Hold Nothing Back: Daniela Soto-Innes
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Hold Nothing Back: Daniela Soto-Innes

(upbeat music) – [Daniela] Growing up in
Mexico, you can’t help it. Mexico draws you to love food. I’ve always loved cooking and I think every job
I had was restaurants. It was something that I
was learning all the time. My paychecks, I would spend
them on knives and cookbooks. What really makes me happy
is cooking for people. For me it’s like about evolving. Traditional is just being true
to yourself and your roots. If you’re using your roots,
you can create new traditions. (mellow music) Cosme is a little piece of Mexico just located a little bit north. When I arrived here it was
October of six years ago, Cosme was a strip club. Five years later, we’re one of the best
restaurants in the world, all these awards haven’t changed us and I think it’s just so amazing how we’re like a big restaurant
name but such a small team. (upbeat music) It’s a very different kitchen environment. When everyone is together, it’s just like really fun
to see people dancing. We let people just be themselves. We run it like a family. I grew up with a family
that was a lot into sports and we eat a lot. And I wanted to do something
with wellness and sports and I was able to get the wellness aspect into the restaurant
which is so interesting. If you’re a chef and you don’t know what’s happening in the
world with your ingredients, then you’re not real because
chef is being a chief which means being something
that nurtures people. Everything that grows in
New York we try to use it and implement it here. If you’re cooking real Mexican food, you have to be real with
what you have available. (mellow music) (dynamic, upbeat music) Seattle has been great, everyone here is very chill, very nice. We’ve been working all day
and just happy to be here. This space, when we came
in, it was a old brewery and it was definitely a challenge to change it into a restaurant in one day. It was really great to see
everything coming together. Every event that we do, I
always bring the team with me just because all the recognition that I get is not because
of me, it’s because of them. For them to be exposed
to the same opportunities that I get is really nice. (mellow music) It’s always really nice to work with somebody that is professional. And Kelly is making a peach dessert and then Dani has just an
incredible different type of cocktails that she was making and it was just so cool to see how just three different people from different parts in the U.S., just like we understood
each other so well. Everything goes when you’re
cooking, it’s like music. (upbeat music) I think just to be respectful
to every kind of city, you have to use the
sources that they give you because that’s what Mexican food is about. Not every Mexican musician
is a mariachi, right? So why do I have make
tacos everywhere I go? (singing in foreign language) You can be the best at doing something but if you’re not
teaching anyone anything, your soul is gonna die when you die. If you want that tree to grow, you better put it in a
bigger pot, you know? Like think of them as chefs don’t think of them as
like a dishwasher, a cooks, and then that, you will see
the results that you want. Sometimes we try to mentor
people to be like us and that’s never gonna happen. Just by really actually
listening to someone, you can learn way more than what that advice that you’re giving. (upbeat music) How I want to be in my life is having good people
around me all the time and make sure those people
are very successful. If you’re good to yourself and you have good people
around you, you’re set. I always forget names but never a smile. The prep and the effort, that goes away, the people you meet and the spaces that you go, the smells. Memories are the most important thing. (gentle music) (electronic beating)

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