution to deliver faster
claims decisions to their patients. Our team of consultants worked with client’s
CXO teams to develop digital member and provider experience blueprint design and implement
the Salesforce platform as a service BPaaS Model, integrating the
characteristics of Artificial Intelligence and robotics, to mimic human judgement and
enable faster decision making. While implementing the Salesforce platform,
we leveraged Sales Cloud for member onboarding and significantly improved member experience. With Salesforce Service cloud we further reduced
call waiting and case handling time contributing to faster resolution. Marketing Cloud enabled client email management
and social communication with Members & Providers with an intelligent targeting strategy. Cognizant’s TriZetto Healthcare Products
helped drive administrative efficiency and improved quality of care and member and patient
experience. Our Agile Digital Solution, helped our client
achieve – automation of over 30% of pending claim processing, resulting in the clearance
of 600000 claim backlog in 7 months. Our unique engagement model generated enormous
savings for the client & improved its ranking in the New York payer market. Cognizant is revolutionizing healthcare through
digitization making quality healthcare affordable to all, and preparing for a healthy tomorrow.

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