How A Teacher Lives Healthy
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How A Teacher Lives Healthy

sometimes the best way to pick up a
healthy habit is to learn what works for others so today I am with Abbi who is a
high school teacher in my alma mater Andrew High School in Tinley Park yes go
t-bolt and today we’re not in the classroom we’re in the forest reserve
because your healthy habits bring to outdoors yes it does I love to be active
I love to be outside so hiking is this really perfect fit for me now you’re a
teacher with a busy schedule so how do you make time to hit the trail got to
make it work you got a plan ahead I really like to do it on the weekends or
right after school on my way home I try and squeeze it in we know that hiking
had so many benefits so let’s talk about those yes I definitely think on being
out getting that fresh air getting those endorphins up getting that vitamin D
everybody needs that everybody needs a nice place to go clear their head I
think one of the best pieces is you’re getting your cardio and whether you’re
going to run walk you know do some lunges as you’re going along it’s a lot
of fun that’s your own workout so you just have to own it
so Abby when you’re out here hiking how do you feel amazing actually I feel
empowered I feel motivated I feel happy that I did it you know and I’m feeling
really healthy hiking so great how would you recommend someone get started find a
friend find someone to go with you know when you’re out here you see so many
people that just motivate you everyone here for a different journey find
somewhere that’s close to your home get up go even if it’s a five ten-minute
walk you’re out in the up you know you’re out in the nature you’re out
getting that fresh air you’re doing cardio whatever may be for you just get
going evie thank you so much yeah thank you
hey if you have a healthy habit you want to share with us hit us up on Facebook
or Twitter you can see it featured right here on the show okay you’re ready to go
for a hike you

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