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Honoring Veteran Bill Page — St. Elizabeth Healthcare

I wanted to serve my country. I grew up in a family that believed in service
to the country, to your fellow human beings here on earth. Hi, I’m Petty Officer Bill Page. I’m the Financial Counselor Analyst and
the Customer Service Manager at St. Elizabeth. Well, I served in the United States Navy on
the submarine force. I was electrician’s mate first class. Well, first of all, you gotta be crazy to
get on something that sinks. And that first time going down, there’s
a little anxiety, a little anxiousness that creeps up as you hear the submarine—the
metal creaking. Once you’re down, you really don’t notice
anything. I had a good on our submarine. Everybody worked like clockwork, and it became
a situation where we survived, and I lived to come home and tell this story. For someone to share their appreciation to
a serviceman, servicewoman, for me, I think just saying “thanks,” because I think
if people knew what they have gone through, but more importantly, what their families
have gone through, they would see that we have some very highly dedicated and highly
skilled people, that their whole goal is to protect the United States of America.

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